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  1. Personally think Ricardo should not be rushed in to 2-3 games a week. I would rest him and bring on at full back for Castagne on the hour mark. Another who has had his injury problems. Under needs to step up. Give him a full 90 to see what he can do. With Castagne and later Ricardo behind him he has quality support.
  2. Apart from the obvious absentees through injury I would go as far as taking some others out of the limelight for this. Thought Matt Piper made some good points on Radio Leicester post match that there just isn't the energy levels left needed to play how the manager wants. We will need to be up for a scrap. I would try and be nice and solid and look to come away without defeat and stop the rot. Kasper Castagne Amartey Cags Fuchs Under Mendy Hamza Albrighton Tavares Ihe
  3. Brendan please assess your training schedule. I'm not buying that its just fixtures alone now.
  4. Brendans team gets stronger as the season goes he tells us...
  5. They are Arsenal by name but that is about it at the moment. Never been scared of playing an 11th placed team before even when we were 20th. If we play anything like, we should win this. Would like to see Iheanacho and Mendy start today as their freshness will improve us in my opinion.
  6. Not strengthening in Jan knock on effect number 1 tonight. Hopefully doesn't spread to the league form.
  7. Target to be back to normal no contact restrictions is June 21st according to road map by government issued today.This season a write off spectator wise. We will hopefully be back in full in August for a traditional season.
  8. We would have run them close in 94/95 and 01/02.
  9. Maguire showing why he would be 4th choice with us nowadays.
  10. I could see the return of the 3 at the back for this away fixture. Would happily grind out a draw here to take back for the home tie. Kasper Amartey Soyuncu Fuchs Ricardo Thomas Mendy Ndidi Maddison Barnes Iheanacho
  11. Can't Sky fast track Danny Simpson in to punditry so we can have a title winning former right back commentate on all of our matches?
  12. The ever neutral Gary Neville on Man U duty again.
  13. Is it me or is Brendan too reckless with the handling of the intensity of his players. Is he running them in to the ground? I use Benkovic as an example. He left us to go to Celtic for a few months and came back a wreck. Now we have Fofana and Justin in the sick bay. It has been a tale of his tenure really. Not just this season but last. I know this season is fixture heavy but to be honest not much more than a long season of fixtures in the Championship.
  14. Think many fans on here getting a bit over worried about Liverpool. They have defensive issues and Fabhino also out. Why not take the attack to them for a change.
  15. I think this comp is priority 3 out of the three we are left in. I would rest a few but start Vardy and Ndidi and take them off on the hour mark in an attack minded team with Liverpool in mind. Ward Amartey Soyuncu Fuchs Albrighton Thomas Ndidi Choudhury Perez Iheanacho Vardy
  16. Not a lot of difference to Fulham. Albrighton in for Perez due to his work rate. Think Vardy will be a sub and Ndidi won't be risked for this. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Justin Choudhury Tielemans Albrighton Maddison Barnes Iheanacho
  17. Jose is too far in the past. It is going the way it normally goes for him. Won't be long until he isolates himself from the players and leaves under a cloud.
  18. Will we see a striker in through the gates in the next 24 hours...Will we fcuk! Only had 2 years to find one.
  19. Get Nacho on. At least he's a bloody striker.
  20. Chilwell will be knocking on the door at the training ground soon wanting to come back.
  21. I would start Under today and use the pace of him and Barnes on the counter. Just encourage them on to us and then break. I would be astounded if they turn up and try and do an Everton. Kasper Castagne Fofana Evans Justin Mendy Under Tielemans Barnes Maddison Perez
  22. This WBA side would struggle in the Championship at the moment. Allardyce needs 3 or 4 in which would be very surprising in the time left now.
  23. I never bother with the pundits whatever the channel. Rather listen to LCFC radio or Radio Leicester in the build up and after. Just mute them at HT. Not interested in the oppositions slant on the games. The commentary is of course painful at times but thought Dempsey offered us plenty of praise and said we deserved our equaliser. Martyn Tyler was quite the opposite against Chelsea to the point where it felt like he had the nation on edge waiting for the VAR outcome of their disallowed goal to be overturned. Tyler of course is a Chelsea fan in real life. Seen him on s
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