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  1. Puel

    A bit like the last two summers then..... He's nothing to lose given the previous recruitment. Only signing he's made is diabate, not bad considering the value
  2. Puel

    The guy deserves a summer to sort his own recruitment. The money we've spent over the last two summers hasn't been great so he definitely should get that opportunity. Just hope results improve as otherwise he may not get that opportunity. Let's not forget though we're 8th, and in a cup quarter final so the remaining games will be interesting
  3. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    I don't think puel is helping himself currently to be honest but anyone questioning his position as manager needs to get real
  4. A defence of Matty James

    Some of the comments on here massively disappoint me. I have to agree that I'm surprised he's starting currently but the levels of criticism are astounding, silva was utterly poor yesterday and Albrighton was truly embarrassing
  5. Anybody rating matty James lower than silva are only doing that because they don't like James
  6. Stoke post match 1-1

    He was isolated yesterday but only because stoke did a job on him, it will happen some games but I thought vardy actually lacked desire a bit yesterday as well
  7. Adrien Silva

    I'm shocked silva got no minutes yesterday but for all of you giving James a hard time, he was better than ndidi yesterday. Ndidi is a class act and only going to improve but unfortunately yesterday he wasn't good. Ultimately was his mistake where we conceded from
  8. Why is Gray Starting

    I don't think he's good enough to play the 10 role yet. He's better out wide for me but on current form he's behind Mahrez, Albrighton and diabate
  9. Stoke post match 1-1

    There's been too many of these home performances this season im afraid. Before today's games, We haven't beaten any of the bottom 4 at home, 3 draws and one loss isn't great. Additional points from those games and we'd be clear in 7th now
  10. Stoke post match 1-1

    The same vardy that had scored in the previous 5 games....
  11. Who is our most Important player?

    Hard to name one. Quite simple for me, Vardy, Mahrez and Ndidi. We cant replace any of them. The rest we can
  12. Only two wins in 10. What has gone wrong?

    Agree again yes. Our record against Bournemouth is poor and then Stoke needing points desperately plus West brom the same. However if we have any chance of getting 7th then we need to get 7 points from those games
  13. Only two wins in 10. What has gone wrong?

    Yes your not wrong. We can look at games earlier in the season but I feel we really messed up last week losing to Everton and drawing with Swansea. 4 or 6 points there would of been huge
  14. Only two wins in 10. What has gone wrong?

    Agree yes but we're still above those sides so we need to win the next few. No reason why we can't
  15. Only two wins in 10. What has gone wrong?

    They've had a couple of home wins but that's what we need to do over the coming weeks particularly as we have Stoke and Bournemouth next two