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  1. Surely same team with the exception of vardy for iheanacho?
  2. A few have a shout here. Ricardo has carried on where he left off last season and is defo up there, ndidi has been consistently good too and you simply can't ignore vardy given his goals tally again. However for me its out of the 2 centre backs, they've formed a terrific partnership and both of them have been nearly faultless but I'd just edge soyuncu and the reasons for that is because of where he's progressed from 12 months ago but also the circumstances in coming into the side to replace Maguire, was a big ask and he's absolutely delivered and more
  3. Stats like that dont mean alot..... like the average passes per game. Pointless stat, doesn't mean anything of note. I've not once said he's better than Maddison and tielemans etc but, of late, he's been better than both and hasnt let us down at all. I think he'll improve also when he's had more time with us
  4. I think he's a good all round box to box midfielder, he can tackle, he's very comfortable in possession and can pick out a pass, not to mention he has great work rate and he's technically very sound. He regular gets in the Belgium squad which isnt a given to be fair with the talent they have. His problem here is that he's not a set defensive midfielder so wont oust ndidi and he's not a set number 10 meaning he wont oust maddison. Its trying to fit him into our system as best as possible but he never lets us down when he plays and he's a great option to have in the squad
  5. Wow, these sorts of comments astound me..... and also disappoint me
  6. Out of position several times.... he was the only attacking outlet down the left as Gray did nothing! Like i say, he was more of a threat than Ricardo first half. He should always run at defenders more as he's so quick so yes i'd like to see him do that more but come on....!!!??? Ridiculoulsy picky. A poor cross.... again tend to disagree. Yes it wasn't bang on someone's head but it was into a good area in which Iheanacho was able to get something on. The rest is history. Obviously its a forum for opinions and thats fine but sometimes i do wonder why some of the criticism levels are so bad when he actually had a decent game. Credit where its due
  7. Got forward well, created chances (including big helping hand in the goal), won lots of tackles. What were your issues with him? He was better than Ricardo overall last night or certainly for 70 mins or so then Ricardo improved and scored of course
  8. Cant believe im reading this! Whilst nobody covered themselves in glory, chilwell was without doubt one of our better players. Gray was poor, albrighton was poor for 2/3rds of the game, Ricardo had his worst game first half etc etc. Chilwell got forward well and it was ultimately his run that got us the goal. I've been the first to say he's been poor of late but to criticise last night was harsh when there was far other poor performances
  9. Not sure why people rating chilwell so low, maybe its because he's our current scapegoat..... He was one of our best performers last night without doubt
  10. Albrighton got an assist and fair play to him but lets not be ridiculous here, he was poor for long periods. Some of you guys need to stop with such loyalty, he is not the answer!
  11. This is absolutely spot on and this has been our problem all season. I do think barnes will improve but this is an area we absolutely have to improve in the summer
  12. Reminds me of traore at wolves. More direct and powerful than what we have. I do like barnes but but thats as good as it gets so saint maximin would fit the bill
  13. Saint maximin from Newcastle would be a shout Very unpredictable and lots of ability
  14. And we still kept a clean sheet so he must of had a shocker..... 😮
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