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  1. Don't see the issue with this..... particularly at 5m. Persuading anyone to be backup to Vardy would be difficult unless we were a top 6 club and even then it isn't easy. Rodriguez has always done ok, even got in and around the England squad a few times. Worse case is he's a flop and does nothing, we lose 5m.... not the end of the world
  2. Babel would be good for a season. Still playing international football for Holland so good to option to have
  3. Always thought he looked better when he came on into games rather than starting. Barnes looked poor last year but went back out to West Brom and now look at him. Not saying Diabate will be the same and may still be sold etc but worth another look at for sure. We're always very quick to write players off
  4. Absolutely give him this pre season, still young and clearly has ability. As with many others its just whether he can improve that bit more and show Rodgers whether he's good enough. Im sure the manager will already have an idea but pre season will judge that. To be honest, im so surprised a lot of you are already writing him off considering his age and the fact he's never even been too bad for us when he's appeared. Granted he's never pulled up trees but he's shown enough to be given another opportunity
  5. I think grays last opportunity is next season. If he doesn't come really good under Rodgers then it's game over, simple. There's no doubt he's got the ability to improve but has he got the brain to push himself to the next level. We will see....
  6. West Brom away for me in the great escape, what a run and finish but also majorly important in our revival that season. The scenes in the away end were superb!
  7. There's no way Elder will be back up to Chilwell next season, simply not good enough. He's 23 now so hardly a youth team player and Ipswich have dropped him due to poor performances. No need for wholesale changes as we've got a young squad that's going to improve. Our biggest challenge will be to keep them all at the club!! Personally I think we need a left back to challenge Chilwell, a couple of centre mids and possibly a couple of strikers
  8. I didn't boo btw and never have, i was just saying I do understand why some people booed that sub today in pure frustration. I wasn't happy with it, he's a creative player and with half an hour left I felt was too soon to be subbed particularly as he'd started the second half pretty well. The abuse that ghezzal and iheanacho have had embarrases me, we have given them torrid support at home, sad to hear and see
  9. I thought he was decent today and started to get into the game.... Gray was poor and so was mendy so wouldn't of been surprised to see them subbed but taking Maddison off was, in my opinion, poor
  10. That's a fair point and take your opinion on board but judging from body language and his reaction, he wasn't injured or struggling so if that's the case then yes I think it's a shocker. If puel comes out and says otherwise then I'll take it back
  11. Well Gray was the obvious choice to come off so stunned when I saw Maddisons number
  12. I'm sorry but how in gods name can okazaki be rated higher than anyone.... he was awful. Mendy was never a 4, that's very harsh
  13. The booing is massively disappointing and quite cringey, however the decision to take Maddison off with 30 mins left was up with the worst I've seen, crazy decision so could understand why
  14. Bringing okazaki and iheanacho on is doing absolutely nothing. Pointless waste of time. Not having a fit tielemans on the bench is also criminal, can't understand that at all. I desperately want puel to succeed but he really doesn't help himself
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