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  1. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    If he plays 4-4-2 tonight then I think the side is near enough predictable bar the partner for Vardy..... Kasper, Simpson, Wes, Maguire, Fuchs, Mahrez, Albrighton, Ndidi, James, Vardy and one other..... Could be Iheanacho or Okazaki. Bench likely to be Jakupovic, Chilwell, Benny, King, Slimani, Gray then either Iheanacho or Okazaki He may of course go with 3 midfield but then without Drinky and Iborra means that King would start and neither Okazaki or Iheanacho would
  2. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Just not convinced Shinji should be starting alot this season.... This myth on us defending better when he plays, have a look at Liverpool away last season, AWFUL. He's clearly a workhorse and good at certain things but not convinced he should be starting the season
  3. Fuchs vs Chilwell - Poll

    Chilwell is more exciting going forward as he's confident and pacey but Fuchs still has a better final ball and is a better defender currently so has to be Fuchs although Chilwell's time will come. Shame we didnt have a similar problem in the right back position!
  4. King or vardy - whos the bigger legend

    Totally agree, embarrassing really. I agree with others he's not good enough to play now for me but by no means should we forget his time with LCFC, plus he's played in some massively important games and scored some important goals, his type of player are few and far between nowadays
  5. Iborra Signs

    Clearly a decent player but may struggle in a two but we'll see. Hope he gets his chance along with James
  6. Burton Away - 1st August

    Not that bad, Burton had about 4 chances all game and scored 2! We did control it but poor final ball or finishing again. Positives - Maguire looked good, Musa has improved and looks decent, James decent, Chilwell good, Gray lively Negatives - Im a fan of Ulloa but he was awful, Amartey clueless, Benalouane poor and embarrassing with that tackle, king not good
  7. Burton Away - 1st August

    Just desperate to see him try some new tactics/formation/style tonight. All of those were AWFUL against Wolves. Wasn't bothered about the result but expected a little more in terms of experimenting.
  8. King or vardy - whos the bigger legend

    Its irrelevant to talk about Kings ability now, we're talking over 10 years in which he's been superb. To win 3 different leagues with the same club and performed to a high standard over a number of years is unheard of. Even when he's sub he's never moaned once and always performed when called upon. TRUE LEGEND. Vardy may of been with us a few years but did nothing the first two and wasn't great last season. He's had a good season and a ridiculous season in his time
  9. Wolves pre-season friendly THIS AFTERNOON 3pm

    A full strength West Brom lost to Bristol Rovers today so lets not worry too much about the result
  10. Who starts in midfield? - Poll

    Difficult question to answer as i think we need to be more flexible this season for specific games. From early signs its fair to say Iborra is a very good player on the ball but he's going to massively struggle in a two..... I'd still like to see more of James although Ndidi is a must regardless of formation
  11. Wolves pre-season friendly THIS AFTERNOON 3pm

    Im really not at all fussed about the result, yes always nice to win and score a few but not the end of the world. I said in an earlier post that im completely baffled as to what Shakespeare was trying to achieve today other than players getting 90 mins..... Same players in same positions with same tactics...why? Great opportunity today to mix the teams up more, why did we not try Lawrence today or maybe James instead of Drinkwater or Iborra and maybe try a new system etc.
  12. Wolves pre-season friendly THIS AFTERNOON 3pm

    Tell you what it's a pre season friendly so let's try something different like play 4-4-2 with mahrez wide right and Albrighton wide left, maybe play ndidi and drinkwater in midfield etc etc. Absolutely baffled at this selection and style, Same as last season. Some of the player's that played last night should of been mixed in this squad today
  13. Darnell Johnson

    Long way to go but Christ he's a big lad, a real athletic bloke!
  14. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    We need to offload some centre mids first, just too many. Agree on the rest although when huth is back we'll be sound for centre back numbers
  15. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    Don't really get any big criticism tonight, People always read too much into these games, just have a look back at some previous pre seasons as there's been some terrible games. Main observations were as follows Albrighton is so much better going forward on the right Maguire looks quality Slimani is better than ulloa Okazaki needs to become more bit part and replaced with iheanacho King was Very good tonight when he came on We need to get Gray back for extra creativity