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  1. chris_lcfc_85

    Less than a month till the transfer window shuts!

    After a quick start in the transfer window, we've suddenly slipped off the pace. As others have said, maybe the World Cup has been a little distraction but we need to move ASAP to get a few more deals done. For me we need the following: Another keeper that's happy to play second fiddle to Kasper Centre back as we only have Evans, Maguire and Wes (Not counting benny as think he'll be gone plus not good enough) Replacement for Riyad, whoever that may be! Possibly a centre mid for me to compete with Iborra, Silva and Wilf. King, James and Mendy should be sold and Hamza needs a loan I'd also sell Kaputska, Elder, Slimani, Musa, Ulloa and Amartey
  2. chris_lcfc_85

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    I get that and your probably right but he's rated very highly around Europe. If he was that good he'd be starting regardless
  3. chris_lcfc_85

    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    On a side note, if this Pereira is that good then why is he second fiddle to cedric?
  4. chris_lcfc_85

    World Cup on UK TV quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 52 seconds  
  5. chris_lcfc_85

    90's Leicester Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 64 seconds  
  6. chris_lcfc_85

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Unbelievable player on his day and will be missed but doesn't want to be here. Lets get the money for him and spend it wisely on the team, the sooner this happens now the better
  7. chris_lcfc_85


    Clearly he's staying so let's get behind him next season and create a positive atmosphere to start the season. The negativity in recent weeks needs binning now and we move on
  8. chris_lcfc_85

    Fousseni Diabaté

    We'd be foolish to not play this guy a fair bit next season. Yes he's young and yes he's not yet the finished article but so what! Musa was a proven international and look how that's gone! Sometimes the only way these lads will improve is to just give them game time and they'll improve. Diabate has actually looked very decent in a few games and gets the crowd off their seats
  9. I'm talking about Mike Dean
  10. Not saying he was great, for the record I can't stand the bloke but tell me what he did wrong for us today?
  11. chris_lcfc_85

    Silva giving his shirt to a Palace fan

    2-0 down when he comes on, loses ndidi through injury, then has maguire playing alongside him before he moves back to defence so complete shambles around him. He wasn't great but he certainly tried which is more than others....
  12. chris_lcfc_85

    Silva giving his shirt to a Palace fan

    Who cares! He actually put some effort in second half even when the game was done
  13. He got the main decisions spot on and our horrendous performance had nothing to do with him
  14. chris_lcfc_85

    Did we really want Europa League?

    In terms of the opening post and question, yes we do want europa but not through 7th in the league. Starting competitive games in July after a world cup would of been more hindrance than anything. Winning a cup has to be an objective going forward
  15. chris_lcfc_85

    Name a better option than puel

    I'm sorry but we can't be Sacking puel yet. I take into account our performances of late have been poor but this guy deserves the summer for sure, we just can't keep changing things when we haven't given him long enough. The guy is trying to change things and I'm absolutely sure he will be buying and selling in the summer so let's see what he does plus let's face, our last two summer transfer windows haven't been great! It's fair to say Southampton have gone from strength to strength since he left..... 🙈