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  1. chris_lcfc_85

    Summer rebuilding of the squad

    There's no way Elder will be back up to Chilwell next season, simply not good enough. He's 23 now so hardly a youth team player and Ipswich have dropped him due to poor performances. No need for wholesale changes as we've got a young squad that's going to improve. Our biggest challenge will be to keep them all at the club!! Personally I think we need a left back to challenge Chilwell, a couple of centre mids and possibly a couple of strikers
  2. Okazaki is a waste of shirt
  3. chris_lcfc_85


    I didn't boo btw and never have, i was just saying I do understand why some people booed that sub today in pure frustration. I wasn't happy with it, he's a creative player and with half an hour left I felt was too soon to be subbed particularly as he'd started the second half pretty well. The abuse that ghezzal and iheanacho have had embarrases me, we have given them torrid support at home, sad to hear and see
  4. chris_lcfc_85


    I thought he was decent today and started to get into the game.... Gray was poor and so was mendy so wouldn't of been surprised to see them subbed but taking Maddison off was, in my opinion, poor
  5. chris_lcfc_85


    That's a fair point and take your opinion on board but judging from body language and his reaction, he wasn't injured or struggling so if that's the case then yes I think it's a shocker. If puel comes out and says otherwise then I'll take it back
  6. chris_lcfc_85


    Well Gray was the obvious choice to come off so stunned when I saw Maddisons number
  7. I'm sorry but how in gods name can okazaki be rated higher than anyone.... he was awful. Mendy was never a 4, that's very harsh
  8. chris_lcfc_85


    The booing is massively disappointing and quite cringey, however the decision to take Maddison off with 30 mins left was up with the worst I've seen, crazy decision so could understand why
  9. chris_lcfc_85

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Bringing okazaki and iheanacho on is doing absolutely nothing. Pointless waste of time. Not having a fit tielemans on the bench is also criminal, can't understand that at all. I desperately want puel to succeed but he really doesn't help himself
  10. chris_lcfc_85

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Iheanacho needs a loan out to a championship club as the only option to get any form of confidence back. Problem is we're woefully short in the striking department so its difficult. Okazaki is also not the answer and he needs moving on permanently I'm afraid, not a single goal in over a year. Why we didn't get a striker in January I'll never know, just a short term loan
  11. chris_lcfc_85

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    Why would you boo him? Ridiculous comments. He's an absolute bang average footballer but actually had a few decent games for us, gave his all and never moaned about being a reserve most of the time
  12. chris_lcfc_85

    Barnes coming back

    Interesting stats on our wingers.... Ghezzal isn't as bad as people making out when you read that
  13. chris_lcfc_85

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    If iheanacho had done the same as vardy today he'd be absolutely slated on here. Ghezzal was better than Albrighton today but he'll be slated too.... does make me laugh
  14. So you've marked him low because he didn't run at a defender.... harsh. If im being picky I'd like to see him be more positive as think he's better than what we've seen but it was difficult yesterday when he came on as very little space. The one time he did cut inside to try and shoot he was simply crowded out. Despite doing little wrong yesterday it just bewilders me why people still want to slate the bloke
  15. I know ghezzal isn't a fans favourite and I get that but pls tell me what he did wrong yesterday? People marking him as a 2 is embarrassing. At least he actually passed to his team mates today unlike one or two others....