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  1. chris_lcfc_85

    Adrien silva

    You make some fair points which I can't argue with. I'd of just given him a longer sustained spell in the team. As mentioned before, he started against United first game and did well so he can feel that was a little unfortunate to not play next game. Maybe a loan like mendy did to build his confidence etc. I just think we should work with the guy to bring out the best in him, he's talented so there's something to work with. We never gave kramaric much chance and look how he's improved
  2. chris_lcfc_85

    Adrien silva

    We don't know what goes off behind the scenes and in training etc but something somewhere has gone wrong because he's a proven class act. I'm a puel fan as I've mentioned but I personally feel he hasn't given Silva long enough to perform, he started against United first game and did well so possibly unfortunate to lose his place is my point
  3. chris_lcfc_85

    Adrien silva

    I am a puel fan but doesn't mean I agree with everything he does. That's likely to be the same with most managers, we'll never always agree on their decision making. I think as a club we haven't given Silva the best opportunity and we seem to of ruined a quality player. Who's fault that is I'm not sure. I do feel he hasn't had a proper run in the side and I think he'll flourish elsewhere if we let him go
  4. chris_lcfc_85

    Who do you want January 2019

    Dom Solanke Victor Moses Ruben Loftus Cheek
  5. chris_lcfc_85

    Adrien silva

    We have well and truly messed up here..... This guy is without doubt a quality player and we've not helped him at all. Granted he could of possibly done more himself in some the games he's played but people saying he's woeful/poor etc, are mistaken. Technically he's better than all of our other centre mids but we've never given him long enough in the side. The first game against United, he played well. A few games last season where you could see how good he was/is. Very good close control, good vision and more dynamic than the other midfielders
  6. chris_lcfc_85

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Let's be honest, weren't we unbelievably good when iheanacho went off as well..... loads of players got in great positions to score 🤔
  7. chris_lcfc_85

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    He scored a few in pre season so get your facts right. I've not once said I think he's a great player or a great signing etc, I personally think he needs to score more goals. My point was he did work harder last night, got no service at all and was up against two of the best centre backs you'll face. To then give that reaction to him or any player for that matter, it's unnecessary. His body language ain't great, partly down to himself yes but he's clearly rock bottom on confidence so needs our support. The ironic cheers were embarrassing, alot of the other players probably were surprised by that too, not good
  8. chris_lcfc_85

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    He ran about much more last night so I don't buy that. That's not my opinion but fact. I pointed out on several occasions to my dad at the game that he had made decent runs but wasn't picked out. He'll never run as much as vardy but not many do,we've been spoilt with him. Against Fulham I'd agree as he was awful but last night he worked alot harder. To say he didn't try is a joke
  9. chris_lcfc_85

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I'm in the puel in camp but unfortunately the last two games he's cost us I'm afraid. Too many ridiculous changes on Wednesday then odd decisions yesterday. Playing with no forward for most of the second half but putting Albrighton and ghezzal on to cut in and swing crosses in..... bizarre
  10. chris_lcfc_85

    We need to talk about Wilfred Ndidi

    Our midfield is a big problem, too many similar players
  11. chris_lcfc_85

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Iheanacho wasn't great but certainly nowhere near as bad as people are making out. Gray and Maddison were both very very wasteful, not to mention some of the woeful passing in midfield. Iheanacho was up against two very very good centre halves and we hardly gave him a chance. I advise anyone to watch the first half back and look how many times iheanacho moved into good positions but nobody found him. We don't have anywhere enough creativity throughout the team. On a positive, Morgan excellent again tonight
  12. chris_lcfc_85

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    The ironic cheers when he was subbed were quite frankly a disgrace. I don't think he was great but certainly nowhere near as bad as people are making out. The kids confidence has dropped massively after a great pre season and reacting like that is not good for him but also sends a bad message out to the other players too. We can debate on here which is fine but I expect us as fans of the club to behave better than that about one of our own player's
  13. Evans had a good game, I think he's improved massively from the opening games. The goal aside, Evans and Morgan did well. A few others around them had big off days though most notably Gray, Okazaki, Iborra and Maddison
  14. chris_lcfc_85

    Next up.. SOUTHAMPTON EFL cup (H)..

    I want us to play a strong team but ultimately would love to see silva and diabate start
  15. chris_lcfc_85

    BHA 1 - 1 Leicester City Post Match Thread

    First half was horrendous even with maddison on the field but with only being 1-0 down we always had a chance. Second half great effort and deserved point. Okazaki had a shocker though unfortunately