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  1. Everton are one of very few teams that play full strength
  2. I wasn't at the game but watching the 'bulk' highlights, Gray had much better impact than Albrighton who was completely wasteful. Albrighton is always a 100% player in terms of work ethic but his goalscoring record is poor for what we're trying to achieve.
  3. Not a 30m pound player to be fair but he's close to being a real asset. Lots of ability and clearly a talent but we do need to see a bit more end product and more involvement in the box. You have to remember he's played for a very defensive team for a good few years so needs some time to see the best of him here. Thought he was very tidy today without being hugely involved. Will only improve and he's still at a good age
  4. He's just become a dad for the second time also so maybe been given time off for that
  5. Ive not posted since the game as just too disappointed and gutted to think about, hard to accept. However now ive calmed down, my honest assessment is that we only had ourselves to blame. Yes the penalty is soft but albrighton gives the ref a choice and clearly Mane made the most of it, same as vardy would of done if he was in that position too. Watched it numerous times and it could of been avoided so easily! There's only the odd liverpool player in the box for Mane to pass to so we would of more likely of defended it anyway. Gutting really that late in the game As for them saying Hamza deserved red, absolutely ridiculous comment. You see them every week in football, klopp was only angry because Salah was injured from it. It was actually a foul on soyuncu before that, blatant push in his back Just hope we can bounce back, we're in a great league position having had a real tricky start on paper so lets get back to winning starting against Burnley
  6. I would rest Vardy and Maddison but that's about it. Maybe give Hamza and Justin a start, maybe Praet but generally go full force to win the game! Kasper Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Hamza Praet Tielemans Barnes Perez Albrighton
  7. Anyone got footage of the sissoko and gray tackles?
  8. Perez is better when we have a winger on the other side like barnes yesterday
  9. Callum Wilson will likely feel the same as Maddison. Never gets any game time, even when Kane came off on Saturday, Southgate put oxlade Chamberlain on. Always the same!
  10. Im very happy with Rodgers, he's perfect for our squad and the players we've got, need to continue to see his progress. What i would say though, is Claude puel needs to take alot of credit for laying good foundations. 3 of our back 4 are puel signings as is Maddison and technically he got tielemans. He also made chilwell better as well as bring through choudhury and Barnes into the first team. Puel just simply struggled with the language side and maybe just didn't know how to get the best out of the team collectively but defo takes a little credit for where we've moved on to.
  11. What is wrong with people.... Jesus he did nothing wrong today and we're talking about replacing him. Kepa cost Chelsea a ridiculous amount of money and he's worse than schmeichel!
  12. Passing stats are generally a complete waste of time as they never tell the whole story. Ndidi was excellent on Sunday and bar Kante, he's the best in the league at intercepting/covering ground etc. We're lucky to have a player that does that so well. Yes his passing isn't his strongest point but its nowhere near as bad as others suggest.... who cares if he plays it sidewards etc, there's more than enough players around him to create and make openings It tells you how valued he is given that Rodgers started him despite not playing a single pre season game and coming back late He'll be vital this season particularly in this game coming up
  13. Not good enough I'm afraid. We have adequate cover in the positions he plays so don't see him getting much game time
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