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  1. Well i agree but thats what i think he'll do
  2. I personally think it'll be as follows Schmeichel Justin Soyuncu Morgan Castagne Ndidi Praet Tielemans Albrighton Vardy Barnes
  3. One thing I've noticed with him very regularly is that he rarely gets beat in one on one situations, so good in those duels
  4. chris_lcfc_85


    Rose is a d*ck but there's alot worse options out there for us and he wouldn't be expensive
  5. Im a bit disillusioned as to where we are as a club to be honest. We ended the season in poor form and with a number of injuries. Since then, we've gone backwards and we'll be in danger of being an embarrassment next season unless we move soon on sorting our squad. We are 2 weeks away from kicking off a big campaign looking for progression but we've not signed a single player and have sold our first choice left back and lost Bennett (yes he was pants but squad wise, another body). Our squad is worse and smaller now yet we've got additional games this season to contend with. We must have best part of 10 central midfielders on the books but can barely put a defence out... crazy! Absolutely no chance currently of finishing 5th or above again which is a shame. We've also just had a friendly which told Rodgers next to nothing, complete waste of time. I sincerely hope im massively wrong but 2 weeks away from the season and we're going backwards....
  6. Its actually a very good set of fixtures in terms of the spread apart from those final 3! Thats a nightmare ending if we need points again. Why do we always get spurs near the end!
  7. He can cross and will get a few assists but doesnt score enough and isnt that quick. Not to mention, he will cost a bomb!
  8. Just a younger albrighton, not for me
  9. As a back up striker, he's quality. Be foolish to let go! What grounds do people think Edouard would be any better?
  10. I could pass to a city player..... As a team challenging where we are, neither are good enough but i do think Hamza will still get better with more games as he does have age on his side
  11. Firstly, Mendy is no better than Hamza and secondly there is no point loaning him out now, he's been through all that. We either keep him involved with the first team or sell imo
  12. Cant believe people writing Evans off, crazy! Dont get me wrong, lost his head today and in my opinion, he should be fined for such petulance but..... come on! He's been mr consistent all season, him and soyuncu have been superb together
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