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  1. Norwich are already relegated 😂
  2. Read the news, Watch the television. This is out of the club's control
  3. Some of you lot didn't watch us relegated to league one And it shows.
  4. It started going wrong well.before the Bournemouth game.
  5. It's gotta be Slutsk. Blue at home, white away and play at the city ground
  6. Sorry you lost me on complaining about having over 7 shots
  7. Calling an attacking midfielder. Our set peice taker greedy for having over 7 shots. Haha Get to bed
  8. Literally could have had a hat trick in the first half. But for some really good saves.
  9. I'd prefer him to act in a professional manner. As our captain there is no way he should be speaking to officials in that manner.
  10. Unacceptable as a role model if I'm honest
  11. JJ RB Ricardo RW. Problem solved.
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