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  1. GorlestonFox

    New chants and songs

    Thank you Vichai Clap clap clap clap In the rythm of the American sports teams "let's go Vichai"
  2. GorlestonFox

    Helicopter crash

    Thank you for everything you do to help keep us all safe. Stay strong x
  3. GorlestonFox

    Two footed players

    Obafemi Martins
  4. GorlestonFox

    West Brom post match thread 4-1

    Sky sports app
  5. GorlestonFox

    Slimani to Newcastle

    Just boarded a plane anyone tracking? ?
  6. GorlestonFox

    Slimani to Watford or Besiktas?

    Surely with Musa and Ulloa gone he'll be here till the summer?
  7. Still needed please
  8. GorlestonFox

    Peterborough away - 12.30pm Sat 27th January

    If anyone has priority avaliability I would very much like 2 please
  9. I'm after 2 for Peterborough if possible. Please and thank you
  10. GorlestonFox

    Vardy to Man Utd

    Selling our best striker would be a no brainer for the club? I think not
  11. GorlestonFox

    Lone striker role?

    Harry Kane?
  12. GorlestonFox

    Eldin Jakupovic

    Good foul*
  13. GorlestonFox

    The Owners

    Maybe they support Man United