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  1. brownfox

    Riyad finally gone

    Thank you Riyad for the memories possibly the most skillful player to wear the Leicester shirt that I have seen. I think you earned the legend status here and now we move on! It was a pleasure but we build again and here's to the new stars in the making!!
  2. brownfox

    Thank you Michael Appleton

    I never understood what he contributed and looking back to last season when Puel needed support and the team needed direction you would see Puel or Stowell shouting instructions. Appleton sat with his arms crossed on many occasion hence I didn't get the support he got here, yes he had biceps, was English and a bit of a lad! But I think he will soon be forgotten.
  3. brownfox

    Arsene Wenger

    He hinted he has offers from premiership clubs and not in management roles. I think us and Everton probably ambitious enough to get him as director of football, hoping the Puel link may swing it!
  4. brownfox

    Fans frustration

    Hearing boo's at half time is disgraceful we wasn't quite out the game and at a point when they needed encouraging. Regardless of them being crap/ clueless / boring or whatever else we still got to show support through the game! The negativity makes the players even more nervous to try something.
  5. brownfox

    Michael Appleton

    I was sitting behind the bench so if he wasn't there may explain his absence!
  6. brownfox

    Michael Appleton

    I don't get the love for Appleton he sits on the bench with his arms folded doesn't communicate with players and that's not just with Puel he did that u see previous managers too. Today when they had the stoppage yes puel didn't communicate but where was he? If puel goes I think he needs to go too!