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  1. It does unite the nation it's true but is a bit fake when people who generally moan when the domestic or most other football is on suddenly jump on the bandwagon by pretending they like it when England to well in the Euros or particularly in the World Cup! Just my take. Leicester winning the FA Cup or Prem. any day over England winning the World Cup. However Leicester winning the League Cup or England winning the WC - a tie.
  2. We want ten!! First semi final since Villa Park's loss to Spurs in 1982 - Ian Wilson's spectacular own goal and all that - but what a team Spurs had back then, we were still a second division side of course under Jock Wallace!
  3. My fear exactly. Top 6 would still be a relatively good achievement come the season's end, especially with our injury crisis - possibly only second to Liverpool's this season. With 5th or 6th comes the dubious Europa League qualification again of course, call it deja vu - but overall it would still be a disappointment for most of us. All in all it's been a very lop sided season for everyone bar Man. City and the phrase "away advantage" rather than "home" is surely a phrase exclusive to the back end of last season and this entire one to date.....so in the words of Ellie Goulding's song "Anythin
  4. Funnily enough after the 1-1 draw with Burnley last night we now have identical points and league position to this time last year.....3rd place with 50 points basically. Except we had a superior goal difference a year ago of +26. It will be interesting to see how this season pans out but you cannot help but think we might finish exactly where we did in the end last season also in 5th!
  5. Rodgers back to Celtic and we get Neil Lennon, lol!
  6. For sure : Newport away FAC R3 anybody?!
  7. That's of course why we got relegated that season!
  8. Yes, especially with playing in that role twice a week at the moment. I know in times gone by most teams did play a lot of games over a season not so long ago (cup replays galore, two legged games in the league cup = some on top of European commitments) but the pace of football is far more intense these days and the game has moved on since the 70s, 80s and even 90s - whereby players have to be athletes now as much as they do footballers! That's why teams have larger squads now and so can rely on rotation and Barnes might be due a rest soon.....
  9. I get the feeling with Kelechi that he'd be ok as a lone striker against the lower table teams and when deputising for Vardy (like versus Fulham earlier and in the cup games plus against lesser opposition so far in Europe) but would struggle against the better sides in the league. May be I'm quoting the bleeding obvious there. I guess he needs to be a regular starter from now on where possible so he can be judged more fairly/consistently...as he is still fairly young really in general terms despite being here for three and a half years already as a Shakespeare signing of course!
  10. That Liverpuddlian impersonator/comedian did a brilliant dub over of that game on You Tube that I've never been able to find again since 2015 sadly - when Rodgers was in charge at the time at Anfield. Comedy gold!
  11. Early 2010s team I assume you mean?! He was a significant part of the Great Escape team too lest we forget of course and apart from his heart in mouth penalty miss in the most important game of that season (v West Ham at home, the 2-1 win), he was pretty decent I thought! As others have said, a shame he didn't stick around after Nige had left and to then go on to be a part of the greatest team achievement ever in football!
  12. Seeing our injury list starting to grow and with Vardy finally becoming suspect in that department too after all these years at the top for us then I personally fear a repeat of last season - falling away from the top 4 right at the death again .. if not before then...and especially if we continue to take the Europa League and FA Cup seriously. if we're still in one or both competitions in the latter stages. Of course all would not be lost if we did win the Europa League as I think that would then qualify us for CL football the following season - but it would obviously mean winning it!
  13. I think half the trouble with Nacho (beyond the is he even good enough to play at this level debate), was that unlike Perez, he wasn't a "Brendan signing". Not sure if that is a hindrance here for him as much as Vardy's on going form in all of Nacho's time here or not but I'd imagine it doesn't help his cause as regards starting games, whereas Perez seems to get played and starts more regularly - even when Vardy is fit and not injured on the sidelines...
  14. Yes, his cessation of playing for England when he did after the WC in 2016 through his own de-selection helped further his brilliant career to date with us for at least a few more years thereafter - as is still the case, despite his latest setback! Obviously time will most likely start catching up with him over the next season or two now as he nears his mid 30s I fear, especially being a striker and target man - with his counter attacking style of play in the main, the nature of his runs off the ball that will invite injury : but I guess we've been at this juncture of Vardy longevity debate be
  15. Two more points this season and we're safe anyway!!
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