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  1. Agree, though may I suggest doing it at the other end.
  2. I’ll add Brian ‘Scary’ Carey, he can stay at Leicester and not only emulate but maybe (if he works hard) even surpass this ex united legend.
  3. I think one thing we do know up to this point is that our itk’s shit all over man u’s.
  4. True, I’ve wondered this myself. Always a bit wary of appearing barmy
  5. Unnamed trialist, he's one of our own. Probably.
  6. In minehead Butlins, place is heaving with Leicester shirts, makes me laugh how we give each other a polite nod as we walk past each other. Kids went to play football yesterday, the red coat split all the kids into two teams. One completely Leicester the other other argued whether they were going to be Leicester or luton.
  7. Nothing new that hasn’t been posted on here in the past but I was speaking to someone I know who works down there a couple of weeks ago and he said there’s a lot of work going on in the background, feasibility studies and planning issues etc so that when they put the application in any issues that may arise have already been dealt with. Once the training ground is completed all focus will be on this. Regarding capacity, when I suggested would if it be the 10000 in the east stand that was originally catered for when the ground was built he wasn’t sure but seemed to think it could be more.
  8. Unnamed trialiast goal **** me, retire hurt now palace, I thought that shit only ever happened in the original football manager.
  9. Can remember foxtalkers get excited about him a few years back.
  10. I remember reading the moaning at the time but couldn’t be bothered to reply, too drunk and happy. However I think it’s unfair to say he hogged it as when he came round the corner from sk1 he turned and looked for someone to pass it to but the players were all with their families etc and it didn’t seem anyone wanted it, hence he was left holding the baby. However who could him, a young man who’s team had just won the premier league, he was living the dream. I’d have been running around, skidding on my knees, balancing it on my head, no one would have got near it
  11. I still need some cats removing however.
  12. Corrected for you,
  13. If my understanding is correct I get the impression that the Club (men) are looking to pull them in a lot closer and have invested more money into the women. This is shown with signing photos being done at the KP and the photos of the girls modelling the kits in promotional images and around the shop. There also seems to be a big rebranding going on, a new ethos and drive to promote the club (women) as one from first team through to the youth section. If so it could be exciting times for the girls. Maybe chieffox or anyone else involved can shed more light on the future.
  14. I remember in the peak of Ferguson’s reign some generally believed they should be allowed to enter two teams into Europe as they claimed to have a squad big enough and strong enough. Bollocks I told them. So yes, they are that arrogant.
  15. Not wearing shirts but I was away in Murcia when we played Copenhagen at home in the champions league, sat in a small bar, my family, a couple of friends and few other people dotted around. When we scored I jumped with my kids up and another dad and his lad jumped up near me. Satisfied proud grins shared and that little corner of the bar became Leicester for the evening.
  16. Look at him, he absolutely loves talking about winning the league, it could be any of us Legend.
  17. Why’s he dressed as a blueberry?
  18. True, but I’m still claiming sagged is one syllable however.
  19. not having it, it depends how you say it and I’m allowing for poetic license
  20. Yes, I love haikus They too can run free and wild like sagged old nudists
  21. Unless it’s on a pun run then it should be left to fly as free and naked as the wind.
  22. Rudkin; ok Harry, we’ve had two offers, (snorting and laughing) well three if you count arsenal’s (more snorting and laughing), but they’re from man city and united and about 70m. Now then Harry we need to know your wishes. Harry; Pep is a freaky bald twat and can **** off, and ****ing united, **** that shit, managed by a hobbit bus driver steering them to middle table land, **** off. Rudkin; That’s what I like about you Harry, you don’t mince your words. Haary; Well you know me Rudders, I’m a Yorkshireman, I say what I like, and I bloody like what I say, ee ba gum. Now good man, I have made my wishes clear go and tell them pricks at sky. I’m off to swill some black sheep.
  23. Bang average players ousting a manager to protect their own cushy underachieving careers, and weak/clueless owners who let it happen. Thank god Vichai saw the bigger picture and allowed Pearson to get rid of crap like danns when the changing room was trying to revolt against him.
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