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  1. The thing that concerns me about this is that a big part of City's argument is UEFA's handling of all of this. Could anyone say they would be surprised if UEFA had bodged bits of this? I read a good article about this a while back (I think when the sentence was released) and it painted a pretty dark picture about the power City (UAE) have. They have so much financial power, that they can fight this as much as physically possible and they can focus on the technicalities and issues of process, rather than focus on what the real issue is. As with most legal issues, it doesn't matter if an entity or a person is guilty of something if the right processes aren't properly followed by the relevant authority. I worry that any faults in the process UEFA have undertaken will reflect badly on them and that this will set a trend for teams buying their freedom in the future.
  2. I'd be amazed if they overturned it purely for this reason. It's gone to VAR, they've said Kavanagh should have a look, and he has very decisively upgraded his yellow to a red. From memory it was also one of the few times the protocol has been followed as it was intended and I think it's quite blatantly a red if you go by the book. No way the FA will go back on it.
  3. I think Arsenal fans need to see this, what with all the whining about us being dirty.
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    Hope it all goes well, Rumble. Yeah, it seems they get relief but still have to pay extra. I don't think anyone buying a second (3rd, 4th etc) property should get any tax relief on it but this is a Tory government. Likewise I'm currently looking, but if anything I think this relief is going to make it harder for us first time buyers because it just means those who aren't FTBs can afford more.
  5. I don't think it looks great but arguing about this and saying Nketiah's isn't a red is just misplaced anger and bias. Arteta's gone down a peg massively in my book for that. They could've easily been a few goals to the good but no no, lets point the finger at something else.
  6. My initials and an album cover from a long time ago.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53319433 Forgive me if I'm reading it wrong but isn't this saying it will?
  8. Southampton kits are tidy apart from the gash sponsor. When the feck is our kit coming out? Have we got a release date?
  9. Must win obviously. We have to be aggressive and start on the front foot. Bournemouth's defensive record is poor year after year and we need to exploit it for once.
  10. I think the issue last night was that we played without wingbacks, with 3 CBs who aren't used to a 3 and it was against two good strikers/an Arsenal team that are in form and improving. For all the criticism Arsenal have had recently, that team last night was significantly better than the team that lost to Brighton, and we will not come up against a front two that compares to Lacazette and Aubameyang very often. Not to mention we're missing our first choice full backs. Albrighton is very useful and I'm sure Brendan loves his adaptability but I don't think he offered as much support to Cags as Chilwell would've done and although I think on the whole our fanbase is pleased with Justin, he is young and you can see that. I think in the past the biggest issues we've had are Vardy being isolated from midfield and not having enough mettle in the middle of the pitch and I do think this combats that, but you rely on your fullbacks getting up and down and providing the support to the 3 when needed and I don't think we will perfect that with Albrighton and JJ.
  11. Eh? All I was doing was pointing out how architecture as an industry and a subject taught at universities across the country doesn't reflect our societal make-up.
  12. Obviously density is important and we build at height because it does save space, but there's a big difference between the kind of density we need to sustain our population/resources and building 100+ stories, which we have been doing at increasing heights for 100 or so years. The reason for building taller and taller has always been driven by the male ego. No. I was taught by almost exclusively white men, about almost exclusively white men, in a room with a high majority of white men.
  13. You have to earn the affection of a cat whereas most dogs are basically whores and will love anyone who gives them a little fuss. I love both - cats can be great if you actually try.
  14. The headlines are of course bait and I loathe that as much as the next person, but the overriding idea that cities are overwhelmingly designed and built, by and for, men is a valid one. You can further extend that point, in the UK at least (I imagine most western countries too but couldn't say authoritatively), to it being white men. Part of me thinks this dilutes the point somewhat, but it is worth pointing out different cultures within the UK society do live differently and further to that, most professions within the built environment have issues with diversity. As an architect myself I try to account for the needs of many different kinds of users as necessary to any given building (it is after all part of the job to do so), but you cannot argue that everyone's perspective is different and that a world that was designed and built by a demographic that accurately reflected the wider population would look different. And for what it's worth, I don't think the focus on phallic symbolism is going to win many over, but let's face it men always want to be "bigger and better" in any number of ways and our continued pursuit of reaching the sky in built form is symptomatic of that. This is pure speculation on my part but I highly doubt that a world that had been ruled by women would ever have created so many needlessly tall buildings for no reason. You can be pretty sure all the buildings that have ever been designed purely to be the tallest were because a few blokes wanted "the biggest building."
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    Yeah, good luck with that mate
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