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  1. One of the things that really grates on me is that this season he has been doubled up on so much because he us our best creative threat on the ball but it rarely gets talked about. When he is one on one he is lethal, but this season he has been allowed these opportunities far, far less and that is one is one of the biggest reasons he hasn't done as much as last year. And as for his attitude, well it has never changed. He has a very nonchalant attitude generally, it doesn't mean he doesn't care. If he goes to a team where there is someone like him on both wings he will thrive and those wanting him out will be watching on at home crywvnking.
  2. Bit silly that but they do at least quantify that it is based on two games.
  3. It's amazing that you talk about civil liberties being eradicated whilst simultaneously telling us that people who are being monitored under suspicion of a crime need to be deported.
  4. Not having a go at you for posting but I personally think it's fvcking sad that this bloke and other Muslims are under the societal pressure that compels them to even do this as if they need to qualify that they aren't a fvcking terrorist and they find acts such as this morally repugnant. Regardless of the fact that many perpetrators of terrorist acts in recent years have identified as "Muslim", no-one should need lots of real Muslims to come out publicly and decry these actions (which are actions against humanity first and foremost) to realise that murder is not part of the Muslim faith. Anyone committing crimes like this is on a whole other level of sick. It shouldn't even need saying. The sad fact that this does is damning of us as a Nation that claims to be a place for persons of every colour and every creed.
  5. All over this, and in fairness I can see City selling him but I doubt this will actually happen. When was the last time we signed someone who most people had seen play properly (not just youtube videos) and were excited for it?
  6. No chance the owners give it Big Sam and tell Shakey to sit back down in his assistants chair, that would be a huge slap in the face after what he's done for us. Big Sam knows how to make a team fairly resolute, but he's left every club he's kept up and has barely managed anyone beyond lower-mid table mediocrity. Not having a dig at the bloke because he clearly knows how to organise a team, but it would be a negative appointment in my eyes. Shakey knows the team, has been here for years and is new to being manager. He handles himself well, has spoken about his ambition to get us european football again and has been dealing with a squad not of his own. The last two games haven't reflected all that well but I read his comments after the Spurs game and there was something different about them. I'm not convinced the bloke will take us forward but fvck me he has definitely earned it and I support his appointment.
  7. Haven't really been affected by these types of things before but I struggled getting through breakfast without tearing up this morning watching the BBC. Terrible, terrible stuff. As terrible as it is though there are some murky suggestions on here about locking people up before they've committed a crime. Dangerous territory, that.
  8. Do they have to be your own kids?
  9. I reckon Heaton or Butland would both be good shouts and are both a bit more experienced. How likely it is that they would move I don't know.
  10. I think one of the problems with this team is leadership. No-one at the back is a leader and likewise king and Ndidi aren't leaders either. We need someone in the middle of the pitch who makes sure everyone knows what they're doing.
  11. what are you watching?
  12. The players are playing for Shakey's job second half.
  13. You can't pin shitty individual mistakes like that on Shakey.
  14. for ****s sake
  15. Winning the title was not lucky and this year we have been shit for large parts of it. Nothing to do with luck.