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  1. I took my shirt off a minute or two before the goal so I could hold it up. I very briefly thought I had doomed us and then went mad again when it was disallowed. At that point it just had to be ours!
  2. Unreal. Best goal I've ever celebrated. He's bloody off balance and leaning back and still managed to hit it so true and so straight. Youri deserves it so much as well, unbelievable.
  3. Well done boys and girls you did us all proud
  4. I wonder if anyone has beaten those six in one season since they became known as the six? I assume Man City/Liverpool have probably beaten all of the other 5 in the last season
  5. I mean let's face it, the TV companies don't give a toss about match going fans and Covid has given them the excuse to have games at whatever bloody time they want, any day of the week.
  6. Finally got keys for my new place today! Took 5 months and a few days from accepted offer to Completion (empty leasehold property, first time buyer). Proper hassle having it go on so long and having to chase various bits and pieces and then the first exchange date falling through the day before, but none of that matters now. Over the moon!
  7. Liverpool has held a few events with no restrictions in the last week - a club event, some business networking thing and a small festival. If we don't see a spike in a couple of weeks it will be great news.
  8. Liverpool haven't won 4 on the bounce in the PL this season. Granted they have less to worry about now than they have before, but I think expecting them not to drop a single point in their last 5 is being a bit pessimistic.
  9. The statutory minimum requirements for local consultation are bogus really, Councils know they can do the minimum and most people won't be aware of what's going on uness they hear through word of mouth. It can however be an incredibly arduous process, which often involves great big spoonfuls of nimbyism and little constructive value. Some of the shite I've read in objections to developments are ridiculous. And for what it's worth, most local authority planning departments have had their budgets absolutely hammered since 2009, they desperately need cash and they need de
  10. The better we are, the worse the main forum gets after a loss.
  11. It's a funny one though. We're already collectively worrying about keeping our squad together and new contracts, but we haven't even had any champions league money. What happens when we get CL money, increase our expenses and then get to a point where we need the CL money or we suffer? I'm just speculating really and I have every confidence in our club that we will continue to be managed well financially, but you can see why the desire for top 4 is so high.
  12. I don't really know anything of the bloke but I love that our recruitment keeps building on the relationships of our current squad too. N'didi and Nacho. Our Belgian trio. Soyuncu and Under. Timmy and his old teammate. Granted Under and Cags seems irrelevant at this stage with Under looking set to leave, but we are using the assets we already have to help buy other quality players and this obviously helps with chemistry too, which really can't be understated.
  13. Bad news for Barnes, no doubt he'll be gutted to miss the end of his best season, a cup final with us and a shot at the euros. I doubt we'll ever know but I do wonder what the impact of Covid on the summer schedule has had over the course of the season. We've had a lot of injuries, most notably at the start of the season, and have dealt really well with the rotation on the whole, but I can't help but wonder if the lads have all been pushed further than they would've usually. It's easy to pick out individual injuries which might be directly related to a tackle or whatever, but
  14. If we beat them there's a chance, but I think it's more likely they hold on by a couple of points.
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