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  1. Watched this the other day. Had no idea it was based on a Bryson book when I put it on but I like Bryson and liked the film. Nothing special but a few little laughs and some great cinematography.
  2. It took us 132 years to win our first top tier league title, and lets face it none of us thought it would happen. We lost 2-1 over two legs to one of the best European teams of the last few years and somehow we're now less likely to win the league then we were before? Madness. This is the start boys & girls.
  3. No blame on Fuchs or Albrighton?
  4. I'm not that optimistic about this. Arsenal have been poor recently but most of their losses have been away from home. I think Palace was their low point and even though a win away at Middlebrough is hardly amazing, I think it'll give them the confidence to kick on a bit and push both Manchester clubs for 4th.
  5. Only team in this league Kasper goes to is Man United. Arsenal have been getting worse for years, Liverpool haven't been good enough consistently, Everton aren't big enough, Chelsea and Spurs have better keepers (and KS isn't going to go someone knowing he is no.2) and Pep won't be interested at all. And like others have said, he is one of the most committed players at the club. Every summer (last year aside) he's been good enough for clubs above us but he's stayed here. Kasper is a blue.
  6. I want us to beat Spurs because I want us to win. If it is the final nail in the coffin of their title push that's an added bonus.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you trying to sell a season ticket you don't have yet?
  8. Just the massive tongue though
  9. You think both games were a total fix but everyone else is blinkered? Fvcking hell take a look at yourself in the mirror. Jesus Christ.
  10. Put in a performance like the second half tonight and they'll be fvcking curtains. Gonna be gutted if we don't beat this team of babies on current form.
  11. Good manager but he looks like a disabled bulldog. Please get his face the fvck away.
  12. He turned down Arsenal last year to stay here for less money. No-one else came in for him and this year he has scored significantly less goals and is one year older. Who do people think are going to pay him what we do and give him anywhere near the same kind of focus we do? He's been brilliant for us but World Class? Going to Atletico? That's madness. I'd be gutted if he did leave but nowhere that can afford him can offer him anywhere near the importance and the amount of games that we do. Seriously, the only bid we got last year was from Arsenal. Who is going to come in for him now?
  13. On the whole was decent imo. Gave away a few bad calls but thought he was pretty fair generally and called out a few Atletico dives.
  14. I suppose I agree with everything you've said mate. We weren't in the first tie and as soon as they scored tonight I said game over. Ultimately, we were still 2 goals shy of going through so we never came that close. But, and it's a big but, in that second half, we could've scored 3. I didn't think it was possible, but we came mighty close. We really weren't far off it, and I think that is what disappoints me/what is my point. It's all a game of ifs and buts (obviously), it's just really hard (for me) to take this loss when we were just a couple of very fine margins away from a CL semi. I guess that's what top level football is most of the time though.