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  1. It's incredibly impressive, really like the way the roof closes like a camera. The most mental thing for me though is that the stadium next to it (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Dome) already held 70 odd thousand and was only opened in '92. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a stadium that lasted 25 years and have just spent 5 times the amount on another one. I find this kind of insane development and consumption of resources for financial gain criminal. That they are shafting fans too just makes it worse but of course, there are enough people who are willing to stump up the cash so nothing changes.
  2. From that article it doesn't actually appear that anyone is offended. This is the FA being the FA.
  3. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Hear hear...
  4. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    As someone who lurks a lot on this thread, I find it really baffling reading sometimes. I'm not as informed as some of you more regular posters but the benefit from my point of view is that I get a running debate. No source is ever going to be completely free of bias so I find that at least in here, I know quite well where most posters are coming from politically and interpret what is said with that in mind. I do find nuggets of useful or at the very least, thought provoking information quite often, but it is scattered amongst a fair amount of dog-shit point scoring & dick swinging that is no better than 'the media' it so often decries. I am aware of how easy it is to sit back and judge but I would rather not post than make myself look like someone with no interest in learning and simply posting to push their own agenda. I'm just saying I think this thread could be an awful lot better if there were a bit more objectivity about debate. Yeah yeah it's a forum everyone's got an opinion, everyone is bias, it gets heated sometimes and I'm a just snowflake jabba jabba jabba. *puts on tin hat*
  5. I was studying in Liverpool at the time. I watched it with two Liverpool fans at their house and had it looping on my laptop in uni the whole day. After their win at Anfield, that goal and that game was heavenly.
  6. Running a Half Marathon

    Did the Great North Run last weekend so it's pretty fresh for me. As Strokes and Daz have said, sticking to your pace is key. I've been running a lot over the last few years and I'm quite good at keeping my own pace but it is easy to get drawn into the buzz. If you do a few miles at a faster pace than usual you could easily make it a lot harder for yourself later down the line. I would try and get up to 10 or so miles in the next couple weeks if you can manage it but I say that tentatively as you don't want to overdo the training. You don't really want to be doing much in the week leading up to it really as you want to be fully rested for the race. Also, I received half of my sponsorship within the last 3 weeks of the race and about 15% in the last week, so don't worry too much. Most people leave donating until the last minute.
  7. The Iborra Thread

    Thought it was quite a poor debut actually. Quite a few misplaced passes, off the ball I think he looked a bit rash and he did a few bizarre things, most obviously the overhead kick and that horrendous two footed lunge. Having said that, I do think some of that was just rust and an eagerness to impress. I think he is a player past his best who has a pedigree and I think he will prove useful when he settles down a bit. Fingers crossed.
  8. Smuts' NFL Thread

    I wanted to get tickets for Ravens/Jags as I'm a Ravens fan but having gone to M&T Bank for a game last year I was less fussed, and I didn't really fancy stumping up a tonne for what is essentially a neutral venue. Good start to the season thus far, especially shutting out the Bengals. Our defence is going to do good things this year, but it's got to be the way our offence is going. We must be the Arsenal of the NFL health wise, we've got 15 on injured reserve already. Losing Danny Whitehead for 8 weeks on the first series of regular season football was disappointing and losing Pro Bowl Guard Yanda for the whole season in game 2 is a massive blow as our O-line was already looking pretty makeshift.
  9. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    TBF I think the only place that's unpopular is Liverpool. Oh and Nottingham.
  10. Dragovic looks some player

    Chilwell was pants.
  11. Absolute fluke, how we've won that I do not know but I love beating Liverpool and this one will really grate on them no doubt. First half was absolutely dire and the second wasn't that good it just wasn't shit. Liverpool were playing predominantly teenagers and it took an injury/forced sub to win. Only players coming out of tonight with any credit are Shinji, Dragovic and Wes. Gray was ok and Hamer did nothing wrong but the rest were dross.
  12. Depression

    @lee7 About 6 months into my first serious relationship at the age of 19 my then girlfriend nonchalantly showed me some scars on her upper thigh while we were out having a few drinks with friends. Although she had done a few odd things in the time we'd been dating I had no prior indication that she was depressed but when I asked about them she said she made the cuts herself. I didn't understand at the time and I'm not sure I ever fully will, but I was incredibly naive at the time and I didn't know her either. Self harm gets a strange reaction from a lot of people but I will never forget seeing half an inch into her forearm and the resulting scar on her arm that will be with her for life. . We were together for about 2 and a half years before I moved in with her and that was when the full extent of her depression hit me. Dealing with her depression in the year and a bit we lived together was like a fight with Mayweather Snr. I did everything I could think of to help fight it but it never seemed to help and I just didn't understand.There were lots and lots of happy times but it was only ever a matter of time until she would be hit with an absolute sucker punch and I felt every one in the heart. I remember one specific time when she cried for hours and she couldn't explain why. As I said, I was so naive at the time and I did shitty things as anyone does in a relationship, but they would often cause disproportionately large arguments that were absurd. She hit me a fair few times, I once pushed her onto the bed, she smashed and threw glasses/plates/food, I shouted in her face, we regularly had slanging matches outside in the early hours. It changed how I thought and how I acted. More than that, it changed who I actually was for a long time and I am ashamed of a lot of things that I did and said in that time together. There are a couple of obvious things that you could point to that had obviously contributed to her depression but there were also a number of other factors that were having an impact on the (horrible) state of our relationship. They would make even the healthiest relationship difficult. We were on the breadline, there was a lack of friends/family close by on both sides, she was unemployed and I was barely a man (and one with little emotional intelligence at that). I mentioned these because I want to be clear (if it wasn't already) that the failure of our relationship was far more than simply the result of her depression; there was a fvcktonne wrong with our relationship and her depression exacerbated those issues (and vice versa) to the point at which I couldn't handle it. The night we broke up was the worst night of my life; I was led to believe she took 20+ paracetamol on top of having already had a full bottle of wine. She was physically fine the next day but needless to say the whole thing was a torrid night for both of us. More to the point, it wasn't until a few weeks after all this that she got to the point where she actually reached out and started seeing a therapist. It was only at (what I hope) was her absolute lowest that she took action, and it wasn't because someone told her to, it was her own realisation. We spent some time together after the first few weeks apart and we realised we'd both done lots wrong and that we held onto our relationship longer than we should've. We also realised that that was because we were also very much in love with each other i.e. fundamentally for a good reason. We've long gone our separate ways but I harbour no ill feelings towards her and I would like to think she doesn't towards me either. You might have experienced some of things I've mentioned, you might not have. You may experience some of them in the future, you may not. Who knows. I don't want to project onto you and your girlfiend or make you any more scared or worried than you already are either but I also don't want to sugar coat anything. IMO, You need honesty first and foremost and positivity second, not false optimism and platitudes. I don't know much but I do know what it's like to be the person who is with someone with depression and it is hard. I know what it's like to hear someone you love say that they want to die and to feel absolutely powerless to help. It's scary, it's confusing, it's debilitating and it is not something you can put a plaster over. But it is something that can be managed, and this thread is part of helping you do that. I'm just another fooked up person (who clearly didn't succeed at sticking it out) but here's my main advice (Alongside what Lionator has already said): - Be there. I mean just be there In person, on the phone, whatever. Just being there and staying there for her will mean a lot to her. It can be hard to judge but sometimes talking about random stuff and filling the silence will help her. - Listen. When she does want to talk, listen and listen well. You don't have to understand her feelings and you shouldn't pretend to if you don't, you just have to let her let it out and actually take in what she is saying. Understanding someones words and understanding how someone feels are different animals and it's important to separate the two. Do some reading about it if you can. - Be kind. To her and to yourself. She needs you but make no mistake you should not expect to muddle through it without your own support network. You have a right to feel what you feel and you shouldn't punish yourself for struggling, just try your best to use your support network and not to take it out on her. And hopefully it doesn't come to this, but if it gets too much for you be honest with her and rip the plaster off as soon as you can. One of the things I regret the most is not having the courage to end things as soon I knew I couldn't do it. It caused more pain and wasted more time for both of us. It's been cathartic and helpful for me to write all of this so apologies for how long winded it is; you didn't really need to know all of it. I do think this is probably the most pertinent thing I've ever written on this board though and I hope it is some comfort in what I'm sure is a difficult time for you. Keep us all updated with progress and seriously, if you have any questions or you want to vent, you are more than welcome to DM me. I wish you both all the best mate.
  13. Safehouse.

    Just fluffing the pillows on the sofa, not sure I fancy the main forum tonight!
  14. Huddersfield away match thread

    Getting a second of football and then a minute of buffering. Fvcking wank this.