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  1. Seems very genuine and I've felt he's been a little bit under appreciated since that first season at Chelsea.
  2. I think we'll deserve to win but will probably end up losing somehow.
  3. It's insane. Until I started running I didn't really appreciate how fast these guys are. I've done a half in 1'43 which is circa 7.45 per mile, and the quickest I've ever run a mile is about 6.30 which isn't really that fast. World record marathon (2.01) pace is 4.40 per mile, it's incredible. As a slight side note, the Nike Breaking 2 doc (trying to break the 2 hour barrier) made with National Geographic is a great insight. Eluid Kipchoge is an amazing human being. P.s well done @Bob Weasel Fox, good time that!
  4. Great start for the ravens with a franchise record win. I think we will do well this year but I think 59-10 is probably more a reflection of where the Dolphins will be come January than it us.
  5. Real shame this happened to such a good pro. Hope he finds something else soon.
  6. Can't wait to hear Dyche moan about that goal...
  7. I think there are very few football commentators who are good anyway honestly. I think it's probably quite a difficult job - people are always going to disagree with what you are saying.
  8. Everyone is a little bit biased.
  9. If Mount gets in ahead of him it really will be a show of big club bias in my eyes. From what I saw last week he seems to have had a comparable season to Maddison at Norwich and has started well this season but so did Maddison with us.
  10. ajthefox


    I'm having CBT at the minute and it's been really helpful for me. I get the chance to talk about my issues, my stresses and whatever I want really. The main thing though is that my therapist is always trying to help me unpick the negative, to see things in a more positive way and to help me change my behaviour in small ways that allow me to live a better life day by day. Some people are more suited to it than others but I think if they've recommended it you should just trust them and go with it mate. If you do, be as open as you can and have faith. I nearly decided to change therapist after the first session and there are times where she doesn't quite get what I'm saying but on the whole it's been really good.
  11. Fantastic strike from Mane. Southampton will be gutted after that half of football.
  12. Waggy was a favourite of mine when he was here and I've had a soft spot for the lad. Sad to hear that he has struggled with depression but it's great that he got himself out of that situation and is talking openly about it - it's exactly what is needed.
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