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  1. Fair point in response to toddybad re auto-enrolment, but telling everyone a low wage to just "get a better job" is a pretty dismissive thing to say. Do you really think it's that easy for everyone? And even if it was, who in that case does the shit jobs? Someone has to, we can't all earn loads and have a private pension that is adequate enough to take care of us once we've retired. Also worth pointing out someone on minimum wage contributing £3 a week isn't exactly going to have a great pension pot come retirement.
  2. You realise you aren't the only one missing the points though right? There are probably 5/6000 others who had CL tickets who are members who don't get them included either.
  3. Dresden kits are lovely.
  4. How the fvck is Hamer still here? Seriously.
  5. I won't be affected by this much but it sounds like a shit idea. If you earn points by spending money at the shop and the kiosks then frankly that's a joke. Loyalty is following the team, not mindlessly spending £150 quid every year on all three kits and drinking piss beer in the kiosk that costs a fortune.
  6. Just because we're "holding out" for £50 mil it doesn't mean we won't negotiate down a little bit. If someone bids around £40m, I think we'll try and find a middle ground with them and get a deal that is around 45 with everything included. We could hang on to him but if he really doesn't want to be here and he doesn't return to title season form, his value will seriously start to drop and we'll lose him for far less than he is worth. I think 45 is a reasonable-ish amount for him given this seasons performance. He should be worth more really but the only way that happens is if he stays, plays like he did season before last and someone makes a pressure buy in January. I'm struggling to see who that would be though really. Only team who seem interested here is Arsenal, but there's no way they're parting with 45+ for Mahrez in January, it's just not their style.
  7. The other thing is that peoples political views are only ever going to evolve slowly over time, they're never going to change that quickly because politics isn't that simple. Your opinion might change on certain specific issues but that doesn't necessarily have any impact on your fundamental views of how we should govern.
  8. This is one of the things I don't understand about the whole thing. The debt really doesn't mean all that much imo, but so many people will have thousands, possibly even tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt wiped from the system at some point. That's no good for the government or the students.
  9. You don't half shoot yourself in the foot an awful lot on here. In other news, it's good to see our chancellor's views on gender equality haven't updated with the times. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/jul/15/philip-hammond-in-row-over-even-a-woman-can-drive-a-train-jibe I'm sure many will dismiss this as a throwaway comment but seriously, saying such a thing is indicative of someone who definitely doesn't think men and women are equal.
  10. Cardiff play-off second leg. Until it went wrong obviously.
  11. I'm from Groby originally. Just rang my old man and he confirmed the spotting.
  12. Oh fvck off making this about party politics you pair of nobs. I could quite as easily write a diatribe about how divisive right leaning politics breeds resentment and actions caused by resentment, but I'm not going to because that's not the fvcking point and that is not fact in any case. Our current society is the result of constant development and is in a constant state of flux. It is the result of actions tracing back years and years, and that includes Labour governments, Tory governments, coalitions and hung parliaments. Our society is the result of people within it and the powers that be. This is not a world either of you have created but it is not a world I have created either. It is a world EVERYONE has created. The blame for this lies with the sick individuals who did it, not the left.
  13. Photoshop does have a basic package called elements, which is good enough for anyone who is learning it but I'm not sure what it costs, it's probably still quite expensive unless you're using it in a professional capacity. The best thing I would advise for learning is to set yourself a specific task and then use tutorials. You can just play around with photoshop but you won't learn much.