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  1. ajthefox

    Burnley video from Saturday

    Fantastic piece of film. Well done Burnley.
  2. ajthefox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

  3. Third Arsenal goal against us was miles better than that Man City goal. 1:23 fyi
  4. ajthefox

    Running a Half Marathon

    It was in York which is where I live. It's free. I didn't buy shoes there and then as I went in on a whim but they do a price match so I'm probably going to take an online price back to them. I **think** Asics do them for free as well.
  5. ajthefox

    Running a Half Marathon

    I had a gait analysis at Up and Running the other week and it was really useful as I have quite significantly over-pronate feet. Only took a few minutes but it was really useful to see the difference it made for me.
  6. ajthefox

    Places in the UK you'd erase off the map

    Such a first world moan
  7. ajthefox

    What grinds my gears...

    It's interesting hearing parents talk about the use of tablets and technology and limiting kids. Some very genuine worries and some good advice above no doubt, but plenty of adults (in my experience) can't control their own gadget use nevermind manage that of a child who doesn't understand the impact that phones, tablets etc etc are having on the way we communicate with each other.
  8. ajthefox


    Domagoj Vida Cabbage patch kid (stolen from Louis Theroux's twitter)
  9. It was closer to £100m from what I remember being bandied about. I think some of the problem is probably attributable to the fact they had such a high turnover of players over the summer.
  10. ajthefox

    Burnley Ticket

    Hoping to get lucky and get a ticket if anyone needs one offloading.
  11. Training complex and a newly developed stand, not the whole stadium.
  12. ajthefox

    Cardiff City match to go ahead.

    I think if the lads had to wait another week they may end up just stewing. Sometimes it's better to get these things out of the way.
  13. ajthefox

    New chants and songs

    Fvck me that last line is a bit morbid
  14. ajthefox

    Helicopter crash

    Not really sure what to say, still feels quite surreal really. Wish I was in Leicester and able to go and pay my respects.
  15. ajthefox

    Championship 2018-2019

    The mind really does boggle at the manager merry go round. Same blokes doing ok for a bit, getting sacked and then getting another job somewhere else as if it'll turn out different there.