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  1. No quotes from Harry anywhere and the club has said Harry is relaxed about it. I know who I believe. Fvck Sky and their clickbait rumours and Fvck Man Utd for all their recent failures and attempts to bully us.
  2. Seems a stupid idea to me. If new drivers are crashing too often then maybe the way they are taught/tested needs to be amended. Maybe there should be some minimum requirements before you can take a test - X hours worth of night driving perhaps. I'd add motorway hours to it as well.
  3. Off camping to Bala in Snowdonia. Weather forecast looks like rain though
  4. Surely we aren't going to spend 5 million more on Dunk than we did on Tielemans. I mean really, could we be that stupid?
  5. I think generally people still have the opinion that Kasper is a good shot stopper because I think historically he has been and he has saved us serious points. However, I think he is past his peak and the last couple of seasons I have seen us concede more goals from shots I've expected him to save than in previous seasons. I'd be interested to see what the stats suggested about his shot stopping going further back. Either way, I think solely relying on stats/solely relying on your eyes/memory is not the best approach. You need to factor in both to get the best picture of what is happening.
  6. ajthefox


    I agree with all of this but just wanted to add to this bit that being honest about it is actually a strength.
  7. Not even August and we already have the first comparison. It's going to be a long year..
  8. Willian would walk into our 11 surely? Long term our options are better but I'd definitely make room for Willian on either side of the 3 behind Vards coming in from wide. I'd argue Pedro probably would as well.
  9. Thanks Mark, great job! I thought my suggestion hadn't been seen and then forgot about it!
  10. Is it really ours though? That's the big question..
  11. Couple of very tidy efforts imo. Grim. Good job no-one bloody where's 'em up this way.
  12. I don't really keep up with French football but I can't help but think the PSG bubble has burst a little. They didn't exactly need Buffon, but he obviously didn't want to stay there and there have been rumblings in the press about Neymar and even Mbappe wanting out. They are so far ahead of the competition in the league, it can't really be that much fun for the very best players, who wants to win games by 5 or 6 every other week? Not to mention that it seems to have actually hampered their CL form. I hope other clubs learn from this, but I doubt it.
  13. Buce, do you think there is anything we can/should be doing to try and prevent things from getting this bad for people? I'm torn - other than through raising taxation I'm not sure there are any easy steps to reduce this and I can't say with any authority what benefit that will really have to those who need help most. In addition, you can't guarantee (and it's probably unlikely) that raises in taxation would even benefit the services which deal with these issues. Although I think we can safely say that it's good to expose young people to alcohol (in small, controlled doses) to avoid creating taboo, I think we could make a start by reducing the amount that alcohol is normalised in the media. Adults are fine to make their own choices and live by them, but I do find it crazy how normalised drinking is in our culture. I enjoy sunday brunch but they have an alcohol section every week where guests often laugh about getting hammered. I support their right (and my own) to get hammered if that's what they want (just like I believe I should be allowed to get as stoned as I like) and the reality is that that will always happen regardless of advertising, but I do feel a little odd about how much drinking is encouraged on a day to day basis across pretty much any media stream you come across these days. I've cut down a lot in my late twenties - I generally now drink to enjoy what I am drinking and to get a little bit drunk/celebrate now and again.
  14. The more I read, stats particularly, the more positive I feel about this. Seems like a lot of money but he could be here for a long time and it seems like it isn't all immediate at least.
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