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  1. What do you think I've been doing in my tent for 4 weeks, Jatt?
  2. Maybe he is just throwing JJ a bone. He hasn't actually had to deal with the selection headache and hasn't even said he would've picked him anyway. I don't like Southgate any more than the next person but this "anti-Leicester" bias is cringeworthy sometimes.
  3. I agree with what you've said, but also after the last couple of games it's important to bounce back and prove that this year is different, as much in terms of mentality as anything.
  4. But there is a Mrs Potato Head too anyway? ****ing hell.
  5. Most of the time it's not compulsory you pay, but it makes you look like a twat if you don't want to. I've tried to do it with mates before but the majority of the group don't want to "kick up a fuss."
  6. I'm at 3 months (almost to the day) and still counting. FTB and the property I'm buying is Vacant - doesn't get any simpler.
  7. I'm doing the training course to become a Mental Health First Aider in the workplace.
  8. Starting a Mental Health First Aid course later this afternoon but feel like a bit of a fraud at the moment - I'm struggling with my productivity and stress.
  9. Fingers crossed all goes well for you Jon.
  10. It's a weird one, this. I think every football fan will always lament teams leaving old grounds for brand spanking new ones to some extent, especially when they move as well. Having said that, half the away end was dog-shit for watching the game For starters, it's not really in Everton (not that Goodison was anyway). It's still not ideal by train, but visitors will be able to get to it via train without leaving any stations with only a 10 minute walk at the end if they get on the local rail network at Lime Street. It benefits the rest of Liverpool area more so than visitors thoug
  11. One Brighton fan has signed off his paragraph long comment on the beeb as "Luke, Apoplectic Brighton fan"
  12. Every time he gets the ball you get excited. He's improved so much this season and just keeps impressing in different ways. Others have mentioned the touch from the cross field ball and the anticipation for his goal - I don't think I've seen that from him before. We will be fending people off in summer if he keeps playing this well until May.
  13. If he was on 30K or so more at Liverpool than he's taken perhaps a 25% pay cut hasn't he. And he was on a free, wasn't he if I recall correctly. Still crackers but puts it in context a bit. I'm interested to know where all these figures have come from.
  14. Still would, and I'd shout "European Corbynistas forever!" as I finished too. I imagine that would get her riled up! *Disclaimer - I don't actually like Corbyn.
  15. The really important question, I think, is not about her relationship with Harry or the rest of royals but rather, What is she having for dinner and why hasn't she posted pics on instagram?!!
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