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  1. Smuts' NFL Thread

    Reminds me of this....
  2. President Trump & the USA

    I was thinking more specifically about Trump's comments on Franken being handsy after the Trump recording...
  3. Premier League Saturday night football

    Quite happy with saturday night games but as others have said, it is more televised games at the expense of the 3pm Saturday slot that I object to. If sky have their way there'll be a game every day of the week and saturday will only ever have a few fixtures.
  4. President Trump & the USA

    Trump tweeting about Franken & sexual harassment. His ability to be a hypocrite/liar is just absolutely unwavering. Unbelievable Jeff. He's got to be best troll ever, surely?
  5. The joke thread

    Someone's just watched Have I got news for you...
  6. Ticket prices should be cheaper and I'm not defending the clubs or the PL but I find it a little odd when people (Not singling you out, I mean generally) who have season tickets and go to loads of away games complain about the price as if they don't have a choice. By paying the club hundreds of pounds for season tickets year on year on year and going to 10-15 games a season, you are telling them that you accept their prices. If it's really that expensive and you disagree with the pricing that much then don't go. Be active in trying to reduce prices, not complicit in their increase. I know it's not ideal, but it isn't like you need to go to the game to live. I'm not understating the importance of football in peoples lives, but it is a choice to go and it is a choice to pay. If enough people stopped going to games and started make enough noise, prices would come down (£30 away game cap.)
  7. What gigs are you going?

    Jesus. I saw the statement but didn't realise what had actually happened. They said they would disband in 2018 as well from what I remember, would be surprised if this isn't the end of them. Side note if anyone is interested - I've a ticket for the sold out Frank Carter gig in Manchester on the 3rd of December I'm looking to sell.
  8. How Was Your Day?

    He's ex forces you know..
  9. In Cold Blood!

    Never read the book but saw the film on Netflix a few months back. Worth a watch as Phillip Seymour Hoffman is pretty good but I wouldn't say it's that memorable.
  10. President Trump & the USA

    I agree with the sentiment, but I'm not sure singling out what is predominantly a fashion/culture magazine for talking about fashion rather than politics is the best way of making your point.
  11. Vardy in the jungle

    I'm not sure anyone is worried about her, you'd have to be a moron to expose yourself on a show like this not expecting to get stick. Of course she's going to get judged when she's on there and I don't think anyone would deny that. What I find odd though is that she gets an awful lot of abuse (slapper, talentless slapper, gold-digger, absolutely rotten etc etc) before she's even been on. Why have people got so much against her? Especially when she is the person Vards has chosen to be with.
  12. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    They were pretty good when we won the league though weren't they. It's just gone to pot since. Not sure there is any one thing you can isolate as the main cause but moving to the stadium clearly hasn't helped.
  13. Vardy in the jungle

    An awful lot of angry judgemental stuff in this thread based on little to nothing; I can only assume you are all very upstanding and virtuous people. Either that or judgemental cvnts.
  14. Court case against Vichai/KP

    Exactly. People will be saying this is why we won the league soon enough if they haven't already.