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  1. ajthefox

    Yohan Benalouane

  2. ajthefox

    What's in the news?

    What an absolute shower of shit all round.
  3. ajthefox


    I'd like to rep this several times. Deserves a ban IMHO.
  4. ajthefox


    Sad, unfulfilling lives outside the sphere of LCFC and lots of repressed anger...
  5. Yeah but imagine every opposition player being chased down by a Vards, they'd be constantly shitting themselves.
  6. ajthefox

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Disappointing day as a fox and a Ravens fan, it was like watching a different team against the chargers. Be interesting to see what happens next season now with Lamar with us taking such a beating the first time a team has played against us twice with him under center.
  7. ajthefox

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    I think you're looking for the pedantry thread.
  8. ajthefox

    Everton Post match Thread.

    Remember that time we sold Musa for nearly twice what we bought him for
  9. ajthefox

    2019 New Year's Resolutions?

    I'm an Architect Wymesy, I just want to find a better job than my current one. The construction industry is general ok around this time of year but it's not the best time to be applying for new jobs.
  10. ajthefox

    2019 New Year's Resolutions?

    Not a resolution as such but I intend to carry on with last years and just be more positive about life in general. I'll be starting a job hunt as of tomorrow and am also planning to do my first marathon.
  11. ajthefox

    Baghdad Bounedjah

    Great numbers but I'd still be concerned about him making the step up. May be worth a punt but only for a small figure imo.
  12. ajthefox

    Smuts' NFL Thread

    Big couple days in the AFC North with the Steelers losing again and the Ravens beating the Chargers. Massive turnaround from 3-4 weeks ago when the Steelers looked to have the Division sewn up and now they might not even get a playoff spot. I just hope we stay on top of our game and beat the Browns, we've missed out on the playoffs in the closing minutes in 2 of the last 3 seasons and they were both gutting.
  13. ajthefox


    It sounds cliched but taking that big step just to put it all out there and get it off your chest can be huge @Kopic. Well done pal
  14. ajthefox

    CBD Oil

    Vaped some sort of oil at the weekend and got high as ****. Hope this helps.