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  1. ajthefox


    Glad to hear things are going well for you mate!
  2. I have a shortish beard which I tidy up a little round the edges every few days. Also give it a trim all over every fortnight or so with my phillips which has a beard attached similar to the clippers for your head. So much easier than proper shaving every other day or so.
  3. Tea-lemans... Tie-Le Mans
  4. ajthefox


    You're stronger than you think, @lifted*fox. Take a few deep breaths and keep going pal.
  5. If Penfold was a Tory what would he look like?
  6. Marc North (who?) scored the first of our 2 goals in a 5-2 loss away at Hull on November 23rd 1990, hours after I was born.
  7. If you don't like either of them then there's probably something wrong with you anyway
  8. And so it goes on. It will be easy, they said...
  9. I binged the whole thing last night and was a bit disappointed but I probably had quite high expectations going in. There were some hilarious bits in it and it was poignant but I felt there was too much Gervais. It was really quite predictable and bit repetitive, his character seemed to be exactly the same for about 5 episodes and then suddenly decided to change at the flip of a switch. I thought it was lacking a bit of depth to be honest.
  10. I've never done any climbing other than with cubs/at school but it's incredible to watch. There's another netflix doc called Valley Uprising, it's all about the history of climbing in Yosemites and both Alex and Tommy are in it. Well worth a watch! Yup, I can't imagine what they were both going through at that point, especially with all the media involved.
  11. I've been watching loads of climbing stuff about Honnold recently but I only got round to watching the Doc itself last night. It's one of the most intense things I've ever seen. It's just phenomenal. Every time I think about it it just blows my mind on an even greater level than last time. It is beyond words really, but to my mind it's the biggest feat of athleticism/sport in human history. The personal side of the doc is really revealing/interesting too, I've seen lots of interviews with Honnold lately but nothing has come close in terms of showing his journey. The Dawn Wall was ace too. Don't forget Tommy did that with his colleague Kevin Jorgenson
  12. ajthefox


    Yeah, private residential stuff is the majority of our workload and we're working on a few housing schemes at the minute as well. Few commercial projects too.
  13. Every day this shit just gets worse - it's an absolute joke.
  14. ajthefox


    It has it's ups and downs like anything but on the whole it's pretty interesting. Yeah it's pretty competitive, more so these days with A*s available. There is an apprenticeship scheme (validated by the professional body in the UK) started last year which is aiming to make it a more accessible profession but interestingly some of the best people I studied with got into uni by doing foundation degrees or something artistic at college.
  15. TL:DR - Shove yer petition up yer arse.
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