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  1. ajthefox


    This is one of the key skills I learnt from my course of CBT. It's ok to be upset, anxious, sad whatever for a short time but if you dwell on it that's when things tend to get worse. Dwelling on the negative sends you into a spiral and that spiral is a lot harder to get out of. For me there were daily spirals that would last 10, 15 minutes maybe even half an hour or more. And every day that happened, the feelings inside me were building up and the cloud above my head gradually got bigger and bigger and harder to live with to the point where not being alive seemed like a solution. There's science to all this - your brain chemistry is constantly developing and re-wiring itself and if you are exposed to certain feelings over longer periods of time it will affect the types of thoughts and feelings you have because you are more/less prone to positive/negative thoughts and feelings. I've not posted much in here recently but have been checking in on the thread. I hit my absolute lowest point in May this year but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I've had a short course of therapy, I got a new job after a month off sick and I moved back to a city where I am surrounded by friends. The biggest thing of all though was the influence all of this has had on my mindset/attitude and how I've been able to help myself thanks to some help from professionals and people I care about. Life is pretty good for me right now. I hope that anyone reading can take some solace in this and try and move forward.
  2. I can't be the only one who had you down as about 25
  3. I wouldn't say sitter but it's a pretty good chance. Everyone in the ground was expecting a goal.
  4. Made a big impact on saturday when he came on, just gave us an extra bit of impetus going forward and it made the difference. Hopefully he continues with more performances like that and can repeat it when he has the opportunity to start.
  5. Not sure what your point is here really, Trav..
  6. What a time to be alive!
  7. Frankly I wish people would stop making these comparisons but if we keep playing the way we are there is no doubt they will continue.
  8. Some top notch maths there
  9. I still feel like I quite often goes under the radar in mainstream press a fair bit considering how good he continues to be for us.
  10. No chance I'm going through the ballache of buying something which isn't regulated from a sketchy dealer if I can go into a shop and buy a controlled, regulated version legally and get to pick what type of strain I get. I reckon @boots60 is either a marijuana king pin or has never even tried buying weed.
  11. I don't think his intensity or passion ever went anywhere; I think he was asked to perform a slightly different role.
  12. And somehow to many, he comes out smelling of roses. He's magic, you knooooooow...
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