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  1. I've been thinking about this recently. So often Madders hits the first man or send it over everyone. It doesn't look like we bother practicing them.
  2. Offer accepted on what will hopefully be my first home today, 3 days after turning 30!!!
  3. Seen a fair few people suggest the images aren't genuine/to wait and see which I appreciate, but looking at the visuals coupled with this drawing below from the training ground thread that someone posted a while back and it seems to me that we're going to get something submitted to LCC planning that looks pretty close to this. I'd say this is all pretty advanced and based on info others have posted about timelines, it makes a lot of sense. The numbers/letter below relate to international software protocols for file naming. The bits just above the new roof are the staircases shown in th
  4. Chances are they'll largely be developing the design of the whole masterplan, including those two buildings, simultaneously up to the level of detail required for planning. Based on what we've heard already they're obviously doing more than just the stadium and it'll all be considered as one scheme so that all the infrastructure can be assessed too. I don't imagine that's the intention. It certainly won't show anything with complex graphics that's for sure. Looks very much like it's using ETFE which is on the training facility (inflated translucent plastic pillows). They are cur
  5. In isolation the East stand looks interesting but in the context of the rest of stadium it looks rubbish. Not keen. Looks ambitious though, which is good.
  6. We'll all watch the film because it's about us but lets face it, it's gonna be shite.
  7. Definitely. We might see some things outside, but especially in smaller, less formal venues the potential impact of people singing in warm, moist spaces with inadequate ventilation is surely a potential hotspot for covid.
  8. What are the odds there'll be an "apology" and she'll end up in charge of some other department.
  9. This and then Paul McCartney is probably a close second.
  10. Fulham's keeper will be playing QB for the Jags before the season is out, mark my words!
  11. It'd be great to see him get back on track, but he only made 5 appearances in a year for Burnley/Villa so he can't have impressed either of them much. I think at this point, he really needs a long run of games showing what he is capable of and I doubt he'll get it in the PL unless it's due to injuries.
  12. In the 21st Century we whould be calling this out for what it is. Thinly veiled and opportunistic far-right Brexit bigotry, playing to the idea that Italians are irrational, over-emotional pasta eating morons who don't know what they're doing. Outrageous. But then, I lie back and I think of Watford and it makes sense. He's a mild perinaise so far I'd say. Flaming hot is probably beyond him, but he's certainly got potential to take it up a notch or two.
  13. I agree with Youri, but to a slightly lesser extent; that always seemed like there was something personal going on behind closed doors. From what I read anyway, as I've already alluded to my knowledge of european football is poor (the NFL has taken over!)
  14. I agree. I think he's surprised a fair few of us. I don't really know anything about Roma but the fact they were willing to send him out on loan with a buy option made me wary. Maybe he just doesn't suit their game/formation, but he's clearly a talented lad.
  15. I can't say I'm annoyed as I don't even bother watching England games until it's tournament football, but I think it is one of the more bizarre decisions Southgate has made. Especially considering how many times Barkley has made the squad in poorer bouts of form.
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