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  1. He’s great when he has Ndidi in to do the dirty work and feed him the ball. Without Ndidi feeding him (the ball, not pies) he is to slow and ponderous when running with the ball.
  2. I'm pretty sure we would have all taken 'stumbling to 3rd/4th' at the beginning of the season We are 10 points clear of 5th currently, 12 games to go, and if the Man City mud sticks then even 5th will get us Champions League again next year. Champions League football...... for the second time....... and we're Leicester City! What a time to be alive!!!!
  3. Wolves are in their second season in the PL, and are midtable.
  4. Have you seen the size of the man's thighs?
  5. Not sure what's happened to the team that had that amazing run before Christmas, when Vardy was looking like he might break his own record for goals in consecutive premier league games. It's like everyone has just decided to park the bus against us and play on the counter, and take the draw at worst. We've lost the snap and pace from our game and can't break anyone down. Our wide forwards are pretty much pointless and offer nothing when teams sit back, and we can't get Vardy into the game at all. Today was the first time I've agreed with those that said we look Puelesque, so slow and ponderous. Everytime we won the ball we patiently waited for Wolves to line themselves up in their own half before passing it across our back four and then giving the ball away. Even Ricardo has gone off the boil.....
  6. Nachoman has been our only on form attacker in the last 3-4 matches and yet he can’t get on the pitch
  7. Can we get Pratt and Nacho on now?
  8. That’s Premier League winner Mark Albrighton you’re talking about!
  9. I’d forgotten Tielemans was playing he’s been so anonymous this half
  10. Perez has generally been a flop since he signed. Has he scored as many as Silmani yet?
  11. We really suffer From having shit wingers. If we could get at least 1 decent wide forward we could be dangerous.
  12. Something wrong when not a single player on the opposition team or bench think a goal is offside and it’s still ruled out by VAR by a millimetre when the player is running backwards.....
  13. People say it most matches recently, but this really is Puelesqe.... so slow, constantly waiting until the opposition get back in position and set, then trying to break them down by passing across the back 4 until we give it away
  14. The pitch looks odd, the half wolves are defending looks a lot more worn out than ours. Our half looks pristine
  15. Has tielemans been on the pies again?
  16. Agree with this, but next year at the very least we will have to sort a replacement for Vardy, he's turning 34 next season and it will probably be the last season he can contribute at a high level.
  17. Could go either way, not a match to place a bet on.
  18. 8-1 aggregate over West Ham. first double of the season
  19. I can’t believe he plays for us. Wouldn’t look out of place at Real Madrid.
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