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  1. Shakey Sacked

    It seems a bit early but it was all a bit stale on the pitch and we don’t seem to have a clue how to break down teams and win a game of football and nothing really seemed like changing anytime soon. however many of the issues he was not directly responsible for the shocking recruitment of the last 18months, the sale of drinkwater and loaning mendy on the same day while cocking up the silva transfer. you can probably guess where this is going BUT Rudkin is responsible for the entire football operation of the club which is in a mess from top to bottom unless we make changes at that level nothing will change going forward. However he appears to be untouchable yet should be taking full responsibility for the past 18 months Shaky has been a massive part of this club for a long time and his contribution should never be forgotten.
  2. Yes! i reckon raining blood would be epic! the birch giving his this is your club, this is your city... spiel during the der der der bit at the start ending just as the guitar kicks in with the team walking out epic stuff i think we might be in the minority with this one though
  3. Remembering semi obscure old FT posters

    Nice to see someone remembers me! i am still knocking about and still spending too much money on music!
  4. Okazaki = Class

    On the train back from Huddersfield last week a young Japanese lad sat down and asked if the train was going to Wakefield, turns out he had flown over all the way from Tokyo to see kagawa play for Dortmund at Wembley and then travel to see Okazaki play for Leicester in the Saturday before flying home last Sunday. Now that is commitment or crazy one of the two. for me he changed that game by giving Mooy no time on the ball and he changed the game on Tuesday. simply has to start for me his work rate and closing down is vital to the way we play add to that the fact he has started to score a few as well he should be one of the first names on the team sheet for me
  5. What gigs are you going?

    Went to Berlin at the weekend to see Ryan Adams. Ryan Adams was ace and so was Berlin
  6. Podcasts + self promotion

    My go to podcasts are the following Richard herrings Leicester Square theatre podcast distraction pieces podcast with scroobius pip athletico mince the Adam Buxton podcast hip hop saved my life with romesh ranganathan All well worth a few hours of your time
  7. What gigs are you going?

    I went as well, I mean it's bob Dylan one of the greatest songwriters of all time, I also had very low expectations seeng Dylan in 2017 is probably never going to meet your expectations. what you really want to see is a mid 20's Dylan armed with nothing but a guitar and a harmonica trying to change the world. sadly what you get is a 70 something year old Dylan backed by a swing band doing some questionable versions of classic songs. That version of blowing in the wind for the encore was terrible. that said he is still one of the all time greats
  8. 2017

    The Afghan whigs are sounding better than they have ever done at the minute. Really looking forward to the new album
  9. Record store day.

    Arrived at forever records in Nottingham at 5.20 this morning and was still number 7in the queue. First guy arrived at midnight! however early bird catches the worm as I got everything I wanted My RSD swag list Sugar - copper blue 25th anniversary edition Bruce Springsteen - Hammersmith odeon 75 Townes van zandt - austin city limits live The flaming lips - onboard the international space station Goldie - inner city life 2017 / burial rmx Follakzoid feat j spaceman - London sessions Jason Isbell - welcome to 1979 by 8.20 record store day was over and I went home for a sleep
  10. Non-League Football 2016/17

    Great win for Lincoln out if the for about 88 of the 90 mins but never gave in and ended up winners.
  11. Non-League Football 2016/17

    Being from Lincolnshire I went as well enjoyed the day, great atmosphere and great to see over 9000 people for a non league game. lincoln looked ok didn't seem to panic and then showed great character coming back from a late goalie win 2-1. loved the way Matt Rhead used his ample frame to stop the Torquay keeper form setting up the wall by basically standing right in front of him. Would probably get booked at a higher level but got away with it.
  12. Record store day.

    I would imagine being a 4lp set with the RSD premium attached if you get change out of £50 it would be a miracle. if I get Springsteen, Townes van zandt, Jason isbell and sugar copper blue I would be more than happy
  13. Favourite Record Shop

    Obviously not growing up in Leicester mine are a bit different. The record shop in Grantham, think I kept them in business for a few years! Barry the owner would keep promos etc for me and pre internet I would go in with a list of stuff I wanted, had read in the NME (back when it was relevant) or had heard on john peel the previous week. Back then they would put the show listings on teletext the following week and I would make notes and then check the listings before going in to order them. selectadisc in Nottingham simply the best record shop ever. the music exchange Nottingham, sadly now closed but a great place where the people would remember you, and you felt valued. One of the guys from the music exchange has now set up forever records in Nottingham
  14. Record store day.

    True but sometimes going later can be a nightmare with people rummaging through the scraps just or the sake of buying something and then calling it "A Vinyl" i do do want that Springsteen Hammersmith album and a few other things so may well be an early one for me
  15. What gigs are you going?

    Was definitely worth it the venue in Nancy was an old boat around 150 people far better than a massive arena! Can be a bit of a pain I agree but I went to a couple of places I would never have thought of going and Nancy in particular blew me away an absolutely stunning place