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  1. 2018

    Really enjoying Shames album songs of praise this year. The new Hookworms album is very good as well other honourable mentions to Poppy Ackroyd, GoGo Penguin, The Soft Moon, Miracle although they may not be for everyone
  2. Vinyl

    Alphabetical order sucks I have a loose system but half the fun is trying to find something in your collection and getting distracted by something else you find while looking that you think wow haven’t listened to this in ages.
  3. Great Movie Soundtracks

    First of all anything by John Carpenter is a must amazing album called Anthology release late last year with songs from Halloween, The Fog, escape from New York, assault often precinct 13 etc beautiful dark synthy greatness. If we’re talking soundtracks then these are classics that don’t seem to have been mentioned. The Harder they come Purple Rain (how has this not got a mention) Superfly accross 110th street singles heartworn highways would recomend the Atomic Blonde soundtrack and for a collection of great songs the soundtrack To the Vietnam war documentary is brilliant Score wise I’ve really enjoyed the following recently paul weller - jawbone nick cave & Warren Ellis - hell or high water nicloas brittel - moonlight onethrix point never - good times big fan of Clint Mansell as well love Moon and Black Swan
  4. What gigs are you going?

    I managed to get tickets for both the Friday and Sunday in the end just need to find a cheap ish hotel in London now
  5. What gigs are you going?

    The line up looks amazing for blue dot except for UNKLE as it’s almost been 5years since he took £40000 for the Mo’wax exhibition by offering a new version of psyence fiction which still hasn’t arrived! i should probably change my icon thinking about it....
  6. What gigs are you going?

    The Gaslight sale was a right mess about 14 different pre sales at random times leaving about three tickets for general sale. looking at the dates London 20, Dublin 23 you could see they were going to add another London date so why not just announce two dates at the same time and make it less chaotic
  7. What gigs are you going?

    Already got tickets for London! Just hovering over tickets for the cologne show as well
  8. What gigs are you going?

    I think NIN have a couple of European shows booked so hopefully it isn't just festivals, so you get to see them this summer. You could always go to Berlin it's an amazing City and the venue looks ridiculous!
  9. What gigs are you going?

    Things booked so far this year Hot snakes in nottingham Brian Fallon in London and Nottingham The Hold Steady in London Frank Turner Lost evenings festival in London and then at the end of June to Berlin to see Massive Attack one night and then Nine Inch Nails on another at some cool outside fort which looks ace
  10. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t enjoying his football under Claudio and shakey last season and this but seems to be loving his new found freedom under Puel and playing with a smile on his face. whether he stays or goes who knows just enjoy it while we can.
  11. Shakey Sacked

    It seems a bit early but it was all a bit stale on the pitch and we don’t seem to have a clue how to break down teams and win a game of football and nothing really seemed like changing anytime soon. however many of the issues he was not directly responsible for the shocking recruitment of the last 18months, the sale of drinkwater and loaning mendy on the same day while cocking up the silva transfer. you can probably guess where this is going BUT Rudkin is responsible for the entire football operation of the club which is in a mess from top to bottom unless we make changes at that level nothing will change going forward. However he appears to be untouchable yet should be taking full responsibility for the past 18 months Shaky has been a massive part of this club for a long time and his contribution should never be forgotten.
  12. Yes! i reckon raining blood would be epic! the birch giving his this is your club, this is your city... spiel during the der der der bit at the start ending just as the guitar kicks in with the team walking out epic stuff i think we might be in the minority with this one though
  13. Remembering semi obscure old FT posters

    Nice to see someone remembers me! i am still knocking about and still spending too much money on music!
  14. Okazaki = Class

    On the train back from Huddersfield last week a young Japanese lad sat down and asked if the train was going to Wakefield, turns out he had flown over all the way from Tokyo to see kagawa play for Dortmund at Wembley and then travel to see Okazaki play for Leicester in the Saturday before flying home last Sunday. Now that is commitment or crazy one of the two. for me he changed that game by giving Mooy no time on the ball and he changed the game on Tuesday. simply has to start for me his work rate and closing down is vital to the way we play add to that the fact he has started to score a few as well he should be one of the first names on the team sheet for me
  15. What gigs are you going?

    Went to Berlin at the weekend to see Ryan Adams. Ryan Adams was ace and so was Berlin