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  1. Jay

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    So many great episodes for me the Brian Blessed one was worth the wait
  2. Jay

    City break recommendations

    I love berlin it’s an amazing city, however I imagine in February it’s probably the same sort of weather as over here cold, wet, windy same for the likes of Prague, Vienna, krakow etc so would think of somewhere more southern people have already mentioned Seville. I thought Porto was nice the other year. I really like Valencia although the locals are absolutely bonkers. i went in March when they have this festival called mascleta where they basically just blow the city up! They have these fireworks everyday for the first two weeks in March. I say fireworks but it’s just noise and smoke everyday at 2pm never seen or heard anything like it, the ground was shaking. And then as you are walking around kids are just throwing fireworks around. about 5min in it goes real crazy, 7min in its carnage and the do this every day for two weeks oh and the Mestalla is a great stadium if you can sneak in a game!
  3. Jay

    Lets have a (Non Sport) Podcast thread

    I spend far too much time listening to Podcasts my favourite ones are athletico Mince distraction pieces with scroobius pip hardcore listings Brian Gittins and friends all killa no filla films to be buried with hip hop saved my life richard herring Leicester Square theatre adam buxton off the beat and track dan snows history hit
  4. Jay

    Anyone going Lille !

    I’m going, Eurostar for me out Saturday AM back Sunday PM.
  5. Jay

    Pre-season Fixtures 2018/19

    Lille is a couple of hours drive from Leuven, I wonder when the friendly game against OH Leuven will be announced...
  6. Signed on loan from Rangers I believe, didn’t have much of an impact
  7. Jay

    What gigs are you going?

    That bit was for Dr Marco and his libertines at meltdown post
  8. Jay

    What gigs are you going?

    Just a quick heads up it’s at the Royal Festival Hall not the Royal Albert Hall in case you turned up at the Albert Hall and wondered why it said Alfie boe was on or something. Me to, not hoobastank but NIN at the Albert Hall although I didn’t pay that much
  9. Jay

    What gigs are you going?

    Saw The Hold Steady in Camden the other night WOW what a show
  10. Jay

    Print Version of the NME dies on its arse

    It’s been dead for a good decade or more. The recent free version was terrible I’m really not sure what they were trying to achieve with it, if you got two album reviews a week you were lucky and one would be Taylor Swift or something. Between the John Peel show and the NME it was massive for me in finding out about new bands and tours, When I first started reading it in the early 90’s it was probably the first place you would hear about a band touring through the pages and pages of gig listings in the back. sadly every USP it had has become easier to find on the internet especially gigs Songkick and Bandsintown just tell me know.
  11. Jay

    Great Movie Soundtracks

    Totally agree love his black swan soundtrack as well. saw him live the other year which was brilliant
  12. Jay


    Really enjoying Shames album songs of praise this year. The new Hookworms album is very good as well other honourable mentions to Poppy Ackroyd, GoGo Penguin, The Soft Moon, Miracle although they may not be for everyone
  13. Jay


    Alphabetical order sucks I have a loose system but half the fun is trying to find something in your collection and getting distracted by something else you find while looking that you think wow haven’t listened to this in ages.
  14. Jay

    Great Movie Soundtracks

    First of all anything by John Carpenter is a must amazing album called Anthology release late last year with songs from Halloween, The Fog, escape from New York, assault often precinct 13 etc beautiful dark synthy greatness. If we’re talking soundtracks then these are classics that don’t seem to have been mentioned. The Harder they come Purple Rain (how has this not got a mention) Superfly accross 110th street singles heartworn highways would recomend the Atomic Blonde soundtrack and for a collection of great songs the soundtrack To the Vietnam war documentary is brilliant Score wise I’ve really enjoyed the following recently paul weller - jawbone nick cave & Warren Ellis - hell or high water nicloas brittel - moonlight onethrix point never - good times big fan of Clint Mansell as well love Moon and Black Swan
  15. Jay

    What gigs are you going?

    I managed to get tickets for both the Friday and Sunday in the end just need to find a cheap ish hotel in London now