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  1. Can confirm anyone that goes will have a great time. been twice this year and will be going to the Stuttgart game as well.
  2. I fear then we are already too late... but get some tickets in the UFS section for Wigan anyway!
  3. F**k Dortmund! called a Capo most European sides have one position themselves at the front sadly at the KP the flask brigade would complain about not being able to see the players warm up or come out the tunnel. we’re literally one step away from someone bringing an entire Victoria sponge to the game like at Fulham, if it hasn’t happened already? have a drum in a stadium over here people call it lame, many other places it’s expected. clubs, media and many fans are so scared of any kind of fan culture over here it’s ridiculous. everyone should get involved in the UFS section for the Wigan game and lets see if we can bring the atmosphere back.
  4. For 90 minutes long We'll sing a song for Maddison Running past defenders Try and stop him if you can
  5. While I was sat in the car waiting to get out of the car park a bloke walked past with about 10 of them around his neck, looked very pleased with himself...
  6. I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car these days currently though it’s Slowthai and the new Kano record.
  7. I normally use the tram to exchange quay (Eccles or media city trams) from Piccadilly / Piccadilly gardens it’s about a 10 minute walk to the away end and seems easier to get back into Manchester after the game than some of the other tram stops.
  8. Jay

    2019 In Music

    The S.L.P album is a little bit boring really first few tracks of it were great but it’s just a bit dull overall. albums I’ve liked recently Husky Loops The Murder Capital !!! (Chi Chk Chk) The Hold Stead Blanck Mass
  9. Leicester’s in a great place to have a cracking music scene over the next few years. i think the folks who run the cookie have played a massive part in this. for many years Leicester didn’t have a decent small venue to bring up and coming bands to The Musican is really a place for your dad, although I did see Royal Flood there. Firebug/ soundhouse etc never really did it consistently. but the cookie has managed to provide a space to put on some decent bands and give a place for local artists to play and see bands as well. you also have promoters like robot needs home who have put on some great shows. Next few few years could be great for Leicester bands and live music.
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