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  1. Anybody know if you can pay on the gate for tonight’s game against Brighton ?
  2. Be around 32 degrees for this !?
  3. Cambridge tickets selling well
  4. We’ll have money to spend! I suspect Rodgers would have had assurances of this when joining
  5. But would we have qualiteeeeee and intensiteeeeee under this guy ?
  6. Some nice bits of play mid way though the the opposition half and around the 18 yard box but beyond that we are toothless! The fact that we are relying on Vardy as our only real striking threat is a joke !
  7. 6th jan 2001 3-0 win against York city in the fa cup
  8. Puel will probably drop him for ghezzal for the spurs game ?
  9. First 15 mins aside Utd were ordinary and there for the taking ! So frustrating to watch
  10. Although he’s not trained much I’d have Tielemans on the bench ahead of some of the dross on there already.... even just to bring on if we’re struggling second half
  11. Regardless of wether the team selected should of been enough, after the Man City defeat and the flack he took I really thought he’d play a lot stronger! Individually the players we played were better than theirs’s but we can’t just chuck them in and expect them to play together as a team against a team who play together week in week out. Embarrassing
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