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  1. Last three games of the season are a joke as well. Injuries playing a big part of it, but after 2 years in the job and you still stick with zonal marking that’s clearly not working, you obviously aren’t all that. Everyone else can see it. Doing well for ‘little old Leicester’ but can’t accept the same things constantly happening.
  2. Season over. Might scrape the odd win here and there but with all these injuries and the crap performances of late it’s good bye top 4. Oh well always the tin pot Europa league to not try for again next season hey 😂
  3. I said this a few weeks ago - got told to shut up, but my observation of the performances, even when we’ve won, has been similar to last season. Reluctancy to attack and instead play not to lose
  4. Still can’t defend set pieces after two years in charge. Rodgers lame excuse last time was no N’Didi, Castange, Soyunchu... well what’s the lame excuse this time?
  5. Think he’s in his prime. At some point in his career me (and many others) have criticised his distribution or conceding from free kicks, or not commanding his area when crosses come in... there’s always been a weakness in amongst a lot of very good things. But this season he’s been almost faultless every week. He’s taken the arm band as well and without crowd noise you can hear just what a brilliant leader he is. Bravo
  6. Not only massive in middle of the pitch and doing all the dirty work, but he wins so many headers at corners... makes a huge difference
  7. That was terrible and probably in terms of offering an attacking threat, the worst 45 I’ve seen since Brendan has been in charge
  8. All I saw was him canter back into position. Seen him work a lot harder at Man City to get back into shape. Can only say what I saw most of the time.
  9. That is true, the place was almost just empty land I believe until Volkswagen was founded. Many of the homes were built for the workers
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