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  1. Something about character, then claps a lot
  2. Can’t see it, if we start Maddison who slows it all down we end up going backwards and sideways. Vardy is in worst form of his life (in-front of goal at least) Hope you’re right though
  3. Our only hope, they play the kids… Dan James on the counter though 🤮
  4. We can’t defend though… as proved last night, especially if Evans is injured
  5. He wasn’t ‘in the limelight’ as such being a left back. Maddison is expected to do much more in that position but isn’t. Grealish is the only one who could make a big move this season
  6. No one is taking him 😂 we are stuck with him
  7. Let him go to Spurs, get Gassperini in
  8. No one will take him on his high wages, we are stuck with him
  9. He’s overrated, thinks he’s England ability, when he’s nowhere near it. Arrogant knob
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