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  1. Everyone’s overrated, but they’ve believed the hype. Manager included
  2. Most given a 1, Maddison and Chilwell I’d have given less if I could have. Barnes was highest, at 4, as at least he’d tried to make something happen.
  3. Probably as he’s on a huge contract... plus With us being so poor lately, why would anyone come and take him?
  4. Doesn’t close the cross/shot, can’t cross, poor decision making, terrible runs off the ball... pro is he’s young and can still learn, but for now, get on the bench
  5. If this was Puel, he’d be hammered... and rightly so. Rodgers is allowed to face criticism
  6. If he was playing for someone else... we’d be on here (having only of seen glimpses of him) saying he's good and should be playing for England blah blah blah... but I’m seeing him play every week and except from his trademark spin when receiving the ball and the odd pass with outside of the boot, he’s not making anywhere enough of an impact throughout 90 minutes. If Utd seriously think he’s worth £70-£80 million, I’d take it. Norwich actually improved when he left, so we’d do the same if we spent the money properly (although that’s the bit that worries me recently...)
  7. Massively on the fence... we need older heads as our youngsters do not play mature when it’s needed and in big games especially, they’ve not turned up. Is he better than what we’ve got? Probably... what’s his best position though? Wideman? Behind striker? Centre mid? No idea. Just concerned with too many older players coming in for one last big signing on fee and we go away from our relatively successful model of finding younger talents who we can develop... but like I said, we could probably do with a few more mature heads on the field
  8. I think there’s a reason for that...
  9. A review from Italian based football site on Ghezzal 😂
  10. They dug in after sending off... only positive. Oh actually, Ricky P. Our right back offered our biggest threat. Passive. Boring. Puel eat your heart out. One twos between Evans and Soyunchu is now our recognised tactic. Starting 11 is as predictable as our tactical play. Defending from set pieces was mostly terrible, no idea how they didn’t score Rodgers lit this team alight when he came in. But last 2 months the flame has gone out. Still can’t believe we didn’t look for a flair player in the summer, that might have added the spark. Right now, it’s boring to watch
  11. Just been done by big Lucas Juk… Christ, and there was me saying I would rather have stuck with him than sign Ryan Bennett...
  12. Yeah maybe, the start of the season started well, but then again we got lucky not to concede in the 1st game of the season from a corner. Kasper coming and flapping around just makes us look messy / panicked
  13. Frustrating today. Both times this season I feel disappointed for not beating them. Both teams were so sloppy in possession, even the ever reliable Riccardo gave the ball away a few times. So sloppy, sums up the prem this season. 3rd vs 4th was at best, average... good entertainment for the neutral... Everyone is million miles from top 2. Kasper again... Everyone lacks confidence in him commanding his area, but it won’t change now. And his distribution is getting worse I’m sure. Massive leader, but I do wonder whether we’d be better at defending set pieces with a different keeper... probably a reason for Bennett coming in! He makes a worldy save and you remember why he’s been number 1 for so long but I do wonder how much his inability to defend his area costs us. Chilwell was iffy again first half, but good finish with his weaker foot and every now and then ran at people again. Youri looks world class one minute and cart horse the next. Weird... Some of his passing was fantastic, some... the complete opposite. Evans barely puts a foot wrong, surely our most consistent player this year? Poor attempt at a finish from Vardy in first half, snatching at things lately. Think it was on his left though VAR and handballs... not sure why we aren’t allowed to benefit from them. Chelsea in my opinion deserved nothing. Barnes and Pérez good again Hamza did okay in Wilfs absense Frustrated... I can’t remember the last time Leicester City Football Club defended corners or deep free kicks well. Pearson went on about it for ages and couldn’t sort it... Oh well a point closer to the promise land...
  14. I don’t see the point in booing your own players but I’m not going to pretend I haven’t boo’d a team off (back in championship dark days...) and I won’t pretend I have not criticised players on platforms like these but again people shouldn’t be told by someone else how to act (again unless it is harmful/illegal)
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