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  1. Don’t think we need to buy anyone unless we get an injury... unless Kelechi goes.
  2. Said it not long ago but I felt this was his last last last last last... last chance. If Brendan couldn’t get a tune out of him then he needs to go, but he’s making an impact at last. Still took wrong options too many times against burton IMO, but it’s been the best I’ve seen of him for a long while.
  3. Only seen 2nd half, but its been crap to say the least. Morgan gives me kittens...
  4. It might have done if we didn’t boo him when he played...
  5. Pretty awful... think Vichai was looking down on us today
  6. Oh, we speed it up a bit, take a player on and hey presto, we score...
  7. Don't start singling him, out everyone has been rubbish
  8. Slow, ponderous, boring football... on course for worst performance since Rodgers came in, but this seems to be the team we have become.
  9. If this wasn't Vardy's wife, we'd all be calling her a snitch. No one on her knows them personally, so you can't make any judgements... but as soon as she befriended Dennis Wise i disliked her! My only worry with all this non-sense is Jamie... hope he doesn't become all distracted / embroiled in this and can just concentrate on football..
  10. Gave the ball away so often. Should get the boot for a game and watch Fuchs play
  11. Everyone blaming Albrighton, it was more Kasper’s fault! Stay on your line you knob head
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