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  1. Start like we did against Chelsea, they’ll punish us the same way, they like to overload you / press you. I hope we start aggressively like the second half otherwise it’ll we have been a pretty underwhelming start to the season...
  2. Second half was much better but with diamond formation I still don’t think we create many clear cut chances... but hey ho let’s hope it gets better as season goes on. But so far only been impressed with 45 mins, got to be quicker from the off. Puels team started every game so slowly / were passive, hope we don’t get back into that habit
  3. Agree hate hearing his name now, shouldn’t be singing it...
  4. I don’t blame the players, I blame the manager and the coaching staff for this crap formation. Square pegs in round holes
  5. Hate this formation, why has he messed about with since last season? Might as well be Puel in charge still
  6. Had a feeling these sort of threads would pop up after one game (maybe two after Chelsea away). Too many of you have probably gone round telling everyone we are finishing top 6 and now are making a tit of yourselves. On chilwell he will have bad games, he’s in his early twenties! In fact we have one of the youngest squads. Not only Chilwell but we are bashing Maddison again... get a grip
  7. We’ve been sh** at corners since Martin O’Neil left!!
  8. Way too many with high expectations getting what they needed today... sorry but it’s true, no one is breaking the top 6, especially us. No where near ruthless enough. We are a good side, way beyond what we were and moving in the right direction but people predicting 3rd, 4th 5th etc. You are insane
  9. I think Southampton will be a bit of a dark horse this year now Hasenhüttl has had a pre season with them... Wolves will do well in Europa league. Cant see anyone knocking Man City of their perch.. Arsenal top 4 Norwich and Villa will stay up, time up for Burnley, surely...
  10. Don’t care, will get back to work until then...
  11. So... they came through with no injuries, can see this being a painful start to season, with Chelsea away afterwards... oh well let’s just try and enjoy it!
  12. Only jealousy is other clubs have capable staff on deadline day!
  13. Surely we have learnt our lesson...
  14. How’d you get in so quickly!!! I literally edited it seconds after...
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