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  1. It isn’t... last couple of seasons we’ve not laid a glove on them...
  2. Mentality against Liverpool over last couple of seasons is worrying. Worse teams than us give them a game... we roll out the red carpet
  3. Can’t defend set pieces. Copy and paste for last 10 years
  4. Albrighton as wing back against Mane was never ending well. Not that we have much choice at the min
  5. Only recently... I remember a time we always used to win before international break...
  6. Why do we have 2 keepers on the bench..?
  7. Pretty sure he’s been in the squad / on the pitch before in a preseason game... highly rated midfielder?
  8. How'd we lose 3-0 at home to West Ham and 1-0 at home to Villa then I give him credit as I predicted 0 points from next 4 games (after Villa defeat), so well done, but that stinks of arrogance to me after a couple of wins... Almost like he has forgotten about our poor home form.
  9. 😂 Everyone has an opinion and I'm sure most people completely disagree with me... but I don’t get the hype, never have. I hope he proves me wrong
  10. Massively overrated, scores the odd brilliant goal but slows the play down in my opinion.
  11. Cannot see us getting a point. Same old slow un-penetrative football with no imagination. Players complained about lack of intensity in training sessions under Puel, but I don't see any difference on the pitch. We were terrible first half against WBA but seemed to get a rocket at halftime... Burnley we conceded some awful goals, and Burnley have barely scored at all this season so far... and they could have had 3 or 4! City game was the one game we completely changed the game plan and a team allowed us loads of space in-behind. When that doesn't happen, we play our pred
  12. Yep agree. Football is boring, predictable and safe, everything Puel was criticised for. He is, without doubt, the Great British Puel. Weak mentality all round, Vardy probably being the only exception.
  13. Not just tonight, I’ve seen too many games like that, where Puel got rightly criticised for this safe crap. Tika taka doesn’t work...
  14. I’m done with him. I’m fully Rodgers out now. Every now and we get a ‘wow’ performance, to cover up the 90% of boring / safe football.
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