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  1. A big positive for me from yesterday, and that was the manager said afterwards... He pointed out things we’ve said rather than cover it with tripe or poor English... he said along the lines of - “poor game management, passing was too slow first half, got to get players closer to Vardy, good signs but lots to improve on...” roughly speaking. Obviously he’s just scratching the surface in post game interviews, but that was refreshing to hear. I trust him to improve us and actually show the players the errors they make, in a sensible, constructive way but also won’t be afraid to pull ‘star players’ up on it. And my god some of them need it... Said it before, it’ll probably get worse before it gets better, but I trust him to improve us.
  2. Not going to be easy, no game ever is although I felt a draw yesterday and confidence would’ve been better, instead I feel there’s going to be a nervousness again (not just players but fans) so for a change, we need to makes fast start!
  3. At 32 he should now be able kick to a team mate and be good at game management. Him and Wes should both go, but doubt they will
  4. It’s going to get worse before it gets better I’m afraid. Need an injection of new faces over the summer, and some old ones out
  5. I’d say the more experienced ones cost us today, Wes and Kasper
  6. Kasper out Gray actually did well when he came on... N’Didi makes me nervous when he’s on the ball Maddison was a bit better... Iheanacho must’ve won a competition... he can’t do anything and messed up a chance to counter. Rodgers has got a tough job, can see us struggling against Fulham as well, new manager bounce under Parker and all that. Tough to take, just get one more win from somewhere so we can relax a bit... then a massive summer
  7. Thick footballers, making thick arse decisions.
  8. Sick of idiotic decision making, have to question how some of these have made it professionally, thick as s***
  9. Yeah not the easiest of starts... especially away...
  10. Watford away... really not the ideal game for Brendan to start with... so yeah maybe two def mids is needed
  11. I like the sentiment but I’m not sure loads of banners for the opposition manager on our new managers home debut is a great idea...
  12. A win's a win, and god it feels good. Positives: We won, Barnes was immense, Gray was good in spells, looked a little more solid at the back, movement in the final third was better, Brighton are hopeless in front of goal, Maguire and Evans better than last week, Mendy came on when needed and made a difference. No subs were boo'd... Negatives: Really nervous, atmosphere gave off nervy vibe.. (can we not have a go/jeer the players playing keep ball when we are 2-1 up with 5 mins to go? Seriously, some idiots out there), Maddison and Vardy poor until the goal, Maddison slows the play down too much yet for the Vardy goal took two touches I think, he needs to get himself in those areas more and be that effective. Passing was mostly terrible... Puel effect isn't going to disappear over night, and confidence looked low in a lot of them, they were as nervy as the crowd... maybe nervous in front of the new manager or trying to impress too much? Looking forward to seeing what Brendan does, feel excited for match days again...
  13. I’d say whoever they put in charge they’ll still win the treble!
  14. That’s fine, but I’m trying to see through more than just rose tinted glasses...
  15. So confused, he’s risking tarnishing his reputation at Celtic now, especially if they don’t go on to win everything... I would have thought best for all parties, agree a deal to join at the end of the season
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