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  1. How? He’s been proved to be fake/talking sh*** so many times but people still follow him?!
  2. If Robben rumour is true... Jesus Christ! Ignore his age... he’s still got it, but more importantly would no doubt be an influence on Gray and Barnes. Anyway let’s not get too excited ...
  3. Well that Alan geezer who always seems to be in the know reckons we are going to spend big... That’ll do for me.
  4. Love him but come on, if Man City want him, they’ll get him. If we get £65mill plus you can’t moan... big profit and money will be put into other players.
  5. Went to Birmingham v Sheff Utd game a few weeks back (boss had a spare ticket). And apart from the moaning in the stands (yes worse than us), the only thing to stand out... was how good Che Adams was... best player by a mile. He can play off the shoulder of the last defender like Vardy, but also drop and play as a hold up player because of his physical strength. A feel good all rounder, who I think would only get better if we signed him...
  6. No longer potential, just dog shit. We’ve got the basis of a very good side, just really poor in wide areas.
  7. That was predictable. We can’t play on Friday nights, on TV or against Newcastle (Rafa) at home. Too narrow, too many passes to reach the other side of the pitch. There has to be a plan b against teams like that at home... switch the play in one pass, go a bit more direct, play the ‘wingers’ as wingers rather then inside forwards. Learn more in defeat they say, think the fans have learnt nothing, seen that type of performance all too often this season, but Brendan has seen the shit we’ve been served up tonight most of the season so hopefully he’ll come up with the answers for next year...
  8. Loads slag off Rafa but always does a good job.
  9. A big positive for me from yesterday, and that was the manager said afterwards... He pointed out things we’ve said rather than cover it with tripe or poor English... he said along the lines of - “poor game management, passing was too slow first half, got to get players closer to Vardy, good signs but lots to improve on...” roughly speaking. Obviously he’s just scratching the surface in post game interviews, but that was refreshing to hear. I trust him to improve us and actually show the players the errors they make, in a sensible, constructive way but also won’t be afraid to pull ‘star players’ up on it. And my god some of them need it... Said it before, it’ll probably get worse before it gets better, but I trust him to improve us.
  10. Not going to be easy, no game ever is although I felt a draw yesterday and confidence would’ve been better, instead I feel there’s going to be a nervousness again (not just players but fans) so for a change, we need to makes fast start!
  11. At 32 he should now be able kick to a team mate and be good at game management. Him and Wes should both go, but doubt they will
  12. It’s going to get worse before it gets better I’m afraid. Need an injection of new faces over the summer, and some old ones out
  13. I’d say the more experienced ones cost us today, Wes and Kasper
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