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  1. How shit is Barkley, absolutely woeful. Still be in the England team over Maddison
  2. sm1

    Dani Olmo

    He's definitely not coming if that happens
  3. It's a matter of mentality as well as physique. David Silva & Vardy are two of the puniest players around but rarely get pushed off the ball. I think the likes of Maddison and Perez can stay on their feet if they want, but their first reaction is to collapse in a heap.
  4. I'd love to be a ref. If some cvnt like Henderson started mouthing off, I'd book him. If he dared do it again, I'd send him off. I'd also insist that every player calls me "sir" like in Rugby.
  5. We lack grit and solidity in the midfield without N'Didi. I think it's time we tried playing Mendy & Hamza with Tielemans playing as the attacking midfielder. He looked great playing as the creative fulcrum, but lately Brendan's been playing him deeper. On top of which Maddison hasn't been playing great. This will also allow our fullbacks to provide width up top knowing the space is covered at the back.
  6. Looks like the Director has named his price.
  7. sm1

    Luke Shaw ????

    I've only seen Shaw play one decent game for Man Utd, and that was against us last season. But if the price is right I'd buy him for his potential. The public critiscm he got from Jose, as a young player, it must've been very difficult for him to cope with it.
  8. Personally I blame the hair. Since him and King had their hair transplants, both their careers have gone to shit.
  9. Hope not. Kane & Rashford are ahead of him. Infact Southgate would rather play Sterling through the middle, rather then Vardy.
  10. Pearson's last 15 PL games, 11 wins & 2 losses against Chelsea & Liverpool. In 2015 it was Cambiasso that was given the credit by some and now its Deeney. In reality the common denominator in both cases is Pearson and Shakey. Regardless of what some think they are an excellent team.
  11. Couldn't get to the game today but looking at the stats, Southampton had 16 shots, 10 on target to our 5. Did we really get outplayed that badly?
  12. Brendan seems to over think and put too much emphasis on the opposition. We've shown that if we play 4141 with Maddison in central midfield, we are a very good team. Yet against teams like Man City, Liverpool & Man Utd, he chose to change that system and we looked terrible in each of those games. He's played 5 at the back with varying successful. Today, he should have played 4141 with Hamza instead of Ndidi, but he knew Villa were going to play with wingbacks and so did the same with us. Change formations if things aren't working but Brendan seems to want to fix something that isn't broken, just for the sake of it.
  13. Agree. At the moment Albrighton has the same score as Perez, and he only played about 10mins.
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