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  1. sm1

    Maguire to UTD

    Utd won't want Maguire just for his defending, they'd want him because he's exceptional as a ball playing CB. The run against Brighton when he took half their team on, or the 30yarder against Southampton. His ball playing from the back is one reason why Southgate promoted him above the likes of Smalling. Even though he's not the best out and out defender, I can see Utd paying 60+M for him.
  2. Plus no other club wanted to win the PL that season and we didn't win the league, Hazard won it for us.
  3. Wes has been collosus for us but have to agree regarding Soyunco. Rodgers looks in love with big Wes, so I don't think there's much chance of that though.
  4. Sad to see Mahrez looking a shadow of the player he was here. His first touch has been awful. Where's the player that used to routinely take 2-3 players on.
  5. Exactly. I don't think he's that bad, not worth 28M, but his attitude is terrible. He was constantly moaning and berating players around him whilst here. Has to be the biggest waste of money in our history.
  6. I bumped into him last month. He doesn't seem half as confident in person as on the football pitch. I think people just look at his image and persona on the pitch and make rubbish up about attitude.
  7. Shinji is the perfect player for Rodgers high press game where you defend from the front. The problem is his lack of goals. Incidentally I met him last week, great in person as he is on the pitch.
  8. sm1


    Ndidi looked far more effective today because of Rodgers philosophy of pressing further up the pitch. In the first half he was all over Fulham winning balls in the final 3rd of the pitch and creating several opportunities to score.
  9. 5 mins after he came on. Sickening.
  10. Very true. I was disappointed Little left, angry when McGhee left, but wished MON all the best when he left. Infact I wish him well at Forest and hope he gets them promoted. Great manager.
  11. Exactly, we need to write a letter to the club.
  12. I think the number of games Man City have played and will play is finally going to take a toll on their squad. Liverpool to win the league by 3pts.
  13. Sky are showing top tacklers in the Prem. Ricardo is 3rd with 100 tackles, 5 ahead of Ndidi. I thought Ndidi would be by far the highest tackler at the club.
  14. Certainly some of the players probably think they're better then they are. Kasper, overweight, doesn't command his area and can't pass. Chilwell great engine but zero end product. Maguire goes forward so often leaving huge holes at the back. Maddison and Gray way too slow on the ball often looking for the easy pass. I think the media hype considering how many young English players we have hasn't helped, but I think with good coaching we could be an excellent team in a few years
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