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  1. Considering how well the likes of James and Maddison have done making the step up from the championship, we should look at someone like Bowen. Good last season and has started well again.
  2. 2 handed push isn't a pen. VAR re writing football rules.
  3. This is basically the crux of the matter. Not sure what position he played for Newcastle, but doesn't look comfortable on the wing. Much rather have Albrighton on the RW.
  4. I think it was either handball from Evans or he was fouled.
  5. Looks like Slim is going to have some resale value after all.
  6. That's an interesting take on things. Could it be that he was sent home because of illness which he didn't agree with. Hence he made a public show that he's fine, knowing the tabloids would be all over it.
  7. Absolutely. They've spent over a billion pounds on signings since Fergie left. Mostly on rubbish, compare signing like Fred and Pogba to properly scouted ones like Ndidi and Maddison. There's no comparison.
  8. True, he'd definitely be better then all those biased Utd and Liverpool "pundits" Sky and BT trot out.
  9. His fingers weren't broken, so yeah don't let a good story get in the way.
  10. The Millwall game comes to mind. Apparently too scared to take a throw in because of their fans.
  11. Ben gets into great positions but he's poor on the ball. He's been like this for years, right when he was in our academy. He's our version of Kyle Walker. If we're offered 60+M for him, I'd sell.
  12. Klopp's comments as well as Bruce's have made Hamza a marked man. Next time he makes a miss timed tackle, he's getting a red. I wish Brendan had done the same regarding Mane, he's a cheat who is a serial diver. Brendan is a bit of a media darling and should use his platform to highlight Mane’s s blatant cheating. Two can play at that game.
  13. This could be a real pivotal season for us. If we live up to the hype and finish 3rd or 4th, would our young players want to leave for the likes of Utd. I generally believe that only Man City & Liverpool are a step up for our players and they won't pay the prices we want.
  14. Slim and Vardy started together in one of our best PL performances, when we beat Man City 4-2. I think the problem was that we were a very tight nit team from the previous year and Slim just didn't fit into it. He didn't learn the language and certainly from the body language, didn't seem to adhere himself to his team mates. Class of personality, lack of confidence, in the end it has been a disaster for both parties.
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