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  1. It's the old European Super League idea that's been around for 20+yrs. They're not going to stop until they get some major changes.
  2. Literally no chance of him going anywhere. Having watched the Villa game again I was amazed at just how good Praet is. His work rate coupled with his speed and range of passing is great. I'm surprised he's not got a bigger profile.
  3. The turnaround in Nacho's performance and attitude from last season to this, is truly remarkable. Apart from his goals/assists he was all over the pitch making tackles against both Everton and Villa.
  4. sm1

    Title Race

    If we beat Liverpool on goal difference, last game of the season. That's what dreams are made of
  5. Evans is amazing, £3.5M is just unbelievable business. How do Arsenal & Man City feel now, both thought he wasn't good enough for them.
  6. If he continues like this, the 25M fee paid will seem like a bargain. Who would have thought, another one of Rudkins' bargains.
  7. Villa are the most dirty team I've seen in a long time. The only thing worse then them was Oliver. Truly woeful. We really should have taken our chances and beat them by 6/7. They deserved a total beating today for their antics.
  8. Big Nige looked like he meant business with his suit and specs. That's the smartest I've seen him. You'll be alright if he's allowed to run things the way he likes, which with your owners seems unlikely.
  9. I hope we attack Man City and not revert to the negative tactics Brendan used against Utd and Liverpool. Their defence is a shambles.
  10. I've noticed that too. Chilwell does like to have a rant at Barnes.
  11. Some have already suggested Diego Simeone and Poch
  12. Great player, great pundit. Loved the debate & the verdict. Played his role as the pantomime villain beautifully. RIP Bob Willis you will be sorely missed.
  13. What's wrong with Archer, he seemed totally disinterested for the entire series. He was averaging around 130kph, the same speed as Curran. They should've just let him sit this test series out and kept him fresh for SA.
  14. If Murphy doesn't go, either sacked or resigns, we will get relegated. We're so poor, it's heart breaking. Unfortunately the rot goes right to the top, to the Board of Directors.
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