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  1. We've got into a real strange mindset recently. Against Arsenal and Burnley, once we scored we looked completely clueless and negative. You'd think after scoring the team would gain confidence and play better, but we're the opposite. Coupled to that Rodgers subs are dumbfounding. We needed a goal to win the game, so he takes off Nacho and puts on Albrighton. It's like not losing is the priority, as opposed to winning.
  2. Lowest score I've ever given to Vardy. He's got as much pace as Evans.
  3. That settles it then, Musa on the LW and Under on the RW. Top four and CL here we come.😆
  4. The display was very disappointing considering Arsenal gave us a blueprint on how to play them, with the 1st goal. Ndidi & Youri press high up, win the ball, we get behind their defence and score. After that we inexplicably camped around our penalty area and gave Arsenal free rein over the pitch. Why did we revert to such negative tactics?Whatever the reason, we beat ourselves with our poor negative gameplan.
  5. We thought we're getting the Turkish Mahrez but ended up with the Turkish Musa.
  6. I don't think you can criticise Vardy's work ethic and determination, but his 1st touch, since his injury, has been extremely poor. Everytime the ball is played to him, his touch takes it a metre away. Maybe he'll find form when he becomes more match fit, but we definitely need to start planning for his eventual retirement.
  7. I think the mistake was actually made in the first leg. Prague are a well organised and defensively very well drilled team. With our away record, we needed to go all out to get an away goal and put them on the back foot. Even 1-1 first leg would've been better then 0-0, because they would've come here knowing they needed a goal. Playing them feels like playing the likes of Wolves and Everton. We were too meek first leg and that's cost us.
  8. I remember when wasyl elbowed Suarez in a friendly against Barcelona. Suarez gets up to square upto Marcin, realises who it is and walks off without a peep. 😁 And who can forget the Walsh vs Bull rivalry.
  9. I think you can never knock Vardy's work ethic and dedication, but in all honesty his 1st touch and finishing has been poor in recent weeks. Harvey's goal is a case in point when Vardy should have scored, but shot straight at the gk, luckily it came back to us. Against Liverpool he missed an absolute sitter. One of Vardy's greatest assets is his chances to goals ratio, and that really needs to improve from now to the end of the season.
  10. Exactly, 2nd half we just kept giving the ball away and then defending at the edge of our area. Terrible tactics, which against a better team would have definitely cost us.
  11. Barnes played like Messi the 1st half and Musa the 2nd.
  12. David Brooks. If Bournemouth don't get promoted, we could get a bargain. Either that or Daniel James.
  13. He's got a rep on here as a bit of a dullard, but his interview was pretty good by footballer standards. I think we all expected Grey to do what Barnes is doing now, but he just never did. I hope he has a successful career.
  14. Wow, can't believe she's 45 yrs old.
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