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  1. On a slightly different tangent did anybody see Sven on MNF. He agreed that our owners were right to sack him and generally was a really good listen.
  2. Praet is our most in form midfielder and had another good game. I'd actually leave out Maddison and play Youri and Praet together along with Ndidi.
  3. Credit to Rodgers, he could've taken the safe option with Fuchs, but gambled on the more attacking Justin. He didn't disappoint, fantastic performance. His role in the build up for the 4th goal was excellent.
  4. We needed a pacy, tricky winger and the recruitment team picked Perez for that role, and the club paid 30M. All of this is not Perez's fault, he's being shoehorned into the team. The fact is he's never going to be a game changer from the wing, like say Sarr or Troare. He may be better through the middle but I doubt Rodgers will give him an extended run there.
  5. Fuching dreadful. The likes of Chilwell, Hamza and Tielemans have regressed massively. Even the likes of Maddison and Vardy haven't been great. With a small squad like ours, when you have so many players out of form, you get the team we currently have, slow, ponderous with little confidence. Very worried we're not going to finish in a CL place.
  6. Exactly should've been a free kick to us
  7. Was feeling really confident but after reading this I'm having 2nd thoughts.
  8. Wilder's excuses are making him look like an idiot. Somebody needs to have a word with him. He's the first HW champion I've seen getting knocked down by a body shot. Tyson would've humiliated him if it wasn't for his corner.
  9. Like a few here, I didn't think much of the younger Tyson, but having overcome crippling depression and beaten Wilder twice (cheated out of it first time) I really like him. Looks like he's found God and matured alot. Has a crazy fan base too, he could fill arenas all over the world just like Ali.
  10. Absolutely terrible. As Mahrez was running through our midfield for their goal, Tieleman's was strolling around. Couldn't even be bothered to run after Mahrez.
  11. Terrible game as a spectacle, but getting something from the game was crucial. We're just too slow in playing the ball forward hence Vardy rarely touched the ball. He was making runs behind the Wolves defence but our midfield, mostly Tielemans, just passed the ball backwards to Evans or Caglar. We're never going to break defences this way, especially when teams put 10 men behind the ball.
  12. I was amazed he was playing in Malaysia when we signed him, considering his pedigree. Really good striker and a fantastic player for us.
  13. Absolute electric player. Maddison and James (for Utd) have shown there's some good quality players in the championship.
  14. Another poor game but in that first half he was playing almost as a CB with Barnes as a wing back. I can only assume Brendan told him to do that, to mirror Villa's 3 at the back. That was a very poor decision from him because Chilwell didn't know whether he was coming or going.
  15. I can understand the frustration but if it wasn't for their goalkeeper, we'd have walked both ties for an easy aggregate win. Not to mention the blatant penalty not given. Sometimes it's not the best team that wins but the luckiest. Villa had everything go their way over 180mins and they still only barely beat us.
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