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  1. Seems like he'd seen the future, big brother, gogglebox. Just waiting for the ministry of truth, or is that already here?
  2. Terrible day. Where's the rain when you need it.
  3. I think the story is that Fergie has recommended Walsh but the board aren't convinced.
  4. That's how I remember it. There was only 1 bad pass that I remember from Hamza, hence why I was livid reading Sky's bullshit about "giving the ball away all game" Useless hacks.
  5. Woeful from Sky. Gave him a 3 and said he gave the ball away all match. In reality he spent all game cleaning up the shit passing that was the England CBs and Wan Bissaka, who they gave a 5 just because he's flavour of the month.
  6. Agree, Hamza was in the running for Motm before his sending off. Wan Bissaka on the other hand was terrible for the full 95, capped by a bizarre og.
  7. Don't come across many Zerohedge readers here. Used to read a lot of their financial articles several years ago, but the site has changed in recent years. Still have some good stuff though.
  8. Sums him up perfectly. Sometimes I think he tries too hard and just needs to relax. Maybe that has to do with the fact that we seem to have a different manager every season he's been here. This season is definitely make or break.
  9. Exactly. I used to work for the NHS in the 90s and one of the first thing the Blair labour government did when elected in 97, was to hasten privatisation. This has been going on for 20+ years and nothing is going to stop it, Brexit or no Brexit. Increasing number of GP surgeries and hospital services are already private. The same thing has gone on in education and the prison sector too.
  10. sm1


    No thanks, we've got enough shit strikers with Nacho and Slim.
  11. Maguire looks like a young Peter Beardsley
  12. Funnily enough I did work experience there around 30 odd years ago. Even then they had ceefax and teletext on their TVs and were taking stories from there, changing the odd few words, and publishing it as original material.
  13. sm1


    "but specifically here, I don't know." I'd love him to stay but this isn't exactly a ringing endorsement. I think if Spurs or Utd are serious in wanting him, they'll get him. We're basically his last resort if none of the big boys come for him.
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