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  1. That's what I found strange about VAR. The final goal was rightfully overturned, but by the very same token why wasn't Man City given a pen in the 1st half, when Lamela had a player in a headlock from a corner. If I was a Man City supporter I'd be p*ssed off, not because of the final goal decision, but because of the double standards the VAR officials showed.
  2. Kante is amazing. Really should have won the Ballon d'Or. Hopefully 120 mins after a injury lay off will mean he's tired for Sunday, but I doubt it.
  3. I remember seeing him around town back when he played for us, once in particular he was worst for wear. I don't think he was much of a drinker. When he was on form he was unplayable, could ragdoll any defender.
  4. sm1


    Yeah, sorry Robertson.
  5. Largely depends if our great owners are still here. If they are I can see us as a top PL team, maybe won a cup or two and playing in Europe regularly. If Top sells up, we'll probably end up back in the championship.
  6. sm1


    I'm not comparing the players ability per se, just their end products. Chilwell gets into great positions but his crossing ability is no better then Schlupp. If you compare the end product of Roberts or Trent to Chilwell, there's no comparison.
  7. sm1


    I'm with you on this. He's improved over the last year, but still his end product is no better then Schlupp.
  8. Maguire had a really good game and I'm glad for him. He had a calming effect on Linderlof and they looked comfortable playing from the back. Contrast that to last season, when they looked laughable trying the same thing.
  9. If we learnt one thing today, it's that there is at lease one winger spot up for grabs. It's up to Gray now to improve and earn that spot. Will he? I doubt it, he's been here a number of years and hasn't progressed much.
  10. We seemed to have a really negative outlook. There were too many times in the game where we had Ndidi, YT, Perez and Hamza all hovering around the half way line. In theory we played a 443, but in reality it was more like a 451.
  11. Really happy for him. Great 90mins and hope he gets a lot of confidence from this performance. He'll make mistakes in the future but I firmly believe we need to stick with him.
  12. Spurs will bang in a few in the last 10mins. 3-1
  13. This should be on the horror channel.
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