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  1. Why are we playing a back 3 still. We couldn't score in a brothel. Fofana, Vardy and Ndidi decent chances
  2. Failure to strengthen in the window biting us in the ass again
  3. Left, back to the middle, out to the right, back to the middle
  4. We play at an awful tempo, are movement and passing is so predictable.
  5. Pathetic........ Manager needs to take a look at himself as much as the players. You could see the second coming for the last 10 mins
  6. Is BR watching the same game as us. Change it man.
  7. No way are they going to play a weaken side against Liverpool. Maybe if it was a Manager who didn't understand meaning they would, but having played in them OGS knows how much is means.
  8. We can't be wedded to one formation, be that 4-2-3-1 or 3-5-2 (or as I see it, 3-4-1-2), without the tactical flexibility this year, we would have slipped down the table. We have the same issue with both formations; we don't have the right players to provide width and creativity; 4-2-3-1, we simply don't have the quality at RW or the depth at LW, one injury, and we have had to change formation 3-4-1-2, we don't have a natural left-footed attacking player. Atalanta have shown how attacking this can be done right, currently top scorers in Serie A with 79 goals
  9. More chance of my being scouted at 45 by Arsenal then Neymar going there.
  10. In Not as excited as I should be, dreading the bus
  11. Totally bargain, not doubt that he could still be at Man U, their lose is our gain. Still our best all round CB for me. Fofana and Soyuncu have both benefitted from playing along side him, in the long term they will both surpass him, but he will have played a key role in their development.
  12. Tricky for Man U, fortunately for them they have a decent lead in the EL. Hopefully we can benefit and pick them off.
  13. Not sure it's just down to delivery, we aren't very good at attacking the ball. Fofana, Soyuncu and Evan's have all missed chances this season.
  14. Gosen me is a very attacking player in the last 62 league games he's scored 19 goals and has 14 assists He would definitely strengthen us going forward
  15. Not sure Inter can afford him, there are reports they need to cash in on Lukaku etc
  16. To be fair we don't need Vardy's level of brilliance, because with it become over reliance. We need a 3 forwards scoring, 40-50 goals between them, so if A doesn't get you, B does, if B doesn't C does. Another big difference this year to last is the emergences of Barnes and Nacho in the PL goal scoring charts, last season if Vardy didn't score who did.
  17. I'd agree, from a price point of view Edouard is the right option, I've not see enough of either to make an informed choice on who is the better player.
  18. Toney is going to cost maybe 10m more then Edouard, we probably get Edouard for 15-20m, Brentford probably want 25m-30m of Toney. Eduardo has shown he can score in the Europa league and Rodgers knows him, so I go for Eduardo and strengthen elsewhere
  19. No point sale him for less then we paid, but if we could get 20m odd it could be good business. Always felt his a jack of all trades and can do a good job, he can pay in any of the midfield roles. but he's not good enough to pressures Youri or Maddison in BR mind.
  20. Massive game Friday. Everyone bigging up West Ham, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea, everyone of those would happily have our points total and our remaining fixtures
  21. 3 at back has seen us win 4 Draw 2 and lose 2 in 8 league games, and win 2 cup games. It currently gets our best players on the pitch, with the except of Albrighton. I don't see how switching to a 4 makes us strong when the only wide players we have are Albrighton and Perez. I actually think the tempo we play at is more important then the formation.
  22. i've pack 4 TOTS Ederson from the upgrade packs Had to do Bale and Aguero
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