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  1. Evans takes over the Morgan role.in time.
  2. Everyone in a rush to drop Evans! One of our most consistent performers. Based on performance this season, Litte Wez and Evans for me.
  3. 12 point fro 6 games, without having are strongest 11 available is impressive.
  4. Lose against the top 6, Rodgers has no plan B! Win and people still moan.......
  5. To be fair, thought we control the game from half time. David Luis going off was a big loss for them. Fantastic ball from Youri for Under to assist Vardy.
  6. Feelings like the Villa game all over again. We are set up like we are playing Wenger's prime Arsenal side!
  7. 13 wins 4 losses. Had to stop, how can a game be so stressful! See if I can get in the last 13 games later!
  8. Depend if you have any untradeable fodder in you club. Also he in-game stats are comparable to a baby Lampard, Scholes and he not far behind IF Fernandes all of who are in the 300k bracket (Xbox) compared to 148k for Witsel. Also being from Belgium he also pretty linkable.
  9. There wasn't really a single tough call to make.
  10. Good performance and she let the game flow. However it was a pretty easy game to ref.
  11. Nacho giving all Sunday league footballers hope that they can still have a career in the game.......
  12. We don't look like creating a chance let alone scoring a goal......
  13. I think he's decent, Witsel is more attacking then Kimmich. He probably better as a box to box CM or a CAM, he quicker and has better shooting then Kimmich. He's still a decent DCM, but only has a medium defensive work rate compared to Kimmich who has high. In my opinion keep Kimmich and replace Havertz with Witsel. He's SBC isn't to bad if you have a bit of fodder in your club.
  14. Currently running with this but 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 in game, toying with getting Schweinsteiger 89 in.
  15. Depend on who fit. Get Vardy and Maddison fit, Under playing we are a different side.
  16. Has a decent level of ability, but lack the mobility or the physical attributes to make a impact. He movement is so poor for a PL forward
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