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  1. Whatever the excuses for the loss, it was most certainly a miserable and flat performance.
  2. Fcukng hell just when I thought the night couldn't get any worse Claire Foy has been replaced by Olivia Colman as the Queen in 'The Crown'. Yes, late to the show but really enjoyed the first two seasons.
  3. Ha fcuking Ha Pathetic way to be dumped out of this competition.
  4. Just to put this in perspective, we are being outplayed by a team who's groundsman uses a fcuking rotavator to keep their pitch in tip top condition.
  5. Have you seen the severance pay Jose would get, it aint going to happen whilst Levy is in charge of the purse strings. How about Spurs continue to be sh#te Son refuses to renew his contract and we snap him up.
  6. Looked dodgy decision for the pen but hey ho poetic justice with Mane and Salah's diving.
  7. I played on a pitch like that once when I had eventually fallen into Sunday league football, there was a 10 minute delay to the kick off as the home team had struggled to get the cows into the adjoining field.
  8. Looking at Lloris and Allison today makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have Kasper.
  9. Can't see past a MC win, however you never know. Actually you do, Spurs will get rinsed.
  10. How good was Ndidi today. My MOTM by a country mile.
  11. What a result. That was like a tower of Jenga collapsing after the first piece has been removed
  12. Unfortunately we're struggling with their strength and workrate.
  13. He is maturing into a tremendous player and devastated for him , hopefully he can take encouragement from Ricardo's return to full recovery.
  14. Physio room say James heard a popping sound from his knee. Hopefully nothing too serious but that would suggest an ACL injury .
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