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  1. It is pointless and the fact that Labour are even considering this as a credible leave alternative to remain is a joke. I too don't know a single vote leaver who would remotely entertain voting in another ref for a CU SM Brexit as they all agree it aint Brexit it's BRINO. Agreed it would be a complete farce and total stitch up to leave voters.
  2. Absolutely different in it's content with regards the condemnation of the respective leaders.
  3. Disgruntled staunch remainer bemoans the prospect of leaving the EU shocker.
  4. How on earth is Stones playing for Man City.
  5. Game opened up and we punished them should have been 3 or 4 . Well done boy's.
  6. Now we're talking fcuking get innnnnnnn
  7. Too wasteful and too pedestrian. Sharpen up boys FFS
  8. Arsenal getting men behind the ball , need to move the ball quicker and mix it up a bit.
  9. Exactly, it's easy to play this down as a p#ssed off MP with a grudge slating Corbyn, it sounds much deeper than that, and you have to say a disaster for Corbyn with floating voters.
  10. A very damaging indictment indeed, and a very brave act to make it public.
  11. Apologies didn't see the link. Plenty of video clips out there on Social Media saying the exact opposite. I can post a couple if you like.
  12. Firstly apologies Alf if I offended you, not my style. To clarify, I was responding to Labours Brexit policy not your personal idea of a fair and democratic second referendum. I do however stand by my point about Labours pathetic attempt to thinking their 'better deal' as a binary choice v remain is democratic best of luck with that one Jezzer in your leave majority seats. With regard to remainers not being too concerned about fairness and democracy. I see the incredible rise of support for the LD who are prepared to revoke article 50 as a somewhat justification in making this generalisation. In response to your point about what leavers were voting for, I suppose someone could put a poll on FT asking if staying in the CU and SM and unfettered immigration was something they voted for when voting to leave, might give some indication. It is also intetesting that the Brexit Party and the Tories who are promising a hard brexit are collectively doing so well in the polls, this could be argued that a hard brexit might well be what was expected when they ticked that box.
  13. Have I missed something as I thought this was Labours brexit position. Labour plans to secure a softer agreement that keeps the UK inside a customs union and single market regulations. Staying in the single market and Customs union ? I wonder how many of the 17.4 million leave voters considered that to be 'leaving' but unfortunately, and as i'm sure you're aware, should that ever be a binary choice with remain we would never know as I couldn't see many leavers bothering to vote as what is the point? remain v virtually remain. And that sets up an easy win win for a remain Party. It is neither fair or democratic, but I suppose that is irrelevant to a remainer.
  14. Horriiible injury to Gomes, Son get's red for his involvement but was it the impact from Aurier which broke the poor sods leg.
  15. Tricky match, great result. Soyuncu is a beast, love him.
  16. Lot's of possesion, just need a bit more quality with the final ball.We usually step it up second half so should put this to bed.
  17. I suppose it proves the older you get the wiser you get.
  18. I agree with you entirely on this summation. I was talking specifically about Labours Brexit plans, not their general manifesto. Of course Brexit is not the be all and end all to all voters, however it will form a massive part of the election no matter how any of the parties try to play it down and trying to placate labour leave voters with this option is a head scratcher for me.
  19. As much as posters try to give Labours Brexit plan credibility, how the hell is that attractive to a leave voter, I agree in the respect that I could not see it being anything but simple to get a deal which included staying in the CU and SM, why wouldn't it be? then to have the other option as remain is pretty much an analogy as someone used earlier, the choice between a dog or cat sh#t sandwich. If I'm wrong then please other leave voters on FT tell me I'm wrong, I'm always open to persuasion. PS I'm never wrong, ask my wife.
  20. If you do get a penchant for the latter, let me know as I have a plethora of cat sh#t in my garden. Having recently spent day's and hundreds of pounds landscaping the front of my house with slate and gravel and now have the biggest cat litter tray in the area.
  21. I will be voting Consevatives and hope they get a decent functional majority to enable them to implement the leave vote.
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