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  1. A couple of mm can make all the difference.
  2. Games opened right up now, squeaky bum time.
  3. Spuds haven't won away for 8 months lets hope it stays that way. COYB
  4. Half time, great effort so far, we need a bit more quality on our final balls and occasionally decision making. Kanes goal was a great goal, but we were caught short at the back unfortunately.
  5. Nice to see Barnes starting, perez needs to start stepping up to the plate .Come on City.
  6. They have always been desperate for us to stay, one reason so the EU trawlers can hoover up from our prime fishing grounds. We should tell tem to fcuk off now just for the Halibut.
  7. Thankyou for your kind words, fortunately the treatment for my wife has been extremely positive but as we know too well that is not always the case.
  8. Do you mind me asking what life saving medication you are referring to? I am taking regular medication you could argue is life preserving and my wife is taking medication post cancer treatment, we haven't been told of any supply problems, I've just had my Annual review and she has recently visited her Oncologist. I am genuinely interested.
  9. Is anything currently in politics normal?
  10. Why oh why do they hold interviews outside the Supreme Court with all those fcuking idiots shouting , impossible to concentrate or hear anything but their hysterical ramblings.
  11. There have been two court hearings remember, let's see what the outcome is tomorrow.
  12. The biggest problem for Brendan is finding a way to stop Heung-Min Son running riot. If he can do that we have a chance.
  13. I think the message was crystal Alf.
  14. Tend to agree when you spend that sort of money you expect an improvement on what you already have.
  15. Gray, what is the deal with him certainly flatters to deceive.
  16. They are quicker and stronger to the challenge atm, we are playing far too deep theres no out ball.
  17. Fcuking hell just got in, don't concede early and silence the crowd, well that worked then. Early doors though COYB
  18. Leavers have discussed their fear of a federal Euopean Union and been laughed at . I can see the reasons Guy Verhofstadt wants this level of reform to simplify the management of the union but for sceptics who see a more federal Europe in a failed Eurozone as a disaster waiting to happen it should hopefully placate the feral lynch mob that have 'come out of the woods' on FT.
  19. Not sure that it will, but like the Brexit party once a deals been secured they will return to the same level of popularity they were before.
  20. With regards the recent discussions on a second vote. If there is another extension on the 31st of October then set a date before the 31st Jan with a binary choice , improved deal v No deal, now that would concentrate minds and would still respect the leave vote.
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