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  1. Matt Elliot and I named my son Dominic after him. (Middle name obviously)
  2. If Chilwell was a car he would have 5 reverse gears!
  3. Just said the same to my lad, there is a calmness and assurance about him
  4. Seems to me his form has gone since he has been with the England squad. Same happened to Maguire.
  5. I want Matty James to play just so he can megs Big Harry.
  6. Domsdad


    I cannot remember being this excited about a window since I had the house double glazed.
  7. Is that Ljundberg with him?
  8. If its tactical analysis you like, this is worth 5 mins of your time https://foxesofleicester.com/2019/04/29/leicester-city-flourish-arsenal/3/
  9. I don't think he will get a sniff anyway.
  10. Lee Hendrie- gone on to peruse a fine career in punditry!
  11. Malcolm Macdonald and Mick Channon
  12. How does this "new manager bounce" work?
  13. I think our lot need to spend some time in the gym. Shrugged off the ball so easily.
  14. A bit left field I know but, what about giving Wagner a go till the end of the season. He's potentially available immediately, and he would have a great incentive to make it difficult for us to get rid. If it doesn't work we can say goodbye in the summer and bring in someone else.
  15. Like that, and a nod to our Champions League adventure
  16. Could it be that he was desperate to play Tielemans, and he and Mandy linked up better in training?
  17. Incredibly this was my first too. Got home and told my Dad and he didn't believe me!
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