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  1. Got 2 standing at De Mont, probably the easiest tickets I've bought bagged by 10:03
  2. Don't be surprised if we see the return of Schulpp if this doesn't work out...
  3. But Chillwell was in our launch last season
  4. Leicester City Football Club is delighted to confirm that the renewal process for 2021/22 Season Tickets will begin from 10am on Friday 28 May, with prices for all General Admission areas frozen. More on this story... Leicester City 2021/22 adidas Home Kit Revealed - Renewal period for 2021/22 Season Tickets begins at 10am on Friday 28 May - Prices are frozen in all General Admission areas for the 2021/22 season - Initial payments for 2020/21 Season Tickets will be credited against the renewal cost - The renewal process is open to all Season Ticket Holders until Monday 21
  5. At least we've found out who bought those knock off shirts from FB Marketplace
  6. Did you have a ticket to the final? Just wondering if they were being sent to season ticket holders too?
  7. Never trust a news article that doesn't include an actual quote from the player 👍
  8. Tomato sauce 'pre cum' when you forget to shake the bottle
  9. People who go put petrol in, then go shopping at petrol stations, waited 10mins for the bloke to come out with 2 bags of shopping.
  10. My fuel line has popped off the injector and pissed petrol over my engine bay....Will it just evaporate over 24hrs or does it need a full clean before I should drive it again?? I know nothing about cars just that Petrol + Heat = Bad things. Any help would be greatly apricated.
  11. Meanwhile, goalkeeper Francis Uzoho, Samuel Chukwueze, Kelechi Iheanacho, Wilfred Ndidi and Zaidu Sanusi are expected before lunchtime on Tuesday. https://www.goal.com/en/news/evertons-iwobi-and-rangers-balogun-join-super-eagles-as-camp/oi3s1ud6jqjf1dk2t4fv2t6ma
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