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  1. He will sign for OH Leuven.
  2. Iheanacho

    What his 1 goal in the league cup against Leeds reserve keeper?? Nothing like clutching at straws.
  3. Iheanacho

    People making too many excuses for him, he's young, unfit, needs time to adapt - nonsense, He doesn't even look up for it when he does play. There is a reason man city got shot of him with us being the only club in for him. The quicker we get rid the better.
  4. Huddersfield and Watford

    30+ was from Monday 9am - Tuesday 5:30pm, 25+ was Weds, and 20+ today so guessing they sold the 1000 allocation. Have to enter the dreaded ballot
  5. Premier League Saturday night football

    Don't mind a late kick off on a Saturday myself, better than having to watch Casualty or Britain's Got the Pop Factor and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice nonsense.
  6. That's the most staff they've ever had on the tills loads of staff wondering an empty shop floor seems about right. Would have been nice to get Silva to play a part, overall decent ad.
  7. I've said before its cheaper to take my lad to watch Leicester than it is to take him cinema, bowling etc.
  8. Leicester City 2017 Poppy Lapel Pin

    Yeah, you were. Couldn't be arsed to waste my Friday night arguing with stupid so thought i'ld leave you get on with pulling your head out your arse.
  9. Leicester City 2017 Poppy Lapel Pin

    Brought one on Weds at Club Shop, reduced to £1.50.
  10. The OH Leuven Thread

  11. Nantes

    Nobody can question how good he is during his first seasons at clubs, It all goes to pot in his second season. Time to build a bridge and get over it mate.
  12. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    Bilic is more Cockroach than Rudkin, how on earth he has managed to stay in that job for so long is a mystery that even Scooby Doo couldn't solve.
  13. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    Surprised how many don't want him, He does look totally knackered though so a few months away would be the best option. Shame the Cockroach is still DoF here, would take a Dyche/Walsh pairing but can see it happening at Everton before us. Everton is a bigger and more attractive outfit than us, I don't think you'll see Manchini, Tuchel, Ancelotti ect ruling themselves out from the get-go.