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  1. Fair enough, I'm of differing opinions and think it was down to human error. Ugo is to well respected in football for it to be a PR stunt, had they used Clarke Carlise then I would be agreeing with you.
  2. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Only just been put on general sale for L1.
  3. It was human error, someone used an old template and it wasn't spotted. Sometimes people make mistakes.
  4. La Manga - Inside Story

    Remember singing She said no Dickov,she said no to Paul Dickov in Markfield Londis Looking back not my proudest moment.
  5. @DB11 Amarty is listed instead of Gray for the subs
  6. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Not the most reliable of reporters, Until John Percy or Geoff can confirm i'll take it with a pinch of salt.
  7. National Football Museum

    Didn't know about this place, even better that it's free to Has decent reviews on Google If you do go let us know what it's like.
  8. mania hd

    Ask in Kodi thread, VPN suggestions in there too.
  9. FIFA 18

    https://www.console-deals.com/games/fifa-18/?platform=Xbox+One - £64.99 for Ronaldo edition through Amazon or Tesco.
  10. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    I'll take these 2 instead, comes to something when man like Taylor Fletcher banging um past Good to see Huddersfield in the Prem, hope you do stay up.
  11. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    Couple of these type goals will do me today, 2-0 City - Mahez & Gray
  12. Sky Q issue

    Have you tired www.google.co.uk
  13. Is it any coincidence that yesterday, London was taken over by ze germans and today Lidl are bombing our trains...