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  1. Keep schtum till it hits concession, even then just upgrade it.
  2. Big Nige with Chris Powell assisting would be the start of a decent setup for Boro, If you're happy to give him 2+ seasons It would benefit your club in the long term imo.
  3. Looks like we have 2 types of badges - £8.00 PL - Badge Player Size - Pair In stock Offical Player Replica Premeir League Sleeve Badges. Fits ADULT SIZES ONLY Size:LargeColour:Navy/White Add To Basket £8.00 PL - Badge Adult/ Youth - Pair In stock Offical Replica Premeir League Sleeve Badges. Fits the following sizes: Adult, Womens, Kids & Minikits The White and Orange GK shirts are on sale through club shop which do look nicer than last seasons imo.
  4. Unimpressed tbh, GK shirt is nicer. Are we the only established Premier League club that still uses these ghastly League One & Two genesis templates?
  5. Voted Ndidi, Ndidi vs Stoke and Kasper
  6. Become an international member for only £20, you will get a box of lcfc stuff too, then you could buy a ticket as today is international members sale date iirc. Ring the ticket office up and explain your situation. You might also have a better chance of buying a Spurs ticket as it is on a Thursday night and people might not be able to make it.
  7. Shakey 7 - HT subs spot on 7 - Chilwell, Vardy, Simpson, Morgan(MOTM) 6 - rest of the team, except 5- Drinky, Okazaki Ref 7 - Let it flow, though some dubious decisions Atletico 7 - They are a great team but not as world class as people make out Stay @ZeGuy Spot on with everything you have said.
  8. I use either OpenOffice which is a free version of office or use google drive, open the docx and then save file as...
  9. This thread got me like...
  10. Not sure where to post, features quite a few past and present city players.
  11. Shame Grays attitude and ego are as big as his potential
  12. Yeah up a fiver on Sevilla.
  13. Full ticket details for Leicester City’s UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final home leg clash against Atletico Madrid have now been confirmed. Following the thrilling Last-16 success over FC Sevilla, the Foxes continue their European exploits against Diego Simeone’s La Liga giants at the Vicente Calderon on Wednesday 12 April before later welcoming them to Leicester City Stadium on Tuesday 18 April. HOME FIXTURE Leicester City vs. Atletico Madrid Tuesday 18 April, 2017 (KO 7.45pm GMT) Leicester City Stadium Ticket Prices: image: Please note that the wheelchair spaces in the West Stand will be priced at £15 plus a FREE Companion. Any supporter who is located in the front row in the North Stand, South Stand and West Stand will be charged a flat rate of £25 (unless their concession price is lower). These are due to the possibility of restricted views of the near pitch as a result of the advertising boards required by UEFA and/or media. Selling Arrangements: On-sale dates Season Ticket Holders – 2pm on Monday 27 March Gold Members – 9am on Tuesday 4 April Silver Members – 9am on Wednesday 5 April City Members – 9am on Thursday 6 April General Sale - 9am on Friday 7 April Please note, as per the previous UEFA Champions League home fixtures, the UEFA Champions League Cup Scheme will not be running for this fixture. The deadline for Season Ticket Holders to purchase their own seat is 6pm on Monday 3 April, after which time these seats will be released for sale to Members. Tickets for the home fixture for Season Ticket Holders will be on sale until 1pm on Saturday 1 Aprildue to City’s Premier League clash with Stoke City. Tickets will then be made available to purchase after the final whistle for a period of 45 minutes. Please note, there will be NO sales via the City Sales Centre for Season Ticket Holders on Sunday 2 April. All supporters purchasing tickets will receive a paper ticket for this fixture. All tickets shall be sold on the basis of one ticket per Season Ticket or Membership. All Member sales periods are subject to availability. Seat Relocations: Due to competition requirements to facilitate an increased number of UEFA’s broadcast and commercial partners for the Quarter Final stage, the Club is mandated to alter its seating configuration in some parts of the stadium. Unfortunately this will mean that the availability of seats regularly used by some Season Ticket Holders will be affected. Those affected Season Ticket Holders will be contacted directly and given notice of an exclusive window in which they can relocate to a different part of Leicester City Stadium. This window will be open between 9am on Friday 24 March and 2pm on Monday 27 March. Only those Season Ticket Holders who are required to relocate will have access to alternative seats that are not currently occupied by other Season Ticket Holders. Read more at