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  1. Just for context - Before my son got his season ticket this year he was a Junior Fox member for several seasons. During that time he had opportunities to go to Christmas parties at Mega Zone and at the club, events at the club and training ground, He got the chance to play on the King Power pitch at the end of this season where the club held a massive event allowing well over 100 kids of all ages that opportunity. When he attended these events he was always given free stuff from filbert fox teddy bears, medals, meeting players, Easter eggs and more. The cost of all those events?? FREE! When I been to purchase tickets for us in the family stand, the price of his ticket? FREE Having got his first season ticket this year, if we sat in the family stand his season ticket would have been FREE for the next 4 seasons. The club do more for the children and the wider community all for free and it's not to be over looked. I'm not well off or rich but for me the £365 it has cost me for him to have the mascot experience is worth every penny and i would much rather save up and buy that than say an Xbox or Nintendo switch.
  2. Not every mascot package is £600, that's the price for the "Big 6". I brought my lad a mascot package this season and was his main Christmas present cost me around £365. I/We have waited for 3 seasons for the opportunity and whilst it is a tad excessive it is an experience he will never forget. The only difference between the £365 and the £600 packages are the fact you get a three course meal thrown in.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 100 seconds  
  4. Crumpets - Not being able to open a pack without being committed to eat 6 in 24hrs before they go off, yet on a "share" bag of chocolates I get a resealable tab, which nobody ever uses...first world problems
  5. Shirts are on the website. https://shop.lcfc.com/collections/ohl-leuven
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  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 78 seconds  
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 139 seconds  
  9. 2-0 down....I'm heading to the safehouse
  10. Today only (Thursday 13 September), Leicester City fans can ‘join the squad’ with free personalisation on new adidas replica kit purchases! - Free name and number personalisation available with any 2018/19 Leicester City replica kit transaction made on Thursday 13 September - This 24-hour offer is valid on shop.LCFC.com and in the Foxes Fanstore - Offer ends 11:59pm BST on Thursday 13 September (in store offer ends 6pm BST) Supporters are urged to snap up this rare early season offer by personalising their shirts on shop.LCFC.com or in the Foxes Fanstore at King Power Stadium. New purchases only qualify, where official Premier League letters (normally £4 each) and numbers (£1 each) can be added to City shirts at no additional cost. Premier League sleeve badges, priced at £6 outside the offer period, can also be added free of charge, while Bia Saigon sleeve sponsorship remains free to add. To claim, simply visit the Foxes Fanstore or buy at shop.LCFC.com during the specified time period. In addition, Season Ticket Holders and Fox Members will earn 10 and five per cent in Foxes Rewards respectively on all sales. https://www.lcfc.com/news/847697/free-personalisation-on-adidas-kit-purchases-for-24-hours
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  12. I think we can all agree the kid and his dad were the real winners in all this, proper drama queen.
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  14. Sounds like someone needs some bubble wrap and a safe place! What happens if your new seat is next to a child that you don't like the look of? or whose behaviour does not befit your standards? Fuching snowflakes these day
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