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  1. You think its bad now, wait until you've lived in it for a year or so I think my Taylor Wimpey home was built on a Friday at 4pm
  2. Yeah that works, anything on Google Playstore that loads up on to Andriod will work under the same subscription. With Netflix App you can download films and shows onto the tablet, this is what I do with my lads tablet before we go away.
  3. The Rocket, Empire and Two Triangles proper boozers
  4. Through an app on your box. I use ZenMate, Nord VPN and Express VPN are popular ones too.
  5. Who's that then? Was kind of hoping Wakeling would be on the bench for Weds.
  6. So Binance was hacked back in 2019, hackers stole $40m worth of Bitcoin. Binance reimbursed any users who lost their funds through Binance funds insurance. https://www.wired.com/story/hack-binance-cryptocurrency-exchange/ BINANCE IS ONE of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. As of Tuesday, it’s now also the scene of a major cryptocurrency theft. In what the company calls a “large-scale security breach,” hackers stole not only 7,000 bitcoin—equivalent to over $40 million—but also some user two-factor authentication codes and API tokens. Theft has long been endemic
  7. I think its just having an awreness and not being complactent thinking your funds are totally safe being left on an exchange. Anyone could hack your computer or phone and easilly transfer those funds if the right securities are not in place. I keep my smaller bags on Binance exchange but my bigger Etherium bags are kept offline in cold wallet.
  8. I'm in Narborough on the Pastures, decent enough area based here mainly for the links to Fosse Park, Motorway, Hinckley etc. Reasons are being close enough to the city but far enough away from it to get the best of both worlds. We've been looking at NW Leicestershire for our next move, seems to offer more value in property/garden size than other parts of the county.
  9. Just stored on the exchange, It depends on what you want to do with your BTC if its for a long term investment then get your own wallet, if its for temp gains then keep it on the exchange. Its important to do your own research there is 1000's of people out there with more knowledge.
  10. Yes, probably the most secure out of them as they are kept in cold wallets. So much blood on the streets I'm getting stacks of cheap crypto atm.
  11. I don't tip, having worked in the social care sector and at LRI from my late teens to mid twenties I never got a tip and it was a lot harder work than taking plates from a kitchen to a table and back again.
  12. Watched Umbrella Academy over the past week, decent watch. Money Hiest season 1 was a good watch, given myself a break before watching the second series.
  13. I got Sky Docs on Now Tv for £4.99 a month, worth it just for Sky Docs, McMillions(HBO) is a great watch about the huge Mcdonalds Monoploly scam that happened in the USA amongst other great stuff.
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