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  1. Thinking of heading down this afternoon. Does anyone know what the queues are like now and whether it is worth it?
  2. No time has been announced yet but according to the mercury website (so it must be true) a local MP has heard it may even be tomorrow or much later today
  3. Appreciate that (i thought I had replied to your PM but maybe not as i'm not the most techno person in the wold!!!) We have paid ourselves to do the check and sure enough the very large red triangle that came up on the first page was enough for us.They say they will try to get the money back to us by the weekend but i'm not holding out much hope and sometimes I even feel sorry for them as they keep banging on about how tough it has been for the last 3-4 months and I totally get that. However I then change my mind knowing they were happy to take the life savings of an 18 year old girl buying her first own car and they couldn't give a monkeys knowing she was driving round in a potential death trap.
  4. We have just checked on Autotrader and they have 8 cars advertised as CAT S/N but on their own website and motors,co.uk there is no mention of it. We have been in touch with the CAB and they are contacting Trading Standards to report them
  5. Thanks. Think even he would be gobsmacked at their attitude to their customers
  6. Thanks for all the replies to this so far HOWEVER we have just been going through the paperwork that we had with the vehicle, including some reciepts for work carried out etc.. and found out that on the 22nd November 2018 this car was sold as a CAT S insurance write-off. We were not told of this at any point as I would have walked away and even today at 12;30 the car is still listed on their website at £500 more than we paid for it and it does not state anything about our discovery. i'm assuming this doesn't really change our rights but surely they cannot be allowed to get away with this.
  7. Thanks for the reply. We took a template letter off of a website yesterday rejecting the car and sent it by recorder delivery so i'm assuming they had just received it this morning and that prompted their response. If i return the car and the company goes under before i get the money back i'm stuck potentially with nothing. at least if i still have the car i can get it repaired and sell it on even though at a loss. Obviously this all depends on what happens in the next week or 2. The car sales we have bought the car from we are due to collect tomorrow are aware and they are very kindly offering advice but don't want to commit to anything legally which i fully understand.
  8. They didnt mention finance so unfortunately thats not an option but thanks for the info. Since the message I had around 11am this morning ive heard nothing from them. They are aware we have sourced another car for my daughter and are collecting it tomorrow afternoon and want this gone. My wife has booked the day off work tomorrow and we are planning on starting the proccess of takimg legal advice and contacting as many organisations as we think neccessary. I was hoping they would see sense but they have had enough chances to sort it before it got this far. They have admitted to me the garage is struggling but they dont get why i wont let them take the car on the promise they will pay me back in 14 days.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have just checked and their website does state they are regulated by the FCA so that is another route we could try. I have had a message this morning from the garage asking how much we want back (how they cannot find that out themselves I do not know) so i'm hoping something is in the pipeline but how they have been so far i'm not getting too excited just yet.
  10. Hi all, sorry but this will go on a bit but wondering if anybody can advise please. On the 22nd July 2020 my daughter bought a 63 plate Ford KA from a dealer in Nottinghamshire.. We had viewed it a couple of days before and left a deposit and then transfered the money the day before we collected it so it was basically go there, collect the car and drive away. When we arrived the car was started whilst we were sorting the paperwork out, but we switched it off to give my daughter time to have a look around it. When we came to start it again the battery was flat. The owner came over and explained it would be because the car had been moved around on the forecourt and the boot etc would have been open. He started it with his booster pack but as we needed petrol we had to take this with us to a garage to fill up as we knew it would be very unlikely the car would start (which it didn't) We returned the pack and drove the 45 miles home and assumed once back the battery would have charged and everything would be good. Once home the car was exactly the same (battery was dead) and my wife, who had followed us home, said the brake lights were not working correctly. I rang the garage and they apologised and told me to return the car to them and they would fit a new battery but obviously i pointed out how can i return the car if it wouldn't start. after 30 mins or so they rang me back and asked if i knew a local mechanic who could replace the battery and they would pay the bill. I know a local mechanic so he came up at 6;30pm to test the battery etc.. and order a new one. He started the car and and revved it up to see if the battery was charging. Whilst he was doing this he became aware of a ticking and at first thought it could be the water pump rattling but within 5 minutes he had diagnosed the gearbox was in a very bad condition and told us the car shouldn't be driven. I immediatley rang the mobile number for the garage and the chap who answered it was very abrupt (moaning he had just done a 12 hour day and didn't need this tonight) I passed the phone to the mechanic for him to explain what he had found and the garage man told him he was there to fit a battery and not looking for other faults. We were offered the chance to return the car for a full refund or get it repaired (the estimate from my mechanic was around £800 + VAT) The garage refused to pay this and then told us we needed to return the car for a refund, again i pointed out that the car would not start and i had been advised not to drive it. As it now stands the dealer is insisting they will not refund the money until the car is back on there forecourt and then it will take up to 14 days before we get our money back. However they have admitted to me (a lot of communication between ourselves is via text or whatsapp messages so i have proof of what they are saying) that there bank accounts have been frozen by 'Worldpay' and the only way they would be able to afford to pay us back is if they sell other stock to raise the funds. Obviously i'm insisting the car is not leaving my drive until the money is back in my account and it has now reached a stalemate. i have spoken to a couple of people more in the know than me and they are convinced they cannot have the car back until i have the money back , one has suggested contacting the RAC as it is an approved garage and had supposedly had a pre-delivery inspection carried out. Thanks for the time in reading this and any help greatly appreciated Nick
  11. Hi i have a code if someone would like it send me a message. - sorry code gone
  12. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/watch-heart-stopping-a46-near-2948228 When you get idiots like this trying to cross the junction you can see why someting needs to be done.
  13. Officially yes. We have been to see Loughborough Lightning a few times and went to Liverpool last year for the Netball World Cup. it is an incredibly fast paced and skilful game and some of the lesser countries that cant keep pace play dirty. If you watch away from the ball it is suprising how many times you see little digs at the opposition like standing on someone's foot or tripping or shoulder barging. Football has changed over the last 30-40 years as the balls themselves have changed and boots worn nowadays are more like a pair of slippers. Everything in the modern game is designed for a fast paced game, it probably wont be long before the shirts have a jet pack built in
  14. Have you ever watched Netball? My Daughters play it for a local side so I have seen a few games over the last 18 months or so and I can assure you there is as much contact in a 60 minute game of Netball as there is in a 90 minute game of Football. The biggest difference is the umpires decision is final and nobody argues.
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