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  1. daddylonglegs

    Harry Maguire will be a big player for us.

    Changed it for you
  2. daddylonglegs

    Colombia v England - last 16 round - 03/07 at 19:00ko

    Is anyone else uncharacteristically nervous? Normally I'm very meh about England games but I've got such a good/terrible feeling about this tournament.
  3. daddylonglegs

    Mahrez replacements

    I've highlighted in bold the ones who aren't good enough to consistently start at this level for you.
  4. daddylonglegs


    I mean... it was When you quote half of my post it isnt. They're similar. They were both written off after a year and have similar playing styles.
  5. daddylonglegs


    Vardy was useless when he joined. The situation is definitely similar Really quick, poor first touch, poor finishing, played out of position. I'd be fine giving him another year.
  6. daddylonglegs

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Old Bob is furious.
  7. daddylonglegs

    Bumper World Cup Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 2 seconds FFS i got kicked out for no reason !!
  8. daddylonglegs

    James Maddison Confirmed

    **** me didn't see this coming
  9. daddylonglegs

    James Maddison

    If Puel can create a system that gets Vardy, Kelechi, Maddison & Diabete in the same team then he is a much better manager than we give him credit for. Unfortunately I don't think its possible. Looking like a 41212 with Maddison behind JV & Kelechi. Midfield three of Wilf, Silva & Iborra/Choudhury I guess.
  10. daddylonglegs

    Jonny Evans Signs

    Robertson & Maguire are evidence that signing defenders from relegated teams can work wonders. Good luck Jonny!
  11. daddylonglegs

    Master Puel

    We had to adapt?! You're seriously telling me you didn't enjoy paying good money every week to watch Simpson and Morgan lumping balls into channels for Vardy to aimlessly chase? You traitor.
  12. daddylonglegs


    For me that's 4 genuine leaders we'll have out there now. Vardy as captain. Maguire, Silva & now Evans organizing. Suddenly I'm excited for August...
  13. daddylonglegs


    Yessssss. Evans signing means we will now line up: Schmeichel Simpson Morgan Maguire Chilwell
  14. daddylonglegs

    Net Spend Since 15/16

    Somewhere Sean Dyche and all Burnley fans are wanking themselves into oblivion looking at how little they've spent.
  15. daddylonglegs

    Jack Grealish

    We're crying out for a No.10. He's been good in the championship but personally i'd prefer going for someone with top flight experience.