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  1. PALACE (H)..up next.. Thoughts?

  2. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    p.s if this doesnt make you long for another European tour I dont know what will! Crazy how a song made famous with us after an absolute twatting reminds me of good times.
  3. Southampton (A) 4-1 Post Match Thread

    best performance since Sevilla at home?
  4. Songs that make you cringe ?

    TBF I've had no respect for the club since they got rid of Uptown Funk pre match. How tf are we supposed to give it to em without pre match clapper unison? It's a disgrace and leaves a bad taste.
  5. Will we see Andy King leave in January ?

    I speak to his Mum sometimes at away games. She always says he wants to play football so has considered leaving. There's often Championship clubs & the Watfords and Burnleys of the world interested in him. She always says how much he loves it here though. It's got to be a difficult decision. He'll take a pay cut to go somewhere else, but he'll get to finish his career playing week in week out. Whatever he does he'll always, always be a complete and utter legend to me. I always got him on the back of my shirt growing up and he's still one of my favourite players now.
  6. Paul Taylor - Of Fossils & Foxes

    RIP. Never spoke to him but often saw him at away games, especially in London. I'm very glad the club managed to give him something back for all his hard work, with the PL title - as I imagine like all of us he saw some crap during his time! Thoughts with his family and friends.
  7. Southampton (A) pre-match

    It would be great if we go through this season and exclusively lose to the big teams and no mid table crap. Definitely should be looking to get a result.
  8. FIFA 18

    On the overall gameplay... does anyone really enjoy it? I feel like I have to work so much harder to win games, and the bullshit the game throws up (static defending, ludicrous nutmegs & I never win a 50/50!) is exactly the same. The trading part, and building up to a good team is more of a reason to own the game than the actual gameplay.
  9. Robbie Brady Injury

    A proper bad weirdo. The type that gets annoyed at Juan Mata for 'only' donating 1% of his yearly salary to charity.
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 8 seconds
  11. Went on to the Spurs forum to see what they had to say about it. They have just added to the match thread from 18 months ago... So i scrolled back to Hazard's goal and the final whistle. Some absolute belters in here. Here's my personal favourite three: 1) 2) and who can forget, my personal favourite: THEY ARE ON ****ING DRUGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Newcastle (A) pre-match

    Shinji got goal of the season here two years back so I fully expect him to come back in and perform the same heroics again.
  13. Burnley (H).. Up next.. Thoughts?

    Everton have been crap all season. Southampton are average at best. Bournemouth are toilet. P.S beating a team with 10 men, finishing with 9 men, doesn't get a huge round of applause from me.
  14. Burnley (H).. Up next.. Thoughts?

    You're conveniently forgetting that in that season we completely tore teams apart and were more than worthy of our position in the top 4 at this stage. It would be very generous to say they are showing the same sort of form, both in terms of results, and in terms of performances, that we were. Burnley are 6th for a reason, because they're clinical and defend very well as a team. I cant knock that. However - to suggest fixtures haven't been kind to them would be completely naïve. They've played 6 out of the bottom 8. At home. It's November. For contrast we've played 2. Again - they've done brilliantly to pick up points at Chelsea (They faced 10 men for 90% of the game and 9 men for 10% of it), Spurs and Liverpool (where they faced a combined 63 shots). I'll start showing a bit more respect for them in a couple of months. Their manager is a complete and utter bellend, for me, making his team pretty unlikeable. They've got a horrendous run in January/First week of Feb where they play Spurs, United twice, Liverpool and City in 6 weeks. If by that stage they're still showing a similar league position I'll happily hold my hands up and eat my words.
  15. Burnley (H).. Up next.. Thoughts?

    Breathe. Read what I said. I'll copy and paste it again for you. 'They're bloody good at beating crap teams'.