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  1. The problem with having a small squad is that a lot of people are suggesting teams that are great because they don’t include out of form players.... but this is United away. A back 4 of Amartey Cags Ndidi & Castagne is gonna get slaughtered 🤣 The following don’t deserve a place on the starting XI next game based on last night: Ricardo, Cags, Fofana, Ndidi, Maddison, Vardy... but they’ll all play because we’ve got no realistic alternative!
  2. Someone’s just mentioned Milner and I think it’s a brilliant shout.
  3. ‘Destroying this club’ is the phrase you use about Mike Ashley or the Venky’s - not a manager who’s sitting 3rd in the table and in an FA cup final. Tonight was shite, a lot of individual performances were verging on embarrassing & Brendan got it wrong. But wow some strong words used here.
  4. Easy 4-0 win #JM10 3 free kicks (only ward prowse has more since august 2018 did you know?) and a Vardy screamer.
  5. Went right up in my estimations when he dropped Maddison and Perez re Covid gate. But yeah, it’s painful watching him defend these morons. I get that he’s got to, but I kind of just want him to say ‘yeah that was pretty shite wasn’t it?’
  6. Don’t worry about it mate. He’s #JM10. Scored the all important 8th in the 9-0 from a free kick. There’s your story.
  7. Mate, he wears an alice band, posts a lot on social media and scores a free kick every season. Plus he’s got a good agent. There will be plenty of demand !!!
  8. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
  9. The only reason anyone should have any hope about this season.... Last season we were being hunted down by a bang in form United side. They went on a ridiculous run of games and ate away at our margin over a 7-10 game spell. This season we’re being chased by a very average Liverpool side and West Ham, who have a dodgy result in them too. One thing’s for sure - this side doesn’t have it in them to get it done themselves. We’re just going to have to pray that those around us crumble like we’re starting to.
  10. **** him. Sell him, I’m sure we can find someone else to prance around for 70 mins for about 10% of the salary.
  11. Game is still fresh in my mind. I honestly ****ing hate James Maddison. It’s not his fault his weekly salary is as high as it is, but he’s been an absolute cockhead in public and broken covid rules despite being privileged enough to go to work (lol) every day and see his mates... he’s then walked straight back into the first XI (despite Perez hitting a good vein of form - yes I know perez was also a cockhead) and has done the square route of **** all. Wish he’d **** off in the summer and we invest someone with less talent and a smaller ego.
  12. The thing is as much as I’d love to finish top 4, this side has shown time and time again that when the shit hits the fan we crumble. It’d be great to be called a European club & all that, but is there any point if you’re just going to throw it all away when the going gets tough?
  13. Anyone else just have so many emotions right now that they can’t come up with a coherent response to that?
  14. He’s such a **** isn’t he hahaha it’s so good that people are cottoning on to how overrated the guy is. Thank you very much chelsea for £60m come the summer 👍🏻👍🏻
  15. Man on form that back 6 is absolutely delicious. We keep them fit for a while I think we're gonna have a great season next year, with Justin to come in too.
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