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  1. He'll be our manager until a CL team wants to take a punt on him. We don't have the funds to get rid. Interesting how people are calling for patience with him. In the last 19 games (Half a PL Season) We've picked up 6 wins. I think that's pretty poor. If we carry on with that form I think it'd be justified calling for his head.
  2. How about this.... Perez, Barnes & Praet were all shite. Perez you can give credit as he tried to do something with the ball, regardless of how poorly that went. Barnes looks like he thinks hes the dogs bollocks at the moment (which I like) but it didnt come off for him Praet was a passenger and isn't a number 10.
  3. hahaha this really tickled me. Add in Perez picking up the ball in a fantastic position 10+ times only to fall over 10+ times and it's spot on.
  4. Soyuncu, Pereira, Ndidi, Maddison & Vardy all injured at the same time. 'It never rains but it pours'
  5. Think this is a particularly annoying loss as we've had to deal with a pointless international break between the last dreadful performance and this one. I think people's standards have been massively hindered by how bad we were from late December last year through til the start of this season. Not creating a chance (please don't call Maddison hitting a freekick from 20 yards into the wall or Tielemans' deflected shot from 25 yards 'chances') in 3 hours of football against defences that finished 16th and 17th respectively in the Premier League last year is evidence of bad
  6. This is a fairly similar line that I used after most games for the majority of the first half of 2020. You just don't know what team will show up these days!
  7. Dunno. Feel like squad player can be someone who comes in as and when there's an injury, they shouldn't be relied upon to start more than 5-10 games a year.
  8. Looked every inch a league 1 player today. One of those where he’s realistically never going to play RB for us while Timmy/Ricardo are here. a useful squad player but he can’t be a starting option at LB if we’re going to challenge for top 6.
  9. easy to say it’s a knee jerk reaction with all the hate for Perez, but it is the same issue with him every game. his positional ability is not questioned, he picks up positions in really useful areas and Tielemans found him 4 or 5 times today, but every single time he gave it away. This is nothing new. I have no doubt that Maddison would’ve played that role today, or Praet. I think Perez has had his chance and if worst comes to worst we play Iheanacho in that role.
  10. We were pretty bad today but that’s the best I’ve seen an opposition team play at the KP (with the exception of Liverpool last season) for a very long time. Southampton were great last season, too - but that was just about the perfect away performance. From a Leicester perspective - Justin, Evans, Soyuncu, Perez were all woeful. Mendy and Tielemans did fine. The rest passengers. 9 from 4 is a good start without 2 of our best players. Have a break then go again!
  11. this would involve us doing a goal. no chance. 0-0 is the hope!!
  12. Think we'll lose if Vardy & Schemichel aren't on their games (See every game from the lockdown for reference). Schmeichel Justin Soyuncu A centre back Fuchs Ndidi Tielemans Choudhury Barnes Gray Vardy
  13. Ffs Brendan get off Foxes talk and sign some players!
  14. Now a photo of Youri, too! World's gone mad.
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