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  1. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    There is no excuse for Schmeichel kicking the ball out of play as much as he does. I don't care if its difficult to get it right on Chilwell's head every time. We're not expecting Manuel Neuer level's, I'd just quite like it if when our keeper kicked the ball up the pitch it occasionally stayed between the white lines. Even if we lose the ball.
  2. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    The point I’m making is that he’s heralded at tomes as this class keeper because of a) some very very good performances and b) his surname. In reality he’s bottom 7 or 8 overall goalies in this league.
  3. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    This is the exact sort of attitude that is music to schmeichel’s ears. He’ll still play week in week out regardless of how shite he is as an all round goalkeeper because he’s had some great games for us. have you not noticed that he’s not discussed in the same conversation as Courtois, De Gea & Lloris? Because they’re actually good all round goalkeepers. Schmeichel is a good shot stopper. No one can argue with that. From open play. He has so many weaknesses it’s untrue. But he will continue to be picked because his deputies are also very average. Direct free kicks, distribution, dealing with crosses, catching the ball. Cannot do any of it. We may not be able to find anyone better at shot stopping but I’m fairly confident I’d have done better with their second today. Horrendously overrated
  4. West Brom away pre match thread

    Bad weirdo
  5. Stoke post match 1-1

    Can’t stand people saying don’t make james the scape goat. It’s got nothing to do with ‘making him the scape goat’. When you’re the worst player on the pitch (from both sides) you’re going to get called out on it. Stop defending him because he’s been unlucky with injuries. He’s not a bad footballer but he’s no where near good enough for this team. Not an ounce of creativity, not strong enough, not quick enough, not intelligent enough. You can’t just be a ‘tidy’ player in a midfield 2 that dominates the ball. Not good enough. However - I attach absolutely no blame to him. Nor do I attach any blame to Gray. Furthermore - I don’t blame simpson for not suiting this system. Simpson, for example can’t play football. He just can’t. In this system he has to be comfortable with the ball and he isnt. He’s an Excellent defender but when it comes to actively using the ball - that’s not him. James is not good enough to play in a PL two. That’s not his fault. Gray is not a number 10. Not his fault he’s being played there. Today, Watford, Palace, Swansea, City in the cup, lies completely with Puel - and I like him, too. Don’t compare him with shakespeare - we’re not barcelona under Puel but **** me were we terrible under Shakespeare - we’re playing better football now. Puel - please, PLEASE - stop playing the deadwood and play the best players, in their best positions.
  6. FIFA 18

    I had shearer 89 for ages. Scored a shit tonne for me. Upgraded to the 91 and he is very very decent. 125 goals in 150 games so cant really complain with that. What formation did you play him in? Have to make sure you utilise him in the air. He just doesn't miss.
  7. Fuchs or Chilwell

    If Chilwell stops being so thick at key times in games he could be a real player for us. We're safe, still in the cup... happy to keep rotating. Chilwell all season next year, though
  8. Morgan or Dragovic?

    Schmeichel Dragovic Morgan Maguire Albrighton Chilwell Silva/Iborra Ndidi Mahrez Vardy Shinji/Kelechi
  9. another school shooting

    Don't know if this has been said already - but I just skimmed over this as it happens so often now. I remember so vividly Sandy Hook and being genuinely devastated about it. Innocent kids ffs being brutally murdered. The government's ignorance and pathetic cowardly lack of regulation has meant that it happens so often now that It doesn't even surprise me anymore.
  10. No Questions Asked Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 39 seconds  
  11. I swear if Schmeichel gets above an average of 4 (meaning people have rated his performance as either ‘average’ or above) then this forum needs to have a word
  12. Smelly supporters

    hahahaha i love that the club have told him to wash and hes just been like 'no'. Incredible shithousery cant wait for the next chapter
  13. FIFA 18

    I have Hamsik on the left handside of a midfield 3. IF Allan doing the Kante role, Rui Costa doing a similar role to Hamsik on the other side - picking up scraps on the edge of the box. Takes time but he is decent and a good finisher.
  14. Hope they get shafted in these. We just failed to beat Swansea at home ffs. Our manager brought on Matty James when we were chasing a win ffs Kasper Schmeichel concedes from another set piece ffs F F S
  15. FIFA 18

    I've got 89 Hamsik. Hated him at the start but he's very good now.