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  1. Absolutely. He's even come back from injuries before. I think he's certainly owed the benefit of the doubt that he can come back and be at the level he was at the start of the season. It may even be that he continues to underperform until next season. We don't have an option other than to play him, so we've got to just get behind him.
  2. I think if we'd all had trips to Prague & sunny Portugal we'd feel a bit different about it. As you say, at this stage it feels like a waste of time.
  3. A very big factor behind anyone who's played as number 10 for Leicester in the last 2 years, is that he's got Youri Tielemans in an 8 behind him. Tielemans biggest problem last night was that he didn't have a clone of himself behind him.
  4. Our squad Players are pish. Choudhury & under are championship level. Making a reckless tackle and shooting from 40 yards doesn’t make you an interesting prospect, it makes you bang average.
  5. If this game has one positive from it hopefully it’ll hit home with some fans that our squad isn’t even half as good as people think it is. From a first XI perspective we’re probably the 3rd best in England. Our options from the bench (and therefore those that start in games like tonight) are championship standard.
  6. I actually feel a bit nervous about tonight, which is a nice change from 'oh, we're playing again. great.'! A really big match in the context of our season. If we can go into the final quarter of the season in the top 4, in the last 8 of the FA Cup and the last 16 of the EL it'll be fantastic.
  7. Im sure this has been mentioned at some stage but the lack of correct pronunciation by paid professionals commentating on our games is appalling. Savage must have commentated on 6 Leicester games yet he still calls Kelechi 'Innyacho'.
  8. Yep, i have absolutely no doubt when he looks like he's lost the ball, that actually he was simply lampooning us.
  9. I think you're bang on but in the 'Youri Tielemans' role (I.e. a hybrid between a holding midfielder and an 8), he's comfortably the best in the league. KDB & Bruno are better players but obviously play very different roles.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Was getting frustrated at the second half but it’s completely understandable really isn’t it. Fantastic 3 points, what a month February has been for us so far.
  11. I know all teams feel pretty reliant on one star player, but Leicester & Villa are massive examples of that. If Grealish is fit I think I’d take A point, but if he doesn’t - anything other than a win feels like a waste to me
  12. Play the kids this one will be well easy !!!!!
  13. Think he comes across really well there. As much as I think on the field it didn't work for him & he didn't offer us much, it's funny how because he's a bit dramatic on social media that people think he didn't work hard or didn't like the guy personally.
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