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  1. i saw someone rocking a white west ham one and it looked class. the England umbro kits were always top notch.
  2. covid kills at risk people we don't need a ****ing vaccine, same as not needing flu shots.
  3. just get an Umbro sponsorship. they actually make unique quality kits. **** this rent a kit template bollocks
  4. can't stand this villa team. cheating, play acting, rats.
  5. people in england are suckas. there are plenty of people who won't.
  6. funny reading comments/tweets singing susan whelan's praises
  7. disagree. he's got the talent to perform there, a club in a decent position and looked good in pre season for us. a good loan and he'll be in with a proper shout.
  8. an elite club wins things, especially if they are from a major capital city with the revenue that provides. spurs pretend to be elite. they ain't.
  9. you can see why they thought it might work and may turn out to be a bargain. it wasn't so we move on.
  10. ive wanted to go to braga's ground for years
  11. 4/15 faves to win i think - someone on reddit worked it out
  12. i can see the headline now Cuisance the Nuisance
  13. the fact that **** is still getting a wage is an absolute joke he must do some interesting stuff, with the right people, in his spare time that keeps him employed
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