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  1. when the core of your argument is pre season tours and financial turnover you are ****ed
  2. they have Auba and Lacazette both of who will have the vultures circling for them. Pepe and ozil will be left behind.
  3. i don't disagree he's playing well but i don't see why we would change a winning formula and risk unbalance. Perez does good work down the sideline and and edge of the box, is getting better at holding the ball up and interplay along the flank. he creates space and tires the defense which affords Gray greater opportunities with his direct running and speed when he comes on.
  4. Well by the looks of it goals is the main factor. No way ndidi and Evans shouldn’t be in the top 15 chilwell and Cags have scored recently and Perez had that hat trick.
  5. A draw is almost equal to a Man City win - both “challengers’ dropping two points is better than one winning and won losing. Draws cost you over the season more than alternate wins and losses.
  6. let jonnytake a free kick and then we'll find out
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