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  1. if you think the people at the top follow Christianity you need to do a bit more research. It was clearly taken over by something more nefarious hundreds if not thousands of years ago. The symbolism and shit they get up to makes this pretty obvious.
  2. Out Foxed

    Andy King to..........

    great move for Kingeh
  3. Out Foxed

    Claude's black eye!

    looks like alice cooper
  4. Out Foxed

    Nice pubs in Leicester

    devastated to hear about the clarreh. my local when i'm back in leicester
  5. strange article - seems as though the writer has a theory and he is twisting everything to prove it. we have played cardiff, burnley, brighton southampton and watford. we should be getting clean sheets.
  6. pretty sure Vardy has said those comments in interviews or a book mate. he's not belled up John Percy for this article, ya loon.
  7. Out Foxed

    Here and Now: Nigel Pearson in his own words

    not sure what happened to my brain there. i turned cardiff into watford and leeds into cardiff. weird
  8. Out Foxed

    Here and Now: Nigel Pearson in his own words

    Pretty sure we lost to Leeds on pens..i wasn't the manager though.
  9. Out Foxed

    Daniel Obi - One for the future.

    Shinji and Obi =
  10. Out Foxed

    LCFC Support For Rainbow Laces Campaign

    clearly no gay people in Algeria
  11. Out Foxed

    Fulham Away

    still looking for 1 or 2 for this
  12. Out Foxed

    Lack of creativity under Puel

    we've always struggled against teams that set up to defend. Our players aren't intelligent enough or the manager's tactics haven't been good enough to work around this. That's not a defense of Puel, just pointing it out.
  13. Out Foxed

    Ticket Exchange: Positive Feedback

    @Hayley Bingham helped me out massively with Palace tickets. Great seller!