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  1. needs dropping like a bad habit
  2. im on that exact site you arsey little bastard
  3. Ooft nice reference
  4. dunno why they don't just swap the kop with the family stand. would improve the atmosphere especially if we turn off goal music.
  5. urgh. i was on a stag in ibiza at ocean beach or whatever that place is called. me and another leicester fan went into the empty bar next door to watch it. should have stayed by the pool.
  6. and fair play to Emile for putting off that rat from sky's question saying maddison isn't for sale and then picking grealish
  7. maddison needs to learn not to just smash the ball when in the box. he's done it against man u twice and last night. he's quality from outside the area (some shots aside) but placement and composure would benefit. he's been watching too many vardy highlights.
  8. He looks decent and it was his first proper game but let’s not forget we were playing a much lower standard of tea. He would have been caught out a couple of times by Prem standard players.
  9. In the championship and next to Kante in a different system. two very different propositions especially as he was x years younger.
  10. VAR an embarrassment again, they get a goal disallowed for half a kneecap being offside even though he still had to put a perfect ball in and the geezer finished it really well. then don't give a pen for a push in the penalty area. not a great game but we did what we had to do.
  11. Shame it had to go down like that but he was a ****ing godawful ref
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