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  1. In July 2000, Sutton was convicted of two charges of common assault and fined £300 plus costs after an incident outside a restaurant in which he spat in the face of another man says it all
  2. Are you Australian? High altitude training abroad, local friendlies and a glamour tie.
  3. Yeah they may make mistakes but they are not afraid to own up to them in turns of being precious about decisions.
  4. Those stats say we should buy Keane/Lascelles/Tarkowski and sell Soy or Benkovic and keep Maguire.
  5. Sounds like an actor that plays the lead in Hospital based TV show so it’s a no from me.
  6. I’ve told the story but I stayed up till stupid o’clock to watch it in Australia. Pissed me off for a whole week.
  7. I was looking at getting that Germany shirt. So I’ll just get that instead. **** that now I’ve seen kingfox’s post. I’ll get the black one.
  8. He did worse than that. He was toxic in the dressing room. He’s a **** of the highest order.
  9. With some of the big boys being in their weakest position for years in terms of squad talent and depth, now is the time. so long as we retain and improve; next season could be a corker.
  10. Stringer is an egotistical douchebag and shit at his job. I’m more than happy with the current situation. I find it bizarre that anyone would be worrying about Ian Stringer, since the split, in their spare time.
  11. Sorry I’ve just reread. I meant we do well in terms of always basically hitting capacity. That read like I was saying we were only just making it.
  12. Apologies if discussed but what do we see as the optimum attendance, at the moment we do really well to fill the stadium every week. Would 42k be too much and leave too many empty seats or do you think we could hit that?
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