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  1. bankers and hedge fund ***** should be the ones taking the hit. not footballers who do a lot for the community already.
  2. ricardo has been better than him since the turn of the year
  3. if we don't get in the champions league i'm done with it tbh. this season has been wank due to VAR.
  4. legend way underrated outside of leicester
  5. Yeah it borders on embarrassing at times the official twitter anyway. But I guess they’re rated on impressions and Turkish twitter users = lots of hits.
  6. may not be a proper football experience but Chelsea's hospitality is top drawer
  7. what they normally do...play fifa at home
  8. definitely not a class act he was an absolute **** earlier in the season. if he joins i want Soyuncu to give him a slap.
  9. i wouldn't dress like a new york grandma
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51459367 Chilwell and Barnes
  11. we could be doing what liverpool are doing and we'd still be wary against playing against the bottom ranked team. that's just how we are.
  12. bollocks you sound like one of those people who say "well i'm not doing anything illegal so i don't have to worry" as our liberties are eroded in the name of "security"
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