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  1. 4/15 faves to win i think - someone on reddit worked it out
  2. i can see the headline now Cuisance the Nuisance
  3. the fact that **** is still getting a wage is an absolute joke he must do some interesting stuff, with the right people, in his spare time that keeps him employed
  4. berahino is being touted for 20 mill no? we should be looking at him with that price
  5. a section of our fans sing a song telling maguire to **** off even though he left under infinitely better circumstances than those three.
  6. he's not very likeable and that piece tells me he doesn't really get it.
  7. it's not just that, the fact we don't just let players leave has increased prices. so they want to do the same and set a precedent.
  8. the media is the most deceitful medium in the world
  9. i dislike Chelsea, Spurs and Burnley more than Forest, Cov and Derbeh. I wanted Forest to get promoted and was happy for Cov. I can start disliking them again when we actually play them regularly.
  10. been the opposite for me as i stopped reading that bollocks. back in the day i'd be refreshing the transfer threads constantly. nowadays i feel my energy can be spent better elsewhere and if we sign someone we sign someone. every leicester post on twitter has a bunch of virgins on it going "announce x" even when it's nothing to do with transfers. embarrassing behaviour.
  11. could it not be the JM and BC did not put the proper work in in lockdown and that's why they got injured?
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