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  1. hamer did some terrible keeping in a game the other day
  2. our big money signings have always flopped
  3. i had one of them in the garden. good football that.
  4. we've got a great bunch of lads but that's part of the culture from the top no pun intended
  5. oh no I'm guessing they write about themselves on the EFL site Over a hugely successful career, Gavin Ward has experience in the EFL, as well as the Premier League and in International football. Ward was appointed to the Select Group 2 list of referees ahead of the 2018/19 season after over ten years as an EFL referee in League One and League Two. During that time, he took charge of the 2017/18 EFL Trophy Final between Shrewsbury Town and Lincoln City, as well as being the Fourth Official for the FA Vase Final in 2011.
  6. i'd ideally want them villa and burnley. not fussed about the other teams.
  7. he was the prototype for Rooney in some respects
  8. Out Foxed


    you're thinking of tagliatelle this is a human called tagliafico not sure how you got them mixed up - maybe invest in a carbon monoxide detector
  9. good. shite signings the lot of them.
  10. yeah i think that's most likely the biggest issue. let's face it, the area around freemans common is a bit of a shitshow for traffic
  11. decent site that. impressed. i'll get one for me pal - considering what he's done for the club, it's more than deserved.
  12. podcasts have given the annoying student/middle class twerps you'd usually have to endure in the pub a platform to navel gaze and bore people with their inane, i'm so smart and knowledgeable opinions.
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