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  1. Robo61

    Would you like safe standing?

    That cannot be described as "safe standing".
  2. Robo61

    Would you like safe standing?

    My understanding is that SW claimed that 5% of supporters would use safe standing if it was available not that they would like safe standing to be installed. I for one am not particularly surprised by that figure as most people these days prefer to watch any form of entertainment in comfort. You still haven't clarified what you mean by safe standing without the seats. Can tou give an example of where this is currently used?
  3. Robo61

    New training ground

    But that is not the case, there are currently too many courses and insufficient golfers to make them viable. Always sad for the members to lose a well loved facility but this may help others to survive.
  4. Robo61

    Season tickets bought today

    If Ticket Office staff are obtaining season tickets for their mates, I very much doubt the Clubs Management would support such behaviour. So rather than protest why don't those with evidence simply inform Jim.
  5. Robo61

    Crazy Stat Time!

    No, as we are not unbeatonšŸ¤”
  6. Robo61

    Mike Jones (Ref)

    But the linesman could not see the handball either has the keepers body was between the linesman and the ball when it made contact which has explained earlier he could not have done. If the referee does not see the ball hit the hand then he cannot give the freekick. Or do we want referees acting on intuition?
  7. Robo61

    Mike Jones (Ref)

    The ref was not able to see the handball because a player passed across him at the precise time that the ball made contact with the goalkeepers hand. Tell me what could the ref have done differently. If players never made a mistake no goals would ever be scored. Football is a game for human beings and therefore subject to the failings we all have. Will give it up when robots take over.
  8. Robo61

    Mike Jones (Ref)

    You also have to remember they are Miked up, so we don't know one way or the other whether they are consulti g each other on any one decision.