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  1. New training ground

    But that is not the case, there are currently too many courses and insufficient golfers to make them viable. Always sad for the members to lose a well loved facility but this may help others to survive.
  2. Season tickets bought today

    If Ticket Office staff are obtaining season tickets for their mates, I very much doubt the Clubs Management would support such behaviour. So rather than protest why don't those with evidence simply inform Jim.
  3. Crazy Stat Time!

    No, as we are not unbeatonšŸ¤”
  4. Mike Jones (Ref)

    But the linesman could not see the handball either has the keepers body was between the linesman and the ball when it made contact which has explained earlier he could not have done. If the referee does not see the ball hit the hand then he cannot give the freekick. Or do we want referees acting on intuition?
  5. Mike Jones (Ref)

    The ref was not able to see the handball because a player passed across him at the precise time that the ball made contact with the goalkeepers hand. Tell me what could the ref have done differently. If players never made a mistake no goals would ever be scored. Football is a game for human beings and therefore subject to the failings we all have. Will give it up when robots take over.
  6. Mike Jones (Ref)

    You also have to remember they are Miked up, so we don't know one way or the other whether they are consulti g each other on any one decision.
  7. Community Shield

    I will be most surprised if this is new memeberships though. Ticket allocation for this will be on the basis of last seasons membership level.
  8. Community Shield

    What has the sale of memberships got to do with ticket sales for the CS
  9. Crazy Stat Time!

    Saturday we equaled our highest number of away wins in the top division. This season will also be the first time we have won more away games than we've lost, again in the top division.
  10. Premier League Form Table

    The problem is the smaller the number of games we include the less it is about "form"and more about the quality of the opposition teams happened to have played during that period. For me going back only six games is no indicator of how each team is currently performing unless some account is taken of the oppostion.
  11. Premier League Form Table

    Whilst making mildley interesting reading I am not sure how useful form guide is in helping us determine where we might finish. For instance, in the last six matches we have played 4 of the the top 10 and Spurs have played just 2. If we look at our games against the teams Spurs have played in that period, then we beat all of them giving an average of 3 points per game.
  12. To be fare an apology was issued on Wednesday night.
  13. One for the stattos

    Those games were not on consecutive Saturdays
  14. But you forget a freeze is nearly a 20% reduction on price per match. So would expect matchday prices to come down by the same.