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  1. Unless I have missed something the update did not change this, i.e there will be no refund if you choose not to purchase a ST for either 2020/21 if these become available, or 2021/22, if they don't. All it did was confirm that the £70 could be put towards your 2021/22 ST. Yes this should have been said originally, but it is clear to me that was always going to be the case.
  2. No we would not have, as they have now made clear. Wolves charge over £100 a season more for their ST's but apparently in your eyes they look after their supporters better than our owners whose only crime seems to be a minor omission in communicating.
  3. No it was not, it was a deposit on your your ST. The original document made that clear, it simply omitted to say what would happen in the event of ST's not being available this season. This was corrected in the second document, though it changed nothing in reality. I agree that it should not have been omitted, but don't believe there was ever an intention to take money for no service.
  4. Firstly I never mentioned doughnuts etc, and would broadly agree with you on that topic, I was just pointing out that Wolves ST are significantly more expensive than ours. Secondly the offer to credit the £70 against next seasons ST if grounds aren't at full capacity by the end of this season, was not a change in policy given that the original proposal never contemplated that scenario.
  5. https://www.wolves.co.uk/media/8315/prices1920.pdf Really, my ST has cost me some £58 less than it would have done at Molyneax and I still have a £70 credit. When considering the clubs attitude to supporters we really should all try to look at the overall package.
  6. It must be remembered that our opponents have to agree to the pricing structures for Cup matches as they share the revenues. In terms of revenue this fixture will make more than if they had reduced the pricing by £5 and got a full ground. Whilst this may seem to be short sighted from the home clubs point of view the away side has maximsed its income whilst also getting the benefit of a bigger away following (by%), with no down side as far as I can see.
  7. That will be the final nail in the coffin as the already rich clubs will domunate the viewing fuiures and therefore te income. Whilst not a lover of the current system at least the coverage and revueue is spread out to a degree, when all games are televised live then the rich will just continue to get richer while clubs further down the food chain will wither.
  8. Ridiculous that could never happen!!
  9. Do you really believe that had the Man U penalty decision been at the other end a penalty would have been awarded to us.
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