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  1. Poznan34

    Ben White

    He's been getting rave reviews this season. I'd imagine Brighton would want a massive fee for him.
  2. What a team this is. Eight (eight!!!) Premier League wins in a row! Remember when 9 in a row in the Championship was mental?
  3. love that we're being more inventive on corners this season
  4. Man City's jazzed up Blue Moon is so cringe
  5. I can't believe the difference in opinion on him between LCFC fans and the general public. In Leicester he has demigod like status, but everyone else in the country thinks he's a weird boring manager who said that thing about ostriches.
  6. Steve Walsh is working as a consultant at Southampton atm https://theathletic.co.uk/1421113/2019/12/02/1421113/
  7. shame we don't play Arsenal again until April
  8. Arsenal are a mess. Highest season ticket prices in the world and they're absolute bobbins. £70m for Pepe, is he much better than Harvey Barnes?
  9. Is Vardy really on £150k? Seems a bit steep. Apparently Maguire was "only" on £80k last season, and that was his new contract after the World Cup. edit: steep meaning I thought he was on nearer to £100k, not that he isn't worth it
  10. c'mon the boys. express delivery of 3 points tonight please!
  11. Man City in the summer
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