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  1. Nice idea to keep all of our players and charge the top 6, but realistically if we get a £60m bid for Maguire, we should accept.
  2. Laurie Whitwell usually pretty bang on re LCFC. If I recall correctly, the first to break Ranieri sacking?
  3. Zzz another trophy for the man city machine
  4. scrolling down to replies to the club's tweet...possibly one of the worst opinions I've ever read on anything, ever.
  5. Maddison is better off playing a full u21 euros than being involved in the nations league (2 games, probably only a sub)
  6. Sheffield Wednesday did a ceremony thing before their game last week
  7. Poznan34

    Jordon Ibe

    Congerton at it already (joke) This is the opposite of the business we want to be doing. Emotional judgement on a player ( he was good 4/5 years ago, gave him his debut) vs smart, considered decision making.
  8. Ffs. Did no one at the club have the balls to say no to Rodgers? We've been doing some excellent recruitment over the past year and now it's going down the pan thanks to appointing this wally.
  9. What do we reckon it would take for us to accept a bid? £60m?
  10. If the fixture computer gives us a nice start and we get a bit of momentum up, I think we could have a proper go at cracking the top 6.
  11. we played well against a quality side, who needed a wonder strike to win. more concerned about Pep tapping up our players tbh
  12. Can't believe they've charged him. How can they charge him and not Declan Rice for his pro IRA comments? Just remind him of his responsibilities and move on. Do we know if this will affect his availability for the final two games? It would be a massive shame for him to miss them.
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