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  1. Quite jealous of this Wolves cup run. It could have been us!
  2. Obviously go for Europe! What's the alternative? Let Wolves or Watford have it? Think of all the quality away games!
  3. Great result, Burnley and their dire football can get in the bin. (ps if anyone wants a laugh, search #twitterclarets now )
  4. Via Whoscored: Full season pass accuracy: KS - 63% TH - 47% (Not that its a very useful stat, just shows that Heaton plays more long hoofs, KS does more short passing)
  5. LCFC used the new horizons hashtag for the adidas kit launch last season, so guess it's a continuation of that.
  6. I've not got a good feeling about today, tipping it down, Burnley fighting for their lives. Will be pleasantly surprised if we win.
  7. I think it says a lot that there wasn't much clamour from us as lcfc fans for him to be in the squad. He's been better recently, but before that went off the boil for a while. The stat is far from useless, but it lacks the context that a lot of his chances created have been from set pieces, which obvs is a different skill to open play passing.
  8. Chalobah has got to be up there, that's the best hit of a football I think I've ever seen.
  9. I've had to unfollow that deluded Brendan account already, not funny after that. Poor performance, hate Watford, hate Deeney. We never beat them away. Work to do for Rodgers.
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