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  1. Aside from his on pitch performances, Kasper personifies that mid 2010s LCFC spirit as much as anyone (same for Vardy, Wes). There's massive value in keeping him around for years to come to pass it on to the younger players.
  2. Omg stop complaining about the gold everyone!!11
  3. About the most diplomatic way to say we completely wet the bed second half of the season
  4. same wage as Callum Wilson at Bournemouth
  5. Some morbid curiosity, when was the last time (before this season) we properly bottled something?
  6. Win it! Will we even be able to attend? Quite fancy an Eastern European capital away day
  7. Monumental bottling. We were so far clear. Yes we've had injuries/bad luck but it's hard to feel anything but disappointment.
  8. 538 give us a 35% chance of Top 4 finish https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/premier-league/
  9. The Thailand logo isn't bad tbf, they could have had it in a different colour/included a Thai flag, as it is it's fairly neat and inoffensive. Slightly odd to be selling a different kit to the fans than the one they will wear for the majority of games, though.
  10. so...assuming Liverpool hold on tonight, we need a win on Sunday unless Chelsea lose to Wolves, in which case I draw would do. Unlikely but not impossible.
  11. how is that not a yellow for lo celso?
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