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  1. Only an hour away on the train. Where would he fit in with Drinky/Ndidi/Iborra?
  2. Both quality. Massive difference in a price of a pint though! About 90p in Prague and around £7 in Copenhagen! Might sway your decision!
  3. Huddersfield away:
  4. £20m! Yeah, double it and a bit more.
  5. Jack Wheelchair. No thanks.
  6. Of course bloody David Conn is on the case!
  7. I just signed in with Google. Worked straight away. These are class
  8. Twenty five million? I was thinking 5/10 before I clicked the link!! He's done nothing for ages, how is he worth £25m!!!
  9. .
  10. Ah! Didn't read up. Apologies.
  11. More money, potentially different manager at man city who wants him , promise of game time, champions league football etc
  12. He's way more important to Spurs than Lukaku is to Everton, too. He's the face of the 'new' Spurs, new stadium, challenging for the title etc. Losing him would be a massive blow.
  13. http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/harry-kane-transfer-news-manchester-united-tottenham-hotspur-200m-a7807721.html Spurs value Kane at £200m apparently.
  14. Hope there's no buyback, we need him to be fully committed, not just on a glorified loan.