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  1. We're playing in white rather than blue today
  2. Got to say I thought Southampton wetting themselves over going top was a bit small time. We're not even into double digits number of matches played! They've released a t shirt! https://www.southamptonfc.com/store/clothing/mens/stop-the-count-grey-t-shirt/c-1/c-255/p-4061
  3. Josh Knight, on loan from us to Championship Wycombe Dewsbury-Hall, on loan from us to Championship Luton
  4. Chance to get revenge for Boxing Day, hopefully Rodgers can pull off another big result a la Man City/Arsenal
  5. Fair play but lets not go overboard. Voting against PPV is not comparable Rashford lobbying the government for food vouchers for millions of kids!
  6. They're trialling fans back in stadiums in Portugal apparently, I wonder what the chances are of getting to that game...
  7. Great to have Leicestershire representation in the national team
  8. Leeds can get in the bin. Hope they go straight back down
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