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  1. Big game means some pre-match music! C'mon the boys in blue and white!
  2. Pretty even game overall, second half was nervy, happy to be in the hat for the fifth round!
  3. Commentator: "Leicester have sold all but a handful of their allocation" -?? Swear it sold out really quickly
  4. Cool that we could have another local player in the first team in Dewsbury-Hall (Shepshed)
  5. on what planet is that a pen?? 50/50 challenge
  6. get him on a loan with a view to perm ala Tielemans (but with a fixed price)
  7. The only poor game in the recent run has been Southampton. Villa cup match and today we created decent chances but didn't convert. No reason to panic currently.
  8. All a bit strange. Chilwell was at the game, so surely can't be in that much trouble and Hamza doesn't seem the sort to upset the apple cart.
  9. this season: 5 pens, 3 scored 2018/2019: 7 pens, 5 scored 2017/18 : 6 pens, 5 scored 2016/17: 6 pens, 4 scored 2015/16: 13 pens, 10 scored 2014/15: 4 pens, 3 scored total: 41 pens, 30 scored - 73% I think the general consensus is that pens are converted at around 78% rate, so we're slightly below, but not by much. https://understat.com/team/Leicester/2019
  10. Bloody Congerton
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