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  1. European trophy next (don't mind which one ) (seriously though this team could realistically win the Europa and/or go deep in the UCL)
  2. Reckon we'll have an open top bus parade? (Pls yes)
  3. Fwiw saw this on Twitter the other day, no idea on names though
  4. 6pm kick off, so there's more left of our evenings to be ruined post game...anyway keep the faith and all that
  5. Love how annoyed Soton fans get at any mention of the nine nil
  6. just a thought...we known spread of covid is very very low in open air and half the country have been vaccinated. Add in hand gel and masks and to me that is fairly low risk...but your risk tolerance may vary!
  7. I wonder if someone might put up a big screen in Leicester for it considering how many people won't be able to go.
  8. In the case of expelling the six/big points deductions then they shouldn't award the title imo
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