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  1. re the 433, I'm not sure why BR changed to having Maddison left wing when he played CM with Tielemans for the whole of pre-season. Maybe to combat specifics from Wolves/Chelsea? Will be interesting to see how he sets up at Sheff Utd.
  2. That Soyncu/Maguire chant is just bizarre.
  3. would have thought he could do better than Scottish Premiership
  4. Bloke sacked by Macia has bad things to say about Macia!
  5. Exactly. Today was only his 2nd start alongside Evans (other game was Southampton H League Cup)
  6. That's a bit of an overreaction imo. In terms of goals conceded we had the 7th best defence in the league last season. Under Rodgers, it was the 4th best. Yes Maguire is a loss, but Soyuncu is capable and should get better with time.
  7. You'll get stick for saying that, but you're right.
  8. A pink away end... its on TV too.
  9. I get your point, but Mills and Beckford were signed under Sven, the first manager appointed by King Power.
  10. Guess it'll be the diamond like Friday night Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Choudhury Tielemans Albrighton Maddison Perez Vardy
  11. Well, they've only just formally announced all of their UK writers this morning, so I'm expecting lots more to come. Re the price, they are doing the same as Netflix/Spotify, lure you in with a cheap price then bump it up after a while. Our £11 a year subscriptions will go up to £60 a year next July, by which time they are hoping we'll be hooked on their content. I can see it being pretty successful.
  12. Henry Winter of The Times...which is behind a paywall?
  13. I think Man City are called 'City' more than Man Utd are called 'United'
  14. Chilwell will go for big £ to Man City, but as Maddison is an attacking player he will go for more. My guess would be Liverpool and £90m+ in summer 2021
  15. if it's on twitter, just mute and move on
  16. That's the worst football chant I've ever heard, terrible. Man Utd generally have a pretty decent range of chants, too.
  17. Wes isn't just some dead wood in the squad, he started 21 PL games last season! Renewing more than justified.
  18. right wing. if we want to compete with top 6, Gray just isn't up to scratch.
  19. Poznan34


    I think the Evans injury concerns are being overblown somewhat - he was only absent from 4 PL match day squads last season.
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