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  1. After an adult and under 22 (will happily pay for 2 adults) for tonight, STH but missed the boat on getting tickets. Can't make many games this season due to work commitments so any help would be appreciated.
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm massively grateful for every time they do this but I'm always amazed it's not a beer or a soft drink rather than water. Especially when it's that piss water Carling...
  3. Was lucky enough to call round Tom from Kasabian's house the year of the Championship title as my sister got to interview him for a college course. Absolutely sound and happy to chat about City for ages. On the Lineker point, mum worked in hospitality at Filbert Street and said Lineker was an arse, refused many photos and autographs with kids and was aloof with the bar staff.
  4. West Ham away - Sat 18 March

    Me and my girlfriend are in London anyway this weekend so will take two tickets no matter how last minute it is! Cheers
  5. Sevilla (H) Pre-Match Thread

    With the attacking performances we've shown against Liverpool and Hull I can't see us not scoring - pressure's on the defence to keep a clean sheet which I can only see taking us through.
  6. How did we get here? Don't ask me Follow the boys and Craig Shakey
  7. Hull Away - 13th August (12:30 K/O)

    quick question for anybody that's done Hull away before, are away fans in the sun (a la community shield) or shade? Cheers
  8. Where will the trophy be presented?

    If we win it before/at Everton do we get the trophy at that game? Probably already been asked but I can't find it anywhere!
  9. Jamie Vardy

    Whether or not the word Jap is actually offensive is almost irrelevant. What's important is Vardy intentionally singled out the guys race as a means to insult him and that's not really acceptable.
  10. Jamie Vardy

    The word Jap isn't so much racist in itself but it's the way he used it. The way I see it, if I met a homosexual man and referred to him as gay that wouldn't be an issue. However, if I was verbally attacking him and said 'walk on you gay' that would be homophobic. All about the tone and the intention of how it's used.
  11. Clappers

    Confirmed on LCFC Snapchat that they will be at today's game. Reckon we'll probably have them every game if that's the case.
  12. Birmingham Away Tickets

    Hearing on Twitter that some away end tickets were for sale on the gate after the club say they wouldn't be, anybody who went that can confirm this?
  13. Birmingham saturday

    Posted in the ticket exchange thread too but worth a shot here: After three tickets for Birmingham tomorrow - preferably two under 18s but happy to get three adults if I have to. Cheers in advance if anybody can help.