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  1. Nice to see Everton going back to the most uninspiring team in the world after a brief scare when they appointed Ancelotti.
  2. Sieb Schrijvers is only 24?! I remember him being a fifa wonderkid agess ago.
  3. Every season it looks like all the top clubs are sorted and we have no chance. There’s always one or two who fall away, keep the faith.
  4. I remember in the FA cup the commentator mentioning how good Stoke were in defence. I’d get him in just to spite Arsenal tbf.
  5. Just thinking of the worst player to have the Aguero moment for us in terms of how it would sound if you shouted their name. Probably Praet.
  6. Mad that this is the kit we win the Prem in
  7. He’ll get 10 mins at the end when we’re 3-0 up.
  8. I worry for us if Liverpool/Chelsea conceding 3 seems more likely than beating Spurs!
  9. This villa side is more than capable of getting something from Chelsea. Just comes to whether we can do what Villa are doing to Spurs
  10. Torten


    Who really needs the CL when we have a recruitment team that picks out bargains like this. £15m?? Ludicrous.
  11. Torten

    Ryan Bertrand

    If a straight swap for Fuchs, you can't really complain.
  12. So I go onto Wikipedia as FT is riling me up and the featured article: - Burnley Football Club It’s a sign lads
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