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  1. I think what OP was referring to was the way in which they were dismissed. Of course we don’t WANT Wolves to win it as it helps a rival. But the reasons they don’t want Wolves to win it are garbage, the same kind of vitriol levelled at us for having the audacity to qualify for the CL by winning the bloody league. I hope Wolves don’t win it, but if they do, they deserve a chance to perform at the highest level, like we did.
  2. Torten

    Said Benrahma

    True but how many gash players end up turning up against us.
  3. That was Joe Dodoo, though your point still makes sense for him.
  4. I for one am in favour of signing as many FM20 wonderkids as we can
  5. That Man Utd stat is shocking, Liverpool and Man City have similar players but yet are so far behind in terms of penalties won? Haven’t been one for these conspiracy theories but that is bizarre.
  6. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Chelsea 4. Man Utd 5. Spurs 6. Wolves 7. Everton 8. Arsenal 9.Leicester 10. Southampton 11. Sheff U 12. Brighton 13. West Ham 14. Leeds 15. Burnley 16. Newcastle 17. Brentford/Fulham 18. Palace 19. Villa 20. WBA
  7. We got £80m upfront for Maguire without any European football, I sense that if we do lose any of our better players we will be very well compensated.
  8. How is the prospective Golden Boot winner not even on that list?!
  9. True, Henderson is a massively important player for them whom I rate. But as a midfielder this year, I would argue De Bruynes performances overshadow Henderson’s despite the former’s lack of silverware (so far).
  10. Shame really but just shows these awards don’t really mean much. We all know that De Bruyne is an absurdly great footballer and will go down as one of the greatest of all time.
  11. About time really. Congrats to them
  12. Top is just something else. Every bit of fan communication is just top drawer. We’re lucky to have him.
  13. Looks smart enough, will probably look better once we’ve done the treble wearing it.
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