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  1. Ndidi in CDM means that we win this game.
  2. A manager can't go into a game saying "Yea they're pretty shit and Bruce is a sub-par manager who I will outsmart with ease" for many reasons but one being it would give the opposing team a hell of a lot more motivation. No manager in the Prem has in my experience said anything other than describing the other team as 'good' or the match as a 'tough test'.
  3. Two weeks since Spurs won the league and now they’re 8th. Supreme bottlers.
  4. With Ndidi in midfield, I genuinely think we could win the World Cup with this team.
  5. Call me deluded but with Ndidi in midfield, I have faith we can get something.
  6. I like that team. Interesting to see how Thomas plays as a more conventional LB.
  7. I know they are Spurs fans, but it really is refreshing to have an actual crowd. Feels more like proper football again.
  8. This. and a gritty 3-1 loss when we’ve had chances at 1-1 with a Giroud hatrick. I can see it.
  9. Woah there, pointless speculation forms the bedrock of FT.
  10. I know it doesn't mean anything as any change to the current timeline alters the forward flow through time. But if we had managed to win those two winnable home games against WHU and Villa, we'd be 7 points clear.
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