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  1. Torten


    Do it all over again!
  2. Instaban Cambiasso
  3. I like the black but not too keen on the pink. Nothing will ever beat the away/alternative from the 15-16 season.
  4. Let's not forget Hamza, an absolute colossus in the middle and also looked very good going forward.
  5. Man of the match today for me - bossed the midfield and moved the ball on nicely.
  6. We were amazing for 20 mins. kasper is brilliant. Need a second.
  7. Once I selected my seats it just asked for card details nothing about postage or collection. I just assumed they would post them as it asked for address when I made the account
  8. Yeah I paid for them yesterday and it mentioned postage but just wanted to make sure, cheers guys
  9. Hi fellas, First time buying away tickets for wednesdays game yesterday and am just wondering if they get posted to you or you need to collect? Any help appreciated
  10. What did he really expect? Sterling is a goal/assist machine and Sané one of best youngsters in the world. Throw in Bernardo Silva and most players would have a hard time getting in that front 3 aside from the usual suspects (Messi, Ronaldo, Barnes etc.)
  11. When will they make it so the clock stops when the ball is out of play, it's just infuriating to see a team timewaste in the first half
  12. Had enough chances to win this game problem is the quality of some of those players is just absent.
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