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  1. And the Notts forests fans said he was past it
  2. Ward is even worse. Need a new footballing keeper. The lad on loan at shef UTd looks good
  3. Reminds me of the time kompany got sent off for doing that to Vardy after 2 minutes
  4. Watch games with your eyes, don’t always trust the stats
  5. If the away fans were next to sk1 it would really help the atomosphere why don’t they just swap the family stand and the kop?
  6. Dominate is a bit strong. pass the ball around sideways and swing in a shite cross to a bloke being marked by two 6,4 cb is more as it’s been
  7. The above or pushes him out the door as he wants 1st team football without alleniating him or his mates in the squad.
  8. Perry Groves is a grade A ****
  9. Sounds and looks a bellend
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