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  1. Should play 60 mins, 30 each way and time only counts when the ball is in play.
  2. What time do the different points bands open for sale. 330 can buy Tuesday 7th but at what time? 0001 or 0800 etc thanks
  3. Should have played v Man City and Liverpool
  4. @lestajigs had my 2 season tickets for the Liverpool game and was a pleasure to deal with.
  5. Morning x2 adult tickets available in SK3 due to illness. collection from Burbage Leicestershire today and tickets need to be returned back to me as season tickets. pm if interested
  6. They are the same, if anything ours is more of a pen as Barnes beats their keeper to the ball corrupt officials keeping the status quo might as well just start the European big club league now
  7. So how is that a pen and Barnes was not?? bent bastards
  8. So if you sign up to this home cup scheme does this mean they auto bill you for all the fa cup games as well as the villa game??
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