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  1. Beaglehole is 44****ing2 long ball though. The u23 have done alright for the last couple of years but in the whole it’s because they are bigger and stronger than the other teams. The centre half was the top scorer the season before last! i suspect a new u23 manager will be required to implement Brendan's style.
  2. He will keep them up. james and king midfield incoming
  3. I think James from Man Utd could do a job on the wing for us and lacazette as a back up to Vardy. both would jump and the chance to join a top 4 club with the champions league football on the horizon. then a young centre half, maybe ake for Bournemouth
  4. And if he goes and or better players go cue the media to slate the rest of the premier league for not challenging the top 6
  5. Drives me insane. Any team outside the traditional top six get a decent player or manager the media try to force them to move as all the talk etc etc drives their sales/views and so on. ***** the lot of them
  6. Will end up like Wigan with Martinez.
  7. Got prime but in the USA for the watford game will I still be able to watch it on my iPad?
  8. The turning circle on Harry Maguire 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  9. His insight during the u21 games is horrific! Unbelievable we are paying him to judge players
  10. 8-0 at 80 mins the game gets abandoned for a waterlogged pitch. We will lose the rearranged fixture 1-0
  11. Great news, hope it further shows the family how much the city appreciates all Vichai has done for us
  12. His quotes on Villa the other day made me smile
  13. They will have 5 at the back. we must get width high up the pitch
  14. Tielemans is a better player further forward so will be nice to see that and Praet if Maddison is out.
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