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  1. Yet again kasper screws up !! Against wolves in injury time and now against Watford. Same kinda outrageous pass same result. His distribution has been crap for ages now he don’t command his box and he’s scared of crosses needs dropping IMO
  2. Don’t count mate you need to make a poll
  3. I never said that ?? I actually said IF NOT HIM THEN WHO ?? you up tell me you’re fast enough to respond and draw conclusions
  4. If the club has anything about it the player will come off worse !! No player should dictate who they want and don’t want as a manager that’s down to the board ! live with it we are one of few teams that have actually gone to a place like Wembley and actually tried to play football ffs It’s a young team and he’s shifting all the high earners out the door and building for the future if not him then who ?? Look at the bigger picture I’m sure the board have
  5. Glad that’s cleared it up a permanent loan I guess
  6. Slim is absolute crap on the floor but the guy can head the ball. Play it to his feet he shouts at everyone and throws his arms in the air when he fcuks it up. But put it on his head and he’s one of the better players I have seen in the air alongside Andy carol Need to see what he brings to the team if he comes back
  7. Park at the coop just up the road mate plenty of spaces there
  8. At least if we get into Europe and he’s here we can all lump on a Tunisian pub side to beat us when we play away. Maybe get good odds on that other than that hell no he’s complete crap
  9. Iptv service show all games but dependant which 1 you choose some are real crap some are fantastic. I only use iptv if I can’t get the game on my sat system as a last resort and they have a stand-alone app for iPhone android and windows based systems the 1 I use occasionally is £50 a year but to be honest you get what u pay for. As your not moving till September get a 48 hour trial at the start of the season from various 1s and go for the better 1
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