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  1. It’s like you don’t know Leicester fans?!
  2. As if grown men would boo and hound a talented you footballer who is still improving during their time at a less fancied club?!
  3. They always use the first frame in which the ball has left the foot. In this case it is always consistent. The lines are drawn in 3D space using multiple camera angles, we only see from the one angle they choose to show us. Offside is offside. What pees me off more is the interpretation type VAR's i.e. dives, hand balls, red cards where it is still down to a bloke making crap (IMO) decisions!
  4. Wasn’t Coote the one who made a ridiculous error in one of our games too?
  5. My working life has not changed one bit. But then I work in the NHS, the only change is I now have to wear a face mask and visor/goggles all the time. I also can’t have lunch/breaks with my colleagues in the staff room!
  6. We’re trending (in a positive way I’d guess)!
  7. How can he be Manager of the Month if he doesn’t even manage James Rodriguez?!
  8. Was just about to post the same!
  9. I’ve still not seen a good shot of their second goal offside. I’m sure he was inside, but why when it’s against us we don’t get good replays or VAR checks?
  10. I must have missed the reason somewhere but why have Chilwell and Grealish done that “A” celebration?
  11. Sorry, when did Liverpool have a player sent off... SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don’t care for Villa, but I’m just grinning... a bit like Klopp! This is silly now!
  13. Everton and Villa storming the league... What is this, the 80’s?!?
  14. I just hope we have a low key 2-0 win vs West Ham so all the attention can stay with Everton. I like Leicester being underestimated.
  15. The ‘Hames’ w**kest is going to be unbearable!!
  16. Just checked this and it seems the best (legal) thing you can do is pay £25 for one month.
  17. I know it shouldn’t annoy me but it does with regard to Vardy’s penalties: Carragher above (and other pundits) casually throw out “well knowing how easy penalties are this season etc.” he has four... negating to acknowledge that none of our three penalties have come from the new hand ball controversy! All from fouls in the box, and Vardy has actually won three of these!
  18. Ridiculous decision. All of the goals chosen are all good, but essentially the same. Proving that it seems a tad easier to score screamers with this ball! But how many time have we seen a “Cruyff Dink” goal?
  19. Woah, those handball penalty stats for Europe! Edit: added image (this is Europe using the FIFA definition of handball last season).
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