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  1. Tight game. The one quality moment deserved to decide it. On to the next one. Quite a few positives to take from tonight.
  2. It will be an NEC contract with specific compensation events from Covid 19. McLaren Commercial staff will be making sure they are not making any losses due to pandemic.
  3. Barkley is far too inconsistent - will take him 5 games to get up to speed then he'll get injured Steady signing for Villa though. Looks like they'll have more than enough quality to stay up
  4. Rodgers need to take some credit here for the way he's obviously worked with Mendy over the summer. Mendy looks fitter and looks to be understanding exactly what is being asked of him. Just need Rodgers to sort out Barnes's finishing and we'll be one hell of a side!!!
  5. Maddison looks lightweight to me. Seems to have lost some weight even though he had very little anyway. Think he needs to spend a bit more time in the gym to improve
  6. Was just looking for this stat. Posted on a different thread. No home advantage without the fans
  7. How many away wins since the restart? In the league that is. Seems a lot. No home advantage with fans Let's see how we get on tonight X
  8. Negative test and they are allowed to play? Otherwise all squads would be quarantining - France with Pogba, Mbappe + Man City with Laport and Mahrez??
  9. Where have you seen the reports? I can't seem to find anything
  10. Why do we keep giving the ball to Chilwell. Crap tonight
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