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  1. When does the top 4 points comparison thread get updated?
  2. Let West Ham and Everton fight it out with each other for 5th. Unlikely they'll get enough points for top 4
  3. I thought it was quite a good game Entertaining and ended with fair result for both teams
  4. Do we actually know he's defo done his acl?
  5. We're a good side now hey Never really looked liked losing even when we were 1 down
  6. Swap Praet for Maddison and that's it for me
  7. Completely agree. Guaranteed penalty if playing against United or Liverpool
  8. I wasn't being negative believe it or not. I would have just liked a better performance. If we would have drawn people would have been going crazy. Vardy scores last minute and it's a great result. We can perform better is all
  9. See my previous posts. Poor performance again. Result irrelevant. We need Wilf and Cats back in the side asap. Very lucky against the worst side in the league
  10. The players have a huge say in determining whether they are fit or not. Have to say it was the first proper sprint he made. Hopully felt a tweak and it'll be a few weeks rather than months
  11. Tight game. The one quality moment deserved to decide it. On to the next one. Quite a few positives to take from tonight.
  12. It will be an NEC contract with specific compensation events from Covid 19. McLaren Commercial staff will be making sure they are not making any losses due to pandemic.
  13. Barkley is far too inconsistent - will take him 5 games to get up to speed then he'll get injured Steady signing for Villa though. Looks like they'll have more than enough quality to stay up
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