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  1. The first team in Premier League history to score 3 penalties in a game.
  2. Ok admit it. What sick bastard had 20 quid on us to win 5-2.
  4. Keepers got pretty good distribution on him to be fair
  5. They were just a stand-alone team before not affiliated with the club in any way
  6. He really needs to come out and explain his decision to take Iheanacho off. And if it is an injury it still isn’t justified. Bring Barnes on not a defensive midfielder and park the bus
  7. .......T̶o̶d̶g̶e̶r̶s̶ Rodgers out?
  8. Am I the only one who just doesn’t care anymore? Completely lost interest in this season
  9. Literally always said he technically looked quality. Glad he's finally getting his chance
  10. Interesting we let Bolkiah "The Worlds Richest Footballer" go. Must of really not been up to scratch
  11. One of the worst games of football since records began
  12. Wasn’t any doubt really. Club built on morals
  13. Phillipe Countinho is foaming at the mouth at the thought of learning off Demarai Gray
  14. GOT. TO. F**KIN. SCORE not good enough that
  15. Man City away, you know it’s coming
  16. What I thinks going wrong at the minute. In my own personal view. And yes I will slate some players in this post just to disclaim because some people on here act like they’re defending their child from criticism. It’s hard to judge against a team like Birmingham because obviously they played pretty much the 90 minutes with 8 deep players and we simply didn’t have enough quality on the pitch to find that clinical edge. Partially and equally, -Maddison hasn’t been good with his playmaking and some of his decision making has been poor. He’s either dropping too
  17. Jesus Christ how much better is Barnes than Gray. I know he’s had some bad games too but...
  18. Keep telling yourself that Chilly is world class. Don’t be a sheep 🙄
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