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  1. How many times have we heard that about him. It seems every game he plays someone is saying it.
  2. Might be higher than that, just to get back some of the cash they splash out on Chilwell
  3. Yes I agree with your point. Trouble is the lines of FB are just money grabbing.
  4. It wasn’t WhatsApp that changed the rules. It was Facebook after they bought WhatsApp
  5. Liverpool inquest! Apparently Mane has gone missing. I suggest they take a look in Big Dan’s pocket
  6. If Gary is in the chair, will need the wide angle camera to fit in his smile
  7. Yeah, just telling him wrong choice- “blue is the colour”
  8. Never have I wanted WBA to win so so much!
  9. Barnes just jogging back. No urgency to get back to challenge TAA
  10. A couple of weeks ago I seem to remember hearing that BR had asked for a new pitch to laid at the end of the season.
  11. Yeah, they’re all going to Europe, at least for mid week trips
  12. Could it be history repeating itself. Leicester beat Chelsea, Chelsea manager gets the sack (maybe), Leicester go on and win the league
  13. Apologies you are right. The maximum number of English teams in UEFA competitions is seven. But we could have 5 teams in UCL and 2 in UEL. Wishful thinking.
  14. Nothing to play for..... With the way things are we could be playing fro a place in the UEL qualifying rounds. Europe is still a possibility
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