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  1. Don't know if this has already been posted but ffs.......
  2. Are you joking? They are the victims obvs.
  3. Thought Vardy's leg slide after his second goal was pretty impressive. Not overdone and a stylish rise at the end.
  4. Really nice piece in The Times today on The Boss and The Club and The Fans. Paywall I'm afraid.
  5. There was something about his body language last night after that goal, an almost sheepish thumbs up to the faithful......I think he’s on his way.
  6. Thanks for that. Remarkable difference. I'm on.
  7. I can't access UK bookies' prices from here. Anybody know the general odds in the UK on us winning the FA Cup? Bet365 in Italy are offering 34/1.
  8. Shearer must be apoplectic. Whatever that is.
  9. Still rather surprised he has signed for us when he could have chosen a much bigger club. Like Celtic. Love it.
  10. Just seeing Kuhn Top and the warmth of both Vardy and Maddison makes me realise how lucky we are to have these owners and how lucky we are to support this club.
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