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  1. If Euro 20/20 get cancelled then we can easily finish the season and start the new season just a month/6weeks late. Restart it in May finish 10 games (ish) at start of July. Month off. Preseason September. Start beginning October.
  2. In other news, The world 🌍 is flat
  3. Sat in the family stand. Couldn't hear anything from the kop apart from first 10 mins of the second half. The Birmingham fans kept signing are we in a library. From where is was sat you can understand why
  4. Only third game of the season for me but the atmosphere seems severely slack. Marc Albrighton is definitely a squad playing but boy can he deliver a cross. Grey needs selling We are turning into Wengers Arsenal, Pass pass pass with so predictability and almost trying to walk the ball into the net. Not sure how we are still third. Always forget how well the groundsman do the pitch was perfect. Praet was decent
  5. I think that’s the way forward next season. I think we’ll pay a quality centre back in the summer and play Ricardo and chilwell as proper wing backs
  6. There 5 in midfield will either bank us or break us tonight. It may well completely nullify the wide men leaving Vardy on his own or, he will have a field day with 3 at the back
  7. Absolutely massive game for us now tomorrow if the Chelsea results stays the same. Only 3 points ahead of fourth. Pretty Sure if we finish fourth then you only go into the qualifiers for the champions league????
  8. Sounded really good on the bet365 stream!
  9. Ah there we go. I assumed it was goals conceded after goal difference. Obviously not
  10. Just a note on how professional and committed the club are in respecting the remembrance fixture. Truly the best club around when it comes to this.
  11. Before my time. I do remember the lady who used to sell the programs inside filbert street. Think she moved over to the KP for a while too
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