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  1. You can double that £60m. Vardy will need replacing in about 18 months
  2. Is there any way to record from prime either onto sky Q or Apple TV etc?
  3. Well done to Dave Rennie..........👀
  4. Let’s not get too excited, it’s only a loan................for now
  5. Matt Piper autobiography- Former Leicester man out of the darkness | Football News | Sky Sports.pdf
  6. Welcome, new scapegoat......................
  7. 10th season. Seems like yesterday I wasn’t impressed he joined from florist thinking we could do better. Would he be able to have a testimonial?
  8. little video showing La Harves stadium. Amazing to think it only holds 25,000. i think ours might be similar only with the east stand bigger than theirs
  9. Think it will be a brand new stand. Plenty of room behind to build then move into place. That would be so much better then any design involving the current east stand.
  10. I’m Sure big Nige needs a category by himself.
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