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  1. FA Cup 2018

    Typical Man City scum supporters having a go at the stewards at the end
  2. V The Blades - Match thread

    £28,333 attendance not bad at all really
  3. What is the point of Matty James?

    Ok cool it just seemed that he and James didn’t have a touch let alone influence on the game
  4. What is the point of Matty James?

    I mentioned in the match day thread that I was keeping up to date via the ssn app and there seemed hardly any mention of James or Silva. Did neither of them have a good game?
  5. Man City Away Match Thread

    Granted I’m only following us on the ssn news app but they haven’t mentioned James or Silva at all?? Are they having a shocker?
  6. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    We did the same after the Arsenal 2-2 when we won the league
  7. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    With Mharez out this might be a good time to try a back 3 instead of playing a back 4 just to accommodate Mharez
  8. King to Swansea on loan

    https://www.swanseacity.com/news/king-aims-seize-swans-chance interesting first interview. He pretty much says he would like the deal to be permanent about 2 min in
  9. Adrien Silva

    YOU SPOKE TOO SOON. THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬..............💋💋
  10. Adrien Silva

    Agreed. We all know Mharez will leave in the summer so might change it then.
  11. Adrien Silva

    Or all 3?
  12. This probably means neither Iborra or Silva starting the Everton game. Shame really would of liked to of seen a midfield 3. Still might happen though
  13. Steve Walsh

    Would anyone want him back here????