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  1. I pointed to a very clear example of our former manager being derided for nothing more than having a different nationality. I think that is an ugly thing. Interesting that you think that’s worth defending. I’d rather be thought of as a snowflake than being in your camp ‘mate’.
  2. I have always thought that was an ugly strand of the Puel out brigade that was based on him ‘being a foreigner’. This is a good example of it.
  3. Biesla please. Pay him and Leeds whatever they want. Won’t happen though.
  4. This. I have lost all respect for Percy. He's useful to read re: transfers, but he is clearly a muck raker with an agenda.
  5. I’m still Puel in and I wish the rest of the fan base were as well. He’s doing a great job. We’re in the top 10, vintage Martin O’Neill territory, and have three academy players in the first team. He needs to complete the job. Great goal by Morgan today, a thing of beauty, but he and Simpson need to be phased out now.
  6. The only thing I miss about being in League One is the absence of the nuts fans we seem to have now. They have barely had it so good but they’d have the current manager on a pitchfork if they could.
  7. Tim Sherwood says he understands that Leicester fans want Gung-go and are frustrated. There’s your guy #PuelOut crew. English too.
  8. Level headed unlike the shrill reactive idiots. Happy to clarify.
  9. Bang on. Everyone can see this is the problem. I like to believe with time and stability it will come though. Puel knows it too. Of course he does.
  10. Wycombe was the worst for me. I basically considered it a bye to our first Semi final since 82. Losing that was gutting.
  11. Feel for Albrighton. I thought he was motm for us until he did that!
  12. The only saving grace for Puel is that most of the players that didn’t perform in this game were the old guard. We had enough chances and quality to put them away and didn’t. Not Puel’s fault. Would we have really expected him to put out our full strength team for Newport? Serious question.
  13. It is utterly scandalous IMO that we, the taxpayer, pay more in subsidies to the private train companies than we did when the trains were nationalised.
  14. Really ought to have been 12pts too. If Maddison has have put that penalty away it would have been. Puel in
  15. Puel Out. Doesn’t know what he’s doing. 9pts only.
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