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  1. Can anyone PM me a one of the things that feeds into a river please?
  2. It takes even top players a season to adjust to a higher quality league. Vardy took a season. Barnes will benefit from this season. Next season we’ll see what he’s capable of. Gray finally coming good too.
  3. I am a great admirer of the beautiful game and all that but some games just bring out something primitive. Let’s smash these cnuts!
  4. He could have said, ‘Yes. I can rule myself out. I’m not going to Arsenal’. But he hasn’t said that. He has actually left himself open to an approach using terms like, ‘Right now I am happy...’. He’s canny. I don’t think he’ll go now for what it’s worth, but those of you who think he has ruled himself out categorically are wrong. He’s still blew a bit of a dog whistle even in his clarifying statement. It might not be now. But it will be later and maybe sooner than we’d like to see. For example at the end of this season. Let’s see.
  5. Think there was a stat on MOTD last night. It’s 48%, which is significantly higher than every other striker in the league. Most of whom are around high 20s if memory serves me right.
  6. And I thought beating Shrewsbury Town 5:2 was good back in the day. This might have edged it.
  7. Finally caught the game. That was never a penalty! Maddison very unlucky with that early chance.
  8. So glad Pogba is out. Purely for his height at set pieces. Him and Maguire heading from corners would have tested us. Got a horrible feeling they’ll turn up for this and we’ll get punished like we managed to avoid in the Chelsea match. Heart says we beat them 3:1, which is possible.
  9. Not meaning to cause mischief, but when I naively posted my face on here after a selfie with Claudio, lots of people went straight on photoshop for their idea of ‘fun’ ☹️😂
  10. I think Puel did a lot of the dirty work that has made Rodgers' job much easier. Puel deserves a lot of credit for that even if he made very few friends in the squad and on our terraces. Just my opinion.
  11. Not a natural striker according to Michael Owen
  12. SydenhamFox


    Slimani was an upgrade on Ulloa. A proven scorer of headed goals, with more speed on the ground. It's not his fault that we played a system that didn't suit his game and he was never going to displace Vardy. He might have thrived under Puel who was getting people to whip balls in but with no one on the receiving end!
  13. Top post. Without Phillips I don’t think Vardy would have become the striker he was and is.
  14. Puel would have certainly had us set up better than this. We were shit last week too. Too narrow. No teeth.
  15. Rudkin given all the credit by us. Proof that Foxestalk is institutionally sexist!
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