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  1. Greatest moment of my managerial career so far. You love to see it!
  2. I’m playing the mobile version of FM20. After winning the European Cup with Leicester I’ve now formed a ‘new’ club in Thurnby Lodge Rangers. Managed to get promoted to the EFL in two seasons. Dreading the day they have to play Leicester or get offered the Leicester job! Who to support?!
  3. Not sure the current squad need to be hearing this with 9 games to go. Might make a few heads drop.
  4. I once did a fart on a packed rush hour train in London. My mate was trapped behind me, but because I had a slightly dicky tummy I had no choice but to let a slightly warming one go. We were just pulling into the station so I thought I’d get away with it, but no. I have never seen a fart make anyone actually angry before but my mate was so revolted he shouted with real venom, “Is that you?!” to which I just laughed. “That is ****ing putrid!”, “It’s like something has died inside you!”. He totally shamed me in front of the whole train. It still makes me chuckle though!
  5. Alas, time to go. I feel there’s no reason he couldn’t play like Barnes if he wanted to. He’s fast, has the ability to go by people, but his schtick seems to be to want to cut inside and try and score the same goal that he scored against us before we signed him. He seems content to coast. If he was hungrier I feel he would have pushed his way into the starting eleven by now.
  6. I was at both of those games. Can’t believe I asked!
  7. Just happy it’s not Man City. Didn’t Chelsea beat us in the QF in extra time fairly recently right? We owe them one. We also should have beat them twice this season.
  8. A turgid win. As I said after the last game, we seem to have stopped making runs in the final third to give any incisive options. Is that legginess?
  9. We seem too static up front. Not enough runners giving incisive options. Because of the lack of that we are playing Puel keep ball with no teeth. We HAD teeth. Where have they gone?!
  10. How frustrating is this? And our run? FFS!
  11. Anyone playing the mobile version of FM20? It's a bit like the PC 2004 version. Basic functionality and not quite as time consuming as the full desktop version. Anyway, I'm quite addicted. I came 9th in the first season and won the league and UEFA Cup in second season. Now I am basically unbeatable. I won every trophy last season, but lost one league game. The season before that I didn't lose a league game, but didn't quite manage a clean sweep of trophies. I was wondering if the game will let you win every game in a season or whether it simply won't let you. I dominate nearly every match but every once in a while seem to come up against a team that seemingly cannot be beat. Timo Werner spearheads my attack. He's a machine. Chilwell and Maddison still in my first team. N'didi lasted a long time until he threw a strop.
  12. Leicester fans turning their noses up about Lallana have amnesia about the value that players like Huth/Albrighton/Simpson, etc., can bring.
  13. As a member I bought the home group matches as part of a £180 package.
  14. This was game week 25 in 2015-16. Same game week as we are now in 2019-20. Only two points less than season we won it. If Harvey Barnes or Evans has taken their chances against Chelsea we’d be on exactly the same points now as in season we were crowned champions. Look how excited we were then compared to frustration of this season! As a fan base we’ve changed. Maybe not for the better.
  15. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was just an arse spasm the way he lashed that ball! So much intent his cheek couldn’t cope.
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