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  1. SydenhamFox

    The King's reign seems over.

    Puel is doing really great work IMO. Look at the size of his task. Get Leicester to transition to a more sustainable style; against some resistance at first I'm sure from the old guard. Bring youth in and develop it. Finish higher than you did last season. Do what is needed and unsentimental by transitioning out players in the way of better players. Even if you're Andy King. This is professional sport folks. And being a model professional that he is Andy King will accept it. And, he's not exactly been made homeless people. He'll either move on to play regular football and still be paid well, or he'll stay and not play football and be paid even more. Hope he gets a testimonial though. He deserves it for his service. Even though he's only 29!
  2. SydenhamFox

    Our start so far?

    Performing badly and winning. Sign of a good team. When we click we could be very good!
  3. It’s looking more and more like we lost 3pts at their gaff. Maybe we gave them too much respect?
  4. SydenhamFox


    I thought Mendy was excellent yesterday. Close to our Man of the Match, if not MoM. So pleased for him (and us). He worked his socks off, tackled well and linked play well. Like a new signing he was. More please.
  5. SydenhamFox

    Leonardo Ulloa - Gone to C.F. Pachuca

    Others have mentioned how important his contribution was to our title winning season. That is his legacy. I’ll also remember him for his excellent performance against against Atlético Madrid. Thanks for all Leo.
  6. SydenhamFox

    Thank you, Andy King.

    I want a ruthless manager who has no time for sentiment. That’s how clubs evolve. Change is a certainty in life. If the reports are true Alex Ferguson would be nodding approvingly.
  7. SydenhamFox

    2018/19 Fox Memberships On Sale Now!

    I have two memberships and I really couldn't afford to renew them this year as I will be a student again soon, but I had in excess of 30pts on both memberships. There is no way I can just let that level of priority turn to dust. What if we get to a cup final?! The club has me by the short and curlys now.
  8. SydenhamFox

    Season tickets

    That is a consolation, but my main concern is that I had no clue this was happening or any announcements about what the criteria was. Did the club only tell those who were eligible? There is no ‘news’ item on the LCFC website.
  9. SydenhamFox

    Season tickets

    Not that many compared to those with the most. 31.
  10. SydenhamFox

    Season tickets

    I ****ing missed the fact that there was even a ballot. Didn't get an email letting me know there was one. The club could have at least sent an email out to members with x number of points. I have been checking the website for Membership renewals but it didn't occur to me to check for season tickets. Was there an announcement? Didn't see one in my inbox or on social media.
  11. SydenhamFox

    James Maddison Confirmed

    There’s an ITK on here, Adamsomeone?, who called this, so I put money on it. Thank you to you sir! Shame me about the other money I put on BlackJack at the same time. One never learns!
  12. SydenhamFox

    Best Puma kit?

    Difficult call. The 2014/15 kit is a thing of beauty, but I narrowly went with 2016/17 which looks even better, though I find it a bit heavy. I wore our red kit to the Liverpool v Madrid game in a London pub in a sign of red solidarity for the night. It’s got Cambiasso’s name and number on the back. One guy stopped me and said, ‘what a ****ing player he was for you even though his legs had gone!’ He wasn’t wrong!
  13. Dead on. I watched a Youtube video yesterday about non-league footballers who've made it and Steve Walsh is on it talking about the impact Kevin Phillips has had on Vardy, a process that wasn't without frustration apparently. Vardy did used to love smashing it actually, but Phillips drummed into him that many of his goals were first time passes into the net. It was an interesting video actually with players talking about how each league is like a new mountain with regard to the the different levels of technique required to scale each peak. Vardy himself in another video talks about how it took him a season to adapt to the Championship and then another season to adapt to the Premier League. seems like Phillips might have been a key factor in Vardy's development.
  14. SydenhamFox

    Premier League Accounts: Leicester in good shape

    Well, of course. But these accounts have only just been filed. So it’s bang up to date in that sense. Palace were always a similar club in stature to us. Look where they are. They haven’t even filed their accounts for the same period.
  15. SydenhamFox

    Premier League Accounts: Leicester in good shape

    We made a tidy profit of £92m! Ownership Owned by Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and his family via his Thai company, King Power International Ltd. Premier League TV rights £121m Uefa Champions League income £70m Sponsorship and advertising £14m Gate receipts £16m Commercial and other income £11m Net debt Not stated; £12m owed to owners, minimal bank debt. Net interest payable £2m Highest-paid director Unnamed, £325,000 (Susan Whelan is the chief executive) State they’re in The season after the title-winning miracle; Leicester made £70m from their run to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, where they went out to Atlético Madrid. The accounts also note the club’s £3.1m settlement of its dispute with the EFL over financial fair play rules, relating to the £21m loss made in the 2013-14 promotion season.