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  1. For all BR’s good points he really does, at times, make some bad tactical decisions leading to performances that stink. We should have been set up to test their defence rather than invite them on to us.
  2. Albrighton’s final ball today has been criminal.
  3. Jim Melrose is the first Leicester player that entered my consciousness. I was 5 and he lived on my street; Pits Avenue in Braunstone. I think some people used to knock on his door and ask him for a chat!
  4. I have a fond memory of sitting with my dad in a make believe shelter in some War Experience attraction near London Bridge in the 90s. He'd have been 9 years old in 1940. I asked him if the sound of the German bombers and doodlebugs must have been scary. "Not as scary as when they stopped whistling" was his reply, as that was when you knew they started falling. Most of us simply cannot imagine having to sit in shelter whilst there is an enemy in the sky with malicious intent!
  5. Can anyone PM me the twinkling source of a river?
  6. Thanks mate. Much appreciated. Another 100,000 views since I started this thread!
  7. Watching Cleverley is about the only thing I remember from that match. He was going places.
  8. I walked up that cobbled Hovis street. It's actually in Dorset, but back to the sentiment of your post. Yeah, hope we stuff them!
  9. Hey Nalis! Hope all is well with you too! You took your Canadian friend to Millwall to give them a taste of what Premier League football might be like? I just love your sense of humour! They won't forget that I'm sure
  10. True. I remember watching Leicester v Cheltenham at our place when we had about 8000 in. It was so depressing. May we never be there again!
  11. I know. It was gutting. Really thought we might have had a chance of winning it that year.
  12. I hate Millwall fans. I was living in New Cross Gate when we played them in 1996. I walked to the ground and back, which was a bit stupid, wearing a hat with a small Leicester badge on it. On of them noticed it, squared up to me and literally put the tip of his nose on mine daring me to do something. It was a very awkward moment of 'chicken'. Then he walked off. What a knob! A few years later they got done in the last minute of an important game, might have been a play off and I tried to commiserate with a sad looking fan in a newsagents, saying something like, "Bad luck mate, bee
  13. Found this on my phone last night. The only silver lining from that day is that in and amongst our fans we've never had a 'string vest man'. Or have we?!
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