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  1. In the absence of a stream I'm listening to Radio 5. According to Leicester legend Jermaine Beckford the two changes have shifted the game in our favour. Now Tavares on. Would love to see him assist or score. Come on Leicester!!!
  2. If the injuries and performance wasn’t enough to make me scream with frustration at least I can trust BT Sport to completely piss me off by buffering/freezing the moment BR started speaking. I literally didn’t hear a single word. What did I miss?
  3. Ok. I’ve caught on. Iheanacho isn’t good enough.
  4. We didn’t pick up a single injury when we won the league and few the season after when we played in Europe. Physio team got loads of plaudits. What has changed? Not sure if it’s all bad luck.
  5. Arsenal are having some luck too. The nutmeg through Iheanacho’s legs was incredibly fortunate to go through and not out for a corner.
  6. FFS. Wouldn’t surprise me if Barnes has done a cruciate ligament.
  7. We’re not listless. I think it’s a tactical problem. Our boys have been told to soak up pressure. We should have gone after them after our goal. We’ve allowed them to grow into it and build confidence. Very frustrating.
  8. Thanks. That’s made me feel a lot better!
  9. If we end up 4th in the league and an English team below us win the UEFA Cup they’d bag our CL spot, right?
  10. Would have been so excited for Leicester v Rangers. What a bummer.
  11. Exactly. Some on here think it’s the fault of Ünder. Idiots.
  12. I still like him. Not his fault tonight. Thought he tracked back well tonight too. Support your players you knobs!
  13. Too much bias and hubris after the first leg, saying we’d just do them at home. They deserve it and we deserved **** all.
  14. FFS is he our latest scapegoat then?
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