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  1. Puel would have certainly had us set up better than this. We were shit last week too. Too narrow. No teeth.
  2. Rudkin given all the credit by us. Proof that Foxestalk is institutionally sexist!
  3. Loving the acquisition of James Justin already!
  4. We’ve got form in keeping our top players for a season longer than they would like. I like to think it might be the case with Maguire too. That one season might be enough for us to overtake Utd. Although league places don’t mean much if you remember Kanté going to a 10th placed Chelsea.
  5. I was proudly wearing our new pink away kit today, walking tall, down Oxford Street when someone asked me if I was wearing a gay top!!! Suffice to say that is good and probably necessary partnership to have! I wonder if the pink kit was a coincidence? Or perhaps planned with the Stonewall partnership in mind - if that’s not a homophobic thing in itself to suggest!
  6. There are lots of people on this forum who are very thankful for posts like yours. Don’t let any sniping detract from that mate
  7. Leicester City do plenty in the community. There actually isn’t that much finance to spare. I believe the profit the club made last year was £2m. There must be other businesses in the county doing that who don’t do as much as the club.
  8. Lots of assumptions there. How do you know they mean nothing to a kid in Africa? The Premier League is a global game and massive in Africa. We made a name for ourselves when we won the league and those kids have probably known a kind of poverty that even the poorest in Leicester won’t have had to endure, thankfully. I bet they really appreciate a shiny new shirt. Probably more than a Man City or Liverpool supporting kid born in Leicester. It’s not an either or thing. Why do people so seem so keen on making it that?!
  9. Why create a binary of 'them' v 'our own'? Far too much of that going on in the world! Thrilled and appreciative kids are thrilled and appreciative kids. End of.
  10. You could barely knock Leicester’s Heskey off the ball, which I always loved seeing. At Liverpool he spent a lot of time going to turf, which really frustrated me even if I did get the stats thing about the importance of winning free kicks.
  11. Our greatest pre-match atmosphere, aside from the day we collected the Premier League trophy?
  12. We have to be clinical and take our chances. I’ve seen a fair bit of Arsenal recently as my g/f’s dad has a season ticket and gives it to me when he can’t make matches. In their game against Napoli, which they won handsomely they gave at least three clear goal scoring chances away. We will get chances, but they can still play tidy and devastating football at times and they need to win and will be hurting after their shite results. Hopefully it will be 3:1 to us but good easily be the reverse of that if we’re in beach mode.
  13. I pointed to a very clear example of our former manager being derided for nothing more than having a different nationality. I think that is an ugly thing. Interesting that you think that’s worth defending. I’d rather be thought of as a snowflake than being in your camp ‘mate’.
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