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  1. FA Cup 2018

    I haven't thought we had a better chance at getting to the semis since we played Wycombe I basically had that down as a bye into the semis. May Tottenham feel the same about Rochdale and may we ****ing SLAY Chelski!
  2. Slimani to Newcastle on loan

    Good article on Slimani. Interesting take on why it hasn't worked for him at Leicester from Benitez (that we all knew) http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/islam-slimani-newcastle-signing-tasked-saving-rafa-benitez-relegation-drop-a8201366.html
  3. Well done the Thais

    What kind of message wold the owners be giving to all clubs if they let Mahrez go for less than what they think he is worth in the current market? It's as simple as that. It's actually not about poor little 'depressed' diddums.
  4. Matty Fryatt Retires

    Was just about to post a link to this myself. Couldn't resist a little Forest dig in the comments section...
  5. Our Thai owners are not going to loose face whatever happens. Mahrez and his agent, I doubt very much, will be able to strong arm them into a place they don’t want to go. Ultimately the outlay spent on our asset is still only £400k. The increase in price since is theoretical. Mahrez has more to lose in this stare down. He can’t afford to loose 2 years of prime career.
  6. Exactly. Poor little diddums Mahrez needs to do the same before he irreversibly damages his legacy with our fans and many fans of other clubs who get irritated by this kind of thing.
  7. It screws with my head that tangy tomato flavour Monster Munch was 8p a pack when I was a lad when my dad promised me I could have a bag. The market has changed quite a lot since then. Luckily it has had no effect on my mental health. And Mahrez hasn’t got a leg to stand on.
  8. I love Mahrez and haven't enjoyed watching any Leicester player more then I have him in my lifetime, that said I support Leicester and if he wants to go nuclear on us I think we should put him in the Under 23s for 2 years. **** him. The only real money we'd lose is £400k and his wages.
  9. Swansea.. Score prediction thread.. Sorry Col.

    A pleasantly surprising bounce back from us? 3:1 - We got this :-)
  10. A good window?

    I would have to say that we are weaker after the close of the window than before it opened. Would be difficult to argue otherwise as we are now thinner in squad, no? Anyone else surprised that we let both Slimani and Ullloa go? We might have lost a dimension in our play go there (with Slimani going). We were too heavy up front though I guess.
  11. Will Mahrez go for 100 million.

    To be honest if he went for a free we’d have got excellent value out of him. I get the point about him being a depreciating asset, but come on the initial outlay was £400k.
  12. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    This is what I think is a fact of Mahrez’s position from tomorrow, assuming he’s with us; to get that move to Barcelona or Man City or any really big club, he’s going to have to keep putting in the high quality performances of late. If he goes on a sulk or drops he won’t only devalue himself financially, but those bigger clubs will be less likely to make a move for him in future as he would prove again that he can blow very cold as well as hot. He’s streaky like Pardew.
  13. Well done the Thais

    Well done to the club. At the end of the day Man City ought to have known that £55m was not enough in the last hours of the transfer window. If they really wanted him they ought to have come in with at least £75m, which I believe he is worth in the current market. As for Riyad, as a fan this is the first time I have felt angry with him because he played hardball with our club and might well have cost us points tonight. Objectively though I suspect he will get on with it and keep performing because he has little alternative moving forward. Today’s shenanigans was all game playing under the ‘strategic’ influence of his agent no doubt. They tried to leverage with all the tools they had, but ultimately they didn’t hold the power. Mahrez is not Leicester like we the fans are. He’s a careerist at the end of the day. As we would be too in his position. I expect the team will bring him into line too.
  14. Ulloa - To Brighton on loan (Page 8)

    I do understand why people would take this view, but to me anyone who contributed key moments to our title win has to be thought of as a club legend. I thought he also played really against Atlético Madrid when he came on. He can be very useful on his day. He'll also be thought of even more highly at Brighton for turning down a move to Palace too! Thanks for the memories Leo!
  15. FA Cup 2018

    I want Millwall. Punish them for knocking us out last time we played them. A hideous match day experience I want out my system.