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  1. Anyone giving up their season ticket? 😂 I know an Arsenal fan who did after the season they went unbeaten. Retired from watching live games ‘after perfection’.
  2. Why are we having this conversation? I’m not interested in defending a Chelsea player’s reactions. We’ve just won the FA Cup. My focus is on Leicester.
  3. Nah! **** that twat! Been with us since he was 12 and celebrates like that. What happened to keeping your head down out of respect?
  4. I’m so nervous! Please let the real Leicester turn up today. I think the occasion will lift them.
  5. Not enough. Kanté too, maybe. I’ve got a funny feeling we’re going to win today. Have been bricking it all week but now feel more confident. God knows why!
  6. Winning today would be the only acceptable 1 out of 10 stat!
  7. Have a great day to all making the trip! Make yourselves heard and, no matter the result, just take it all in and enjoy it! Moments like these are what’s life is all about. I know, Blackburn play-off final still lives inside me! But don’t worry whenever I don’t go to Wembley we win!!!
  8. I’m torn. You always have to go with honours and silverware, in some ways Tuesday’s match is more important because if we do qualify for Champions League football this season it could help strengthen us immeasurably for the next 5-10 years in terms of players we get to keep and attract, and also the manager.
  9. We must not lose against Chelsea. We need at least a point. After we win the FA Cup we need to keep the lads away from celebratory booze!
  10. Bloody Cavani missing that easy chance early doors for 2:0!
  11. Looks a bit average to me. Like the idea of him coming back after we released him though and coming good. Leicester Pogba!
  12. Let’s hope so but personally I wouldn’t bet on it with the Indian variant!
  13. I thought the same. In fact I had convinced myself I’d be at this game. Not to be. Gutted.
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