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  1. West Ham post match 1-1

    I feel pissed off at having to do the round trip from South London to see that. God knows how those who made the trip from Leicester and further afield felt. That was garbage. Where were the runners and the incision? I can't believe we didn't release our attacking flair against them. In the end we were lucky to draw IMO. We seemed content just to pass it around without doing anything. I am still giving Puel the benefit if the doubt, but this better not have been a sign of what is to come a-la what Southampton fans have been saying. We allowed a West Ham side low on confidence and an early goal down to grow massively in confidence. So frustrating! Spurs will batter us if we play like that next week.
  2. Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    I'm not saying I'm omnipotent or anything but whenever I go and see Leicester at West Ham we win and I'll be there on Friday #secretweapon
  3. West Ham Away

    Just bagged a couple Hopefully they'll arrive in time in the post
  4. Surprised you still care?

    Interesting topic @Nalis. I care just as much, but I have an Arsenal fan friend who used to have a season ticket right up until their 'Invincibles' season. He gave it up after that as to him that was a pinnacle with only one direction of travel afterwards. He still follows them in print and MOTD but no longer goes to see them live. Can't imagine anyone here doing similar to him.
  5. Are We Now Established?

    I do like to think we are established now. We probably have the strongest squad in our history and we should always from this point on have enough in the locker to out punch whoever gets promoted both on the pitch and financially. That said, you only have to look at Everton this season to see how it can all implode. Who would have predicted they would have struggled like this pre season after so much investment?!
  6. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    I LOVE Mahrez. I'm not one of those who have been on his back. But he deserves some criticism for that particular moment.
  7. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    I am just talking about that one moment, not overall performance. That moment was a key moment. He had no good reason not to make that pass.
  8. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    What since the last scapegoat? Christ.
  9. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Way too harsh I think.
  10. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Different game if Mahrez would have put Vardy in for 2:0. Frustrated with that. BUT I am enjoying Puel's Leicester. Got us playing some exciting and incisive football.
  11. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Pissed off with Mahrez for not finding Vardy when he could have done so easily. Being two up at that point would have took the wind right out of Stoke. Now it is game on.
  12. Welcome Claude .... positive posts only

    Claude is French for Claudio, isn't it? We were underwhelmed when Claudio was announced and a good few of us are now that Claude has been announced. These are good omens! We're gonna win something!
  13. League Cup - Quarter final draw

    I remember being ecstatic when we drew Wycombe and thought as a result that we basically had a bye to the FA Cup Semi back in 2001
  14. Claude Puel - Contender

    I was initially really underwhelmed reading that he might get the job. He looked flat as a pancake on MOTD and played negatively at Southampton, but his record is actually quite impressive when I looked into it, albeit in mostly in French football. Still would prefer Koeman, but I think he'll be looking to have a break after Everton.