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  1. Why not just learn and leave it? Some on here seem really compelled to be contentious. A really good question would by 'why?'
  2. Mahrez to .......................?

    Anyone hear that little bit on Mahrez on Radio 5 Live just now? He's expected to be fiercely criticised in Algeria for missing their game because of his deadline day goose chase. Any Algerian's here who keep up with the press back home to confirm?
  3. Drinkwater

    I totally respect this opinion too. He will forever be a part of our folklore. It's not just death and taxes though. Change is the other certainty. The mooted price is a good one for this change to happen.
  4. Drinkwater

    £40m for Drinkwater. Come on. I'd drive him to their ground for that. He has not done that much without Kanté by his side IMO. The 'quarterback' role did not work at all last season. He has clearly based his game on Scholes but has a fraction of the talent and pass completion. Expect to get stick for this, but we should bite their arm off for £40m.
  5. Wasn't that also the case back in the day during Liverpool's glory days? I remember my dad saying it then.
  6. BHA pre match

    Brighton & Hove will be well up for this. Promoted clubs should never be underestimated. Ask Palace. That said I fancy us to win 2:1. Possible 3:1. Would be great to see Knocky play and get a good reception. Will we sing 'Don't Sell Knockaert' as a little tribute to him?
  7. Unable to buy tickets through lcfc.com

    I noticed a problem last night and still have the same issue now:
  8. Tom Lawrence

    He's Welsh.
  9. Tom Lawrence

    It's difficult to watch players like Tom Lawrence and Kapustka not being given a chance, but in our staff we have to trust. I guess/hope.
  10. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    44 years since we last beat Arsenal away. Their best home winning streak against any opponent is us! 10 in a row. These records are there to be smashed! By law of averages if nothing else. Come on Leicester. Kill the hoodoo!
  11. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    On the way to the game now. Will be sitting amongst the Arsenal looking at the away fans with a little bit of love in my heart for you horrible bastards. I have that mixture of dread and hope. Anything is possible tonight. We could get torn a new one and lose by two or more or we might just pull a performance out. Let's hope it's the latter. It's the hope that kills you. 1-2 Leicester
  12. Only the two Manchester clubs have spent more this summer. Does this mean we can expect no more incoming? Or that the club are literally banking on selling Mahrez? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/aug/10/leicester-city-set-own-expectations-transfer-deficit-arsenal
  13. Membership 17/18

    Answering my own question! It's not possible.
  14. Membership 17/18

    I have two memberships. Anyone know if it is possible to 'downgrade' one of them for a child's ticket. For the Chelsea game I'd like to take a 6 year old as my +1
  15. Membership 17/18

    Just so people are aware - home loyalty points only get activated when your ticket is scanned at the turnstiles. Simply purchasing the ticket does not allocate you the point. Especially useful to know if you are moving up a loyalty bracket. Just wasted half an hour trying to purchase a ticket for Chelsea. My account shows 22 points, but until I actually attend the Brighton game I am actually still on 21 points with one point 'pending'.