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  1. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    1 thing that won't hold this transfer up (a sort of Silva lining...) is that I have it on good authority from a friend of the photographer that the obligatory pictures were at least taken already, so there won't be any hold up with getting snaps of the player with the shirt after confirmation!
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    It does seem a crazy move by NBC, although you can see why they would do it.. If a *ahem* football fan in the USA is committed to their team enough to watch a game at 6am on a Saturday morning then they're more than likely going to be willing to fork out the $50 to carry on doing so next season. I wonder if UK-based fans will be able to purchase an NBC Sports Gold subscription and use a VPN to watch these games. Interestingly in their FAQs they say: However, on their purchase page (http://www.nbcsports.com/gold/int/nbc-sports-gold-packages-prices), with regards to their Motocross pass (as the Premier League one isn't available yet) they say: I would suspect the price may go up next season if this is well-received (which it won't be at first, until fans of non-Top 6 teams start realising they can't watch any of their beloved team's games, at which time they'll all be forking out the $$).
  3. New-Look Beta LCFC.com Launches Today!

    They way I read it it seems as though they are commiting to delivering free live audio commentary. From the site:
  4. New-Look Beta LCFC.com Launches Today!

    It looks really good on both desktop and mobile platforms, and obviously making all of the media content free to view is a massive 'upgrade' in itself. Think they may have a few data issues though, looking at the Leicester debut dates of some of our players..!
  5. 1st game and 2017/18 fixtures.

    These ratings are flawed as they don't take newly promoted teams into account, and we play 2 of them in the first 6 games! If we give both teams a baseline score of 6.5 then this takes our difficulty rating down to 6.84, which is pretty much in line with everyone else.
  6. Arsenal Pre-Match Thread

    For me it has to be: Kasper Simpson Huth Morgan Fuchs Albrighton Drinkwater Mendy Mahrez Okazaki Musa We saw the beginnings of a decent partnership between Okazaki and Musa in pre-season and I think they deserve a chance to play in this together. Musa has shown that he has the capability to go around a player but I think he needed to be a little more greedy on Saturday and take a few shots himself, hopefully playing him as the main striker will give him that confidence. Obviously we can then bring Gray on for Albrighton and Vards for Shinji with 30 mins to go to really terrorise the Arse's defence! I want to see Mahrez playing out of his skin in this one, and if the rumours are true about him wanting an Arsenal move then I can see him really turning up for this one. No knees-a-jerking from me, and there won't be even if we lose this one, we got turned over in this fixture last season and it didn't really harm our results thereafter.
  7. Hull City... 1st up.. Away.

    I see a lot of people posting teams in here and the general consensus seems to be: Kasper Simpson Morgan Hernandez Fuchs Mahrez Drinkwater Mendy Albrighton Musa Vardy However, I would swap Albrighton for Gray as I believe he will cut through their defence and add (even more) pace to our front line, I would also swap Mendy for Amartey as I believe he would be much more effective at breaking up the play than Mendy. The team I think Claudio will actually start with is: Kasper Simpson Morgan Hernandez Fuchs Mahrez Drinkwater Mendy Albrighton Okazaki Vardy But with Gray, Mahrez, Musa and Vardy running at their defensive line I think we could potentially see something quite special on the opening day (although I'd take a scrappy 1-0 off Shinji's back)
  8. I've gone top 2 of the '7th-10th' category and realistically (assuming last season was an anomally) that is exactly where we need to be at the moment. I'd much prefer us to build up to being a consistent top 6 side within the next few years.
  9. Premier League Net Transfer Spend (Since 1992)

    Think it's everything since 92, that's how this site works it out http://www.transferleague.co.uk/leicester-city/english-football-teams/leicester-city-transfers EDIT: Although it doesn't seem to include undisclosed fees so Kram's fee isn't included there
  10. Premier League Net Transfer Spend (Since 1992)

  11. City in LA

    The Moore-shank Redemption Schlupp's Labyrinth Dr. Schmeichel or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Huth Wasilewski Unchained VARD-E A Beautiful Musa Citizen Kante... oh
  12. Premier League Form Table

    Not done one of these in a while, but it still makes for pretty fine reading, in April! As you can see, we are currently top of the 6-game form table with 2.67 points per game, whereas Spurs are languishing in joint 5th with 1.83 points per game. This means that Spurs' expected points total (on form) is 73, with ours being a whopping 85. Now I am not for 1 second suggesting this is an achievable total, but looking at current form 79 looks a more than ample target. To that end, we are the only Premier League team that is expected to reach the 79 point mark on current form, and that being at the Man Utd game. How good would it be to get it tied up by then! There are so many reasons to be excited as a Leicester City fan at the moment. But then, we haven't really played anyone yet.
  13. Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    I use my laptop to make my build but usually use it properly on either my Android phone or T8 Android box
  14. Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    I use my own LCFC-based build, also ****ing brilliant, and pretty lightweight too. Not worked out how best to share it yet but when I do I'll post a link here.