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  1. Will take that result, would have taken the draw before the game too. We weren't at it today so definitely a point gained. Fofana coming on a positive too, hopefully some other players won't be far behind. No complaints from me, just hope Palace do a Burnley and turn into a decent side for 1 night only tonight too.
  2. Dire first half but I doubt Brendan will be too worried, we can't have expelled too much energy in that first half and still got Barnes and Ricardo on the bench. Think we might see a second half like the Brentford game. Or I at least hope we will!
  3. Amartey has been immense today. Think it's there for the taking in the second half. Hope Evans can carry on though, wouldn't want to change that backline half way through the game.
  4. Ha, not off the top of my head! Just looked at some of the injury histories on transfermarkt and just checked a few of the most recent Vardy injuries. Thankfully they haven't yet had any overlapping injury absences, although that's another reason why it is so long ago that we have won without them both.
  5. We beat West Ham on 28th December 2019 where Ndidi only played 20 mins at the end? Nacho and Gray scored both goals before he came on.
  6. Sorry to take this pre-match thread on a tangent but some people on here need to give their head a wobble! Our second choice DM is getting some proper stick for no reason whatsoever. I'm pretty sure no one said Mendy is better than Ndidi because that just isn't true, there were people calling for Mendy to keep Wilf out of the team at the start of the season (but though you may have a short term memory loss) that was because he was playing rather well at the start of the season! Just to jog that memory of yours, in the first 9 games where he played the majority of the match his reco
  7. At least it makes Southgate's job easier.
  8. BIN. This post is not at all reactionary!
  9. Ah well, you have to get used to losing to poor mid table outfits as a Leicester fan.
  10. Just reading some of the stuff from Bielsa's press conference and he really does talk some proper crap. You've got to feel sorry for his translator - to be fair he looks more than impressed in the image taken at this presser..! https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/sport/leeds-united/marcelo-bielsa-every-word-leicester-19727098
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