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  1. Well I'm glad I watched this game. Zorya already out of the group with nothing to play for and are still beating us. We are terrible.
  2. That was terrible. We really don't seem to show any attacking intent whatsoever. Surely there has to be changes at the break, otherwise I fear I may be heading for a divorce after screaming and storming out of the room after the penalty went in!!
  3. I would understand this if he was pulled from all fixtures in response to the mistake he made, but he's instead been made the REFEREE for the Man U game on Saturday. How does that make any sense? It's almost as if they are trying to even up the balance with all of Liverpool's injuries!
  4. For me releasing a DVD of one game mid-season regardless of the result should never be allowed. Give it prominence in the end of season DVD, sure, but releasing a DVD for that one match is almost as bad as releasing a t-shirt when you are top of the league after a few games (almost!) When we were top under Peter Taylor I did cut the league table out of the Merc though, but come on let's face it, none of us expected the heroics of our 2015/16 season!
  5. Agreed, a cheeky social media post is one thing, but actually releasing merch is ridiculous, so small time!
  6. What about this pass from Cengo though? Pure sauce
  7. Just watching the highlights on the OS and I know JJ's performance was first class but I'm pretty sure he only played one position
  8. Football won't be available, think it's just the Boxing from the off
  9. I use an IPTV app that has all the Premier League (and EFL / SPFL) teams as channels and they always put the best English language HD stream on that channel, so it is simply a case of choosing the home / away team's channel to view the game. They also send out alternative channels that are showing the game on the morning of the game so there are usually at least 5 channels to choose from. I use the Fire Stick version of the app which works almost flawlessly.
  10. According to this link there is a DAZN app for the Fire Stick, and regardless even if there weren't one you could always sideload the Android app (which is quite easy to do now with the Downloader app). Regarding the VPN, the Nord VPN app works really well on a Fire Stick and is really easy to use.
  11. This thread title looking more and more ambitious as the injuries keep stacking up.
  12. Truly excellent analysis piece, this would not be out of place on The Athletic with Michael Cox's name on it, where it would certainly get the Awesome rating from me. Bravo, sir
  13. Surely some of the best analysis of one of our games on MOTD ever, actually called Pep out for his ridiculous comment and heaped praise on the right players (Mendy and Tielemans) on our team
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