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  1. True, but if everything reported in the media is to be believed then he does have a big say in this transfer in particular as the board are reluctant to agree to this sale on his say-so. It seems to me that the board hold him in such high regard that they don't want to upset him and clearly believe this could tip him over the edge. I don't think anyone seriously believes Puel has the final no-no-go decision, but he is definitely a large factor in the decision taken by the board.
  2. This whole fiasco goes one of either 2 ways: Puel holds firm and keeps a player required for the team to be competitive this season The board overrule Claude and Fofana is sold for an astronomical amount for a Ligue 1 side Either way, it is win-win for ASSE but only if it is completed soon. If this is a deadline day move there is no way they would be able to replace Fofana so one would assume this transfer must be quite close to some sort of conclusion. Le 10 Sport reported last night that "important discussions with ASSE would also be considered next week, in the hope of moving the lines and accelerating the process of the transfer" (link) It can therefore be assumed that if he there isn't any movement within the next week we'll be moving on to other tah-gets. I don't think anyone can say this is Puel digging his heels in on this transfer to spite us, the fact is Fofana is a highly rated 19 year old player who he would like to keep at the club. The same as if a Champions League side came in for Cags now we'd be highly reluctant to sell.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/sep/16/leicester-closing-in-on-signing-roma-winger-cengiz-under-for-246m
  4. I don't know much about this guy but if our scouts have singled him out as a potential new signing then i'm all for it, and surely we need to at least give him a chance to play for us before writing him off as Gray Mk II !!
  5. Di Marzio and Fabrizio Romano both reporting it as an 'obligation to buy'
  6. In my mind only the player (or player's agent) can be blamed for this transfer not happening (assuming it doesn't). In April, he signed a 4-year deal and came out and said he was happy to stay at the club to further his career, had this just been posturing and behind the scenes he was simply trying to get ASSE a bigger paycheck then his agent should have asked for a minimum fee release clause to be inserted into the contract. This would have meant that should a team come in with the asking price then ASSE would let him go with their blessings, and with £26m in their pocket to spend on new players, which in the French league would go a long way to ensuring their safety. However, what (appears to have) happened was that he signed a 4-year deal with no release clause but (if the French press are to be believed) had a gentleman's agreement with the club that if X figure was met he could leave. The problem is, a gentleman's agreement means about as much as the non-existent paper it's written on - absolutely diddly. Whether the club 'did him over' or not is moot, ASSE are well within their rights to decide that they want to keep a player that they now have tied down to a big contract. In their minds in 1-2 years time he could potentially be worth double that, and from the player's point of view would still be only 20/21 years of age and could easily command a move to the Premier League. He may not get to play for his dream club Leicester City, he may just have to settle for some other no mark like Manchester City. Diddums. Claude Puel is doing exactly what we would expect Brendan to be doing in this situation - trying to keep his best young talent. He may be a lot of things, but he does know a decent young player when he sees one. (Could we get him to take over at Leuven at some point?)
  7. He's saying he has given his response on the pitch, not that he will give his response. I take it to mean he played well and that is his beautiful response.
  8. Who else is watching on BT Sport 3? The missus isn't pleased after PL on TV all day!
  9. Heard it's not concrete, but the player thinks he could be a s-tah centre back for us, like his hero Wes Morgan.
  10. Can see this getting done early next week
  11. Must say I'm well up for this!
  12. Can someone please post the Coronavirus self-isolation guidelines for International elite sportspersons?
  13. In his interview he said that he wouldn't down tools even if he weren't sold, he would continue to do his best for the club, although you'd assume it would be difficult now his head's been turned by THE AMAZING LEICESTER CITY. I still think this will go ahead, just hope it's sooner rather than later.
  14. This transfer really is on a (non-literal) knife edge, you'd like to think that if we don't have any feel for whether they are going to accept today we'd look at alternatives. https://www.butfootballclub.fr/asse/mercato/asse-mercato-la-bombe-fofana-peut-elle-faire-exploser-l-asse--436115 So the only question is, does the chairman stick with Puel who has a clear vision of developing their young talent, or do they accept this large offer on the table and use it to purchase new players and offer the club some economic stability for the future? Let's just hope we get some clarity on this pretty sharpish.
  15. If a player is told by their team that if X sum is met then they can go with their blessings then that is what should happen. Win win for both parties - player gets a move to a league he'd like to play in and the club gets wad loads of cash to spend on replacements. If then (as we are led to believe) the team is made an offer of X for that player which they don't accept then the player has every right to be disgruntled. That is not to say that trying to force a move in this way should be supported, however if we are to accept his own account then he has tried to speak to his coach / 'general manager' who has refused point blank to discuss it then one could argue that he doesn't have many other avenues to explore. There are always going to be fans that are then not happy with the player who only a few months prior (for some unknown reason) had said that he is 100% going to stay at ASSE to further his development, but if the player has tried to move the previous year the team may well believe the time is right to cut their losses and reinvest in the squad. The statement itself did seem to mention some interesting points and speaks of an intelligent young individual but we cannot kid ourselves to the fact that this could well happen to us a few years down the line. In fact a player with this much confidence may be inclined to insert a minimum fee release clause into his contract for a team competing in the Champions League. That all being said, he sounds like a right player so GERRIMIIIIIIIIIIIN!
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