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  1. We'll probably get beat, but wouldn't it be hilarious if WBA beat Liverpool today and none of this matters. Then we beat Spurs anyway because they're garbage and it's funny. Although winning on Tuesday, ideally with a ton of VAR decisions, would please me in making Tuchel lose it even more. This is what you get for not wearing a suit to the Cup Final lad
  2. I celebrated that goal so loudly that my four year old son is now scared of football. I have watched the goal again roughly 500 times since last night. Even American work colleagues who don't care for "soccer" have messaged me to say what a great goal it was. What a player that lad is.
  3. Was driving back up north today and all of a sudden it hit me HOLY **** WE'RE IN THE FA CUP FINAL TOMORROW Ever take a step back and think how mad supporting us has got over the past decade? Lunacy. I love it.
  4. I have such an unreasonable hatred for Newcastle. Like when we beat them in 2016 and all commentary wanted to talk about was Rafa being the saviour... never mind us being on the verge of winning the league.
  5. The amount of times I went to Highbury to watch us get beat... it's hilarious to see that we usually have Arsenal's number these days. Spurs have always been dreadful mind
  6. I was "secretly" watching the game whilst in a zoom meeting. After Evans last-ditch tackle I clearly put my colleagues on alert that I was watching something in my peripheral vision. When Iheanacho scored they absolutely noticed. Worth it
  7. I wish they'd all get points deducted but we all know they won't. I remember Spurs getting a big points deduction in the nineties, and Man City getting their European ban and they just argue till that stuff goes away. Probably should be satisfied with the spectacular failure of all this but I'd really like to stick the proverbial boot in to these charlatans. Who do we reckon had the most fans who thought the Super League was a good idea? I think it's between Liverpool and Spurs from what I've seen.
  8. Games I was at that stick out in the memory... not always the best games, but meant the world to me. Grimsby Town 1 - 2 Leicester 2002 - Chasing promotion, went down to ten men and then Muzzy scored the best goal I've ever seen. Plus I got home and found out my wife was pregnant with my daughter. Leicester 4 - 0 Leeds 2003 - That Nalis goal, plus smashing Leeds is always hilarious. Bolton 0 - 1 Leicester 2014 - hadn't been to a game for a while because of work and managed to get a ticket to see us win the Championship. Had a gig the next day that I had to ca
  9. Kasper Ricardo Huth Kamark Castagne Kante Ndidi Tielemans Mahrez Iheanacho Knockaert Keller, Wasilewski, Cags, Fuchs, Cambiasso, Zagorakis, Yakubu, Ulloa, Okazaki on the bench
  10. When I went to my first game with my Uncle, we beat West Ham 1-0 (23rd March 1985, I was nearly seven). I got home and my Dad, who was working and couldn't go to the game, asked me if I enjoyed it. He had (and still does) supported City since the 1950s. I said I had. He then told me that I shouldn't get used to us winning, that we never win trophies, and that he would understand if I wanted to support a "better" team like my mates at school. I said no, carried on going to games (eventually with him) and went everywhere home and away until work got in the way of me being able to
  11. Fantastic performance today. Genuinely brilliant. Trying to think of something funny to say but to be honest I'm too busy just basking in the glory of that victory.
  12. RE Adama Traore, to quote Bob Mortimer when the lad was playing for Middlesbrough: "I watched Traore beat one man, then another, then another, then cut inside, beat the first man again, do a cruyff turn, beat another man and then launch the ball into the car park"
  13. Good lord, she was always hammered when she did the half time draw. This has made me think of an often used joke on the Frank Skinner podcast: "Do you know Brendan Rodgers?" "No, but thanks for the tip"
  14. I didn't nick it because it was massive, but I bought one of the old stadium maps from the ground at the official auction thingy. My Dad bought the other one. I have no idea where mine is (I think in my sister's shed since I moved up north)
  15. I think Ricky Sappleton may well have edited his own wiki page.
  16. Oh aye, we were rotten back then for sure.
  17. Jason Jarrett, I think! I remember thinking he was decent. I was wrong.
  18. We all know United v City is being saved for at least the semis... Should probably take my tin foil hat off 😂
  19. I have absolutely zero recollection of him.
  20. I don't know if many of you watch much American sport but I do and it makes me much more relaxed about this than everyone else seems to be. Building a squad with suitable backups that fit within financial constraints is the norm there. The Los Angeles Lakers can't have fifteen Lebron James in their squad. Admittedly a lot of that is to do with salary caps etc, but whilst not mandated as such, that's what we're under here. He'll just be backup. I know it's not exciting and I know we're all still upset by Ryan Bennett but it's nowhere near the end of the world as this thread make
  21. That's the lad! Thanks! Still desperate to know who the long haired Italian winger was who played for us in a pre season friendly. He'd played briefly for Milan and Torino, I believe.
  22. Lars-Gunnar Carlstrand. I was at Ewood Park when O'Neill tried to bring him on as a sub after he was apparently amazing for the reserves... and he didn't get chance before the final whistle. So he's someone who NEARLY played for us, but this thread made him pop into my head. We would have some fun trialists in pre season friendlies. There was an Italian lad who looked like Jesus and played like he thought he was George Best and a Polish lad who played loads for Dundee United. I remember really hoping we signed both... and wish I could remember their names now!
  23. Kingy is legit one of my favourite ever players. This move pleases me, hope he does well over there.
  24. This thread has been great. Nice one everyone.
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