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  1. I like the explanation letter, which basically says "you're going to be paying more but we'll be doing far less"
  2. To think Wales were 16-0 down in Paris and end up doing the Slam is a bit nuts
  3. Get the feeling Southgate is trying to create a permanent squad. I do understand it, but Trippier in ahead of Wan Bissaka is unfair at the moment. Trippier was excellent in Russia, but he's had a pretty poor season since.
  4. Travesty that we don't sing that more.
  5. Has TM ever actually had a good day as Prime-Minister? Why does she do it to herself? I'd actually hate to be her, it must be a nightmare. Just walk away and say I tried my best.
  6. Same game as the King goal against Leeds, I think Snodgrass blasted one in first time from the corner of the box. Not the best, but definitely worth a mention.
  7. As a standalone goal, it has to be against Liverpool, closely followed by his goal for England in Berlin. Some of his goals though, what great moments.
  8. It's quite expensive, but it's great fun. In my experience, people have always been welcoming.
  9. Long shot, but if anybody has any spares/people pulling out, could they please give me a PM? Cheers
  10. It's amazing how many adults still do, despite having no genuine connection to either city. I thought it was something that kids grew out of.
  11. ****ing brilliant that Grealish got the winner. Should've done an Adebayor.
  12. His fans are an extremely strange breed
  13. Our kit is exactly the same as Cardiff’s. Having ‘templates’ for kits and very few bespoke designs is really boring, but I think it’s down to Adidas etc wanting a brand identity that clubs are part of. Clubs are happy with the money.
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