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  1. Yeah Suits was great when it started and although it had a far fetched premise it was cool. Tried to hard and just became a Lawyer version of House.
  2. Out of places I've been to I'd say Ibiza and Milan. I get that the island of Ibiza is a beautiful island, but the holiday culture is pretentious bollocks. People pilled off their heads pretending to enjoy watching Pete Tong and Carl Cox for the 50th time. If you want to go to a big club it's usually at least €50 to get in and €15 a drink. I had a really good time there, but I definitely had a much better time in the tacky shitholes like Magaluf. Milan was expensive, disappointing and full of weirdos trying to sell you shit. Sure the main area looks great with the Duomo and Galleria Vittolo but beyond those, it was a bit of a dump. Again I had a good time there, but it was a massive let down and I wouldn't go back. San Siro was the best bit for me and I only did a tour. Absolutely no desire to go to Dubai and Marbella sounds like everything that's wrong with Ibiza x10.
  3. Glad I can’t stand Ultimate Team, I’d probably be skint
  4. Still don’t want VAR but it was funny. You’d be livid as a wolves fan. Both sides were extremely poor in front of goal. So many sliced shots
  5. They’re trying too hard with this “oh what a lovely club Leicester are”. I didn’t know about the PL Fan Fund until today. Apart from beer, do any grown adults want any of the free tat that they dish out? Beanies, Vardy Masks, Santa hats, pink caps, fearless t-shirts. Grow up. I’m a twat for being annoyed at it but why are they spending money on this dross? That’s not football, it’s cheap gimmicks that are a complete waste of time and make it look like we’ve got an away of 3,000 people on day release. Honestly I’d rather they spent it on increasing Slimani’s wages than this guff.
  6. Hope we have 3,000 idiots dabbing or doing the floss in their pink hats for maximum cringe
  7. Usually we don't know how to do past tense so how about changing the CL song to: On Wednesday Nights, Under the lights In Copenhagen, Porto and Brugge, Madrid, Sevilla, we drank Sangria As we went and followed the Blues
  8. I know I'm writing this on a football forum, but imagine having a dedicated football twitter account
  9. Long shot, but if anyone has a spare ticket or two I'd love them
  10. Yeah I can't imagine we'll sign anyone other than Praet, but lets not pretend that RL know any more than we do
  11. Good deal all round really. £80m is crazy money for him but doesn’t really matter to United does it. Just looks shit if he fails. Good player and seemingly a good bloke. At least we don’t have to listen to his shit chant anymore.
  12. Bill Leslie is the best commentator in the game. Can’t believe he’s still having to sit with Don Goodman.
  13. Intrigued by Atalanta. There were a couple of other underdogs looking like they'd get into the Champions League like Frankfurt and Getafe but both fell at the final hurdle. I remember watching Atalanta smash Everton home and away in the Europa League.
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