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  1. I've just been swept up and ordered a 1996 shirt. Forgot I'm going away tomorrow and we might be out by the time it arrives
  2. Aren't they all? Are there any co-commentators that are universally liked? Maybe Ally McCoist, but that's not for his analysis. Savage is observant at the very least and tries to spot patterns or things that the commentator may not have seen. He did get swept in the Wales game though. Can safely say he's better than Jenas, Keown, Murphy and McManaman to name a few.
  3. Robbie Savage is a better co-commentator than he's given credit for
  4. Think he's really underrated.
  5. Joyce v Takam on 24th July. Smart from Frank. Can't imagine many will watch that and then not buy Fury v Wilder III. In fairness that's what I'll do unless a mate offers to host
  6. Haven't played them since either! Seems like we play Brazil every other year.
  7. LinkedIn is the worst. This is perfect though
  8. I find it very hard to believe that they'll lift restrictions in July. If it's not satisfactory now, I doubt it will be then.
  9. So long story short: Government decide not to stop travel from India for their own gain. Then “Indian variant” reaches the UK and causes numbers to rise, but it’s in our best interests to delay lifting of restrictions because of their incompetence. Nice one.
  10. Out of interest, what were they hoping the case/death levels would be by the 21st. Aren't we ahead of schedule with the vaccines?
  11. I know . Got done by the cloud cover Was in the Raglan Stand mate
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