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  1. Each to their own but I think the general criticism is a bit harsh. I was glad to see his Pearson post and rather than it making me think about Stringer, it just went to show what a top bloke NP is. Stringer does get on my nerves sometimes and as many have stated above, the playing up to Elliott and Meighan as if they're best mates is utterly cringeworthy. Moaning about him putting personal stuff on his Twitter is ridiculous. Just don't follow him? I sometimes listen to RL on the way back from a game, but I can't be doing with the forum or boot room, unless there's a special piece. Having said that, if he did choose to enter his own pieces on Vichai's death for an award, that's poor form. I find it very weird that he can idolise so many players who quite obviously don't like him.
  2. Yeah I wouldn’t wish it on the lad but it gave me a shock seeing it.
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9111071/alfie-parkins-wembley-injury-twitter-jack-grealish/ Blimey.
  4. Makes sense. The sub one will be funny watching a winger get both barrels and walking round the entire pitch. I think they should just ban subs in injury time.
  5. Increasing number of people the shoot across lanes at the roundabout on W.Boulevard / Walnut St.
  6. Someone pointed out that it has to do with league position too. If Derby come up, there'll be some needle as there was with Forest during the 09/10 and 12/13 when we were battling it out with them to make the play-offs. For years, games against Derby have been a no-contest.
  7. Absolutely brutal. Give me “insufferable” Liverpool fans over Man City having a vice-like grip on English football. Bayern/Juventus levels of dominance for years to come.
  8. Forgot about the U21 Euros, should be a good watch
  9. This always annoys me. They have so much spare time, just get a private tutor. Tevez was here for about 50 years but couldn't speak a word. For what it's worth, I really like Bale.
  10. Traditionally speaking it's Forest, but I always felt more animosity towards Coventry. Coventry actually gave more of a shit about us and they even got crowds of over 20,000 when Leicester came to town. Obviously Forest and Derby don't really give a shit about us but even our collective hatred towards them isn't as strong as most 'real' rivalries should have. Sure, we filled the 8,000 away end in the FA Cup but the replay saw thousands of empty seats. I don't really feel pleased or pissed off when Forest or Derby win, lose or draw. I actually hope Derby come up, as it's another local game and one that we pretty much always win.
  11. I remember being in Germany for Joshua v Klitschko and watching it on RTL, it was great.
  12. Warren confirms Fury v Schwarz is PPV
  13. 5 year ban for anyone who does a fortnite dance. Children or adults.
  14. The clappers, shit PA and Birch waffling create a pre-match nonsensical white noise
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