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  1. Wouldn't it make sense for all involved if Joshua got rid of his IBF Pulev mandatory and Usyk had another tune-up fight (Chisora?) in the meantime?
  2. Can often tell a lot about a Leicester fan, based on their views of Nige. The ones that dislike him probably love Sven.
  3. I've had a mare, I thought they were all the same place. I lived around there for a year and I've never heard of Loaf
  4. I believe that's been done out and is now called The Dog House. I've only been on Saturday afternoons, seemed ok.
  5. Not sure why he’s getting so much shit, it’s exactly what he needed to do to win. He’s a superior boxer to Ruiz and didn’t want to risk getting stopped again. anyone with half a brain knew that he wasn’t going to go in all guns blazing and he’s boxed smartly against a more dangerous opponent than Parker.
  6. Virgin charging an extra £2 for HD on top of the scandalous £25 for Ruiz v Joshua 2
  7. The Man City cup game, a guy walked out, we got the 97th min equaliser, so he comes back for penalties. As soon as Soyuncu missed, he walked out again
  8. It’s ****ing tragic tbh. L1 is on its arse and whilst we sit 2nd in the league we get outsung by the 12 fans from bottom of the league Watford.
  9. Mainstream sports media is clickbait shite now. Sky are so predictable when anyone outside the top 6 is doing well, we just read and hear why they should go to Arsenal or Man United because "ThEy Is A bIgGeR ClAb JePH". I saw the posted an article last night reading "Grealish passes United audition". **** off
  10. That's the big one. Number One rule to live by is do the exact opposite of what Paul Merson says you should do.
  11. Odds have dropped to 3/1 and I'm still not worried. I know he did it mid-season to Celtic, but Arsenal are a ****ing shambles at the minute who have spunked all their money and had to make a record signing over 5 years of payments. He'd be mental to go there right now. End of season would be a different story.
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