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  1. One the things Iain Hume said about the 2007-08 signings is that a lot of them came through the same agent. Like a shit version of the deal Wolves have with Mendes.
  2. Coming towards the end of my Belgian box but this is another great one
  3. Whole thing is pathetic. Like they’ve run out of things to moan at footballers for.
  4. Get in there. Great win. Really enjoyed that second half in a perverse way.
  5. That top 6 has got to be the most boring Championship promotion race possible. Hope Brentford go up, but jeez.
  6. Same old Dortmund. finally drew level, then missed a penalty to win it.
  7. In fairness, imagine if they sacked him after today. He was watching it at home
  8. Root has really got it in for Mendis
  9. I’ve never seen anyone defend the back post so well. So many crosses looked like they were going to be put away, but he’d always nick in front.
  10. Really hope Liverpool spank Man United at the weekend
  11. Making my way through Tailenders. Good fun.
  12. Good stuff mate. Yeah, I've only done 6 games, we're 12th at the minute. Blown two leads in stoppage time against Stoke and Leeds. Competing well against most teams, but West Ham and Watford were head and shoulders above. West Ham signed Thomas Meunier and I've got Jamie Hanson at RB Managed to get a couple of good loans in, so kicked the can down the round a bit, hoping I get more money next season!
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