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  1. Willian going to Arsenal. Chelsea rejects FC
  2. We've been crap since December but it'll depend on their general faith in him. If we find ourselves in the bottom half after a tough run of opening fixtures, but playing ok then I'm sure he'll be alright. Really important transfer window.
  3. This Congerton stuff is like when fans would blame Rudkin without having a clue what he actually did
  4. I saw a Man United fan say that he wants Zaha over Sancho because he's Premier League proven. Wonder if he'd choose James Collins over De Ligt
  5. Guinness at the Old Horse now that us Leicester louts are out of lockdown
  6. One of those games that puts you off football. Waste 120 minutes watching a dull affair and the ****ing boring team gets promoted
  7. If we were that arsed about gold, I’d change the home shirt to navy even for an year. That Brentford kit is sensational. for what it’s worth I much prefer blue and white
  8. I'm over us bottling the top 4 now to be honest. The likelihood is that we won't be able to go to the games until the new year and we wouldn't have made it out of the Champions League groups anyway. What good is it drawing Real Madrid or Bayern Munich when you'd have to watch it on TV behind closed doors? There's a good chance that we make it to the knockout stages of the Europa League and by February we'll hopefully be allowed to go to games home and away.
  9. Hopefully be back in their ground by the time fans are allowed back at games
  10. I’ve only just come across them and haven’t found a song that I don’t like yet
  11. Beautiful Boy on Amazon Prime. Steve Carrell really good
  12. Yeah and I cant even get them to agree swap deals on that!
  13. People who suggest transfer swap deals all the time. They barely ever happen.
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