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  1. Yeah, I didn't realise that to be fair. Hope Kudela got a kicking.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/14/slavia-prague-ondrej-kudela-10-match-uefa-ban-for-racist-behaviour-at-rangers-glen-kamara I am ****ing staggered at this. How can anyone take these useless c**** seriously? It's like they've banned Kamara to please Slavia Prague. "No to Racism" and "No to reporting racism".
  3. She is a ****ing simpleton. Enough to make you miss Keith Vaz.
  4. Time to delete Facebook I reckon.
  5. Crazy that we havent had a yellow away kit since about 2011. They used to be really common during 90s/early 00s
  6. I did wonder about it when watching the cricket in India. For the Ahmedabad T20s they had a couple of full crowds and then a few with empty stadiums.
  7. Got to agree we should use the sash away kit more often. Even if they played about with the design (like the JJB white one), the black & sky blue combination makes for a lot of iconic away kits. A reverse of this leaked kit for example. You see it with Southampton and Arsenal's use of yellow & blue every other year, or Man City's black & red.
  8. Any talk of selling them on this incident alone is just nonsense. Personally, I'm more annoyed at them costing the club than flouting lockdown rules. As has been mentioned, imagine if they all tested positive, passed it onto their teammates and then we were missing 7 or 8 first teamers for the cup semi final? That said, I understand the anger at them for flouting rules, given the privileged position that they find themselves in. Earning hundreds of thousands, in massive houses, still allowed to do the job that they love. They see their mates in training every other day
  9. They'd be better off throwing money at making Rounders mainstream, than this nonsense.
  10. Standard of the IPL this year is ludicrous already. Samson on 112 off 58 for the royals
  11. Really sorry @Webbo that is horrendous news Gutted for you
  12. It’s dogshit from everyone involved, but talk of selling them for this alone is nonsense. If Maddison sends us to the FA Cup final, we’ll love him again. They absolutely deserve to be public ally hung out to dry, fined wages and made to apologise, but off the top of my head Kyle Walker, Jack Grealish and Joao Cancelo have breached covid guidelines. However strongly you might feel about the rules, I’m fed up of footballers living in a different class to the rest of us, but I’m even more annoyed that they’ve let the team down today. Golfing takes the p
  13. Agree on this. You just know Liverpool and Chelsea will sneak in on the last day and all will be rosy at Premier League HQ once again.
  14. Will be replaying that Fofana header in my head for the rest of tonight. Imagine if that went in. Disgraceful first hour. West Ham didn’t even play well, but capitalised on some of our Sunday league defending. Even at 3-0 down we were dangling a leg out and making half arsed tackles. I’m glad they showed a set of bollocks towards the end of, but as a whole that is simply not good enough. Hugely let down by their teammates too. Albrighton was the only appealing option on the bench. Choudhury, Perez and Maddison should be seriously ashamed.
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