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  1. I really enjoyed it. I'd been to the Worlds and Premier League a few times but always in the seats. Was great to experience the tables.
  2. I hope it does get shunned, but the BBC and Sky are really pushing it. The branding is hilariously bad. The names/logos/kits look like 8 installations of the same team.
  3. You’re going to see defenders throwing themselves to the floor a lot more. Happened in the Nations League too.
  4. But it’s using his nationality against him. As Stan said, why does anyone bring it up at all if it’s not relevant? I agree that there are much worse things to be called, but it’s pretty stupid all the same. I remember distantly hearing someone calling Moses the N-word when he dived against us a few seasons ago. No idea who it was though.
  5. France have got to be the most self-destructive team in sport
  6. I enjoyed Mowgli when I went. Was 50% off food for the first week too. Service was a bit slow, but it won't be perfect straight away.
  7. Yeah I watch the Breaking Bad finale before this so I could be on terms with everything. I still forgot that Jesse bailed on the hoover man pick-up in the series. I enjoyed El Camino, solid 7/10
  8. Can't stand Clive Tyldesley but BT adding him makes the Champions League feel right. Same would go for John Motson on England games.
  9. Ale Classroom is a tough one. Old horse probs not
  10. People that say it's a lovely day when the sun's out but it's freezing outside. Give me cloudy & mild over sunny & cold.
  11. I thought it would be that given the nature of the crash, but didn't want to speculate. What a tosser. Horrendous news about Patrick Day.
  12. Massive fan of the Irn Bru Cup (basically their version of the Checkatrade Trophy) Scottish Div 1-3 teams Scottish Premiership U21 teams Scottish Non-League teams 2 English National League teams 2 NI teams 2 Welsh teams 2 ROI teams Need more Konami Cup style tournaments imo
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