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  1. I had this. I think it was due to my DoF being in control of scouting assignments, took me ages to figure out! I've started with Dortmund to get into it. Despite us being shit, we're top of the Bundesliga, won the German Super Cup and have beaten Barcelona. Clouds over us scraping past shit teams in the cup and Basaksehir in the CL. Lost 4-3 to bottom of the league Freiburg too. Feels like we're rubbish yet grind out wins.
  2. Billy Joe up to his usual tricks
  3. Currently sat listening to Vietnam War tunes on my last day of working at home before 2 months of furlough. I'm keeping my work's Mac at home during this time, so contemplating getting FM. Not had it since FM 2017
  4. Her tattoo is even more annoying than her personality
  5. Just seen that Gary Lineker is self isolating due to his son's loss of smell & taste. I've had that for a few days, but thought nothing of it. Had no idea they were potential symptoms?
  6. Really really sad. I was always surprised he never got taken away from Cardiff, he was top drawer from 2009-2012 ish. RIP
  7. Would genuinely rather watch this than the shite that's on Sky Sports at the moment. Buy the rights imo
  8. New York this month is obviously off and Malaysia/Thailand in July-August is touch and go.
  9. Facebook is an absolute cesspit
  10. The noise as he blasts it is top drawer
  11. Interesting that the UFC had fights behind closed doors. Perhaps an alternative to rescheduling for boxers as 12 week camps for a particular date make them more difficult to rearrange than football. They'd still make money from PPVs too? Obviously it wouldn't be anywhere near as good to watch without the crowd.
  12. Got an Ocado sign-up voucher posted through the door, looked it up and they're not taking on any customers. Cheers lads
  13. I just hope we get a proper final table. We deserve to earn a top four spot and moreover Liverpool deserve to win the title. Who can be arsed with the shit anti-Liverpool "banter" anyway.
  14. You simply can't null and void the season. Why cancel everything that's happened since August in order to protect a botched season that hasn't even started? You've got the issue of completing in time, so I'd agree with Dan's suggestion of using the rest of this year to finish it. You could then change seasons to calendar years (like Russia/Sweden) and finish in time for the 2022 World Cup. Or even round it up to 30-32 games each. I know some teams would have a harder run-in than others, but it's fairer than them not being relegated/missing out on Europe after ex amount of games. Other sports had cut off points in which you have to declare the results. Boxing, Cricket and Speedway etc. There's CL and EL qualification rounds to factor in for the tinpot nations, there will have to be some positions awarded regardless of what they decide on.
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