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  1. They were so proud of this too
  2. Backs will be up against the wall at some stage. Need to get behind the lads.
  3. Klopp is a bell end. Kidded people for years because he runs about and has big teeth. Funny how they don't moan about the amount of Champions League games that they play. Really hope Shrewsbury put them out.
  4. Had the Cookies & Cream Stout in the Two Tailed Lion on Saturday, was very nice
  5. Printing lyrics on clappers would be the most Leicester thing ever.
  6. Anyone played Career Mode on the new update’s Ultimate difficulty? **** me it’s impossible.
  7. What happened? He’s made his twitter private
  8. Dreadful second half after a promising first. Glad to be through but I can’t be arsed with Gray anymore. Got to say I think we should move on from Albrighton too.
  9. By my reckoning, before Palace (H) on 11th April we'd have had just 4 home Saturday 3pm kick offs all season. Bournemouth, Burnley, Norwich and Southampton.
  10. Just seen the Watford line-up, Pearson pretty much threw that didn't he
  11. Hopefully if we make changes Brentford do too. As Dan said, they have a huge game with Forest on Tuesday and they made a ton of changes against Stoke in Round 3. If we change the whole side and they don't, then we're going out.
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