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  1. May 2021 Europa League Winners
  2. We gotta enjoy it. Not so long ago it was stoke away to stay in championship and we didn't. This is a chance to get champions league football. Pressure is on them more than us. Come on Leicester and Wolves!
  3. Thank you, you too hope Villa go down
  4. Big part is spurs getting in front at palace too, to make sure wolves know only a win will do
  5. Us 0-0 HT. Chelsea 0-2 Wolves HT. Us 0-0 FT. Chelsea 1-3 Wolves FT. Job done
  6. Maybe they still have to run about a bit more now with that goal 😀
  7. Wanted chelsea to chase around more, they will stop trusing now and this will get embarrassing, without Kante they are nothing, Wolverhampton will beat them and score at least 3 too
  8. Man u 1-3 hammers and then pool 3-1 chelsea, beers flowing soon
  9. Yup, that would be nice. Plus a draw be enough for man u to guarantee 3rd so if wolves can get 2 nil up at the bridge with 10 mins to go we can play out a draw 😀
  10. Goals scored then head to head then away goals if head to head level, if that level we play them again in 1 final game
  11. No, son was close of being offside too but no replays his knee would of be been so close, I personally think probably off, that's why we didn't get to see it again
  12. Exactly, it's our cup final for a champions league place, we can win this
  13. Get nigel and shaky back for final game. Sack brendan. 1st game new manager curse we will win, simple
  14. Must win. And hopefully if man u don't beat West ham by more than 2 it's win and we are in. Let's hope pool and wolves beat Chelsea too and then a point will be ok
  15. Need hammers not to lose by more than 2 and pool and wolves to win
  16. 2 of the 5 results before this can happen are now complete 😊
  17. If we beat man u. We would need to lose to spurs and man u beat hammers with a goal swing of 6. So if we lose by 1 they have to win by 4 or 5 etc
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