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  1. But only get 15 if they lose to us. It would mean we need to win 3 of last 5, but must include beating man utd.
  2. If we win 2 of our next 4 (6 points), or 1 win and 3 draw (6 points), and wolves lose 1 before final game or draw 2. Then if we beat man u on final it will guarantee top 4. Winning 4 will do too. 3 wins and 2 draws will also do if Liverpool beat chelsea. All pending goal difference being superior.
  3. We got 6 games to go. Our minI league looks like this. Which I believe every fan would of taken at the start of the season, as most of us would of been happy with Europa League qualification. Leicester 3pts +29 Chelsea 2pts +13 Man Utd 0pts +20 Wolves 0pts +11 2 of these will qualify for the champions league, I think it will be 3 with Man City getting a ban which will be confirmed on July 13th. So we are still in a great position. Chelsea still have to play Wolves which is huge for us, and go to Liverpool, who will surely want to help us out and Brendan.
  4. Win tomorrow and Saturday and we will be on our way!
  5. Play it midweek between spurs and man u. That way palace will get a weeks rest before Chelsea and we can see what's needed later in the season in the last 3 games.
  6. We will 3 1 we are due a good game! We are 3rd on merit. Take our chances and we will win. Defence is solid. 15 points will be enough. Going into the last game we need to make sure we are at least 1 point ahead of Chelsea and Wolves, and 3 points ahead of Man Utd and the job will be done. Come on lads, get the job done and back on track! Foxes never quit!
  7. LE3 0GG is the winner today. Close to the stadium and still not claimed. If anyone knows someone who lIves in the street it's a free £200 if they claim. Not football related but guess posting it here with give it the most exposure. Hopefully someone can help someone claim it, and they would have to be registered previously too. https://pickmypostcode.com/
  8. Don't think the Arsenal game can be the Saturday. As Sheffield Wednesday are home to West Brom on the Saturday too and both can't play at home the same day, to my mind. Plus Chelsea were due to play Man City at 12.30 on the Saturday too, so Saturday could be the day for us, hopefully 7.45 on BBC.
  9. Good luck mate hope you have a great day. P.s Liverpool play Palace at 5.30 so won't be that time. We could be 7.45 in night though 😀, speeches be done and dusted, then game on!
  10. Plus we have broken our Quarter Final jinx by winning our Quarter Final match in the League Cup this season.
  11. Not a bad season so far. After 28 games we are 5 points clear of 4th and 8 points clear of 5th in the Premier League. Also a home tie Vs Chelsea in the FA Cup Quarter Finals, I'm sure 99% of us fans would have taken this at the start of the season! Come on the foxes, and get back to back wins on Monday night against Aston Villa, and get our revenge for our Semi Final League Cup defeat, then we can all look forward to our last 9 league games and potentially 3 FA Cup games before the end of the season, and 2 Wembley trips, and all look forward to the champions league draw when we get there!
  12. All I can see is man city u18s on Facebook live?
  13. Surely 5th are in. Sheffield United have a real chance and ours has gone up considerably now.
  14. Mahrez back aha? We can offer champions league football aha
  15. You can watch it for £10 on newports site. We are 1 down
  16. If the seniors win at Villa on Tuesday, then the u21's beat Newport away in quarters, and Salford at home in semis, we will be at Wembley on Sunday 1st March 2020 (Carabao Cup Final), and Sunday 5th April 2020 (EFL Trophy Final), 2 Wembley trips in 5 weeks, Wow!
  17. Massive incentive for the lads in the next two games. I know you shouldn't look past your next game but after the dip in forma surely Rodgers will be drilling this into the players. Win tonight and we will go 8 clear of 4th. Then next up in the league will be Chelsea, win that move onto 51 points with Chelsea still on 40 and possibly United and wolves on 40. 11 points clear with 13 games to play is where we could be by 3pm on 1st Feb. A league cup final could also be on the cards. And 5th round of the FA Cup, let's get the win tonight and get the confidence back in the team and kick start this
  18. I disagree when you add Liverpool and Man city in a 5 game period, then the majority of the time every team will lose them both. Bigger picture I think, just my opinion of course.
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