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  1. I won’t lie, that goal earlier hurt. I had just started to believe that West Brom were going to do it and top off a perfect weekend. It’s the hope and all that. It seems like Liverpool have everything in their favour and we don’t at this point. But then I remembered yesterday and I remembered that top 4 it doesn’t really matter. Those memories, whether in Wembley or at home, will live with you forever. Missing out on the top 4 on the last day two years running would be tough, but it will be quickly forgotten. Youri’s bullet, Kaspers saves, Wes’ last heroics, Va
  2. Similar here. Ever since the Quarters my eldest had been really excited about the Cup, despite normally not being that bothered about Leicester. I think it may be because there is a chance of lifting a trophy at the end. I’m gutted I can’t be there. Every time I see or hear someone mention going to the match I get a strong pang of jealousy, but it does mean I get to share the occasion with her. It will be different but it will still be special. I just need to remember to not swear my tits off for 90 minutes. Come Sunday morning we may or may not have a troph
  3. Feels very surreal to me at the minute. It doesn’t really feel real and I’m obviously insanely jealous of the lucky people who will be there. I feel like I should be there and I can’t really shift that feeling at the minute. It’s a bonus game for me. I’m not expecting to win and that’s fine as I don’t think I’ll be too down if we don’t. Although I’m sure the hope and expectation will creep in if we go ahead. I’m just going to enjoy the day and make the very best of it that I can. My daughter has called it a “Filbert party” and we’ve got balloons, banners, face paints et
  4. I know. You are right. As I say, I'll be fine tomorrow once it all gets going. Just feel slightly robbed of having a full week to look forward to it. I know full well tomorrow I'll be full-on gripped by the cup final and I won't care about the top 4 until 8.15pm on Tuesday, in which case it will switch back. I think I'm only capable of bricking it about one thing at a time.
  5. I feel nothing for tomorrow at this moment in time. I know when tomorrow comes I'll feel different, but currently a combination of not getting a ticket for this or the Spurs match, the weather looking crap and being caught up in the fight for top 4 means I just can't get excited about it. It doesn't feel like a genuine FA Cup Final to me at the minute and I can't help casting my thoughts to what it would have been like in a normal season.
  6. If Chelsea finish 5th and win the CL the top 5 all qualify for the CL.
  7. I can see Liverpool drawing one of their last three, but even then we've got to make sure we win one of ours. I've never known a season when something so huge gets within touching distance but is then snatched away so many times in such a short period of time. So many "if only" moments over the last few weeks that could have put this to bed. God it's agonising. Tuesday night is going to be a tension-fest.
  8. You don't have to do a covid test but they will probably check ID's when they check your ticket.
  9. We still have a great chance but that feels so important. I have a feeling we’ll be going into the last day needing a win and another result to go our way.
  10. Just so typical that Man United have turned into Scunthorpe United tonight of all nights.
  11. I'd convinced myself I'd get some, purely on the un-scientific reasoning that SURELY I can't so narrowly miss out on FA Cup Final tickets AND miss out on the final day.
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