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  1. Amazing how far this 'rumour' from some bloke with a blog has spread. People will literally believe anything these days.
  2. So pleased that we’ve started pressing high up the pitch again. I never understood why Puel dialled that back. It’s perfect in matches like today as you can force defensive errors and hopefully exploit them, like the first goal. It was noticeable how much more we were looking for Vardy and no surprise that we were better for it. Great win, good performance (on the whole) and signs of positive tactical changes.
  3. Ricey

    Harry Wilson

    So much in that article doesn't stack up. Rodgers is known to trust young players, I doubt he'll only be signing experience, I'm not sure we'll be looking to develop Liverpools players next season and why are Liverpool bothered that a Chelsea player didn't prove good enough for Celtic anyway?
  4. Still walks all over Congerton’s record.
  5. Steve Walsh is available and his record puts Congerton’s to shame. Why would we do this?
  6. Agree about Morgan in this system. I think Rodgers will want us to play higher up the pitch when we have the ball and Morgan has always really struggled with that.
  7. It will be the same system as the aim of it was to get more bodies around Vardy and create more chances for him. However this time we will have a full week to work on it, not only two full sesssions. I think the logic is sound and there are round pegs in round holes. Stick with it.
  8. I like that people are glossing over the couple of vital saves he made today, never mind the crucial saves he made on Tuesday. Yea it was a bad kick, but dropping him would be incredibly counterproductive this early on in Rodgers’ reign.
  9. It was the same style and performance as normal. The shape was different but that was it. Our issues can’t be solved with two training sessions.
  10. It goes beyond frustration for some people. They want good players binned off and sold because they are showing some weaknesses at the minute.
  11. This place is toxic. I thought it might change after Puel left but instead that hatred has turned to individual players. If you have serious issues with England’s current first choice left back, Denmark’s No.1, a young player with one of the highest key passes totals in the Premier League etc etc then you have become spoilt and unrealistic. We have some very good players that have plenty of scope to improve. Get off their backs, let the new manager get his messages across and try to enjoy the ride.
  12. It’s almost like he’s a young player with room to improve his technique...
  13. I think it’s harsh to call our players thick. I’d argue they are young, lacking in confidence and have been trained with a mentality for the last 16 months that has proven to be ineffective. Give it time. Things will improve.
  14. It's as good of an appointment as we could have hoped for. It's not another heel turn in playing style. It won't require us to rip up any good work that has been done over the last couple of years. He has the long-term vision and desired playing style that people admired about Puel, but he has a better record of actually achieving that style in the Premier League. He will create a much stronger bond with the players, fans and media. He will offer a fresh, exciting new era when we most desperately need something like that to unite a disgruntled and divided fanbase. He is admired and respected in the game. He is a thorough manager that is studious towards the game. I posted this before, but this is from the excellent book The Mixer by Michael Cox: "Stylistically, Rodgers is the most 'foreign' British manager the Premier League has seen. His professional playing career ended at 20 because of a congenital knee condition, but Rodgers was determined to make a serious impact on British football. 'My ideology was, "OK, I'm not going to have an influence on the game as a player, technically or tactically. Can I do it as a coach?" My objective was to show that British players could play football.' Rodgers particularly admired the Spanish model, long before their dominance at international level, and spent extended periods in that country furthering his coaching education. His ideal weekend involved flying into Barcelona on a Saturday evening, spending the Sunday watching Barga's youth matches, heading to the Nou Camp to observe the first team, then flying home. He visited the training grounds of Valencia, Sevilla and Betis, always pinpointing clubs who emphasised a long-term, possession-based, collective football style and regularly promoted youth products - in other words, he didn't bother with Real Madrid. He took Spanish lessons for seven years, conscious that a move to Spain might suit his coaching career, and he also paid close attention to the likes of Ajax and FC Twente in the Netherlands." The negativity seems to centre around the Brentishness of his interviews and the fact anyone could win things at Celtic. The first is irrelevant and the second isn't a negative. Winning things is never a negative, no matter how easy people deem it to be.
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