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  1. Stoke post match 1-1

    If this isn’t his squad, ease off the evolution until he does have the players. Its his job to get the best out of this squad. Often he has done that, but these last few weeks he has not.
  2. Stoke post match 1-1

    Puel has got it wrong too often since Christmas. It's concerning. How Chilwell is getting in ahead of Fuchs is baffling. How James is getting in ahead of Silva and Iborra is even more baffling. He speaks a lot about making us better in possession and becoming better at breaking teams down, yet we seem to actually be getting worse in that regard. It's slow, uncreative and lacking technical quality that can make a difference, Mahrez aside. That's what makes the picking of Chilwell and James even stranger. They are keeping out players that are far superior technically. Today's match was crying out for that technique and yet all three remained on the bench. I fear he's taken us too far down the road too quickly in terms of the style. We are trying to play a way that doesn't suit a lot of the players in that team. We were very good at times in Puel's first three months, but I've not seen that level of performance for weeks and weeks. Only picking up 2 points against Swansea and Stoke at home is hard to swallow.
  3. Stoke post match 1-1

    Some of that was after the Shaqiri shot. He played some incredible passes today, but he then ruined it for himself towards the end.
  4. Stoke post match 1-1

    His distribution was outstanding today up until the horror show that nearly led to their second goal.
  5. FA cup quater final draw 7.45pm UK time

    C’mon Rochdale. C’mon Wigan. C’mon our match not being the Monday slot. C’mon Barcelona vs Chelsea going to extra time.
  6. Adidas

    07/08 and Topps Tiles = Blue Shorts.
  7. Sheffield United Pre Match

    Why are most people picking Jakupovic? A keeper who clearly hasn't impressed anyone at the club. I know Kaspar had a 'mare on Saturday, but he is by far and away our best goalkeeper. He doesn't need resting, so play him and give ourselves the best chance we can of winning the match.
  8. Neutral ground

    The FA have killed an prestige that Wembley had. It lost a lot of it's charm and identity when it was rebuilt and now we have so many games there, due to the cups semis, Tottenham and in a couple of years no doubt Chelsea as well. It's no longer an honour to play there. It's just another stadium.
  9. Start him Saturday. Don't let this drag on. Play him and give him the platform to prove that he's is willing to give his all until May.
  10. VAR Issues

    The problem with VAR is that it will get to the stage when players and fans will be so paranoid about it that most goals won't be celebrated when they go in. There will be half-hearted celebrations until everyone knows for certain that that VAR has given the goal. Seeing as most goals have some kind of contentious issue in the build-up, this is going kill the single best thing about watching football.
  11. Chilwell is amazing

    If he didn’t know Moses was there why did he lunge and leave the ground? He knew full well he was there. I’m not saying he intended to foul him, but it was Moses coming towards him that forced him to make the bad decision to lunge.
  12. Chilwell is amazing

    I can not get my head around the people that think it wasn’t a sending off. Both were obvious yellows and the second was arguably a straight red due to the lunge and where his foot lands. He played well but to make that sort of challenge when on a yellow is idiotic.
  13. Maguire reminds me a lot of Sol Bamba. Scores a couple of goals early in his time here and loves to venture over the half way line, beating a couple of players in the process. As a result becomes an instant fan favourite and the pretty sizeable defensive cracks are papered over. Today obviously wasn’t just down to him but he is arguably the most urgent issue that needs to be addressed. Somebody needs to teach him to love the boring, unglamorous side of defending.
  14. At fault for the goal and continually played balls to red shirts or out for a throw. Pretty much every match for the last few weeks he’s been at fault for at least one goal. Morgan on the other hand I’m struggling to think of many goals this season that he’s been at fault for. His poor man marking and tendency to charge forward is costing us. He’s probably lucky that Huth is injured/unfit.
  15. Watford (a) Post-Match Thread (2-1 defeat)

    Maguire’s poor man marking, ball watching and magnetism to the ball has cost of a lot of goals of late. He needs to learn to love defending more and understand that he doesn’t always need to charge towards the ball.