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  1. ...because the other sleeve will have a sponsor on.
  2. Ricey

    I’m disappointed

    All this talk of Shelvey, Carroll, reverting to 4-4-2 is totally missing the point. We aren't blessed with a crop of fantastic players, so Southgate decided to forge a togetherness ('No Dickheads' policy, that rules out Shelvey and Carroll) and a system that detracted as much as possible from our glaring lack of quality central midfielders. To do that he couldn't keep switching to other formations or styles at the first sign of trouble. He had to go all-in and believe in that system and those players. Doing so paid dividends and it got us through to the semi-final. Yes, he should have reacted in the second half to Croatia's threat. Rashford was a mistake, as he spent most of the time walking when the Croatia backline had the ball, rather than helping Alli and Lingard, who somehow had to try and deal with the full backs forward runs AND trying to mark Modric and Rakitic. He should have taken Kane off, who may as well not been there from about 75 minutes onwards. He should have brought on someone like Delph to stop Vrsaljko getting forward or to just sit on Modric. From 45 minutes onwards Southgate arguably lost of the game by not reacting or changing. But that is ok. He is an inexperienced manager, but one with an open mind, lack of arrogance and willingness to learn. He will improve from this experience. He clearly had faith that his first choice eleven would regroup and take back control. If we had kept the ball like we did the first half, maybe that would have happened. You have to admire that confidence in the players and the system. I think that mentality will prove to be important in future tournaments. I'm sick of hearing people say we will never have a better chance to get to a final. Surely the whole point of being a football fan is to dream and always believe that the future will be bright? It's the hope that kills you, but also what keeps you coming back for more.
  3. £70 for a black bomber style jacket https://shop.lcfc.com/adult-winter-jacket-2018-19 Totally ruined by the huge KING POWER on the back.
  4. Ricey

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Am I the only one that can see the screen in that photo?
  5. Ricey

    Jamie Vardy

    Vardy playing so far behind Sterling was odd today. You would think that they’d want Vardy on the shoulder of that slow defence and to grab a goal.
  6. Ricey

    Stefano Sturaro

    I love how everyone builds their opinion on a player based off Twitter comments. He may not have impressed at Juventus, but he was at one stage one of the most promising prospects in Italy and his style would suit us.
  7. Ricey

    Brendan Rodgers

    I think he would be well suited to us, but I’m assuming this is nonsense.
  8. It depends what Drinkwater you get. He blows how and cold for long periods more than any other midfielder I know. I personally wouldn't risk it unless it was a bargain.
  9. So frustrating that after a great season, Vardy had probably fallen down the order due to 60 mins in a friendly when no one passed to him. Rashford has barely played this season and hasn't done a lot for England since the Euro's, yet one wonderful goal and people are calling for him to start. I'm hoping that Southgate is less reactive and fickle that the English media. In matches against teams that don't park the bus or matches where we may have to park the bus, there is no better striker than Vardy for England. Look at his record against the top six. Southgate would be crazy not to utilize him against the likes of Belgium, Columbia, Spain, Germany etc.
  10. Ricey


    You can't track stolen Taxi's online.
  11. Ricey


    A fake Twitter account.
  12. Ricey


    That tweet was on the day he was announced, when everyone knew it was a done deal for about a week. From my experience LCFC HQ know FA.
  13. Ricey


  14. Ricey

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    I don’t know why they even released a statement. Seems like it was just an attempt to be seen as exciting times, despite a poor season. They’ve been looking at expanding for years, so they fact they are looking now is not statement-worthy news.
  15. It appears we hired a young Andrea Bocelli to position the Leicester crest in the 80's.