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  1. Replica Shirt at Puma £35

    It is this years.
  2. If Ndidi is injured I'm very concerned. A King/Iborra partnership against Liverpool is terrifying.
  3. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Slimani wants to start. The only way he is going to do that is as a support striker.
  4. His pace also got us out of trouble a lot, particular in the first half. Oxlade-Chamberlain struggled to beat him all night.
  5. I was simultaneously ecstatic and angry after last nights match. I was angry that CS fielded the team that he did. It was either an act of trying to keep everyone happy or, more worryingly, he actually thought a partnership of Ulloa and Slimani could work. I was angry at the first half performance. It was up there with the worst I've ever seen. I'd love to see the expected goals stats at half time. I blame the manager for playing a system that was never ever going to suit them. I was angry at some of the individual performances of some of the players, who proved yet again that they aren't up to it or aren't improving. I was ecstactic that Shinji changed the game. I was ecstatic that surely now it's plain to see that we HAVE to play with intensity to win games. I was ecstatic that, somehow, we won.
  6. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Great goal, but I thought he was very very poor last night. First touch was woeful and he refused to jump for any headers. With Ulloa doing the same, the ball was just coming straight back at us. He is a threat in the box (and outside of it, uncharacteristically last night) but he isn't very quick, his first touch is poor, he doesn't win many headers from direct balls and often wastes chances that present themselves with his feet. He is also a moaner on the pitch, which I don't see many other of our players do. He is a better version of Ulloa, but I just don't think he suits us. We need someone that can link up play and he most certainly isn't that man.
  7. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    The Mercury are always behind with the news. If the national media say we are on the brink of the signing someone, the Mercury will be claiming that we have only bid.
  8. Judge him when he has the tools as his disposal. When he signed Iborra he spoke about it giving us an option to play in different ways. This likely meant three in the middle, which would have no doubt been utilised a lot so far this season. Instead Iborra has been injured, not to mention Iheanacho and Silva being unavailable. I don't think he did much wrong yesterday to be honest. I think the issues we have run deeper than just the manager.
  9. We've played Arsenal and Man Utd away so far this season. Perspective. Against those teams we are always going to sit deep and attempt to counter. Against Arsenal it worked and we scored 3.
  10. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    I'm staying positive that the delay is because the club are confident the appeal will be successful and want to ensure that everything is spot on with the appeal to avoid another f'up.
  11. LMA Manager 2007

  12. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    I thought he looked fired up yesterday and worked very hard. It's such an obvious stick to beat him with nowadays.
  13. Return of the Matt

    As feared, he doesn't have the mobility or dominance to be good enough in that role. He shys away from the ball too much, in contrast to DD who was always moving into space ready to receive it. As part of a midfield three I think he could be excellent, but at this moment in time we need someone with a more energy and who is more creative.
  14. Shakey Needs Our Support

    Mahrez and Gray were a lot further forward than the CM's. Definitely looked like 433 to me.
  15. Shakey Needs Our Support

    What about putting an extra striker on at the Emirates when 3-2 up? Or putting three up top at HT today? I think he shows a lot of promise tactically. He is quick to react, but at the minute he has limited tools to work with.