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  1. I still think Puel's starting team and tactics were wrong, hence the poor first half and yet another slow start. It does nothing to ease many of my fears over the manager but it was satisfying to see us win and move up to 8th. It's a good starting base to kick on from. Thought Maddison was immense yet again and Iheanacho had some great moments. His overall play is erratic, but you can't argue with a good goal and a great assist.
  2. That doesn't tell the whole story though does it. We conceded the first goal again and crumbled after doing so, going into HT 3-0 down and very nearly with 10 men. I've seen worse, and there were positives, but let's not disguise the fact that we were well beaten today and it was a horrible day at the office.
  3. People do realise Rafa plays far more defensive football than Puel? He’s not what we need. Eddie Howe would be perfect but it won’t happen.
  4. People thinking we deserved a point need to hand in their football supporter memberships now. I’ve seen worse, but yet again the team was sent out with a distinct lack of focus, motivation and organisation. A sign of how bad it was was how much Maguire and Morgan struggled.
  5. Ricey

    Expected Goals

    Not quite. It's not about fluffing chances, it's more an indication of quality of chances created. xG is basically how many goals a team would be expected to score based off the positions on the pitch their chances occurred in. The higher the xG the more and/or better chances have been created.
  6. Ricey

    FIFA 19

    As someone he just doesn't see the appeal of FUT, I think I'll give FIFA a miss this year, for the first time since 09. Career Mode is pretty terrible as it is. All fluff and no realism.
  7. Of course it his fault. He talks about wanting us to start strongly and with intensity but he can’t seem to be able to ignite that fire in the players belly’s from the start.
  8. I felt quite deflated after the match, despite the good performance. I think that was down to the slow start and baffling subs. They are issues that just won't shift and show no signs of shifting. The slow starts are the most frustrating. You can see how good we are when we play with intensity, but it takes an event in the game, usually a goal conceded, before we kick into life. That blame falls directly at Puel's door, no one can argue with that. I really like what Puel is trying to do, but it feels as if he's deficiencies are doing a lot of the other good work that he is doing. It'll be really interesting to see how we get on over the next few matches with Vardy back, especially as they include a few fixtures that we've struggled with in recent years.
  9. Last season he was poor. He was naive defensively, offered little in regards to end product going forward and was so one-footed it was painful. This season, so far, he's been good defensively and is more of a threat going forward. I'm still concerned by his right foot though. He refuses to use it even when changing direction or dribbling. If he wants to reach the next level he has to improve that.
  10. Ricey

    Deluded fans

    I've never understood why some fans are so quick to be abusive to players like Morgan and Schmeichel. Especailly after what they have achieved here. People talk about Morgan as if he's in the same category as the likes of Benalouane or Lee Marshall (remember him?). Even now, he may not be first choice every match, but he's still a reliable defender at this level.
  11. Ricey

    Southampton post match 1-2 Win

    I don't want to moan about Puel after a win. I'm delighted with 6 points from the first three, but I've not seen a great deal yet to appease the concerns I had with him at the end of last season. Anyway, that's probably all for another day. We won. Enjoy it.
  12. Ricey

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    ...but now ALL I’m doing is trying to imagine!
  13. Ricey

    Mirror madness?

    Puel deserves at least the same amount of time as Shakespeare got. That aside, either Henry or Martinez would be disastrous appointments.
  14. Ricey

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    It’s not an odd comparison. Both are left footed wingers so the question for me was is Ghezzal an improvement on the other left footed winger. I think he is.