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  1. Took up too much screen space mainly. We wanted the match to feel more immersive and in-situ, but a big time line bar made it feel more like music software than a football match. You can still rewind and skip back via the drop-down button next to the play/pause button or by clicking on the time on the Notable Events list. We are also looking into bringing back the timelime for after the match has finished.
  2. Shut down Tielemans and we are nothing. Hopefully once Castagne and Ricardo are back we will at least have more quality out wide, which is where the ball inevitably gets pushed out to.
  3. Just did a search of our bugs DB and it is logged.
  4. Just didn't turn up last night. It was back to the passive, tame, sloppy performances of the second half of last season. Incredible how Liverpool manage to tear us to pieces so effectively, especially when we are trying to park the bus. Rodgers just doesn't know how to deal with them. Still, at least it'll put a stop to the ridiculous title challenge talk. I think the returns in the next three matches against Fulham, Sheff Utd and Brighton will be a truer test of where we are at than last night.
  5. No way is that 16k seats on top of what we have. I would say that will take us up to 40-42k.
  6. Full-time job. Been doing it for 12 years now.
  7. Yeah, the in-match feedback in the Dugout is very much WIP. I don't play it as much as I used to, but I still do play it when I can. I can only really enjoy it once I stop working on it properly, so around Christmas time, or else I just just constantly find things I need to fix.
  8. Those stars are appearing too small, but that is logged and should look better for release hopefully. Also the issue with the role button and having to click directly on the text to open the menu is also logged. It was my call to remove the role circles and use stars instead, so throw all your hate towards me. Basically the old circles were really misleading, as it made out that each player is only going to be any good in one or two roles, but the way the match engine works that just isn't the case. It was putting people off picking players in roles that were appearing as yellow/or
  9. Honestly think this may be the most well received thing I've ever designed. Which considering it's effectively just a white rectangle with black text on, I'm not sure how to take that.
  10. Lockdowns will only be effective for so long. People’s enthusiasm and discipline for them wane over time. If we were still in lockdown at Christmas so many people would disobey the rules that the government might as well loosen the restrictions. I think we’ll come out of lockdown and return to the tier system after the 2nd November, but it might be that a lot more areas return to higher tiers. Either way, the whole thing is a complete and utter shit show.
  11. I think with Rodgers he is frustrating more than he is a bad manager. There is a lot to admire and a lot of good points, but then he'll pull out a bizarre team selection/tactic, or make a change in a match, that backfires completely. We know how good we can be, which he takes all the credit for, but then a lot of time it feels like it is his decision making that holds us back in some matches. He's incredibly stubborn with his style of play, but then totally unpredictable in regards to shape and player selection.
  12. I thought Iheancho did ok, but then when Slimani came on he made Iheanacho's performance look like a really good one. We need to find a better solution to when Vardy is out. Clearly just a straight swap for Iheancho or Slimani is not the answer.
  13. We had to register 4 players that are homegrown through the club. We only had 3 (Barnes, Choudhury and KDH) so had to leave a spare slot as a result. KDH has left but that spot couldn't have been filled by anyone else anyway, so we now have 2 spare slots.
  14. We can bemoan injuries, but most of our injuries effect us on the defensive side. You could forgive us for looking shaky at the back, but once Maddison was on the pitch we had all of our creative players available last night. Vardy would have improved things, but not much. Most teams we face this season are going to be well organised and physical, as it's a proven effect tactic against us. I see absolutely nothing to suggest we are improving against these sides. If we don't score in the first 20 minutes, when often our intensity is higher, you just know it won't be our
  15. No idea how good Zorya are but we don't really have a choice but to rotate to a certain degree: Schmeichel Castagne Fofana Morgan (if fit) Fuchs Mendy Praet Under Maddison Albrighton Iheanacho Tielemans needs a rest, Evans didn't look fit last night, Barnes looked tired.
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