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  1. Won't happen, but I'd love to see us go back to two year kit cycles. The away kits could be launched one year and then the home kit the next, to ensure that the there is always a new kit launch (or two) every summer.
  2. Easier, cheaper and helps forge a style that they can use across all sports. I also feel they were running out of ideas. There is only so much you can do and if each team had a bespoke kit every time they'd have run out of fresh designs years a go.
  3. https://shop.lcfc.com/kits/all-kits/adults-home-shirt-2017-2018 Looks equally as hideous on the home kit. They could have at least put it in a circle to match the Premier league badge.
  4. Hasn't got the right attitude to fit into our team.
  5. Especially when the sponsor is a Thai bank. What benefit are they getting from featuring on fans shirts around the city? Madness from the club.
  6. Premier League badge on the right sleeve. Sponsor on the left.
  7. Looks like already are in that pic. They could have aligned them properly as well. We are so amateurish with stuff like this. Most of the new sleeve sponsors in the PL look horrible. You would have thought the Premier League would have put a size limit on them, but clearly not as some are massive. The problem we have is that due the pattern down the sleeve we have to enclose the sponsor within a shape to make it readable. It wouldn't looks so bad if it was just text on a plain sleeve.
  8. This is the non-Genesis version of our template: Better fit, better collar and no flappy tag hanging from the sleeves.
  9. Looks like we are wearing last seasons in Austria for some reason.
  10. Suspect that'll be the light catching them.
  11. We have a massive monochrome badge on the front of the stadium. I don't see the issue personally. I think it looks nice to have the badge adapt to the colour theme of the kit.
  12. I think we need an ITK cull. Anyone who attempts to offer ITK information and is proven wrong is banned for life.