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  1. How were we happy to bomb out of the EL? Barnes was carrying a niggle and Ricardo & Castagne had just returned from injuries so couldn’t be risked. I’m not really sure what else we could have done.
  2. I’d rest Vardy. He’s clearly struggling and this isn’t his sort of match. I’d just practise set pieces until Wednesday. Feels like one of the few areas we can control at this moment in time.
  3. Hoping Arsenal came at us so we could hit them on the counter. Not a bad plan, but we just looked shot to bits and couldn’t string any counter attacking moves together.
  4. One thing is for sure, we’ve handled the extra games and congested schedule terribly this season. Both from a medical perspective, but also from a transfer perspective. It was a huge risk to go into this season with such a shallow squad, especially from an attacking perspective. The restart last season felt tough with the injuries we had, but that was only really Ricardo plus Maddison and Chilwell for the final few games. We now face a lengthy run of matches without Barnes, Maddison, Praet, Justin, Perez, Fofana and Evans, plus Vardy still struggling and a number of pl
  5. How big is the lettering and numbering on the back? On the photoshopped photos on the store they look tiny.
  6. To be fair, our second choice is Praet (injured), third choice is probably Perez (injured) and our fourth choice is arguably Iheanacho in a slightly different role (suspended). Add to that the fact our full backs had be rested because of recent injuries and Rodgers didn't have much choice but to pick a fairly negative team. Under in theory should have offered the some of the directness and creativity that Barnes offers, but unfortunately he was absolute dog shit.
  7. The performance was simply terrible, but then it shouldn't be a surprise. We drop one of these every few games this season. West Ham at home, Fulham at home, Everton at home, Zorya away, Leeds at home etc. Matches where we can't do the simple things, never mind create decent chances to score. Rodgers getting some stick about the team selection, but I'm not sure there is a lot he could have done. Ricardo and Castagne have just returned from injury and with Justin out we can't afford them to get injured again. Resting Barnes was more controversial, but he has played a ridiculous amou
  8. He plays with his finger constantly down on R1. His corner blasting over everyones head was the most predictable thing ever.
  9. ...but an FA Cup final behind closed doors. Of course it would be nice, but the excitement is hugely diluted down.
  10. Albrighton going for the pull back from Maddison and putting off Tielemans is all the proof you need that we don’t practise set pieces.
  11. Perez was ok in the first half, but it was bizzare not to have more runners beyond him. Barnes was causing Leeds trouble on one side, we needed the equivalent on the other side.
  12. God we are frustrating. Why is it in the games that I feel most confident in that we end up churning out the worst performances. When we are bad, we really do stink the place out. Yes we created some chances, but you’d expect that against Leeds. We were toothless up front, totally lacking creative ideas, lost the midfield battle and were open at the back. Add in the shit show that was our set pieces, as usual, and it’s hard to think of any positives. Maddison infuriated me today. He has to be better than that. He is our No.10 and can’t simply go missing like he did toda
  13. Can’t afford to have no playmakers in the team. If Maddison was injured then Tielemans had to start. 7 changes but two points dropped as a result. It’ll prove to be a calamitous decision if we don’t beat Newcastle.
  14. Schmeichel Justin Evans Fofana Albrighton Castagne Ndidi | \/ Tielemans Praet <-- Perez Vardy Tactics: Don't let them draw our back line up the pitch. Stay deep and stop the space for Son and Kane to link up. Also stop defending corners like an under-11's team.
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