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  1. We'd get slaughtered down the flanks in that system without proper wing-backs. Fuchs and Soyuncu would have no protection against Zaha and Townsend.
  2. I think the issue with three at the back is that it relies on the wing-backs so heavily and I don't believe our current full-backs offer enough going forward. It could just result in the middle of the pitch being so congested that the full-backs see too much of the ball (see Villa at home in the cup as the perfect example and that was with Ricardo!) I think in matches like Saturday's we need to utilise more technical players and less counter attacking players. So no Barnes, no Gray, no Albrighton and maybe even no Vardy. Fill the formation with as many players as possible that can pass and move at pace. If we manage to go ahead then we have the counter attacking options to come off the bench. It also leaves those counter attacking players fresh for the Arsenal match where they'll be most needed.
  3. Vital that we start this game well. Palace will know that and will deploy the lowest of blocks from the off. A lot of people wanting three at the back, but with Palace'a counter attacking threat it will often turn into a back 5 and it will be Villa at home in Cup all over again. Schmeichel Justin Evans Soyuncu Fuchs Ndidi Tielemans Perez Praet Maddison Iheanacho I'm a hypocrite for putting Maddison out wide, but normally when we do that we don't pick anyone else in his place as a No.10 and I think it's that which causes us to be ineffective. I just think we'll need the width but Albrighton, Gray and Barnes just aren't up to it at the minute. We know Palace will force us out wide and I can't bear to watch another 90 minutes of Justin and Chilwell swinging in ineffective crosses. That midfield 5 of Perez, Praet, Maddison, Tielemans and Ndidi have the potential to keep the ball and move it around quickly. That'll be vital on Saturday, especially early on. Fuchs is a better passer, better in the final third and better from set-pieces compared to Chilwell, which again will be vital on Saturday. Bit concerned about Palace's pacey wingers against Fuchs, but it's a risk worth taking. Go infront, hold on to it and then bring Vardy on for the final 30 minutes to hit them on the counter.
  4. Can’t wait to see us spend 90 minutes crossing the ball into Cahill and Dann.
  5. On the plus side our passing and tempo was much better today, especially in the second half, but I have huge concerns with this team. As with the Chelsea first half, the second half today we have dominated. The opposition have looked sloppy and failed to get hold of the game. Yet in both matches we’ve barely tested the goalkeeper. We created better chances today but ultimately fluffed them all apart from a flukey goal off Iheanacho’s face. Equally concerning is how one dimensional we are. Once Everton filled the gaps in the middle and put an extra defender in to cope with Iheanacho we looked totally lost and persisted with just floating crosses in for Holgate, Mina and Keane to eat up. We’ll face a low block and a well organised team on Saturday. It will be very tough if we carry on playing like this.
  6. Our only hope is that we can press like we did yesterday and go ahead in enough matches between now and the end of the season to pick up enough points. Once it gets to HT and we aren't ahead I just can't ever see us winning. Our one game plan has been used and we don't have a lot else to fall back on.
  7. Lampard has said the first half was the worst they have played all season. Add that to the fact we intended to go at them early, plus that tactically Chelsea were always going to give us a bit more space in the final third, and I don't buy that we played well in that first half. Conditions were perfect and Chelsea played right into our hands. It was served to us on a plate and yet we didn't even test their goalkeeper, apart from one routine save from Tielemans. That's not playing well.
  8. Eurgh. Another toothless, gutless performance. Chelsea were really poor first half, gifting possession to us constantly, yet we never really tested them. Second half we looked dead on our feet despite having two extra days rest. We can’t play with intensity for longer than half an hour. Tielemans, Perez and Praet can’t last 60 mins before looking spent. Rodgers has got the restart really wrong so far. The players don’t look fit, they don’t look motivated and his stubbornness tactically is costing us. Subs (and lack of) were strange yet again. The thing that annoyed me the most was how disinterested we looked. There’s no fight in this team. We are too nice and we are pushovers. Last 10 minutes I expect the leaders on the pitch and the manager to rallying and trying to inject some intensity. Instead it’s silence and heads down all round. They don’t look arsed.
  9. I had wanted us to rest a couple of players for this to ensure we are fresh for Premier League run-in, but our form is so bad that we could do with a good performance to hopefully kick start some kind of rhythm or confidence. Schmeichel Justin - Evans - Soyuncu - Chilwell Ndidi Praet Maddison Perez Barnes Vardy
  10. CAS have said they’ll announce their verdict first half of July. So we’ll know before the end of the season.
  11. Rodgers said he played Iheanacho to get someone close to Vardy, but at the same time moved Maddison and the two wide players further away, not to mention the two defensive central midfielders as well. Such a strange decision.
  12. This is what I feared with the restart. We are a team that relies on being in the rhythm and don’t have great depth. Christmas knocked us out of that rhythm and we never really recovered.
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