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  1. I have no idea about any numbers. Glad to help.
  2. This. Will be a huge statement when it's finished, let alone a stadium expansion to follow. I'm well up for this season, if we smash it on the pitch with all this to follow, we really could cement ourselves as a top 6 club. Proud times.
  3. Does anyone have info on what players Brendan isn't keen on?
  4. I mostly excited about watching us play entertaining football. I felt like I wasn't looking forward to match days at the end of Puel's tenure. I can handle a bad result or two if the football is good to watch. This team will be exciting under Rodgers and I can't bloody wait to get down the KP. Up the foxes.
  5. Since the inception of the premier league things have changed for the worse for me. The private sector has ploughed in cash and has "rights" over everything. The fans have played their part in being so willing to get ripped off by the likes of sky and staying so passive with things like fixture changes. With all it's fanfare the prem has taken away so much of the game we love. Too late, we're all passengers now. Try and enjoy the ride.
  6. Good addition to the youth squad. Who knows why he threw his toys out, it's all rumours. He won't be getting away with it here that's for sure. Looks a strong player to me and glad he's signed. Up the titty.
  7. Bet he'll be sharing Bryl cream with Chilwell.
  8. We have two fantastic young cb's waiting in the wings, both of which our new manager has already worked with. Would love Maguire to stay but this is seriously good business for our club. Think we should let him go at that price and not miss out by trying to get a few more mil on top for a player we only signed for 17 mil in the first place. Get it done.
  9. I have researched this meticulously. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Branston
  10. I know we said we wanted to break in to the top four but, come on..
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