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  1. I bet Soyuncu just has dick pics all over it.
  2. Depends on Praet surely? If their both fit I'd still start Praet.
  3. I spat me cornflakes out when I read this one 'Their defensive seven cost over £270m and was about as stable as a hymen in a high school'.
  4. One of the dirtiest teams in the league. They have always practiced the dark arts off the ball. They love a good foul to break up opposition play.
  5. Pep: 'today we face Leicester, one of the best teams in the premier league'. I hope we throw the bloody kitchen sink at em and really start believing in the above statement. 1-3 Up the foxes
  6. It bloody does me. I worry JJ will be targeted more than any other. There aren't many midfields in world football that can contain KDB when he's in the zone so that was always going to be a problem.
  7. 0-3. Vardy brace and a Barnes screamer. Marhez to be last seen crying in an airport. Fu*k em
  8. I can take or leave this competition. Bigger fish to fry for us this season.
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