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  1. So we won. Are we still worried about the same players? And are we feeling better about finishing top 4? Let's discuss
  2. Most exciting player in the team for me. Capable of playing anywhere in attack. I hope the fans can let him find out how deadly he can be. I say this because I know the club can but i've seen questionable patients from some of us towards any inconsistency from our younger players. I would hate to see 'Barnes to ....' coming up in any transfer window anytime soon. Up the foxes
  3. Fu*king waste of money he turned out to be.
  4. It might be lock down boredom but I got a semi watching that. Its a yes from me.
  5. Obviously no atmosphere but I notice the support has started eroding pretty quick. Even mention of the premier leagues top scorer being benched. This despite the unique and tragic circumstances our team has returned to. Lets discuss.
  6. I'm going to buck the trend here and go with 12th. I have no reason to think we're capable of winning any of our remaining games based on the levels we've reached this season. We can't score goals, our defence is sh*t and i've wasted both sky passes on a load of garbage. Fu*k you.
  7. I think this should be played in a neutral venue like Stadium Abu Dhabi Upon Tyne.
  8. Incidentally, i'm starting think about how deadly the vards and nacho partnership could be. Ignorantly i've tended to see Iheanacho as a bit awkward and uncomfortable when he's played, always reverting to the "Vardy conundrum" when really Iheanachos awkwardness is just how he plays. He makes different choices on the ball and defences can't work it out, leaving them ending up out of shape and vardy with a better chance to get in behind. But the idea we would be in anyway better off giving nacho a run and benching vards is simply fu*king ridiculous - imo. Up the foxes.
  9. Unbelievable Jim. It's life as the top scorer but not as we know it.
  10. We'll smash these lot. They are dog sh*t.
  11. It's Brighton. We will smash them. Stop with the panic stations. One game in and you've already started. Ridiculous. Football is back!!
  12. .yalp nac ylimaf elohw eht emag a .ysorpel ym tae
  13. Just out of interest, if one of the players accidentally ran out with their match top on inside out, the words around the badge would say 'niaga uoy rof won uoy rof neht uoy rof'. Slightly off topic but important none the less.
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