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  1. Don't even get me started on our recruitment team. Signing quality players and selling them on for enormous profit.
  2. Huge concern right now about squad depth and our managers tactical awareness.
  3. I'm buggered if I can call these games this season. Sod it 2-4. I've heard they're dog sh*t..
  4. I've always rated him. Just didn't fit in to the way we played. Can see him scoring some important goals for us this season given the chance. Can we still include him in the europa league squad? May as-well get the most out of him before he buggers off on a free. Clearly we aren't going to recoup the money we spent.
  5. Just share the price between a group of people. Why people insist on having their own subscription and or ppv is ridiculous. They then proceed to moan all the time about how much control these businesses have over our sport. Just share the cost. Less money in to their coffers and you still get the same thing.
  6. Control the ball, cut out any sloppy passes and give the bloody thing to vardy. 3-0 easy peasy.
  7. Depends. If their from the north they'll have to be screened, either way they'll be starting on teir 2. If their from Nottingham they can f**k off.
  8. I must say I'm a huge fan of capitalism right now.
  9. I have definitely licked my fingers in a fast food restaurant. Revolution!!
  10. I get mine delivered mate. I'm not missing x factor..
  11. What we need is an open letter. Revolution!!
  12. Makes me even more proud us winning the title. The premier league was rigged in the first place - we always knew that, which is what made winning it special at the time. The league is way more competitive because of it. The elite responded by throwing more money at it and it hasn't worked so this doesn't surprise me. Still can't help feeling we are partly responsible by willingly paying the subscriptions that ultimately fund the Premier league along with all this bullshit in the First place.
  13. So basically billy big bollox is having a tanty cause the Germans are nicking his toys. This despite the fact he's never used them. Twat.
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