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  1. Perez looked a little rusty today but still took up good positions. With a few training sessions and games He will come good. Plus with him we have the added option of moving Barnes or Under into the center and Perez to the wing. Which in itself can confuse defenders.
  2. Big half coming up. We need to be urgent but patient also that we don't try to rush it. too much. One good pass is al we need to get someone in to score. My money is on Under cutting inside and score.
  3. We need to get Harvey or Under into the center where we can use their pace.
  4. I always admire a man who admits he might be wrong and it's great credit to you. I was never quite sure why we bought as to where we bought him to play. Now that he here I just think he's struggled for recognition and is trying to find his feet. If he does I think he can easily get double figures every season for the reasons I've said earlier. Enjoy the Game and let's both hope he has a good one filling in for the Legend that is Vardy. Cheers.
  5. Had it of went in nobody would be complaining. Your talking about small margins that happen in every game. Besides if you look at it again I think Vardy was on his blind side as he took the shot.
  6. He's a different kind of Striker than others, He's not what I'd like to have leading the line but he's the best of what we have and I expect him to do well today. He clever inside the box and has quick feet. He finds space where there's very little by moving while defenders are watching the Ball. It may be a slower build up but he will create chances.
  7. Yes , I'm inclined to agree, He strikes me a somone who has to work at keeping his fitness.
  8. I'm pretty certain that they will sell him now for the reasons you say. Also because their owner is in it for the money, Hea a business Man first and foremost. Anyone see him play ? is there a video as I've no idea if he's any good or not.
  9. He would certainly be a good signing given his record in the Premiership. Also wasn't it Brendan who signed him for Liverpool. ? We can offer him so much right now, That's game time, top four finish Europa Cup and FA cup. Plus more money than he gets at Southampton. Why wouldn't he want to come here, Unless he didn't get on with Brendan.
  10. Oh, He won't be forgotten that's for sure. Isn't he doing a Football Financial Course to move into that side of the game after he's finished. I think he's already been given a job by the Club. Maybe some of the ITK can tell us more.
  11. Tomorrow is a good chance to help get him match with so many big games coming up, So I expect to see him play on the right possibly to give Mark a rest. Like all good players he could play in many positions as they play with intelligence. But I'm sure it will be on the right either RW or RB .
  12. Plus he gave Fofana and Barnes their big breaks . Albeit Fofana with St Etienne. Puel is not only responsible for bringing in good players but he's also added hundreds of millions to our squad value. He certainly knows a player when he sees one. It will be interesting to see who he brings through next.
  13. Saints are a really good side. In a strange way our 9-0 nil win was the making of them. Their players seemed to grow from that defeat , now they can give anyone a Game
  14. You could see Vardy wasn't right for a while now, So it's better to get it sorted before we get to the crucial part of the season and more big games. That's not as bad as it seems. He'd win a lot of headers to bring others into play while occupying a few defenders. It's certainly something we should consider if were not winning a game. I suspect though we'll go with Perez to start as he's technically better than Iheanacho. With the support of Maddison Barnes etc. backing him up. Whoever gets the job tomorrow is likely to be the one to keep it.
  15. Thauvin is to one footed for me from what I've seen in his Video Clip. He'd be found out quickly in the Premiership. Though granted it is a good left foot. I think Under offers more with his trickery. Maybe we should wait until the Summer and see if we can do better..
  16. Now that's a Player, A good shout , I only needed to see the first minute. Get him in
  17. I'd love him here, He's exactly the type of striker we need. Can lead the line or play the support role. Great in the air and on the Ground. he'd be a great signing even for 6 Months.
  18. After a performance like that any striker would love to come here and play in that team.
  19. What I really loved tonight particularly 2nd half was NDiddi was pushing forward whenever he got the chance beyond the half way line and Fofana was stepping out to fill the DM role in his place. While Youri kept it all ticking over like a Swiss Watch. Superb to watch.
  20. What an unbelievable performance from the lads. So many positives. Fofana just edged MOTM. but to a man they turned up tonight. I didn't see a performance that emphatic after the effort they put in against Southampton. The New Recovery equipment must surely be working. A Great great Night.
  21. Yes I've noticed he hasn't been moving a freely the last few games. I expected him to be rested for the Stoke game and was surprised when he wasn't. We can't keep giving him injections when it's rest and recovery that's needed. I wont be surprised if he doesn't start tomorrow night either. We need to sign someone on loan as there's too much at stake. Or else change the way we play and get Perez and maybe even Iheanacho and Under into the Team.
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