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  1. I thought Amartey was excellent also after being out for so long. I loved the way he took control of the center of defensive when Evans went off.
  2. Man of the match for me. His mentality turned the game for us first half.
  3. Credit to Souness he called it right in the first half. He said we'd see a different Leicester 2nd half and we did, Great result.
  4. Yes it makes lots of sense if we make it happen for the reasons you say. Recover 10 to 15 from Gray and we have a new fresh face with something to prove unlike Gray.
  5. For the Salary he'd be on it makes sense to keep him as he can cover several positions if needed. I also think like before his injury, The more he plays the better he will get.
  6. I haven't seen him play but he's clearly a special talent if Clubs are willing to spend that type of money on him. Plus he'd have a good resale value after gaining Prem experience and given his young age.
  7. If Amartey going to France clinched the deal for Fofana then it would make sense. Puel knows him well and we get the player we want. If he's as good as people think given the clubs chasing him then he's likely to be worth much more than we;re paying. Just get it done, We need someone and he's the best candidate.
  8. He doesn't even move Soyuncu up top when we're losing. A method we rescued many a game over the years with Walsh, Elliot, Morgan. It's laughable really, There's many ways to win a game of Football.
  9. That's it, When you send the team out with a plan of containment, The Manager sends a message to the players. That A were not good enough and B we're expected to lose. This is where BR has a real blind spot. That Pearson or Puel never had. Get the players in the right mindset and they're good enough to have a go. But not while we continue to play total football, We need to mix it up.
  10. Take the money and move on, He's had too many chances to show whats needed and other than on a few occasions failed miserably.
  11. I think this one might have to wait until next Summer. As they're being quite stubborn as is their right.
  12. played ok without doing anything really, though a little unlucky first half and the goal was fluky.
  13. Yes, But he hasn't play 90 minutes yet and similar the back end of last season. I'd play him and rest Tieleman and NDiddi as I also think we need some experience in there.
  14. He didn't play more that 1/2 a game in the back end of the season and hasn't played a full game yet this season. So he should be very fit fresh and hungry which is exactly what he showed on Sunday. I'd play him with KDH, and Choudury. with Maddison in the Hole in front.
  15. I think Kelechi is certain to get a Goal tonight. Praet hasn't played much so I;d be happy to give him at least 45 minutes. I'm a little worried about the lack of experience and pace in our midfield. It's great to see the young players and how they handle the occasion.
  16. I think it was on the BBC the weekend, but don't take it is free as gospel.
  17. Watch it on LCFC for free, I believe.
  18. Far from it, A lot of our lads have something to prove as I'm sure some of the Arsenal lads do also.
  19. I'd see this as a very risky and panicked transfer if we signed him. Unless it was a loan while we waited for Forfana in January.
  20. His agent must be shit if he didn't get a release clause knowing clubs were sniffing around. On the other hand st Etiene can't be selling him for top money but paying him as a youngster. These are they type of things that were happening young players in the 60s. True, Didn't he reject an approach from Liverpool for Barnes while he was here.
  21. That's were he should go as part of the Edouard deal. Less pressure more game time giving him a chance to play himself into the team as a regular. Then he might have a chance of getting regular football in the Premiership.
  22. He signed Diabate on his Sons say so. He did rate Vardy but wanted to expand his game which strangely is what Rogers has also done with him. Didn't he also sign Van Dik from Celtic while Southampton Manager. So he clearly knows a decent CB when he sees one.
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