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  1. Robbie savage is a massive twat isn't he? Trying to argue this United team is anything other than a reserve side we should beat is just plain wrong. Most of the Premier league would fancy their chances against this united team, let alone a team in 4th place.
  2. Have you ever watched football Live before? Sky is the same. I still prefer the meerkats advert to Gary Linekers shit jokes on BBC.
  3. Come off it. If we score and they disallow it for that we are all fuming.
  4. An inverted winger yeah cutting in where he's played a fair bit before. Or do you wish to suggest another left winger we have fit? Or do you want to carry on seeing that guff again for another 45?
  5. 442 Kasper Thomas Fofana Soyuncu Ricardo Maddison Ndidi Tielemans Albrighton Kels Vards Send Perez home. tell each player that if they ever slow to walking pace or pass the ball backwards they are being fined a weeks wages and we will see a different performance.
  6. Yeah I appreciate that, and expected people to mention that aswell as maybe the Tony James goal and the Stoke game etc but to me this seems like so big in terms of where can go as a club. Are we to be serial runners up and nearly men or can we crack the top 4 and win the cup. If we do succeed it will be huge going forwards in attracting players, keeping players, etc.
  7. Just thinking, Man United away could clinch us top 4 and UCL, and all the revenue that brings. We could make totally different transfers to if we are not in it, and obviously can line the coffers a lot more. Its more exposure, and would get rid of the demons of last season. Most likely United will rest a few with playing Thursday, If we can play like we did against them in the cup or like we have at times away this season, we could win and put us 1 foot in the top 4, Wet Spam are not catching us if we win. Then, it's the cup final. Lcfc in the FA cup final. Still seems surreal. Ob
  8. Is it just me or do we need a left footer on the left thats not Thomas. I suppose that's why we are after Gosens.
  9. At the end of the day, it's basic and simple, we have only ourselves to blame. We put ourselves in a position to easily get 3rd or 4th, and we have made it difficult for ourselves. Saints with ten men and 17th place Newcastle at home was asking for 6 points. We got 1. Other teams winning or losing shouldn't have mattered. It's tempting to say its still a good season, to mix it at the top again and get to a cup final, but to blow top 4 after being there all season 2 years in a row would be pretty embarrassing and a serious problem.
  10. ****ing tossers the lot of them. 3 nil to Newcastle absolute joke, give 4th to West Ham they deserve it
  11. Worst players on the pitch Soyuncu and Ndidi. Think they have all the time in the world and have been awful. If Evans is injured should have played a back 4 simple as that. Not sure why we are playing essentially a back 5 at home to these anyway.
  12. He does not look fit to me, something isn't right with him. Seems to have lost pace and his touch and passing is wel off. He is obviously not as good on the left either. Hope it's just a case of getting back into it after such a bad injury but it's a bit worrying tbh.
  13. I literally couldn't be happier or prouder right now. I'm 33 years old, in the 27 years watching my beloved Lcfc I've seen us win Play off final v palace League Cup v Boro League Cup v Tranmere League One title Championship title Premier League title Seen us get to QF Champions League And now an FA cup final. Unbelievable.
  14. Fvck me this forum is absolutely poison. Its like a reactionary group of ten year old. We lost to the best team in the league, and in the end narrowly at West ham, so that means we are destined to lose to team who have been largely shite for 4 or 5 months? And they have better players than us in several positions?? Leave it out for Christ's sake, I'd take Ings, but still probably not over Vardy or Kelechi, and maybe Ward Prowse as a squad player but please can someone tell me who all their great players are. People seriously need to lighten up. When we win a game we are the best team ever and
  15. We played man city and lost like most teams do. Today has been poor but let's not get dramatic like we we've lost ten in a row.
  16. Let's get some things straight: 1.We aren't losing because Maddison went to a party. One of Perez or Maddison would be playing that's it, Hamza is irrelevant. 2. Win lose or draw, we haven't blown the top 4. It will be in our hands still. 3. All those fans slagging off Lingard as trash (not just our fans) are looking pretty stupid. 4. What was Kasper doing for the 1st goal, he literally just watched go in 5. It's only half time
  17. But 5 at the back is not negative and it's not really 5 is it, it's 3 centre backs and 2 wing backs. We have played with this formation many times, we turned over man utd and man city earlier in the season using it. It allows a true number 10 and 2 upfront, not sure why its negative. If we play 4 atb, how do you play 2 uptop? If you play a midfield diamond then there's little width.
  18. Yes but without a RW and without Barnes we are relying on our full backs or wing backs for width. Plus Kelechi is in such good form he has to play meaning 2 up front.
  19. Well yes there is a chance. If we can beat them by that score then I'm sure they can do us 5-2 seeing as their bench cost about 9 billion
  20. Yes great call. Any time we were lower league and pushed a big prem side it was great. This was a great performance, Villa were a top 6 team at the time.
  21. My first ever away game as a 7 year old, we played spurs away, it was March, we were bottom and all but relegated. We held the big name Spurs with the likes of Anderton, Barmby, Sheringham and Klinsmann until the latter scored an overhead kick near the end and broke my 7 year old heart. After the game I vividly remember shuffling back to the car head down almost in tears, and a Spurs fan said keep your head up mate your team did you proud today. Ever since then I've been in love with football and the foxes.
  22. If, if we hadn't have scored the winner, I would be fuming with that VAR call on Vardy. Without any bias at all, all I saw from the 10 replays from different angles is Vardy touching the ball away from the defender and him tripping Vardy, can't believe it wasn't given.
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