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  1. Yes there's no scale that starts at makes no difference the scale should start at nailed on 1st teamer and end at irreplaceable.
  2. If not on the wind up this surely means you've not watched us for the last 12 months? He's vitally important, he wins the ball he's physical, he makes interceptions he helps at set pieces at both ends, and his play WITH the ball has been brilliant this season too.
  3. Can't always tell with the amount of shite posted on here.
  4. Whys this thread died? Did anyone watch Conor come back with a bang?
  5. Fvck me this forum is priceless. A collection of largely clueless, knee jerk comments summed up by this drivel. You're right mate Vardy missed a chance and had a pen saved let's massively overexaggerate that and claim he was terrible and put no effort in. 0 out of 10?? Have you ever seen any other football matches?
  6. This is shocking. While I appreciate people have serious workloads to cope with, the toll on your body a 90 minute game takes on your body is immense. Especially at the highest level of competition. Then there's also the mental side, the pressure, the high level of training etc, it's very easy to say I do this I do that why can't they play every day.
  7. I remember him as a fat useless bastard, maybe my memorys wrong.
  8. Don't patronise me, or question how much of a fan of Leicester I am, as a flaming Celtic fan on a Leicester fans forum. I like to think of myself as a massive fan and very knowledgeable. I know Celtic play in a shocking league, with average players, and under Strachan, O Neill and Lennon had some great results in Europe. Its like teams like Rochdale and Crawley doing well in the FA Cup. You have a massive cup tie like atmosphere in home games and play your heart out and get results. That cannot continue forever. If Rodgers went out to attack PSG and Barca etc fairplay to him, you shut and shop and lose 3 nil or play a bit and lose 6 nil who cares. Our games v city and Liverpool came at the wrong time, the same players had months of playing every single game and it took its toll, we looked languid and worn out, and a bit lost for ideas. And yes it is simple, of you have better players and better managers against you you will probably lose. Norwich beat man city and city beat us, so I suppose with your logic Norwich are better than us then. Over a season teams will slip up or struggle against different teams. You say Newcastle and Norwich gave city a game, wow well done but they also lost against other teams we have beat easily. Every game is different pal but don't ever question how much of a fan i am because I can accept a better team beat us.
  9. But we didn't go toe to toe with City or Liverpool. We were on the defensive, and just beaten by better teams with better players. We didn't lose because we were too attacking. Also I'm not being funny but PSG barca etc playing celtic is like us playing a league 1 or 2 team, just keep the score down if you can but expect a beating.
  10. Probably will have signed Havertz, will have Firmino, Origi, Shaq etc etc. Probably best to worry about ourselves before we attempt mocking a team unbeaten for over a year. 🤔
  11. Don't watch it then. Its been cringe for years. To be fair one channel dedicated to news is always going be naff, it repeats every few mins and it's just filler.
  12. Away v burnley horrible game, need to dig in but also allow our quality to win us the game. Burnley don't have a Maddison or a Ricardo, let's let these 2 dictate the game. Kasper Fuchs Evans Soyuncu Ricardo Hamza Praet Maddison Perez Albrighton Vardy Tell Hamza and Dennis to hold, then the 3 in front to roam and swap and get behind their midfield. Albrighton helps the full back where Barnes doesn't, Chilwell needs a rest and kick up the arse, Perez is better as a CF wouldn't mind if Nacho was ahead of him though let Maddison roam around from the left. Youri, Gray, Barnes, Nacho on bench if needed. 2-1 win happy days.
  13. Still, no, you're totally wrong. Everton are light years ahead of Bournemouth in every detail simple as that. The players they sign the market they compete in, their ambitions and aspirations are in a totally different hemisphere. Just because they buy a few 20m players that doesnt mean they are a similar size club at all. Bournemouth couldn't have signed the calibre of player Everton have at all. Bournemouth remind me of Swansea and Wigan. Great club play great football buy some good players when they were promoted stay up a few years but eventually get relegated. Maybe they will stay up, but my point is there are still leagues within the league. Just because every team gets mega bucks from Sky and the prem doesn't mean they on a par with each other.
  14. No they ain't. Everton have multiple trophies massive history full 40,000 crowds, huge following. Bournemouth have been bottom division forever and struck gold for 5 mins with a incredible young manager. They are incomparable.
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