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  1. Mate, that villa away in 96 was amazing. I was only 9 years old, taken to the game with my dad by his villa supporting mate, was right behind muzzy megging their defender and slotting in to make it 3, was the very definition of what the youngsters are calling limbs, then after the game I remember undoing my coat zip whilst back at the car to unveil my city shirt to my dad's villa mate just to rub it in. I was only 9 but still knew how to take the piss. Had some great wins against Villa under O Neill, the Arnie winner in FA Cup, the 3-1 at home, the league Cup semi, but the 3-1 at Villa was brilliant.
  2. I think he means the relegation where Taylor and Bassett etc worked their magic and then he stayed to get us promoted under Micky Adams even though Middlesbrough basically agreed a deal to buy him he still stayed out of loyalty, then subsequently after another relegation he finally left when the club had no choice but to sell him.
  3. In my lifetime I believe a Kante Cambiasso Izzet midfield 3 would be pretty unstoppable. Obviously never seen the likes of Gibson, Weller though.
  4. Didn't know he did ballet, love him even more now
  5. I have to say that despite the incredible success of recent years and truly great players and servants we have had, only Vardy comes close to Izzet as my favourite ever player to be honest. Forget his ability, his work rate, his professionalism,and his loyalty make him a true legend. His goal at Watford in 96 I remember like it was yesterday, his volley against spurs, his goal from 50 yards v Leeds in the cup, the administration season he was world class, could have left a few times and stayed, absolute bona fide legend.
  6. What a ridiculous comment. Hardly as embarrassing as teams like that pub team who played man utd last night. If after 30 games you in a European place you deserve it. The embarrassing thing is teams like spurs and arsenal being behind teams like us and sheff utd.
  7. Very poor disguise from Rory McGrath, I knew it was him straight the way.
  8. We've not created a good chance in the whole game. Against Norwich. Absolute garbage yet again.
  9. Unpopular and controversial opinion coming up Am I the only one who wasn't impressed at all by the performance and think we got we deserved? OK first half we were OK, Vardy should score, we had 1 or 2 moments, but 2nd half we were utter cack, didn't get near them at all, couldn't keep the ball, looked like a bottom of the league team trying to hold them off. OK they didn't create much but we couldn't keep the ball, and couldn't get the ball off them for long spells. We seemed miles off them in terms of energy, ideas and desire. And James Maddison, mate you need to stop appearing on Soccer Am every week and playing the megastar and knuckle down cos you were non existent again.
  10. 😂😂😂 Wow, just wow. Still love Harry do we?? Mate he booted him in the leg cos he didn't like the challenge, hardly think h kick someone in anticipation they might land on you. So every rugby tackle or pile on you expect someone to boot the other bloke before they land on them.
  11. So Maguire kicking someone is not a red card and Fred pushing Azpilicueta into someone is a foul by Azpilicueta??
  12. Please say this is a joke. A guy who's hardly played in like 4 years to walk (or waddle) in to play Man City?? That would be the most mental thing ever. Fvck me anyone would think we were bottom 3 not top 3, a few bad games and we are bringing in this unfit overweight bloke over Mendy or Praet or a back 5 or a front 2? Let's see if GTF wants to play while we are at it, or Kevin Phillips.
  13. We had 20 odd efforts they had 3 on target mate we could easily have had 3 or 4 1st half
  14. This will be tough no doubt, but clubs like Newcastle and Southampton and Burnley have got results at their place, no reason why we can't. The difference between our winning run and recently is our lack of ability to keep clean sheets. We are creating chances playing decent stuff but conceding at the other end, a lot from set plays recently too, if we can cut that out and be solid again we have enough quality to win games again.
  15. What you mean if we have about 4 shots on target in the 1st ten minutes??? Mate we started well at Villa if it wasn't for 3 World class saves and a counter attack we would have had the tie won at half time.
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