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  1. Would go for Ryan Kent, think he’s quality
  2. So inconsistent even within a game, goes from quality to akinbiyi in seconds. Does score goals though. I can’t fully work him out. Striker as focal point? Just behind a striker? Bit of both?
  3. Hurry up and sign your new contract please, il rest easy over this summer then
  4. Can never fault this lads effort and attitude! All I ever ask for in lcfc shirt
  5. Couple of times playing youth football speed but attempted passes were correct choices. Excellent technique for the shot! Keep him round the squad and then loan next year with kdh or sowah coming back with experience. id hate to see it but can see tavares going on loan and replacing youri when someone like Barca come for him
  6. Tbf didn’t think of that side, was more taps ins, edge of box etc
  7. From what I’ve seen of edouard he scores all types of goals, And although limited in how much I watched him he doesn’t miss many chances from memory
  8. Would love us to get our transfer busy done early so they can have as full a pre season together as possible! Will be disjointed because of Euro involvement so any newbies coming in early would be good to get settled early.
  9. You think sowah be involved with us and not loaned out in England?
  10. Heard them pre match talking about someone to Bayern. Didn’t catch the player though!
  11. Watched reading last night, thought the left back was very good going forwards and defending! Can’t remember his name now!
  12. Must be if plays so many we HAVe to sign him? Only explanation?
  13. Defensively he’s been good, think his passing has been sloppy compared to pre injury/last season though
  14. Shade was added to the europa list before he got injured and has just returned to fitness. Is also a forward player so could see him being involved?
  15. Was literally just about to post the same
  16. So our squad will be that we know aren’t injured: kasper castagne ricardo amartey soyuncu thomas (guessing his sub due to yellow card etc not injury) ndidi youri albrighton kelechi mendy hamza ward under fuchs then the 2 under 23 lads? Anyone I've obviously missed? not included vardy as Rogers said he had an accident first half?? Whatever that means. based on above what team we going for on weds? kasper ricardo amartey soyuncu castagne ndi
  17. Thomas wasn’t around at the beginning of the season, rumours were he had Covid/had to self isolate wasn’t there?
  18. Unfortunately I’ve seen too many collapses and losses of form in my life to even get worked up in the first place! All part of the rollercoaster I wouldn’t change for anything. League 1, premier league, Leicestershire senior league im still Leicester til I die and let’s look forward to next season where hopefully we can get back in the stands!
  19. If under doesn’t start this with Barnes out I think we can clearly say he won’t be here next season
  20. The fact we knew Barnes wasn’t right before the game and he’s now put for 6 weeks worries me. How many others are struggling and just one twist away from making something worse and needing and operation?
  21. Not really, reduce your squad by 2 numbers it’s instantly weaker, hardly captain hindsight!!
  22. Not having injuries as excuse. Whether we rated them or not let’s not forget we let a winger and striker go from the squad in January and didn’t replace them! Looking like an awful decision that is. They’d be playing between now and end of season!
  23. Dare say if nacho had started in this role Thursday we would have progressed.
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