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  1. Is there a demo available to download does anyone know?
  2. Quite like how we let them meet early and it wasn’t a rushed deadline day move. for Luton to still want him on the last day of the deadline shows they rate him highly! Hopefully can play we’ll score a couple and be ready for our squad next season. Sounds like Luton will play him attacking so could our plans be he is Maddison replacement should he leave next summer?
  3. Just watched motd, awful play from him for their goal!!
  4. Make or break loan for him, he’s basically got the whole season now to prove he can take Johnny Evans role in the squad next season.
  5. I read that as if there’s any doubts from any of the analysis or a certain attribute not up to scratch on paper they don’t sign them? As in don't be like me on fm and go oh sod it il have him
  6. We know we didn’t have funds for a striker him in as third choice Makes sense. He probably getA minutes on the games after a europa game as vardy no doubt be rested And kelechi will start. not his biggest fan but as a 3rd choice you can’t complain too much! my one thought was if he plays/scores a certain amount more do we owe sporting any instalments? I have a feeling that was the case with Silva too?
  7. Presume he’s not that highly rated and also that the centre back injuries aren’t long term ones?
  8. Not in any training pics, is he even out with the squad etc?
  9. Surely a couple weeks until he is match fit?
  10. Lad was playing league 1 18 months ago, are people really that shocked to see inconsistencies in his game given where he was? We didn’t sign a finished article, good solid young lad who does more right than wrong every time he plays. Keep going and he’s going to be fantastic and valuable to the squad
  11. Is it today we submit prem and europa Squads? Be interesting to see who is left out and then we have a week or so to loan them to championship if need be!
  12. Back in January to sell before his contract ends? Or back in jan to go top half championship if good enough?
  13. Frustrating as hell this side is, go from last week to this. Lack of creativity still a concern and think we need to get used to teams setting up like that at home against us, will be a regular thing! Despite this if you said 9 from 12 in first 4 games I’d of snapped your hand off! would like 1/2 in tomorrow before deadline but can’t see it. 2 week break and we go again.
  14. 9 points from 12 a great start. Will take that all day having said that, this performance isn’t good enough so far, get under on and let’s have a look at him
  15. They will pick up on pickfords cock up earlier though I bet
  16. Great sight seeing him back out on the grass!!
  17. Could be a summer where one doesn’t as so much will become free from wages? No need to cash in and can promise more funds/wages
  18. Guessing now they have 3 that this is the maximum we can send there?
  19. Post on Facebook that it is apparently on bbc red button?
  20. Started the season very well! Looks good in a free ish roll
  21. Not sure how beneficial a loan be if it’s out of play for 55 of 90 minutes every week haha
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