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  1. Can we get to the Torch at 10 am like last time we were there?
  2. We have not spent that much I don't think given the times we live and the position of the club now; I am referring to a net figure when you take off the income for the sales of Kramaric and Kante - which was over £40m. It is true that the fruits of what we have spent on have turned out rotten, bar Ndidi. Mendy remains an unknown quantity but to me his build did not look suited to the pace and rigours of the PL. - too short and stocky to have the requisite speed and endurance me thinks. I remain puzzled as to why the talented youngsters - Gray and Kaputska - failed to get any meaningful game time with an eye to the future, once we were safe from the drop. Shakes had his own ideas but I don't agree with that.
  3. If that was the case then whoever sanctioned it would be have been neglegent to do so. Ranners dropped him from the starting 11 once didn't he (?)which would quash that theory anyway.
  4. Agreed. We need new starters in many positions not back ups who challenge players who have proven themselves either past it eg maybe Wes,'gone' eg Mahrez, or simply not good enough like King and Amartey who have started a good number of games between them.
  5. ****ing hell Los!
  6. I know; but I like swimming against the tide
  7. So Pearson won the league for us then and deserved all the credit. Your logic of giving any credit to the previous manager means it's Ranieri that has turned our season around then and not Shakespeare. There is a massive amount of bullshit spoken on this forum regarding NP.
  8. Why would it be good to see him succeed - he's not our manager ffs! I propose a new Forum; Pearson Talk to cater for the uncontrollable love fest for NP, so it doesn't contaminate this one any longer.
  9. Look Pearson did very when he was with us and rebuilt the club in terms of infrastructure etc, I'm not denying that, and that's the area for which most of the credit should be showered upon him. Winning league 1 the lowest point we've ever been? he couldnt do more than win it - but my cat would have got us promoted that year with the players we had compared to the opposition; and she's no football expert I can tell you. Great Championship victory - no argument. 14th PL - highly questionable performance ONeill on the other hand - multiple PL TOP 10 finishes, 3 cup finals and 2 cups won. Yet you said Pearson was "our best manager ever and it's not even close" I note now you've added the caveat 'of the modern era' which I would argue does include ONeill but maybe we are of a different age group. I believe you may also overlooked the fact somebody else won the PL league for us last season!
  10. Not sure finishing 10th, basically the same as this year, would be a good return considering we have finished 2pts off 8th and only been 'at it' half the season. Surely the target has to be 7th on that basis? The owners will be looking at that I'm sure.
  11. Nonsense .....nay laughable! Highest finish in the top tier 14th. Cups won 0. "Best manager Leicester have ever had.."
  12. Correct.