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  1. Please see Murphy’s response, he’s saved me the job.
  2. Correct. There would be be nothing but disharmony in the squad as soon as he got back here, just as there was in the time between the title win and his leaving.
  3. Wes has never coped that well against Rondon; he’s the equivalent of Wes in an attackers form, but he’s better at that than Wes is at defending. I seem to remember him bullying both Wes and Huth the same home game a few seasons back against West Brom; it’s doing him a disservice if we call him a ‘handful’ that’s for sure.
  4. Top clearly agreed with my version of the situation. The results and performances were not good enough over a 16 month period. Thats why he was sacked. I have to agree, and I said it earlier that Tielemans and Ricardo are very good signings by Puel: but he’s not a good PL manager, maybe recruitment or a Director of Football is more his domain.
  5. Obviously we have sat on opposite sides of this particular, much prolonged debate. I think your last sentence sums it up. I never saw it as a grey area after his first January. To me it was as clear as day it wasnt working as it should, it wouldn’t work out, or as you put it; to me it was very black and very white he wasn’t getting the best out of what we had. The results and style of football we were watching from that point showed us that; it was not something formed totally from anecdotal opinion but facts. Success and failure ultimately is black and white, it’s not a grey area. Anyway I hope Rodgers can build on what we have seen so far.
  6. I don’t think he is cut out to manage in this day and age in the PL. I think he has proven he’s more of a director of football. The positives of his time I would say are the signings that we are sure are to be down to him (not sure Maddison was his?) namely Ricardo and Tielemans, both both could be fantastic buys.
  7. Not a lot; but then again there is very little to be gained with any postings on this forum. Maybe sense of self satisfaction in seeing it in writing after months of abuse from those who could not have it their minds that CP was a poor football manager despite all evidence to the contrary. These same people I might add that 6 weeks ago were saying that Claude was doing the best he could with the players he had. In fact they were saying the players were shit. As well as being totally inaccurate, what was to be gained by any of that? What is there to be gained from your retort to my post? Absolutely nothing as far as I can see. Moreover I don’t think there has been one ‘Puel inner’ who has had the character to admit they were wrong, which I am not surprised about, therefore it must be a dig at those people HPF. 😃
  8. We were telling everyone for 12 months that it couldn’t possibly work. Puel back in?.........Anyone?
  9. I think you posted something suggesting I was abused as a child which has now been deleted? Not sure you can descend lower than that. Mods Ban this twat please.
  10. It’s all in good humour! Shambolic though getting it in the order wrong - agreed. 🤔😃 Gin it is Swanny
  11. In fact I’ll take a ban on the chin for this. Go **** yourself yourself you ****. Is that hat better for all ? 😃
  12. Ffs not more of this shit again. Yes his second season was bad, but there were many reasons for that. You do remember we won the League with a fantastic team spirit when Claudio was our manager don’t you? I fail to understand what people like you get from attempting to dilute the magnificence of that wonderful time for us in any way shape or form. ****ing pathetic.
  13. Big money like this and Maguire should be let go. If anyone offers over £50m for Chilwell I will drive him to whoever wants him. At the moment he remains massively over rated. Almost zero end product as a wing back, and out of position many a time at the back. He has a great engine, but that alone is his only attribute. It would be great business selling this pair for £125m. We have other young centre backs, plus we will have cash to buy a better left back. Ricardo for £20m looks a good buy; let’s get his twin on the left instead of Chillers.
  14. What Rodgers does or doesn’t do, should be irrelevant when we view Puel’s era. The latter can quite easily be summed up in the the round as very poor entertainment allied with results that were not good enough. Your above post to me seems to be you attempting to justify your Puel In stance which, as with most of your type flied in the face of reality. Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Yes he started well but was justifiably sacked as he wasn’t doing his job properly; aka you were wrong about Puel. What exactly is your stance re: Rodgers? - just so we know. Do you think he will a good appointment ? You seem to want to judge the two on their first 8 games not the 16 months Puel had and failed with ffs. And while passing the football maybe a common denominator, there are many more positive attributes in Rodgers that should see him more successful than Puel. That seems clear to me.
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