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  1. Ok. That does put it in a different context then. Thanks.
  2. Can't read the whole of this thread, but please explain why WE should ban The Sun. Are we going back to The Hillsborough issue? Or is it reference Barkleygate? If it's the latter, I can't see what the problem with the original article (as I understand it - not read it) was. If its racial thing; that is a complete joke. I had no idea Barkley was part African, nor did the writer, so comparing him to a gorilla does not constitute racism as it was a reference to his mentality and behaviour not his heritage? I would be interested to know if I have 'the wrong end of the stick'.
  3. Dude. For some who who didn't already know it, you have shown your true colours. If you we're an LCFC fan it would be 'us'. 'Hope he leaves YOU'. You are a Mahrez fan, not a Leicester fan. Please leave this forum and don't come back.
  4. So we need 2 goals and don't bring on an attacker but shore up the defence for certain defeat. Come alive man... this is Champions League.
  5. I'm not against giving him the job at all he seems a great motivator. The point was that Shakey was being hailed by a poster as a tactical genius, and whilst he has done a great job thus far, the fact may be that that we were too cautious in the first leg and the first half last night. As soon as we decided to attack and get at them, they were totally on the back foot and there only looked like one winner on the night - us! In all honesty, all you who have called me out over this post; you cannot defend bringing on Amartey in defence when we needed two goals with 5 minutes to go can you? While we had attacking options on the bench? Not with a straight face I don't think.
  6. Has he really. Mahrez was playing - mistake number 1 created nothing again - no assists, no goals. He was an absolute disgrace in the first half and dually culpable for their goal with Fuchs. Far too defensive 1st leg. Far too defensive 1st half tonight. We need two goals to progress so he replaces Morgan with Amartey. Gray doesn't get a kick, but his subs inc the above plus Chilwell (he did ok) as an attacking midfielder. Great effort from he players but the jury out on Shakey's tactical nouse.
  7. Again this is no excuse, but most people have been on the lash for at least 24 hours on these European adventures and have nothing left by the time they reach the stadium. The over 50s (I am one) seem to make up a chunk of the gathering, and making a noise doesn't seem to be that important to that group (Generalisation).
  8. Correct, and their fans were well loud without a roof.
  9. More than a couple!
  10. To do this would involve a £100m plus investment as it would not utilise the 'primary players' we already have. It would not guarantee any better performances in terms of the league table than we have now and that's with 5 months of the season a total w/off this time around. Southampton are a very decent, neat and tidy 'footballing team' yet we are only 3pts behind them as things stand. There's no way we would have won the league playing everyone else at their own game, and slowing things down trying to pass the ball around to create goal scoring opportunities as, from what I can see, it's very difficult to do when you are not able to buy the best players capable of doing that. Im not against getting better players, but I am keen on retaining this style of play and an identity which has brought us unimaginable success.
  11. No
  12. Yes agreed, he has been awful.
  13. Ok. I think the CL games (5 & 6 months ago) may make up a big portion of those figures? Lets stop this tete a tete now, we disagree; let's leave it at that;life is too short. Edit: sorry could read all the text you posted when replying.
  14. That I do agree with. His form has fallen off the proverbial cliff). He cannot do a thing right at the moment to the point where if there was a viable alternative Drinks should be dropped.
  15. I am repeating myself here. He has not improved to the same extent others have since Shakey took over. The rest of the team have improved markedly recently; not enough end product from RM, simple as that. You made the wrong choice in citing Vardy as a comparison who on the the other hand has missed a few chances - every striker does- but generally he's been on fire.