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  1. Don’t know why so many are surprised with Perez being shit; he’s never been anything but shit.
  2. Youri is constantly picked as he needs to keep the weight off. He’s still not match fit or he wears deep sea diving boots in games 😑
  3. Would they though? On the whole in the last 12 months Rogers has proven cannot get results he should against relegation fodder - it started against Norwich at home last season.
  4. Yes baffling isn’t it. Ive seen some posts on here like “we been poor since coming out of lockdown”. 2020 26pts from 22 games is horrendous, and borders sacking material. I honestly thought Rogers would be better than this.
  5. Perez is 9/10 games the oppositions best player. Ffs sell the ****er.
  6. I don’t miss the point at all. Spoilt by Fuchs for two seasons agreed, but never Chilwell
  7. Spoilt by Chilwell 😃 Dont you see the difference between the quality of Ricardo and Castange as opposed to what Chilwell dished up last season. Ill repeat again, he couldn’t defend and had virtually no end product. Chilwell must be the footballer equivalent of the emperor’s new clothes.
  8. We can live in hope! Perez is a total passenger in 9/10 games, and I have no idea why he gets so many starts.
  9. Agreed. They persisted with Chilwell for three seasons being shit defensively so they may choose to persist with with Justin and hope he learns a bit quicker.
  10. Agreed. As well as his poor tactical performance since December, the contents of your last paragraph are of further concern however. As he would say, he’s ‘brought in’ Perez for £30m who has proven 9 games out of 10 to be a poor player; we ridiculously overpaid; along with Bennett in January - which was another shocker. Overall correct decision making seems to be an issue.
  11. This leadership group; I can understand the old guard mentioned, but Chilwell and Youri, makes no sense to me. What we need is an experienced and aggressive centre mid who leads by example. A hybrid of Roy Keane and Cambiasso would be nice!
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