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  1. What Rodgers does or doesn’t do, should be irrelevant when we view Puel’s era. The latter can quite easily be summed up in the the round as very poor entertainment allied with results that were not good enough. Your above post to me seems to be you attempting to justify your Puel In stance which, as with most of your type flied in the face of reality. Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Yes he started well but was justifiably sacked as he wasn’t doing his job properly; aka you were wrong about Puel. What exactly is your stance re: Rodgers? - just so we know. Do you think he will a good appointment ? You seem to want to judge the two on their first 8 games not the 16 months Puel had and failed with ffs. And while passing the football maybe a common denominator, there are many more positive attributes in Rodgers that should see him more successful than Puel. That seems clear to me.
  2. Thank god. One decent move to score a goal in 16 months.
  3. Agreed. Still baffled why the stubborn ones / those who can’t see the wood for the trees / know nothing about the game despite watching it for years on here, thought Puel was a manager we should hang on to. 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😃
  4. No Chilwell.... Pray tell Ric. Btw I think he’s massively overrated; do you concur. or is the ****er injured?
  5. I agree with all here except one; Chilwell. He is overrated on here. He’s an athlete end of story. All season he’s been running up and down that wing, getting a lot of the ball but with very little end product. In my opinion the continuing use of him as an attacking outlet is one of our problems. The tactic has been utilised above all other ways and means of trying to furnish chances for the team this season to little or no effect. I cite yesterday as an example of what has been happening all season. Hopefully Ginger can sort this out in terms of tactics that employ the more gifted football players higher up the pitch to create opportunities, rather than a left back who can’t get it past the first defender or is floating high balls into a guy who needs it delivered on the ground.
  6. Agreed. When you have a centre back who thinks he can play as a quarterback, dictating play and forward moves invariably you get defensive problems. A simple pass to a middle of the pitch Tielemans should suffice. He should be the one pulling the strings further up the pitch not Maguire.
  7. I think I may not have conveyed my thoughts as well as I should have. I meant to be more positive; the thrust of my argument being that Ginger can’t wave a magic wand overnight. I agree with your last paragraph; there we are ‘on the same page’ its ****ing windy tonight
  8. This. It was a poor performance, with the exception of a few. (Tielimans looks a very good player in the making, Vardy scores with his only touch ffs). Ginger does have a lot of work to do but that’s why been brought in now; to see where the problems lie, and fix them. Puel’s fingerprints all over that performance from a team lacking confidence and direction as far as I am concerned. Slow build up play is the major problem; it encourages too much thinking time on the ball which which he needs to train out of them. Run and chase more, you lazy ****ers; play first time balls and things will improve.
  9. Oh I do understand the theory. I also understand is that it didn’t work under Puel. Do YOU understand that after 16 months or not?
  10. Correct. I never understood anything Puel thought would work tbh. eg, place the onus on attacking on the defenders 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ie Chilwell ; whose ability on the ball still leaves a lot to be desired. To believe said defenders have more ability in crossing creating chances than traditional midfielders / wingers that are already on the payroll. Believe that having 1 forward up front against 4 defenders, allied with indirect possession football would be effective. I could go on... but life is too short. Im hopeful Ginger will rectify much of this in the next few weeks, so we can look forward to a positive start and make progress next season. 🤞
  11. This is the reality. And he made Vardy the main man up the middle of the pitch; Pearson chopped and changed with him as Ric Flair says above, sometimes he was on the bench and sometimes he was on the wing ffs. Anyone who doesn’t respect or more accurately understand the tactical input that Ranners made as stated above, is eiter thick / stupid / or has been reading idiotic posts on here for the last three years by those who choose to rewrite history. They do this I know not why. Very very disappointing to see the lack of respect by some for a really great guy not to mention a lack of understanding of ****ing football 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. After over a year of us being at loggerheads, you are finally writing sense. Welcome back Baby, all is forgiven.
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