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  1. Hang on. He was up for the CL. Take out the penalties in the PL though, he was 4 and 4 - goals and assists. (?)
  2. Oh seriously come on, where's the fun in that.
  3. Oh Foxy....take it easy. Yes you are correct I do have an 'axe to grind' with him. I have zero tolerance for non triers or players playing for themselves and not the team. It is on this basis I found him him almost unbearable to watch last frustrating and irritating I could have chinned him. He was pandered to when he should have been dropped. That said, as I have clearly said on many occasion, if we could have 2015/16 Mahrez 'back' I would be overjoyed, but I do not think we can, and the half hearted version is no doubt detrimental to our team.
  4. Is that double entendre?
  5. Yeah but I don't get the 'love in' with Sakho, he makes a good few mistakes from what I've seen. From memory he had a torrid time at the KP last season.
  6. I thought he WAS consistent last season......consistently shit that is. And to be clear, I understand he can be brilliant which makes last season's offering from him all the more galling. You cite Messi, I don't think I've ever seen him play with the 'handbrake on' as was the case for Mahrez in a good many of those games.
  7. People have been crying out for ball playing centre backs. Not sure he fits the bill; when I've seen him he makes Wes look like Maradona. (And I don't mean short and fat).
  8. Yes I agree. Woefully slow, and makes mistakes when playing in the simplest position on the pitch. The worst Spurs player that regularly starts by a long way.
  9. Yes this makes me hate him!
  10. Amazing Mahrez wants a move and decides to put effort in. SHOCK HORROR!!
  11. Nailed it
  12. If we put aside the 'stuff' that has come out in the press which may or may not be true, which seems to have tainted him somewhat, I feel you are being a little harsh on him. Imo he has not had enough game time.
  13. How daft is that argument? On that basis you would never buy a decent player because he could be nullified by two men marking him. Do do you really believe that tactic itself can't be overcome? Its called passing the ball. It's called team work. If there are two men marking Mahrez he should pass to the spare man ffs. That was his major problem last season, and when he was failing to do that, running into two or three players, game after game that's when he should have benched. But no, he was allowed to carry for 9 months, playing for himself and sulking; in a team game that way of playing / behaving doesn't work for anyone. Yes you could throw the same accusation at Gray, but he was 20 years old and surely the time to educate him and give him a chance to prove what he could do was when we were safe from the drop? If he played like a twat after being given a fair crack of the whip, I would have a different attitude, but young players can't get better sitting on the bench.
  14. Ok. When we were safe, why not give Gray a chance in 3 or 4 games as a starter to see what he could do?
  15. Mahrez