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  1. Agreed. As well as his poor tactical performance since December, the contents of your last paragraph are of further concern however. As he would say, he’s ‘brought in’ Perez for £30m who has proven 9 games out of 10 to be a poor player; we ridiculously overpaid; along with Bennett in January - which was another shocker. Overall correct decision making seems to be an issue.
  2. This leadership group; I can understand the old guard mentioned, but Chilwell and Youri, makes no sense to me. What we need is an experienced and aggressive centre mid who leads by example. A hybrid of Roy Keane and Cambiasso would be nice!
  3. Yes he’s been appalling...worst of all has looked like he’s not bothered
  4. How’s tricks Baby? I understand that.. I chucked my season ticket in with Puel... for the very same reason.
  5. Nothing against the lad Hirst, but it’s a weird manager who when needing goals takes off Ian (who is playing well) bring on the aforementioned Hirst AND ****ing Perez. I would expect Ian to be putting in a transfer request which I could totally understand. Tactically I at least have discovered Rodgers is inept
  6. Don’t be a twat. Rodgers has been shit for 8 months as well.
  7. Perez on for Ian 😃👏👏👏🤦🏻‍♂️ What a **** Rodgers is.
  8. I can’t agree agree with this. 1. The fixtures came in the wrong order. 2. Injuries. Chilwell is no loss, Maddison arguably should have been dropped anyway. Ndiddi has been piss poor since the restart. It’s self inflicted anyway as no signings were made in January, apart from what looks an awful move for Bennett. Top 4 sides do not sign other teams cast offs. 3. Coronavirus and it’s timing. Weve been shit since before Christmas - nothing to do with the break. It’s been the same for everybody. These are very poor excuses for some shocking performances from both players and the manager. Start the same way next season and he’ll be sacked, as we look like one of the worst teams in the division. Norwich have took 4 pts off us ffs, not to mention being mullered by Bournemouth
  9. Don’t play a high defensive line with Wes and Bennett ffs
  10. Ric.. as a rule I think you are well balanced and talk sense. However, Barnes was a total horror show. What did he do that was of any Premier League quality?
  11. Rodgers “Barnes is better than Ian” Me: “**** off you ****”
  12. Why is there 5 ****ing pages on this when we have a massive game in 20 minutes ffs.
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