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  1. Man City Post Match Thread 0-2

    This. We were outplayed, but didn’t play badly at all. The first half the tactics were perfect in terms of closing down their options to pass out from the back. I suspect with Shakey we would have been defending our 18 yard line rather than defending from the front. The officiating was appalling; it cannot possibly unnoticed any longer that there is a favourable bias towards ‘bigger teams’. Even aside from the Kompany yellow card debacle, there was a knee high lunge on Albrighton during the second half; a free awarded not even a yellow given.
  2. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Yes won’t get a move based on being snuffed out of the game by Fabian Delph. Very poor yesterday.
  3. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    The first tunes from ‘shuffle’ this morning - what are the chances? Nessun Dorma Time to Say Goodbye 😭 Fire Underdog Has to be a win doesn’t it?
  4. Claudio Ranieri

    It’s my understanding Mendy, Gray, Benny and Kaputska were Claudio signings. All the rest where identified by Walsh prior and signed regardless of value by Rudders within the vacuum that was, tripping around the globe and Walsh gone.
  5. Mahrez so bad

    To the OP, Yes agreed.....its about time time he got his finger out at last. That vernacular translates to: He wasn’t trying for 12 months which was not popular with some Leicester fans. This season his attitude is much improved as can be seen from the dramatic up lift in his positive statistics. He can do better still, (FOR THE TEAM) for example with passing to an unmarked Vardy rather than trying to beat two men himself and wasting chances. Hopefully Puel can bring him back to his best.
  6. The Silva countdown until playing eligibility thread

    It’s fair to say he’s done absolutely nothing since the day we signed him. Bin.
  7. England squad

    Yeah and look where it’s got us in the last 50 years. Surely though, no one thinks Hart is a ‘safe pair of hands’ do they?
  8. England squad

    And what a joke that is. Southgate wants him in the squad “as he’s been playing at a higher level”. Thats why you move to a big Landan clab. This season he’s played maximum two full games if you cobbled together all his cameos ffs.
  9. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    For gods sake, I’ve never been self aggrandising before; let me enjoy it. To answer your call, I didn’t think much of the Puel appointment and said so quite forcefully. Ive a feeling that may turn out to have been a mistake on my part. That aside never wrong before 😜
  10. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    And you sir, then are a bellend 😬
  11. Why did we sack Craig Shakespeare...?

    I called this at the end of last season and was branded a twat for saying so. Once we were safe the handbrake went on; he thought the job was his and a bunch of draws would see to that. He was playing to get the gig, with a safety first approach at that stage. In doing so he shot himself in the foot as this team cannot play like that as he should have known. Thereafter I simply think he couldn’t get out of that mindset. His sacking was totally justified, and blowing my own trumpet 🎺 once again I, as did others, called that correctly; he should never have been given it full time. The warning signs were there for all who were interested to see.
  12. Surprised you still care?

    This. Re; last season. If we are not winning the league or in Europe I want to be entertained. We got nothing of what’s needed last season and the start of this. I didn’t enjoy it one iota. That is a massive come down after tearing it up for 18 months. Maybe Claude can entertain us?
  13. Surprised you still care?

    If you saw the incident Im sure you would have no doubt it’s perfectly true. I’ve seen it many times before but none so blindingly obvious as that.
  14. Surprised you still care?

    Yes. That moment truely summed up Mahrez’s negative side perfectly. It wasn’t a mistake, it was a CONSCIOUS DECISION to not pass to a team mate for a tap in to the detriment of the team. He’d rather showboat and be selfish than win a game of football. I knew I cared about he club anyway, but the OP just brought back the disgust and anger I felt towards RM at the time. 😡