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  1. I think your severely underrate Praet if you think Hamza will reach that level.
  2. We would need to park the bus and sit back and then win the game with the old fashioned Vardy counter attacks like the good old days. Shame Barnes is injured because his pace is vital for this tactic.
  3. Predicted line up 3-5-2 Kasper Fofana Evans Cags Albrighton Castagne Ndidi Youri Perez Nacho Vardy
  4. This is an absolute free hit for us and no reason why we can’t go all out before the international break.. With Man Utd’s fixture congestion this is ours to lose I feel.
  5. IF we get top 4 and we want a successful Champions League run (quarters maybe who knows) and premier league top 6 again we would need the following or similar signings... this is based on loose links and previous interest and staying realistic. Striker - Edouard Attacking midfielder - Otavio Wide forward/Winger - Thauvin Left back - maybe loan off a big club from Europe that isn’t getting game time until JJ ready again. Really dependant on Ricardo/Castagne fitness and how much we think Luke Thomas ready. Centre back - again I’m
  6. First day back in training and straight into the team .. I’m sure that’s not the case...
  7. What’s more likely is Perez reverts to a wide man again and Praet plays central in place of madders.
  8. Huge boost for the remaining games if Praet can be live and kicking for the rest of the season he is a great player and links up with Youri better than anyone.
  9. Ndidi keeps looking for Iheanacho aswell!! The Nigerian Connection is on point!
  10. Hamza is not up to the level of a premier league footballer unfortunately. That Tavares must be gash.
  11. That Tavares must be such a bad player if Rogers prefers to play 2 DMs against Burnley.
  12. 6 weeks sounds like a cartilage keyhole repair if I’m not mistaken.
  13. No one likes a told you so or a Captain Hindsight but it seemed a no brainier to recall KDH and or maybe a January Loan for attacking Centre Mid but oh well what do we know
  14. Brendan says he was fine post match just precautionary... So I’m fully expecting him to be injured for 2 months.
  15. Wonder if our targets are going to differ if we get top 4 opposed to top 6?
  16. I’m in the half of fans that think Ricardo is a really good option on the wing. The other half is of the opinion why put a square peg in a round hole. And he won’t be as effective. We will no by the end of today!
  17. The rumour is Grealish is injured? cannot find confirmation though. Anyone else?
  18. Hope so.. His fitness is huge for us now we have lost JJ.. It concerns me he keeps struggling with injuries not sure if he has a history or injuries previous to us.
  19. Yeah that’s a standard full rupture just like Ricardo or VVD. You don’t really come back much sooner than that really because the graft takes so long to heal regardless of how athletic you are.
  20. Maybe not this summer but summer 22 I feel. It’s inevitable he’s just so good I just hope it’s a power house like Barca or Real Madrid as couldn’t watch him in another team in this league Who could be the next young defensive midfielder monster with the interceptions and tackles stats in Europe that we have got our eyes on!?
  21. We’re not gonna win any game with Amartey and Albrighton on one of the flanks. So surprised it took 65 mins to concede.
  22. Not so long ago bladed studs were blamed for an increase in knee injuries not sure the excuse now though
  23. Considering theres all the speculation based on nothing then I will add my own. i dont believe it’s a ruptured ACL. Possible that it could be slightly damaged or cartilage tear but I don’t think it’s a 9 month injury like Ricardo.
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