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  1. Does Perez ever remind you of Danny Dyer in Mean Machine?
  2. Please keep slagging off Perez folks so he can go on to score.
  3. My wife left me because of my anti vaccine stance and has blocked me from seeing the kids. Fortunately I’m a seasoned cross dresser and have blagged my way into getting a nanny job with her. I used a fake name: Mrs Doubtpfizer
  4. Really frustrating. Feel like market makers fiddling things. Going to try and ignore it for a few months and just set price alerts as I know it has legs
  5. Fairly good news this morning. Let’s see if we can get double digits today.
  6. Will definitely be doing this when we have kids. The compound interest on 18-21 years has got to be enough for a house deposit on even £25-£50 a month.
  7. Not really what the point of your post was but I finished that book the other week and it’s a good read.
  8. Still holding. Not nervous as the longer we wait the more mineralisation found. Could do with some positive results regarding grades as that’s what’s going to send this up a lot. Usually in this position it’s buy the rumour sell the news but I’m expecting AA to use there buy back clause and get a nice dividend this year. What are your thoughts?
  9. I’ve not watched it and couldn’t care less. Came in here for memes, you have all let me down with your serious gossip.
  10. I should point out, so as not to mislead people, that I qualified for my jab due to work not asthma.
  11. I think the stance is anyone who has been in hospital before with asthma. I know asthma UK are arguing anyone with asthma full stop. Think it varies depending on who you ask.
  12. Had my jab yesterday. Pretty slick operation. Very pleased to have had it as I fall into a higher risk of severe disease due to asthma. Feel quite poorly this morning, spent the night tossing and turning with chills and body aches. Chills have gone and now feel like I had a heavy night drinking yesterday. Nothing unmanageable though. My partner was the same and her symptoms subsided pretty quickly.
  13. Yeah and a good rise yesterday. I think a bit of patience is definitely needed here but everything looks good!
  14. Trying not to keep looking as the whole point of me buying this was to wait for assays from hole 1 and see if a buyout from the big boys was likely (over the next 3-4 months) Now Colin has said from hole 3 that it looks considerably bigger and has loaded up himself, it’s hard not to keep checking! It could go nuclear!!! Worried about day traders though, they always put a downer on these kind of runs.
  15. I’d love to get to close tomorrow with a healthy 10p.
  16. There we go,. Good opportunity to get out now! We’re on the move today!
  17. I don’t think everyone involved being incentivised to get above 10p is going to hurt us at all! I think once we start getting some positive assay results we’ll see this going crazy as that will attract the big boys. I mean it’s pretty niche so even though yesterday’s news was big, the average investor isn’t going to be looking at it.
  18. Surprised by the price today. Was expecting at least a 20% rise after that news. Hopefully will pick up.
  19. Not sure I could remain patient enough to see that kind of return. I think anything over 20p would seduce me to sell.
  20. Cannot wait till tomorrow! Expecting 10p
  21. I sometimes look at lse, as it’s a good mixture of genuinely knowledgeable people and nut jobs. I think this stock has a huge amount of day traders which is why we are seeing small gains and the small drops. I do think CB should give us an update now regardless just to put investors minds at ease. I’m definitely holding.
  22. Yep! Did you experience a little palpitation when the two price monitoring extension rns’s popped up?
  23. I don’t want an RNS, we’ve got to be more than 800m and there would have been one this morning if the drill had stopped turning ( it’s 9pm there now)
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