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  1. We've tried to get him before, he would be a superb alternative to Tielemans if we cant get the deal done.
  2. Oh yeah!! Bloody hell, so his last appearance was Cardiff? Harsh.
  3. Albrighton has also got nowhere near the combined amount of assists and goals as Maddison and he's been playing PL football for about 7+ seasons. Maddison has been here about 3/4's of one.
  4. On the fcukin piss all night before an important game? Disgraceful!!
  5. No worries mate, stay strong and if you need anyone to talk to about stuff then just message me.
  6. Thanks mate, I do go to G.A every week and can honestly say it's a phenomenal place. I have and continue to learn so much and I'll never stop going, it is a special place.
  7. Agreed, I said the other day he's the perfect sub when trying to protect or just fresh impetus at getting the ball and moving it on with minimal fuss. I'd love to see him pop a goal in from somewhere, he had a crack in the Fulham game that wasn't a million miles away.
  8. I'm glad to hear he doesn't feel too disillusioned since Puel has left. He's still got a big role to play here and has proven that he's more than good enough at this level, will be an important squad player next season and hopefully more, would definitely get him on a new deal.
  9. Yes, it's usually via the first team training photos or there are some people on here with direct insight in to stuff like this. What's interesting is up until the reports Tavares was catching the attention of some big clubs in Europe he wasn't even getting a chance for our U23's. However, he was really stepped up his performances for the U18's and is now playing U23's as well as training with the first team, whether this is Rodgers immediately being impressed (he went and saw the FA Youth game the day after he became manager where Tavares was superb) or it's been more gradual i'm not sure.
  10. In a way, it's a shame Maguire's ban isn't for 3 games rather than 1. It would have given Soyuncu a much better chance of another chance. He hasn't played since Newport I don't think and Cardiff in the league? Wow.
  11. Essentially making it a 3-4-3 then.
  12. This is great news, the club rate him very highly.
  13. Because it threatens everything they know or think they know. We made a mockery of almost every expert and pundit and we made a mockery of history and underdogs in team sport. I read a book on football a while ago that said the psychology of society doesn't want there to be a threat to the elite. As a one off it may have been refreshing to see us defy the odds but once the novelty of that has worn off, it actually is disliked by people and I think we are seeing that now. There are more and more people involved in football, whom really ought to remain impartial and yet they seem to have a problem with what we did and that is exactly why. It upsets normality and the hierarchy of who's top dogs, most of these ex pundits pin their mast to the top clubs they once played for or support and they cling on to being relevant and claiming to know what they're talking about by making assumptions on who will win what or who is the best players etc but really, it's predictions anybody could make with half an eye on football. We pissed a lot of people off winning it and I fcukin love it. No marks like Danny Mills, Graeme Souness and Andy Goldstein.
  14. Ric Flair


    Have a look at an Airedale Terrier, absolutely beauties and don't malt (I don't think)
  15. Ric Flair


    They are incredible, embarrassingly my dog knows when the pizza delivery geezer has pulled up down the road and is on his way to the door with the good stuff. She is yet to get any pizza but she still knows and looks forward to it.
  16. Ric Flair


    Has anyone ever offered a bit of ham to a dog and it not absolutely annihilate it? My dog was very unwell a few weeks ago and I did the ham test and it still wolfed it down. They can also hear and smell the opening of a ham or cheese packet through shut doors and up to several hundred yards away. They are unbelievable.
  17. Still think DeChambeau is nailed on for the masters this year.
  18. Bang on mate, a problem gambler needs to change not only the physical act of gambling but also the emotional and mental aspects that gambling brings. Us compulsive gamblers are self centred, liars, cheats, unable to communicate, evasive, short tempered, erratic sleepers, up and down personalities, immature, materialistic and obsessed with money. When you stop gambling and try and change, you not only abstain from gambling but you become a better person and your whole life benefits. Suddenly you can communicate with people, you have the ability to be interested in your friends, family and loved ones, you no longer need a false high to pick you up, you no longer obsess over what next you need to buy or what holiday or nights out you need to go on to compete with the other morons living their false lives through social media. You stop lying about everything, however big or small, you appreciate what you have in life and are content and peaceful. You sleep better and you can also look in the mirror and not immediately look away. When I was in the midst of my gambling binges I didn't give a fcuk about anything or anyone, I honestly can't be certain that if my then 2 year old son had woken up screaming in agony and I was engrossed in chasing a load of dough on roulette that i'd immediately have put the phone down and gone and comforted him. I'd have likely carried on ripping the shit out of everything I could get my hands on and either recouped my losses and snapped out of the trance I was in or ploughed through the lot and felt that horror dawn on me that i'd lost everything and was a despicable cretin. It absolutely sickens me to think I was capable of doing that, but it doesn't surprise me. I remember countless times where I missed my train home from work whilst I was blasting pound coins in to the bandit like no man's business, or late back from my lunch break because I was too busy feeding notes in to the FOBT like bits of ham to a dog. I've lied many times to get out of things so I could gamble my day away and when I was like that, in the zone nobody or anything would or could stop me. What a fcukin penis I was. That was the man I was only last May. I won't stop at anything in my pursuit for abstaining from gambling, I may never be able to replace the buzz that gambling gave me like for like but I will continue to try and be a better person, to remain patient, honest, kind and hard working. I will try and make my family feel safe and loved, rather than fearful and neglected. I have long stopped caring about materialistic things, i'll take pride out of achievements and give myself the best possible chance of a happy life. Why on earth would I want anything different to that, I am the luckiest bloke in the world to have what I have and why would I ever gamble again? Gambling is hell on earth for people like me. If anyone else has a problem but doesn't feel like they are strong enough yet to overcome it, please just message me. I was the same, I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. I won't preach or feed you any bull shit, it's all on you and you'll have to be in charge but it's not impossible. We as humans are ruthless beasts, we can and will do anything we put our minds to. FCUK GAMBLING.
  19. A nucleus of this squad have proven that they aren't immune from losing confidence, belief and possibly motivation. The only way you get players to maintain all of this is by providing a good working environment and they will do it all themselves. The manager leads by example but he has to be an incredible communicator and man manager, sadly Puel was weak in that area and as much as the players suffered, the fans did even more. We didn't take to the man and he rightly or wrongly was always up against it. Rodgers one thing above all that he has is the ability to bull shit the players and fans if needs be to keep them singing from the same hymn sheet.
  20. Yes, I had this argument with my Dad yesterday. It did feel on Saturday that we were in with a good chance of winning the match, rather than just hanging in there for a point but the ironic thing is this season we have twice been against 10 men for large parts of matches at home and didn't win (West Ham and Southampton) and twice away from home we have played a large chunk of the match down to 10 men and not lost (Brighton and Burnley). I was mostly impressed with how willing we were to still press even when down to 10 men in that first half, we sensed we needed to stop Burnley from setting the tone for what would have been an onslaught for 86 mins and we committed men forward. Puel probably would have opted for the hit them on the counter where possible and sit deep, which we eventually had to do as the game wore on. Either way, this group of players won't give up very often.
  21. Yes, as was Gareth Bale but I think the reason for that was he wasn't actually very good defensively but an absolute warrior out wide and up front. The likes of Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Lilian Thuram and many others all could have been effective further forward but when they are as good defensively as they are and provide numerous assists and even goals then why change it? A full back isn't an easy position to fill well and a sub standard full back playing behind Ricardo would feel less exciting and limited than Ricardo bombing on from a winger that is also equally as devastating going forward. It's about being too much for the opposition to handle.
  22. I know what you're getting at but there's very little options in this squad when making substitutions. The starting XI picks itself in terms of ability and there's very little else to choose from. This isn't all Puel's fault as he inherited a bloated squad and had to cut his cloth accordingly but he shipped out a lot of fringe strikers and creative midfielders so what's left on the fringes ain't a lot.
  23. My sentiments exactly, the biggest difference Rodgers will bring though is the attacking support. I can't forgive Puel for failing to fathom out that to break down stubborn defences you have to overload them with movement and attacking options. I can't work out whether it was his plan to remain cautious and slowly work the ball in and around the defences, probing for an opening or if the whole regime as well as the players ran out of ideas and the lack of movement kicked in as a result. The team stopped pressing long before Puel arrived, it seemed to be the biggest downfall for Ranieri and you're right that better teams will suss it out just like the lesser teams sussed out the pure counter attack and sat back. This is where you need a manager who simply won't be bogged down by the mistakes and failures and will keep his players all in on his methods and the team bond that is built. We will need many different ways to beat opposition and if Rodgers has learnt anything from what he's inherited here it's that we can dig in and be patient against the better teams, the in your face Leicester City will be ready to pounce. I welcome his statement that training will always be intense and hard so that when the players go out and play a match that autonomy kicks in, it makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider how lacklustre they appeared to be under Puel when starting games. I think Rodgers is a very good coach and he already has the fans hanging off his every word, it seems the players too. You only have to see the celebrations of fringe players like Fuchs, Morgan and Okazaki when we have scored goals and they aren't on the pitch. Compare that with the bench vs Wolves away when emotion and passion should have been running high and Puel was out there on his own celebrating the comeback goals. Players have to motivate themselves and the only way you do that is by providing an environment that will make them want to, this is where I think Rodgers earns his bunce. There is a lot to look forward to under Brendan, I hope it works out for him and us.
  24. The very best full backs in the world remain full backs rather than be utilized higher up the pitch and the same should happen with Ricardo. Yes, he can excel further forward but his tackling stats are off the scale and the way he gets forward as well means he is a beast of a full back. What we need to be looking for is somebody who can compliment him at right wing, him and Albrighton teamed up very well at times but if you could add a player who will provide 20+ goals a season in assists and goals himself then it's a formidable right hand side.
  25. You make some valid points but Ghezzal came on in a double substitution with Okazaki for Gray and Tielemans but dont let that get in the way of a good story.
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