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  1. They need wins and quickly, a point is not much use to them. We are probably one of their easiest games left given our patchy form.
  2. Sheffield Utd are picking up form and we will still could do with winning the next 2 games at a bare minimum. I don't want us needing to have to win at Sours to stay within 3 points of Man Utd. Obviously we'll know before the Sheff Utd game whether Man City's ban is upheld but right now that game still looks a tough prospect and they'll be motivated to try and reach Europe themselves. That said if they could get a result on Saturday please and then bend over for us next week then that would be lovely.
  3. Ngakia on a free will be a very good signing for someone, can see Brentford getting him if they come up.
  4. Of course, not to mention he couldn't actually play for anyone else until next season anyway so he might as well have stayed anyway. Liverpool were prepared to pay him an extra 2 months not to have to play but just train and keep fit, ideal for the lad.
  5. Would have still got one, anyone who plays 5 or more PL games for the title winners gets one.
  6. Been superb these last 2 games, loved him attacking that cross early in the 2nd half. Playing as a wing back has seemed to free him up to get forward.
  7. His poor first touch shows why he is better suited either out wide or in a free role in the attack, he cannot play as a 10 or 8 right now.
  8. You really think CAS would be swayed by that?
  9. Haha how do you come to that? Are you saying he has been fortunate that his crosses and passes have been converted more so than his shots have? The lad is a creative player and will provide goals and assists, still got a lot of improving to do mind you.
  10. I'm mystified with some of you prats, I really am. We played well against a team who is on form who we never get a result against at their gaff. Schmeichel made 2 other very good saves and a couple of easier saves but other than that we were the better team for the majority of the game. This system will expose us as we have to take more risks but if you cannot see the improvement in how quicker and more direct we are at getting the ball forward ourselves then don't complain about the slow laborious possession football we have all too often witnessed under Puel and Rodgers when we run out of ideas. He has tried to implement a short term improvement which we simply have to do and so far it is working. We have very little margin for error now, probably need to win at least 3 out of the last 4 but I've little argument with the change in approach. What has happened from December through to late June is a different story but what good comes of trying to let that fuel what is happening right now and specifically last night we played well.
  11. I don't think he meant it, you can usually see the intent from him in past misdemeanours but this looked unfortunate. If he gets a ban for this then we'll beat Bournemouth 4-0 anyway.
  12. Gray as an impact player works, there's been a number of games this season where he has shown this (Burnley at home, Watford and Arsenal away) plus others, however he has also shown that almost every start this season in the league and cup he has been anonymous. Hopefully he can maintain his importance from the bench as we need every bit of help we can get in these last 4 games.
  13. Which is exactly what would likely happen if we go with the system and style that we were operating in a 4-1-4-1 when we first came back. If we continue with the fast and direct football with 2 up front and Perez or Barnes behind then we'll open the game up and set traps to hopefully expose before the opposition make us pay. It's imperative we open the scoring.
  14. Not even slightly missed Maddison these last 2 games, but if he's back available then he fights for a spot. Bournemouth have to go for this and under Rodgers we seem to have found a way to get through Bournemouth that we never used to be able to under previous managers. This will be another open game and I would loathe for us to do what we've done vs Everton or Arsenal and be 1 or 2 down and having to claw ourselves back in. It would be nice to open the scoring in the 1st half for once. Same starting XI as last night except Fuchs for either Bennett or Soyuncu.
  15. His first touch needs work on, we all know that. We'll have to take the rough with the smooth until it improves, really felt he ought to have curled that long ranger when he'd only just come on in to the top bin. He did a few of them for Barnsley and West Brom and he's long overdue one for us.
  16. CAS are notoriously fair though, I think if there was any suspect decision making it would have been from UEFA in the first place.
  17. We created more last night though ourselves, there's still some fine tuning to do in this system and maybe vs the better sides we have to sacrifice Perez playing in the 10 role for someone like Praet. I do like Vardy and Iheanacho together though in this system, it's far more effective than when we play the diamond and have very little space on the pitch to get the ball in to them.
  18. Bang on. We did well last night and this system has made us go more direct which is what we've been crying out for as a short term fix. It means we are less compact ourselves in the midfield with Perez pushed up high but given how laborious we looked previously and yet still managed to get exposed ourselves, im happy to take that risk as we look to an alternative method to evoke an improvement in results. Bennett was solid and the only issue was that Soyuncu struggled in the LCB position and therefore Fuchs may have been better but overall it was the right system and team. I swear some of our fans simply cannot overcome the disappointment of the opening 3 league games and the upturn in performances of these last 2 games is lost on them as the chasing pack close us down. I am trying to be positive as we are a huge work in progress with a distinct lack of options in our squad and if we end the season positively then I'll be fully behind them. If we finish 5th we are likely to still play CL football next season, if that feels a little tainted then get a part time job on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and don't be part of it. Asda's lovely of an evening.
  19. No, I thought he played well and baring in mind I'm probably one of the most abusive people on the Internet about Marc Albrighton there's certainly no clouded judgement. It might just have been the early balls he looked to play time and time again as opposed to the tedious jockeying for position down the flanks that we'd seen prior to the last 2 games, but all in all I like this system currently as a short term fix.
  20. That does look a little fortunate in the world of forensic football. Makes me feel a bit better about that Iheanacho one the ref blew up for in the 1st half.
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