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  1. They've also got muck results in them too, like losing to a god awful Newcastle side.
  2. His next flurry of goals are going to feel so good..... AND STILL CHAAAAMPION OF THE WOOOOOOORRRRLLLDDD
  3. I think we'll score again from a corner/set piece and it'll happen a few more times before the season is out. 2-0 Vardy and Fofana
  4. Yeah, it's nice to have beaten them recently and that they also have probably left themselves a little too much to do to get top 4 themselves bit top 6 is more than achievable and I can see them being a huge nuisance to those around us, likewise Leeds.
  5. They've got to play Villa twice still and I'd fancy Villa to do them at least once.
  6. There's been a fair bit alluded to him being represented by a bunch of helmets, it seems his agents firm looks after mainly Portuguese players and none of them well known. Tavares is likely to be the jewel of the crown.
  7. As I've said, up to those last 3 games we have the slightly easier next 7 games compared to Everton, West Ham, Chelsea and Spurs. Its those final 3 games where on paper you wince as its panic stations to rely on needing a result or two and that's even knowing how unreal we've been this season against the traditional big six. My prediction is we will be 6 points clear of 5th with 3 games to go.
  8. When you say run in do you mean the last 3 games? Our next 7 games are so lovely on paper bar 2 of them that it's really in our hands to win 5 or 6 of them and be pretty much home and hosed unless 2 of Everton, Chelsea, West Ham and Spurs win all of their next 8 games.
  9. I think Newcastle will drop. Fulham have the momentum and squad to cope with the pressure and I think Brighton do too (even though they are a disgrace at winning football matches). Newcastle are in real trouble with their injuries and the off the field issues.
  10. I thought 68 would be enough but I think we could be in a position that we haven't wrapped it up with 3 games to go and that there could be the potential that were we to lose all 3 that someone overtakes us at the end. 6 wins from 10 will do it for us, that makes it so difficult for 2 of Chelsea, West Ham, Everton and Spurs to catch us really. Although that means we need to win 6 out of the next 7 if we want to be home and hosed with that horror last 3 games.
  11. He rejected us to sign for Saint-Etienne.
  12. Liverpool are an absolute disgrace but they only have themselves to blame, their lack of recruitment in recent years was always going to cost them dear. I'd not have expected this to happen but they were never going to build a long term dynasty without being prepared to continually invest and evolve. There was an excellent article written early in to this season explaining why Liverpool will now drop off after the last few seasons taking their toll and they have been absolutely right. I don't see how he sticks around for much more, he'll possibly start next season but I think he's
  13. All been nabbed by Raoila and having a bit of an average season compared to last. Although Boadu got a hattrick last week. Idrissi left in the summer and flopped (since gone from Sevilla to Ajax). Koopmeiners and Windjal probably their best 2 this season. Stengs has been very subdued by his standards.
  14. Noni Madueke from PSV please, he's going to be world class
  15. It's not so much he doesn't like playing with two, he just doesn't have 2 that he likes. Jakobs is a left back, his goals and assists are pretty minging even though he has played LM at times too. Otavio I could well see come in and play as a tucked in RW like Lallana sometimes did for him but I'd hope we'd go and get another proper winger too.
  16. Yeah true their last 3 games have been Burnley, Fulham and Palace but I think he might just have a crack at it and " concentrate " on the cups but ultimately play some devastating football and then go ultra shithouse again and ruin it.
  17. You have to say that why only now has Mourinho gone with 4 attacking players and only one DM? With that front 4 and others to rotate they could be a very exciting and dominant team but he's put the shackles on them after a decent start to the season and it's what's cost them being comfortably in the top 4.
  18. It feels like he's a new signing that's kicked in just when we needed it most. Hopefully confidence will remain high and he'll get another 4-5 before the end of the season.
  19. Oh yeah they got dumped out didn't they to Everton. Still think they've left themselves too much to do and if they are troubling us it's because we have fcuked it and Everton, West Ham and Chelsea will have overtaken us anyway.
  20. Spurs have so many games left though. Their game in hand is Villa I think and they have the FA Cup, Europa and Carabao Cup Final. But they do have the easiest end to the league season.
  21. 22 points would be sensational. 18 will do it though IMO
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