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  1. We have to go to 3-4-1-2 now and give Justin a try at left wing back, Chilwell is completely pointless if we go to that formation but I do think we need 2 up front to try and grind some wins out otherwise we have fcuked it.
  2. The rules are, any team on the attack where the ball brushes the hand/arm means any goal scored there after is ruled out. It only applies to the attacking side.
  3. I blame Maddison and not Rodgers, he has started dropping deeper and deeper looking for the ball but it's not necessary. We don't need him to, he should be pushed up behind the striker, when was the last time he made a telling pass in the final 3rd? Little fanny.
  4. Cup game can't come quick enough. Have to get a confidence boost from somewhere, he have forgotten how to score. We are so predictable right now, we've always been lacking aggression but we made up for that with playing our way out of trouble. We are so easy to counteract right now and it's horrible to see. If I see James Maddison continually playing deep in our half again I'm going to go insane, what the fcuk is up with him at the minute? Not impacting on games for weeks now.
  5. Set up our last 2 goals we've scored though....
  6. Is it just me who thinks Choudhury has played well?
  7. Chilwell having another blinder again 😂😂
  8. Barnes has 6 assists this season, all from open play? Maddison is the one who's been crap recently, more so than Tielemans. Praet has been decent when called upon.
  9. Completely different type of player to Mendy, is he not? Looks to be more a Maddison type player which we do need an understudy.
  10. Looks half decent there, we might need a couple of cheap squad fillers and on a free I don't see a problem with it.
  11. Chelsea and hopefully not us! It means they have a tricky next 4-5 games and then a kind run of fixtures until they face us at the end of the season.
  12. If Man Utd navigate these next 4-5 games in the PL I do think they will get top 4.
  13. Iversen needs to be in the Championship at least next season, to give him a 5.5 year deal suggests we rate him very highly but it's rare that we'd consider players for our first team that are playing in League One and Two so the sooner he gets to a better standard to continue his progression the better.
  14. Try and put a few barriers in place to break the habit, maybe even self exclude for a period of time if you don't feel ready to commit to it permanently.
  15. We played the dreaded diamond didn't we after it working vs Villa the week before. I think we will look to expose them from out wide, Barnes to come back in would be the obvious selection.
  16. We will absolutely batter them, this is another vintage Leicester & Rodgers performance coming up.
  17. Frankfurt are such a strange club. They got very good money for Jovic and Haller but then loaned Rebic out to Milan for 2 years, so we might be able to get Kostic for under £30m. It's a toss up between him and Telles for me and also bringing in another winger to compete with the squad.
  18. Yes, spent 4 nights there back in 2009. It was mine and my now wife's first holiday and we spent it permanently pissed and permanently lost. I don't know what it is about Valencia but I haven't a clue how to navigate my way around it, been since and had a few issues with locations hahahahaaaa
  19. What level is Andy King going to end up at next season? Barely gets a sniff for a struggling Championship side, it's quite sad to see. I blame Puel.
  20. Kostic is one of the best wing backs I've seen, especially if he had a left footed centre half covering him like Nathan Ake....
  21. Not got a problem with this, he never lets us down under Rodgers, likewise Fuchs. There was a time I would have liked both moved on but that was because I didn't believe they were worthy of being first choice any longer but both have understood their roles now within the team and club and they are invaluable in what they do on and off the pitch.
  22. Kostic would be class here, Rebic would have been too but think Milan have signed him permanently now?
  23. He's in the Instagram videos of them all training yesterday
  24. Kian Pennant has been part of England U16's UEFA development tournament that they've just won. I thought he was a striker but think he is also a left winger like Terell.
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