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  1. Are the squad flying out tomorrow or are they already there?
  2. The academy is untouchable as our DOF was the academy director before he got this role and still has a big say in it, kept his mates in the top jobs.
  3. Quite surprised he's not nearly on 100 bags a week anyway. He was on that tax free at Monaco.
  4. Where have those 2 years gone, still one of the most haunting events I have experienced. What a man, will never forget what a special bloke he was. RIP Boss
  5. Top coaches and our academy isn't something that I'd associate one another with.
  6. All the more reason we need to be throwing a shit load of money and focus on our academy.
  7. But the ones criticising him heavily at the minute do ignore a lot of the good he did last season and this season too. I get some of the criticism, last seasons slump was horrible and very difficult to accept but I'm prepared to based on what I see this season, the fact we have had horrendous injuries in the last 10 months and that we still produced our 2nd best top flight finish in 50+ years I think? We were muck against the top sides away from home last season in terms of getting results and this has been the single biggest improvement after a quick turnaround of a season and mo
  8. If there's one thing this club does well on the whole is sign top class young centre halves. The way we were so relentless in our pursuit was enough for me, many teams will be regretting not taking an early risk on him like they have with Soyuncu as well. If only we could be quite as prolific in recruiting top class wingers and forwards!
  9. I'd rest Evans, Youri and Barnes. Castagne if he is carrying a knock might also need to be rested. Schmeichel Justin Fofana Morgan Thomas Mendy Ünder Praet Maddison Albrighton Vardy
  10. Stunning pass, the moment of brilliance our game plan needed and he served it up. He really has stepped it up this season. Is often the assister of the assist and they are defence splitters, what a player.
  11. He's not beyond criticism but even the 2 poor results against West Ham and Villa, I think we have been very impressive this season given the injuries and worry of the hangover from our capitulation. That bottlejob won't be forgotten by some of our fans in a hurry and maybe thats fair enough but I'm trying to be rational and there's so many positive things this Rodgers regime has and is doing, he's just a victim of it being too good too soon and he would eat himself if he could persona. Get Ndidi, Ricardo and Soyuncu back, get Vardy wrapped in cotton wool and Ünder up to
  12. It's a who's who of posters in the matchday thread. Fans just can't seem to place any trust in him.
  13. 1st time we have ever won 1-0 in the PL under Rodgers yet some fans think he's negative.
  14. The match day thread has ratted out a number of fans who want him gone, it's genuinely staggering. We have been diabolical against the so called big 6 away from home under Rodgers until this season and he's finally tried to be a bit more pragmatic and counter attacking and so far its working, something he has been abysmal at doing it the past. What's the real issue here? Cannot ever lose at home to a team outside the top 6? Still not over last seasons capitulation? Arseholes?
  15. Got a whiff of the Knockaert's and Ghezzal's about him though
  16. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa @kristianity77 @ARM1968 enjoy the shit House you miserable buggers. Hideous 60 mins and then BANG.
  17. Disgusting, winds me up how bad we are at crosses and through balls when we win the ball.
  18. Vardy on for Fuchs at half time and then Ünder for Praet on 60-65 mins
  19. Haha he can't really win can he? Renown over the years for refusing to back down against the best sides and often gets slaughtered in the process. Tries something different (however peculiar and he's abused for showing fear). I think we ought to play somewhat differently vs better sides away from home, like we did with devastating efficiency vs Man City but its about finding the right balance.
  20. This formation and personnel only works if we don't concede, otherwise we will have a huge mountain to climb yet again. Will wait and see before going too mad though.
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