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  1. Like Watford have done with Joao Pedro? Absolutely laughing now when they get him, although there is some bizarre clause that they can be fcuked over with.
  2. What's the back story behind this then? Surely we are a better prospect with the new training ground coming than West Ham? Was he pushed?
  3. So do we think he is taking over from Beaglehole or it's he who has been binned?
  4. This is who I was alluding to, he came from Norwich a year or so ago didn't he?
  5. If signings like this or Ibe are made we can assume that targets weren't in place prior to Macia leaving and we should be very afraid. Smacks of lazy journalism or Project Congerbrenda is activated.
  6. They paid £20+ million for him, any release clause if there is one would be about double minimum.
  7. The problem with Albrighton is that if he is first choice then you need to make sure your other winger brings goals and assists as that's not Marc's bag at all. He has many qualities and is a huge influence in this squad but Rodgers teams are all about goals from his wingers, strikers and attacking midfielders. Hopefully he taps in to some previously unseen ability with him otherwise we most definitely need a lethal left winger which we hope Barnes will turn out to be.
  8. Not 100% sure but in January when the news broke that we were after him, the price was at least what they paid for him which was £20-25m. The £40m figure has cropped up in recent months.
  9. Only seen him a couple of times, his performance in the FA Youth Cup when we somehow got beaten by Cambridge I think it was, was very good. Looked the complete package but I think he's got a long way to go.
  10. Ric Flair

    Free agents

    Killin it in the Europa League on a Thursday and then the Prem on a Sunday?
  11. I agree but the main priority first and foremost is Tielemans. We need the 3 key areas strengthening though if we get anywhere near top 6, this is why selling Maguire has got to be a consideration. I, like you don't think we have huge money available without it, it is lunacy for the club to think it can make in roads in to the top 6 or even top 4 without several more players coming in, but how we get them is the problem.
  12. When you consider his age, his experience, his end product in the division we are in, is soon to become first choice for an elite Belgian national team and just a general feeling and hype about him being a potential world beater, the price tag of £40m is low! The only thing that muddies the water is because Monaco want to sell him. The fact he is unwanted there is making some believe that cuts his value in half. Would James Rodriguez go for half what he's worth?
  13. I'd argue it's the only position in which we HAVE to strengthen. Without a player of his skillset, this hugely promising team won't meet the ambitions it harbours as there'll be too many games where we can't break teams down and with him in there it gives us a much better chance. We need a new striker but it'll be as a backup, we need a new right back but it'll be as a backup. We need a new winger which would possibly overtake Albrighton but if it's simply a case of we only have £30-50m to spend and we don't want to sell any integral first team players to raise funds such as Maguire then i'd use the majority of it on Tielemans. I think our negotiation stance on this transfer will come to bite us.
  14. You're in for £25-30m this summer. £15-20m for Bowen from us and then another £10m when we flog Maguire to one of the Manc teams for £65m. Hope your chairman doesn't trouser it all though, you deserve better than that prat.
  15. Was a shame to see him drop out of those last 3 games, even though it meant we got to see just how good Choudhury is for us. Albrighton is dependable but Barnes is so much more dangerous. Really hoping he lights it up in the Euro U21's this summer, got a feeling he will be the most dangerous out of our 4 players likely in the squad.
  16. Ric Flair

    Free agents

    Can't see it myself, Ajax will get pummelled this summer but not by clubs like us.
  17. Wilson is almost a Lallana type player who in a 4-3-3 might play in the central midfield 3 or either a 10 or on the right, very versatile player. Astonished Liverpool are even considering selling him, he's surely ideal to slot in their squad and shift on Lallana and probably Milner.
  18. Ric Flair

    Free agents

    Herrera if we couldn't get Tielemans is probably the only one i'd want without any concern. Brahimi I can't help but feel would flop here, he's a strange character and his style of play would rile our fans. On his day he is obscene though.
  19. Hahahahaaa it's done me, looks like the steps outside a red hot terminal us Brits find ourselves waiting outside every summer for hours.
  20. He plays as a very narrow right winger, often taking up positions as a number 10. The article above highlights how effective he is defensively as well though which is a huge asset to have in either a 10 role or out wide, seems to press all over the pitch.
  21. His Dad has died suddenly, horrible news for him. I wonder if that will impact on his short term future, he might well stay at Swansea for another year.
  22. Ric Flair

    Free agents

    Hector Herrera Brahimi Robben Ribery Moreno Dzagoev Markovic (Rodgers loves him) Babel Kruse Balotelli
  23. As I've said before, he isn't as slow as people think. He's got a bit of Shaqiri about him where the style of play makes him look a bit clumpy and not a graceful runner but what he has in abundance is his positioning in attacking areas and his finishing is top level.
  24. If he had been on his favoured side he wouldn't have been torn a new ring piece by Riyad, every cloud!!
  25. Could see us bunging you £4m and Calum Elder for Justin.
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