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  2. You'd be a bit fearful leaving Leicester if you were involved in scouting/recruitment/analysis, nearly every one that's been nabbed by other clubs in the last 5 years have been bombed out of those clubs very quickly. It don't get any better than here baby.
  3. Yeah, there needs to be some very stringent parameters added to the search function 😂
  4. If you want to read a love story, go to the search function on this site, put @Ric Flair in the author field and Patson Daka in the contents field. I feel like Gabrielle.
  5. Haha that's why I am drinking (lies) mate, been up since 4.30am with my youngest.
  6. Deals between Salzburg and Leipzig are done swiftly, like selling a house privately. The fact he hasn't gone there is telling, he doesn't want to and I'm not sure Leipzig are quite the move they were for a few of their players in previous years. He's on his way.
  7. Just cracked open my first can, COME ON ENGLAND
  8. 61 goals in the last 2 seasons is obscene though. Since he's stepped out the shadows of Haaland and Hwang he has been lethal.
  9. Supposedly got an £8m release clause as well with less than a year on his contract. Very odd as you say, got EFL Young Player of The Year I think?
  10. He's solid, but I'd not be that impressed if he was our winger we bring in.
  11. You must be pretty astonished he's close to joining given the lack of CL you like to keep reminding everyone about? Elite footballer, our reputation is starting to make the recruitment of other top young players much easier, like how Dortmund manage to do it year on year. Long may it continue here.
  12. He didn't say it was a done deal, he's quite careful when he says that but he can make other links sound promising but he'll seldom say a player is pretty much signed and then they don't.
  13. Maybe because some of us have the inclination to research the ability of players. Now, my knowledge of football players is up there but it's not very difficult for Daka to have caught the eye of even the casual football fan. I've been raving about this lad since Haaland fcuked off last year and he's been every bit as good as him since he replaced him.
  14. Madueke, Olise or Pereira I think will be pursued. Olise would cost about what we'd get for Ghezzal, astonishing.
  15. He's the best striker outside the top 3 leagues in the world and will be the best inside 18 months, he'll break records.
  16. Genuinely not seen a more devastating reel of goals from a single season for quite some time. All for significsntly less than what we'd have to pay for Ivan Toney.
  17. Haha he's scored nearly 4 times as many?
  18. Is there a DOF and Head of Recruitment equivalent of being tested for performance enhancing drugs? What on earth are Rudkin and Congerton up to?
  20. One of the most ruthless finishers put there, his tech oque in front of goal is devastating.
  21. Deadly serious, he will be the unrivalled number 1 striker in the world inside 18 months. You'll change your name to Kris Dakabusi
  22. This is incredible, he will be the best striker in the world inside 18 months.
  23. Tomorrow ought to see one of the most formidable drinking performances of a nation in decades. I'm on the piss from 8am
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