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  1. Went to Vicarage Road on a freezing Saturday in December 1985. Drove back in a blizzard with my car window jammed down having come off the runners. ...We lost 2-1.
  2. Apologies, typo. Precisely my point.
  3. A $12.43m operational deficit and a streaming service propped up by a global e-commerce business.
  4. It comes down to the usual scenario..no plan B. Vaguely encouraging in the maul though and superior in the scrum. They'll undeservedly snatch this. Great position Go for the double shunt or the kick over.
  5. I've always been struck by the uncanny resemblance between Martin Keown and De Loy's ape...
  6. Sod the Villa, Pete Murray was making a celebrity appearance at CoOp.
  7. Regarding the future funding of the BBC, abolition of the licence fee will result in complete disembowelment. It would be annihilated by the competition as a subscription service and a move pursue licence payments through the civil courts would be costly and cumbersome. It will cease to exist as a public service broadcaster and continue as a marginal and emasculated streaming service. Irrespective of what anyone thinks of the editorial policy or governance, I find it very concerning amid the current social media moral milieu, as we hurtle headlong into the stream, the role of traditional television will be both marginalised and compromised. The demise of print and TV journalism, will inevitably fuel alt-sources, fake news and populist subjectivity.
  8. Line-X

    Corona Virus

    I have - and it kills approximately 650,000 people per year.
  9. France first to absolutely everything in the air on the ground and effortlessly forcing turnovers.
  10. Line-X

    Neil Peart

    Neil once asked in response to the suggestion that he was 'perfected in his art', "what is a master if not a pupil"? Devoted to life-long learning, he refused to bask in accolades. plaudits or his own hype and was always seeking to improve. His interest in jazz drumming and respect for the late Buddy Rich prompted him in 2010 to re-learn under the tutelage of Freddie Gruber which required him to reappraise his timing and technique from scratch. Neil was aware that as a rock drummer, he was very rigid - his feel and fluidity on the final tours was striking.
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