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  1. Line-X

    Insomnia Thread

    I liken insomnia to an infrequent bus or train service. You get one opportunity to fall asleep and transition into deep sleep and it you miss that, it can be hours waiting for the next one to come along - if at all. On some nights, it may never arrive in the first place. I was afflicted by this for almost a decade - following the birth of my daughter who never settled at night until she was four and irregular working hours. I found nytol and herbal tablets initially quite effective - although much of that was undoubtably a placebo and if I forgot to take them, I was screwed. I reasoned that the causes were psychological. The solution for me lay in reducing the hours of sleep that I did have and was aiming for, regimenting my sleep patterns and conditioning myself to empty my mind of thoughts. I now suffer from this about half a dozen times a year instead of three or four nights a week which was utterly debilitating.
  2. Line-X

    Google beef with Liverpool?

    This is nothing new - which makes it all the more astonishing that it still works and has not been redressed!
  3. Line-X


    So did I - until I saw 88yrs old.
  4. Line-X

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    Van Dijk didn't have a bad game at all and Robertson played very well. I was impressed by Milner again and as I said barring the dreadful overconfidence, Allison looked class and will be one of the signings of the season. No they weren't at their best and neither were they against Brighton. Saying that, as we well know, three points and winning a title isn't always necessarily pretty. They got another win from a mediocre performance in the second half which is what counts. It's between Liverpool and Man City imo.
  5. Line-X

    Match of the Day 2018/19

    I don't think Liverpool were "ordinary looking". The movement and link play is a joy to watch - even on an off day and prior to his mistake, Allison demonstrated remarkable footwork, distribution and ability to read the game particularly in his save from Maddison's shot. However, I do think greater appreciation could have been shown in respect of City's second half performance, their ability to break up play and similarly, the attacking potential of our play. What I can find frustrating about MOTD is the subjectivity and sometimes the oversight. I recall a game against West Ham in 2016 in which Nordtveit committed a horrific chest high tackle on Chilwell right in front of where I was sat and in plain view of the camera. It was omitted from the highlights and consequently the subsequent discussion. I also wish that they would name and shame blatant play acting and faked injury - look no further than Keita in the dying seconds yesterday. Bizarrely they also didn't comment on Wan Bissaka's intentional handball other than the fact he conceded a penalty. It should have been an immediate straight red for deliberately handling a direct shot on goal that was going in.
  6. Line-X

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    "Yes N'didi" ceased to be funny after thirty seconds of his signing.
  7. Line-X

    Betting Thread

    Oh Bucey ...oh wait.
  8. Line-X

    What are you listening to?

  9. Line-X

    Betting Thread

    Oh Bucey - any chance of a breakdown from the last decade?
  10. Line-X

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    A winger? fancy that.
  11. Line-X

    Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    that's the FT dialectic for you.
  12. Line-X


    That's the 21st Century for you