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  1. Yes but at least you were aware that they had "Marco, Merrick, Terry-Lee...and Gary Tibbs" (who if I remember correctly as a former member of Roxy Music replaced Kevin Mooney).
  2. Are you sure about that Iz? A friend of mine lived next door to Carig Levein.
  3. Genuinely. Good for you. That's not particularly pious though is it. What would Jesus say?
  4. The "new" chants and songs thread is a misnomer.
  5. And we have a winner. This is hilarious. Is it true that Canucks are less forthcoming at tipping than their American counterparts?
  6. Your best Bowie Ladies and Gents if you will...
  7. A cork and a laser pointer.
  8. Yes - I was recounting this recently to a Cov fan that I work with but was conscious that I might have been exaggerating it. We then thumped them 5-1 a few months later at Filbert Street and Milne won December manager of the month. I also recall in the away fixture in '86 - which we also lost - the Baby Squad invading their Main stand. They filed in mid second half regaled in Burberry and Pringles with their folding umbrellas and then all lined up saluting the travelling fans.
  9. Good on you Col. Very refreshing in this day and age and particularly on this forum.
  10. Remind me - what's our record there?
  11. Surbiton is leafy suburbia near Kingston - a world away from Millwall. If it was the Old Den, you probably got off at New Cross Gate...and subsequently wished you hadn't.
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