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  1. I didn't know the 'Graceland Cookbook' was still in circulation.
  2. Blimey...Brazil after nights, has to be said, you do bring this on yourself.
  3. Why are you 'fuming'? - it's Talksport and it's what they do. It's comparable to reading The Sun and complaining that it's sensationalist. As for getting upset over Twitter...
  4. The mercurial Bukayo Saka could cause mayhem all over the park - depending on how Arteta sets up. He's likely to remain on the right allowing Aubameyang to continue to make runs from his favoured left with Nketieh up top - but that's if Pepe isn't reinstated. I doubt if he'll make any changes, but whenever Saka is on the park it introduces some wonderful tactical options, not least the opportunity to switch flanks - which could cause us some damage tonight.
  5. No need to apologise - simply my shite sense of humour. Data from HECSU clearly indicates, that contrary to belief, many students that do study away from home return to their town or city of origin upon completion of their degrees. Also, the international cohort has become increasingly significant and obtaining Tier 2 sponsorship is extremely challenging - virtually impossible in the current climate, so the vast majority return to their countries of origin. The exception being EU students, but following Brexit they will be subject to the same rules. It looks as though both international and European graduates will as of the next academic year will have a 2 year extension to their study visas...which is at least an improvement upon the 4 months under the current policy. Many EU students aren't motivated to study here any longer, particularly as they can't remain. This combined with a temporary demographic dip in the age cohort, competition from degree apprenticeships and the current pandemic spells dire financial implications throughout the Higher Education Sector. Mass rationalisation across UK institutions is inevitable. Universities will need to effect redundancies, dip into surplus, curtail pensions and borrow in order to remain profitable or even in some cases, to survive. International applications have plummeted this year for obvious reasons and the Modern Universities in particular are looking very closely at outreach which again will render the notion of physical presence on the campus defunct. Lockdown prematurely prompted and invited new ways of teaching and assessment which were going to be ushered in anyway. It is a concern - many courses require attendance due to the practical content which cannot be taught online, whilst the peer aspect of university life, in terms of learning and social bonding is essential. I understand that you are referring to 'first degree' students, but in terms of Post Graduate degrees, Masters level is mainly one year in duration, whilst PhD can be a very isolated and remote experience. Also,in both cases, the latter involves less emphasis upon social life. I am noticing a distinct spike in Masters applications due to the current stagnation of the graduate labour market, which of course is completely the wrong reason to undertake a post-graduate programme of study.
  6. No - and I had no intention of being facetious - it just amused me that's all. Regarding your observations though, I dunno - look at the tory party! I think it very much depends upon the individual. I know many, many people that have long lasting friends from university - quite a few that have cohabited and shared flats subsequently, particularly in London. Additionally, people who have met their future spouse/partner at university and surrounding that, the friends and acquaintances from HE. Perhaps with widening participation agendas and in association with that, the increase in locally domiciled students (De Montfort University being a prime example), established social circles pre-university endure or take precedence. So the institution can be a major factor. As, courses increasingly embrace VLE and online distance learning, the notion of campus camaraderie may well become a thing of the past.
  7. Actually, to remind you, this is what you said...
  8. Yes, I think it's likely that we will. But as I say, Palace were appalling today. Guaita made a horrendous error in judgement for the first (although great to see Iheanacho arriving precisely where he should be) and Sakho's characteristic blunder made the second. Brighton match excluded, Arsenal are a far better side than the farcical comedy act that arrived under Emery last November - plus, as I said, it's the Emirates. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. I can't. As crap as Arsenal are, Palace were awful today and it's the Emirates on Tuesday remember.
  10. Can I suggest deleting Twitter from your life?
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