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  1. "I'm going off the rails on a crazy tr..." ...hang on a minute -
  2. Apologies if this seems pedantic, that's not my intent, but the Space Shuttle was retired in 2012.
  3. What airline does your partner fly for?
  4. That was the general consensus about Saints and Newcastle on here.
  5. What's the deal with Çağlar's pornstar tash?
  6. Risk Evans? he could barely walk into the treatment room.
  7. Watch the meltdown when we apply the handbrake, stall the engine and then put it in reverse instead.
  8. On the other hand, at a quick glance, he does on occasions offer some amusing observational humour and genuine pointers to articles and developments of interest. One in ten tweets need actual substantiation which is often deceptively provided or completely absent.
  9. It's actually a myth. The Saturn V blueprints are held at the Marshall Space Flight Center on microfilm. The Federal Archives in East Point, Georgia, also has 2,900 cubic feet of Saturn documents whilst Rocketdyne has in its archives dozens of volumes from its Knowledge Retention Program. This effort was initiated in the late1960s to document every facet of F 1 and J 2 engine production to assist in any future restart. However, recreating such a programme requires more than original blueprints. The technology was left to lie fallow and the expertise (remember these engineers worked by slide-ru
  10. The "relevance" is that his claim of being "strictly impartial" is demonstrably untrue based upon many of his previous tweets. He isn't directly though. He hasn't really mentioned the government that much - his tweets are more directed at SAGE, the science behind the guidelines and the current restrictions. A very good example posted on here last weekend is this: He creates a deceptive headline bearing tenuous relationship to the article based upon a sentence and an example of appalling journalism...which unsurprisingly plucked from The Mail. SAGE
  11. You're a good contributor to this forum and I genuinely enjoy reading your posts but seriously, you need to understand the nature of cherry picking and confirmation bias. ‘Politics For All/News For All is a Twitter account that has grown rapidly in recent months. Concerningly, its not only appearing more frequently on here, but appears to be retweeted and promoted by prominent social media users. It's run by a single individual - an 18 year old staunch Brexiteer and Tory party supporter by the name of Nick Moar - so the claims of being "strictly impartial" are a bit of a laugh. Li
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